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Titan Assault Cheats for PC
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Titan Assault PC Cheats

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Titan Assault Cheats

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Titan Assault

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Cheats 100%
The following is a list of codes that may be entered in the command console. The
console is dropped by hitting R-ALT + R-SHIFT + R-CTRL + Tilde Key (next to the
numerical one key). When the console is dropped, the game will pause and you may
input the following codes:

god ... Toggle god mode on/off
doctor ... Display all object/entity life bars
time.nolimit ... Timer disabled
credits.max ... Stock 1 million credits
level.goto ... Goto specific level number (integer required after code)
level.restart ... Restart current map/mission ... Ends current leve, loads next successive level
alltech ... All human tech unlocked (level restart required)
cpualltech ... All alien tech unlocked (level restart required)
m_nofogofwar 1 ... Fog of war off (Numerical zero turns back on)
clear ... Clears console output
exit ... Quits game
log.list ... Lists command history
log.clear ... Clears command history
map.load ... Loads specified map file (mapfile name required after code)
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