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Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Cheats for PC
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Neverwinter Nights: Diamond PC Cheats

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Neverwinter Nights: Diamond

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Find better stuff in chests, boxes, & crates 100%
This is probably so basic that no one bothers to mention it, but, when you come across a chest, box, or crate, save your game before opening or unlocking the item, then open it. If the booty is something lame, simply reload your saved game & open the chest again. Repeat this until you find something that you want or something worth a lot of gold, then keep playing until you come across another chest & repeat the process (save - open chest - reload the just saved game - open chest again - repeat as necessary until you again get something you really want.
I'm playing on a PC, but I would imagine this cheat would work on any platform since the item in the chest isn't "created" by the game until the chest is unlocked/opened.
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Spawn Creatures 98%
While playing, press ctrl + space and type in
Note that you can only summon one at a time.CodeEffect
wolfdidire wolf
wolfdr01dread wolf
gncap01gnoll captain
gneli01gnoll elite
gnlfli01gnoll flind
gnsha01gnoll shaman
gnsla01gnoll slasher
gnvet01gnoll veteran
gnlwar01gnoll warrior
gendjn01noble djinni
genefn01noble efreeti
wolfva01vampiric wolf
wolfwi01winter wolf
wolfzo01zombie wolf
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Codes 94%
Hit the tilde key ~ to access the console.
Note that you should type some letters if they are capitalize because it
won't work if you don't.
dm_allspells 1Allows the use of every spell in the game. No class
dm_modifyage #Change your character's age.
SetAppearanceChange your character's appearance. (001-298)
dm_modifysavefortitude #Change your fortitude saving throw.
dm_modifysavereflex #Change your reflex saving throw.
dm_modifysavewill #Change your will saving throw.
DebugMode 0Disable cheats.
dm_gettimeDisplay current game time
fpsDisplay your frames per second.
DebugMode 1Enables Cheats.
GiveXP #Give a set amount of XP.
dm_givegold #Gives you Gold.
dm_godGod mode.
dm_healHeal yourself. Works like potion.
hidepartynamesHide your party's names on the sidebar
dm_levelupLevel Up.
dm_modifyattackbase #Modify your base to-hit bonus.
dm_modifyspellresistenceModify your spell resistence.
dm_givelevel #Raises your level.
dm_settimeSet current game time
dm_setraceSet your character's race.
SetCHA #Sets Charisma (9-50)
SetCON #Sets Constitution (9-50).
SetDEX #Sets Dexterity (9-50).
SetINT #Sets Intelligence (9-50).
SetSTR #Sets Strength (9-50)
SetWIS #Sets Wisdom (9-50).
showpartynamesShow your party's names on the sidebar.
dm_mylittleponySpeed Cheat.
dm_cowsfromhellSummons cow to help you.
dm_allspells 0Turns off the above code.
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