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Final Fantasy IV Advance Cheats for GBA
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Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA Cheats

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Final Fantasy IV Advance Cheats

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Final Fantasy IV Advance

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Easy running without Edge 98%
If you are wanting to run, lets say from a wicked mask in the lunar subterane,
we all know that running can take a long time, and enemies can still hit you
when you're running. Sure edge's smoke skill works wonders, but if he isn't in
your party I have a simple, easy solution.
Hold the L and R buttons as you normally would to run and go into the item menu.
You continue to run and the enemy WILL NOT attack you while in the item menu. I
also noticed, it goes a considerable ammount faster while running away!
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Glitches 98%
Easy rare encounters with one 'Alarm'
If you use the Alarm item, the game automatically sends you into the rarest
encounter on the current floor/part of the world you are on. With just one Alarm
and the handy soft reset, you can use that one Alarm to get a rare fight when
you need it, if a save point is nearby.
Simply save the game, then use the Alarm and you will get the rare encounter. Do
a soft reset (A+B+Select+Start) and the 1st fight you get into should be the
rare encounter for that floor and you still have the Alarm item.
A test example that works great is to go to the Summoned Monsters town, then
save. Go back to 3F of the Cave of Summons then use the Alarm. You should
confront 2 rairyuu/Thunder Dragons. Do a soft reset, then go back to 3F and
walk around until you get into a fight. It should be with 2 Thunder Dragons.
Use this to get some of the harder to encounter enemies if you do not have a
large stock of the Alarm item.
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Psycho Edward Glitch 96%
This takes advantage of Edward's auto-hide property when he is in critical
status (low HP). First, berserk him, then take him down to critical (tornado
works well). He should hide in his next available turn. However, he retains his
berserk status, and in his next available turn, he'll reappear and attack again.
He will still be berserked, but he'll also still be considered "hidden." That
means that he'll constantly attack and never be able to be targetted, even by
spells that should hit the entire party, as long as one other person is still
alive (he can not hide if he is the only person left alive). On the negative side,
it also means you can not heal him, even with party healing spells.
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Easy way to beat zeromus 35%
To beat zeromus easily your party must be yang,palom,cecil,edge,and will struggle while fighting cuz he has 100khp so this is a long fight.OK use crystal to hit zeromus (use edge 2 steal darkmatter if you want) then on first turn have palom working on meteor (everyone should be atleast 59+ in lvl,especially yang with "hand of the gods" he has 99 str) ok everytime he makes a move fill him with fuma shurikens and heal curaja with porom.Now use cecil with the "Ragnarok" it will hit around 4568 damage.everytime paloms meteor is cast cast it again and bring like 500 hi-potions and 50 pheonix downs cuz this guy is TOUGH!ok so heres attacks in order you use

meteor (use this right before crystal so less time charging on real zeromus)
normal attacks (edge cecil)
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