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Super Princess Peach Cheats for NDS
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Super Princess Peach NDS Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
Super Princess Peach Cheats

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Super Princess Peach

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Endless Fever mode 100%
Complete all levels 2 times, all mini-games once, and
clear the Music History and Puzzles. The Endless Fever item can be
purchased at the shop at no cost. This item allows your Emotion
gauge to always remain full.
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Easy health 100%
If you need to refil the yellow bar below your heart, find a safe
place to stand still with no enemies nearby that can harm you. Allow
Peach to stand idle and do not use the touch screen or controls. The
umbrella will cover Peach's head and the bar will refill.
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Dash Attack Kassa move 100%
Win the game. You can now attack while dashing by
pressing Y or B.
Play opening mini-game:
Hold R and press Start at the title screen. The game where you push
all the toads off the screen will start.
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Alternate title screen 100%
Set the system time to day or night to change the title to the
listed version.
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Easter Eggs 98%
Title Screen Variations
If you play the game in daytime (in relation to your DS's internal clock),
the Title Screen will be displayed with a daytime theme; whereas if you
play it at night, everything on the Title Screen will be dark, and Peach
will be asleep on a cloud!
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Level 8-6 96%
Collect all the Toads in each area.
Hint: Unlimited coins:
Buy the Courage Soda at the shop for 1,000 coins. Play a level and
attack a monster. You will obtain 5 coins. Walk out of view of where
the monster was found. Return and the monster should be there again.
Kill the monster to get another 5 coins. Repeat this as many times
as desired.
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Endless Fever 96%
To unlock endless fever, you must complete ALL of the levels in the game
TWICE. Your Music History and Puzzles should be complete and you should
have beaten all of the Mini-games (You don't need to find all of the
enemies to get it). After you have the above completed, go to the shop. It
will be the last item for you to buy, but it doesn't cost anything.
Endless Fever prevents your emotion meter from ever draining. If you want
to turn it off, you need to go the the menu and go to extras to turn it
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Unlockables 96%
Dash Attack Kassa
To unlock this move, you have to win the game once. It allows you to
attack while Peach is Dashing (hence the name). Press 'B' or 'Y' to use
this while moving.
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Drive-A-Cloud 75%
Did you know you can drive a lakitu's cloud? No cloud driver's license required -- you just have to get the lakitu off first. Ever noticed when there's a lakitu in the room, there's usually a trampoline thing too? You have to either jump on the lakitu's head or jump up and smack him. Please note that this is dangerous, please try not to kill Peach trying. Once the lakitu is gone, jump up on the cloud. For a few seconds, use will be able to use the control pad to move the cloud in whatever direction you want! Just don't turn on your vibes on it or it will disappear. Try going straight up, as I've discovered some very interesting things that way...
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How to get the star shaped enemy in your glossary. 72%
Now, maybe before you have hit the hint block and some of it said that "did you know, somewhere on vibe island, a strange foe awaits you,....." anyways, to get him in your glossary, you have to hit him 3 times.

first go to 2-5, when you start the level, keep making your way thorugh the level until you see the hint block. it will say did you know, a strange enemy.... anyways, the star shaped enemy will be swimming in the water. then stomp on it. keep re-entering the room where the hint block is until you see him. you will find him eventually.

ok now after that, go to 5-5. now make your way through the level until the final room where the finish line is. when you are in the room, you will see the hint block. it will say the same thing. did you know....anyways, keep re-entering the room until you see him. he will be sleeping on the ground. while walking, press L or R to walk gently so you dont wake him up. well, sneak up on him and hit him.

finally go to 6-4. make your way thorough the level until you reach the final room. now again, if you dont see him, keep re-entering the room. now when you see him, he will be standing on the ledge on top of you. dont wait too long or else he will run away.(if that happens, just keep re-entering the room). now dont just stand there, when you are in the room and you see him, use your gloom vibe quick and (while using the gloom vibe) run right then jump onto the ledge. and hit him.

now you have gotten the star shaped enemy in your glossary. =)
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How 2 get last toad on gleam glacier !!! 56%
Ok on gleam glacier if your stuck on the bit where theres a z shape and the last toad its preety easy all you do is get the troopa the totois thing pick it up and realease it into the z shape then you'll get the toad trust me.
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Get loads of money. 55%
Go on to level 2 of Wavy Beach (5-2), run or slide down the hill, kill the fish in the water, then slide down the hill and jump over the gap. When you've done that then, hit the beach ball and wait till you can get through, then go through, then run till you see the tube. Jump over it then fly up look over the over tube then ther will be loads of green Koopas kill them then you

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Super easy coins 52%
First off, you need to beat the game once. then you need to buy courage soda. next go to fury volcano, 4-8. now just keep on making your way through the level until you reach a place where there is a ton of green pipes. you will notice that there are alot of goomba's. just keep hitting them as much as you want. the goomba's comimg out of the green pipes will never end. that way you will make sooooo much money.
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How to beat hoo's woods, 2-7 47%
Now that you are in the level, go down. now you will see that you need to hit the ! box. but you cant fly because of the bubble things. if yo try to fly, they will bring you down. well what you need to do is get the ball striped thing you use to open those flying bags of coins and stuff. well, to get it down, you need to keep ground pound the ground (use poundbrella) now once you bring it down, pick it up. next throw the ball upward to hit the !bow. to throw it p, press up and B at the same time.
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Princess peach cheats 42%
Complete the princess peach game and you can attack while dashing by pressing Y or B.
By: shukuru(9)
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How to beat ladida plains 1-8 37%
Now that your in the level, get the 2 crystals. next start crying which is gloom. then a tall plant will grow. climb it up then go into the pipe. next, you will see blocks on the ground. anyways use poundbrella in all of the blocks in the ground and hit the !
boxes. keep hitting all of them then try to find a pipe leading to a different place. there, you will find a puzzle piece. then the finish line thing.
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Vibe gauge trick 33%
This is not a code but I think it's a cheat...
first...pick an enemy(use the x button) press down

keep doing this until it's full
By: kirbylove(17)
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Super Princess Peach 400931How do I brake the bricks in hoos woods -1 for the last toad! I need help badly! Answers: 1
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