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Destroy All Humans! Cheats for PS2
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Destroy All Humans! PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE
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Destroy All Humans!

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE

Ride the Washington Monument 100%
Find the monument, then throw cars at it until it breaks into 2
pieces. Get on the long pointy piece, PK the middle, and try to stay
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Mayor statements 100%
During mission 3, to keep the town people happy when disguised as
Mayor choose the following statements.

Tell The Truth
Blame Communism
Tell A Joke
Threaten Communists
Make Empty Promises
Blame Cows
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Easy collect brainstem puzzles 100%
Enter a collect brainstem puzzle. Find out how many you need. Now,
stand around extracting the brains and leave them laying there close
by. When you have enough, go to the challenge and enter it. You can
easily win by doing this.
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Get on Santa Modesta tower 100%
To get on top of the Santa Modesta's SMCBS TV station towers, get on
top of the station's roof. Now, jump onto the satellite dish and
from there, to the slim post. When on the post, jump and use the
"Extra jet pack distance" hint to get to tower 2. From tower 2 you
can also go to the other tower. From that altitude the police, army,
and Majestic cannot see you. Use the Ion Detonator to blow them up.
This is best done when aiming down before jumping. You can then see
where you are landing.
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Furon Propaganda bonuses 100%
Complete the Attack Of The 50 ft. President level to
unlock the following entries under the Furon Propaganda option:
Crypto, Phone Home!, Developer Darwinism: Evolution Of The Game, E3
Booth Footage, and Goofy Screenshots And Voice-Overs.
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Glitch: Put chicken through the ground 100%
When at Turnipseed Farm, PK a chicken. Slam it into the ground, then
hold Down and walk backwards. The chicken will go through the ground
and make a splashing noise.
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Suicide at santa Modesta 100%
Go to Santa Modesta and find a house or a gas station, get on top of the house or gas station and find a human walking by then use your Pk and lift him or her on the roof of the building (gas station) and put them down gently on the roof and walk into them and they will see you and run off the building and commit suicide.
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Full alert meter 100%
Pause hold l2 > square r2 r1 > r2
By: Orthropox13(122)
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Super Crypto 98%
Enable the "Deep Thinker", "Bulletproof Crypto", and "Ammo-A-Plenty"
codes then get all of Crypto's upgrades. After this you can turn
into a human and walk around TK'ing everything.
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Extra jet pack distance 98%
When using all the power in your jet pack, repeatedly tap X and you
can get to farther distances.
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Finding weapons 98%
When you unlock Area 42, you should see some bunkers that represent
bomb shelters. They all have ammunition inside.
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Ammo-A-Plenty (unlimited ammunition) 98%
Pause game play, then hold L2 and press Left, Circle, R2, Right, R1,
Square, then release L2 while the game is still paused. A message
will confirm correct code entry.
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Ultimate saucer 98%
Enable the "Bulletproof Crypto" "Ammo-A-Plenty" codes while on your
saucer. It will not become damaged or lose ammunition.
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Mutant thoughts 98%
If you scan a mutant a few times, eventually he will say, "1... +...
1... =... window".
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Screensaver 98%
Allow the game to idle. Eventually the screen will turn black and
white and elevator music will play in the background.
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Abduction Slingshot 98%
When you are in Santa Modesta, go into your ship and cycle to the
"Abducto Beam". When any form of car is directly underneath your
ship, abduct it and go near one of the bigger buildings and keep
going. The car will remain against the wall of the building as you
go along. When you keep moving, the car will come at you fast but
will not hit you. As the car comes at you, release the "Abducto
Beam". The car will go flying through the air. This also is an easy
way of getting cars to explode against the tall building.
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Levitation death 98%
It you levitate a person for a long time, they will die.
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Glitch: Moonwalk 98%
Stand in an open area on any level and walk forward. Keep decreasing
your speed until you eventually begin walking in place.
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Learn Silhouette's gender early 98%
When in Area 42, scan the minds of the Majestic Agents. Eventually,
one will have a thought that reveals that Silhouette is a girl.
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Staying human 98%
After leaving your UFO, aim at a human and press Circle. When you
have changed into the human, the bar on the top left corner of the
screen will go down. When it is all gone, you will change back into
an alien. If you want to remain human, turn into a human and while
walking around, scan other humans or animals to make the bar on the
top left corner stay up.

Turn into a human then enable the "Ammo-a-plenty" code. You will
stay human forever. You do not have to scan thoughts to get out of
the human body - just press Circle.
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Glitch: Shoot into the air 98%
Go to Area 42 at the 4 way intersection near the airplane
hangers. Stand behind an army truck when it is near the center of
the intersection. Wait until the troops inside it begin to exit,
then shoot a Ion Disintegrater. You should be shot into the sky, but
not killed. Pox will then bring you back to the mother ship.
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Mmm... Brains! (increase DNA) 98%
Hold L2 at the Mothership's MAIN MENU and press R1(2), R2(2), Left,
Right, Left, Right, R2, R1, then release L2. A message will confirm
correct code entry.
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Getting a lift 98%
Enable the "Bulletproof Crypto" code. Go on top of a car (military
trucks and tanks work best). Aim your Ion Detonator at the vehicle.
Detonate it and you will be shot into the air. You can use your
jetpack to fly away.
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Furongami movies 98%
Collect all the probes in the listed side mission to unlock the
listed movie in the Furonigami option under the Archives
Art Of The Furon movie: Santa Modesta side mission
Blue Book : Saucer Blueprints movie: Rockwell side mission
Evolution Of An Alien movie: Turnipseed Farm side mission
Face of the Enemy: Area-42
Pathetic Humans!: Union Town
The Concept Barnyard: Capitol City
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Hypnotize faster 98%
When trying to hypnotize people, rapidly tap Square.
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Better DNA value 98%
Every chance you get, do not kill the human before you extract their
brain stem. Extract their brain stem 1st as it will make the DNA
worth more (25 instead of 10).The easiest humans to do this to are
the scientists in the level with glowing cows. For some reason, if
the person that is important to you dies (the person you need to
abduct), extract their brain stem before you return to the
Mothership -- the DNA is usually worth more.

It is rare to find humans with brain stems that are worth 50 or 100
DNA. Most humans have brain stems that are only worth 10 or 25 DNA.
If you walk around Union Town, there will be humans with signs on
them reading, "REPENT THE END IS NEAR". Those humans will have a
brain stem worth 50 DNA, no matter what.

Mystery Agents' brain stems are worth 25 DNA points most of the
time, whether dead of not.

The Psi G-Men are worth 150 DNA alive and 75 DNA dead.
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Lower brain juice meter 98%
When you are in the form of another person, to make you brain juice
meter go down, read other people's thoughts.
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B-Movie Theater bonuses 98%
Complete the listed level to unlock the
listed movie under the B-Movie Theater option.
Furon Down!: Furon Down!
Outro Movie: Attack Of The 50 ft. President
Plan 9 from Outer Space: Teenage Zombies from Outer Space
Teenagers from Outer Space: Attack Of The 50 ft. President
Hint: Pox remarks:
Allow the game to idle at the mission selection screen and Pox will
make various remarks.
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Glitch: Human stuck on movie screen 98%
Go to Rockwell Drive-In and PK a human. Push the human into the
movie screen. They will freak out and become stuck in the screen.
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Getting away from the law 98%
Forget running away from the authorities with short legs. Use your
jetpack liberally to fly away. Press Left Analog-stick Forward and
hold X to boost away.

Disguise yourself as a human to help you to get around virtually
undetected. You cannot be seen by anyone if you are in stealth mode,
even the police and the military. When Majestic appears, never get
close to them. They will bring it down when you glow red. That does
not listed that you are being jammed; it just warns you if an
agent is too close to your presence. Figure out a way to take them
out or avoid them. The PK is recommended as a good stealth weapon
against them.
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Finding more probes 98%
Probes are necessary to get upgrades faster. In order to find them
all, make sure to look high up on rocks or hard to reach places.
Your jetpack is essential in getting to the high places. You may
have to get up on the ledge or building, then use your jetpack to
fly higher to get the probe.

When you are in Capitol City, you can find about 10 probes by the
broken Pentagon.
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Easy DNA 98%
If you need extra DNA or you are running low for an expensive
upgrade, go back to the Turnipseed Farm level. Extract as many
brains as desired. The Anal Probe Gun is a good weapon for this. Its
much easier to use than rapidly pressing the Circle to extract the
brain stems of humans, as one charged shot from the Anal Probe will
make their brains explode. You need 3 successful hits on
Majestic Agents, 2 successful hits on the soldiers, and one hit
for the policemen. Normally you can choose to extract your brain
stem with the probe button (L1) and tapping Circle rapidly to
extract DNA faster. However this is not an effective tactic to use
as Majestic Agents and soldiers take more concentration to extract
their brain stems. Forget the concentration meter and use the Anal
Probe Gun. To aim, use the Right Analog-stick and place it over a
human. Now, hold R1 to charge up the Anal Probe Gun. Release R1 to
fire at the selected target. One shot is all that is needed to take
down some humans, but others may require more. However, you have
unlimited energy with the weapon.

Brain extraction and cortex scanning is best done with the anal
probe, and not the concentration meter. A fully charged blast from
this weapon is all you need to kill them. Make sure it is a direct
hit. You can adjust your aim by using the Right Analog-stick. You
can do it with the extract ability, but you must remember that the
Majestic military and the police require a lot of concentration to
snatch their brain stems. The anal probe weapon should prove useful
wit them. Cortex scanning can refill the concentration meter and
will give you a longer Holobob. Be sure to scan some humans to keep
it fully charged.
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Movement 98%
The more you move, the harder it will be for your enemy to it you.
Being a stationary target for the enemy is not a good idea. Make it
difficult for your enemies by moving side to side. This also works
with the shotgun farmers. It is also the best way to fight the
Majestic and the military soldiers with rifles. In the saucer you
must strafe out of the way. This can save Crypto's life. Avoid the
heat seeking missiles. When you see one locking on, take evasive
action by moving to the side. It will miss you. This technique
requires some practice.
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Awareness levels 98%
The awareness levels at at the top of the screen. They are 4
basic icons. The 1st one indicates that civilians are aware of
your presence and its color should be purple. The 2nd one
indicates when the police are sent to investigate, and are on the
scene with a yellow car symbol. The 3rd one is a big orange star,
which indicates that the military are involved. The fourth one is
Majestic, a top secret government agency which has the power of
seeing through your disguise and bringing you down with high tech
weaponry. When you alerted to the police and the military (the
orange star and the yellow police car) you can disguise yourself as
a soldier for the military alert level or a policeman disguise for
the police alert level. You can just use a normal civilian disguise
for the 1st icon. You can also find hiding places or use your
Jetpack to escape. For the Majestic alert, disguise yourself as one
of them, but do not get too close or your disguise will deactivate,
revealing your alien form. The Majestic symbol is a big red M. Keep
moving when you fight them and look for out men in black with big
green guns.
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Pinky And The Brain reference 98%
In the final mission, scan Silhouette's mind. Eventually she will
think "What was I doing? Oh yeah. The same thing I do every night.
Try to take over the world!".
Hint: Plan 9 From Outer Space reference:
Halfway through the game you will experience a level where you go to
the drive-in to switch films with the one that is showing. Watch
what is showing before you switch films to see that the film is
Edward D. Wood, Jr.'s Plan 9 From Outer Space.
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Aware Like A Fox (maximum alert meter) 98%
Pause game play, then hold L2 and press Right, Square, R2, R1,
Right, R2, then release L2 while the game is still paused. A message
will confirm correct code entry.
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Bulletproof Crypto (invincibility) 98%
Pause game play while playing as Crypto, then hold L2 and press
Square, Circle, Left(2), Circle, Square, then release L2 while the
game is still paused. A message will confirm correct code entry.
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Deep Thinker (unlimited concentration) 98%
Pause game play, then hold L2 and press R1, R2, Circle, Right, R2,
Circle, then release L2 while the game is still paused. A message
will confirm correct code entry. Your concentration meter must be
above 0% or you will not be able to use any of your mental
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Radio towers 98%
When you have to defend the radio towers, you will get to use the
atomic blast in your space ship. Be very careful. If you shoot too
close to the towers it will bring down there health even more.
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Glitch: Levitating human or animal 98%
PK a human or animal and place it on top of the saucer. Enter the
saucer and look where you landed. There will be a human or animal
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Village People reference 98%
Scan a cop in the Santa Modesta area and you will eventually hear,
"If only I had a cowboy, an Indian, and a construction worker".
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After you win the game all brain stems will be worth more when you use the anal probe 98%
Citizen from 10 to 15
Cops from 25 to 40
Repent men (Union City) 50 to 75
Army from 25 to 40
G-Men from 50 to 75
This will help to buy the expensive final upgrades.

When Pox has you take out the President, just run up, extract his
brain. and take it. When you do this you will get 200 DNA. That is
the most you can get from a single human.

To get more DNA from humans, 1st use Hypno on them. For example,
using Hypno on a town crazy (the one with the sign) can result in
200 DNA.

To probe a Majestic Agent, cycle to your anal probe and charge it.
Now, shoot the agent. Do this 3 times and the agent brain will
pop out. It is worth 75 DNA each time.
Shoot a human (normally worth 25 DNA) with the anal probe a few
times without charging it, then shoot them with full charge. Their
brains may now be worth 50 DNA instead of the usual 25. This is best
used at Tunipseed Farm and Rokwell. Farmers and cowboys work the
best. This does not always work, and never works on army men and
Majestic Agents.
The best way to super charge DNA is to use your Zap O Matic. Zap the
person just before they die. Now, hold L1, target the person, and
rapidly tap Circle. Their brain should now have be super charged
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Destroying Majestic cars 98%
Use your PK ability on a Majestic limo. Hold L1 all the time. Get a
wall between you and the car then start running away from the wall
until the car smashes into it. Keep running backwards and the car
will eventually explode. This trick can also be used to take out
normal cars and people.
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Nobody Loves You (reset alert meter) 98%
Pause game play, then hold L2 and press R2, Right, R2, R1, Square,
Right, then release L2 while the game is still paused. A message
will confirm correct code entry.
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Pox Unlocks (all upgrades) 96%
Pause game play while on the Mothership, then hold L2 and press
Square, Circle, Left(2), Circle, Square, then release L2 while the
game is still paused. A message will confirm correct code entry. All
upgrades for the currently unlocked weapons will be available for
purchase from Pox's lab.
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HoloBob when near Majestic 96%
Majestic will not always jam your disguise if you get too close.
This only happens if you are on a mission. Otherwise, you can walk
about 6 feet away from them and they will not jam your disguise.
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Fly after Jetpack has run out 96%
To fly after your Jetpack has run out, quickly tap X.
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Control objects 96%
When you pick something up, you can control it with the Right
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HoloBob 96%
Put your target (dot in the middle of the screen) on any human, and
press Circle. In order to maintain your HoloBob, you must read the
thoughts of the humans walking around. You can read the same
person's thoughts repeatedly to keep your mental powers charged.
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Extract DNA faster 96%
While extracting a person (alive or dead), tap Circle quickly. You
will get their DNA easier. This is useful against the M Agents and
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Faster destruction in the UFO 96%
Instead of holding R1 to destroy buildings or large objects, tap R1
and the destruction will happen faster without waiting for the
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Literary reference 96%
If you scan a Psi-Mutant a few times, he will say "Algernon... Good
mouse... Smarter... than... Charley". The Psi-Mutant is thinking
about the book, "Flowers For Algernon".
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Jetpack battery 93%
Examine the back of the Jetpack when you 1st take it out. You will
see 3 green rectangles. They will turn red and act as a battery
gauge. That is why you cannot fly for very long.
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Pause game hold L2 And press left,circle,R2,right,R1,sqaure
By: PearsonSW(212)
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Bulletproof Crypto 86%
To make Crypto invincible, pause the game while as Crypto, hold L2 and press square, circle, left, left, circle, square and release L2. A message will appear to confirm cheat.
By: MasterChief132(36)
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Glitch: human under ground 86%
With the glitch where you can put a chicken in the ground at Turnipseed Farm also works with humans if dragged along the ground long enough.
By: MasterChief132(36)
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COWS!!! 83%
In the fair mission, take over the girls body. This way, she wont hav to get lost while following you ! you are welcome earthlings!
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Destroy all humans 1 83%
Can't.blow up a building yet? Not strong enough as cripto? Them get the military involed! The tank shot from when the military is called can blow up buildings
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1000 DNA 83%
Hold L2 at mothership main menu and press R1, R1, R2, R2, left, right, left, right, R2, R1 and release L2. Message will confirm cheat
By: MasterChief132(36)
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Deep Thinker (infinite concentration) 83%
Pause game as Crypto, hold L2 and press R1, R2, circle, right, R2, circle and release L2. Message will confirm cheat.
By: MasterChief132(36)
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Infinite health 83%
Pause game and hold L2 and press sqaure,circle,left,left,circle,sqaure
By: the dark prince(7)
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Aware Like a Fox (high alert meter) 83%
Pause game as Crypto, hold L2 and press right, square, R2, R1, right, R2 and release L2. Message will confirm cheat.
By: MasterChief132(36)
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Become a ultimate death machine!!!!! 83%
With bullet-proof crypto and ammo-a-plenty you will be able to become a ultimate death machine by using the ion detonator over and over by rabidly tapping R2 which will result in anything going near you to be disintegrated or fly into the air. hope this helps (it certainly help to beat Armquest and Sillohet )
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Unlock all upgrades 80%
Mothership only hold L2 square circle < < circle square (in gameplay that is invincibility)
By: Orthropox13(122)
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Easy Robot kill. 80%
To easily kill a robot get your PK upgraded until lift robots & Tanks (upgrade 2) then lift a robot and let go. they will not get up and kill themselves
By: Sumner(141)
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Hypno Angry Mob! 80%
This is a good one. One the mission where you have to protect the movie clip, be careful not to kill the people watching. When the mission is over, the Hypno people will follow you! Make sure to keep them in sight though, or they will disaper
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UNION!!! 75%
In union town, get on a giant metal building! when the robots come up, pk them, if you can, off the building and they will get destroyed!
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Funny stuff 75%
In Rocksville in the big drive in movie theater pick up a car or tank and throw it at the screen. the screen will smash in half. you can also throw people toward the screen hard enough that they literally will get stuck.HAHA!
By: PearsonSW(212)
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Bulletproff Crypto!!! 75%
Pause your game while playing as Crypto, then hold L2 and press Square, Circle, Left(2), Circle, Square, then release L2
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Regrowth of poping head! 71%
Type of cheat:Glitch.Shoot pathetic human with anal probe.While he or she crapping while running activate brain extract.While using brain extract press O/circle slowly.Until head explodes from anal probe.After head explodes from anal probe.Use brain extract at any speed preferably fast.If entered correctly victims head should pop off from anal probe then grow back and explode again.
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Suicide 71%
There's this funny thing you can do on Destroy all Humans. Go to Rockwell. Get on the bridge right by the fair. When someone sees you, they will run to the ledge on the bridge and they will jump off. They commited suicide.
By: zombiekid(1184)
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Super crypto 67%
While holding L2 in the in game menu
unlimited ammo= , R1, SQUARE
max alert meter= right, square, R2, R1, -> R2
Bulletproof crypto and saucer= Square, circle, , R2, R1, SQUARE, ->
By: Gamegirlkaylz(148)
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Hint: Anal Probe Faster 67%
With people that take more than one shot with the Anal Probe, hypno and use distraction on them. Then shoot them with a fully charged anal probe shot.
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Add DNA 67%
Mothership only hold l2 r1 r1 r2 r2 > < > < r2 r1
By: Orthropox13(122)
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Infinite ammo 67%
Pause hold l2 and < circle r2 > r1 squere
By: Orthropox13(122)
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Reset alert 67%
Pause hold L2 then r2 > r2 r1 square >
By: Orthropox13(122)
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Easy TV Mission 67%
OK in the motherhip go to POx's LAb and upgrade Cyripto by making him pick up cars then do the mission and pick up the car throw it on the roof and zap it then comple the mission..
By: Beef Jerky(261)
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Ammo-A-Plenty (Unlimited Ammo) 61%
Left D-Pad, Circle, R2, Right D-Pad, R1, Square
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Easter Egg 60%
Look at the trucks at Rockwell, Turnipseed Farm, or Union Town. Look at their liscence plates. You can look at the one in the front or back. It will say ELVIS. I'll try to find more easter eggs.
By: zombiekid(1184)
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Cheats 59%
Invincible: got to mother ship pause hold L2 sqaure sircle left left sircle sqaure| amo:L2 R1 R2 sircle right R2 sircle| mind power: L2 R1 R2 sircle right R2 sircle|reset meter:during mission pause L2 right R2 R1 sqaure right
By: cheatmasterJAL(76)
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More Upgrades (You must be on the Mothership) 57%
Square, Circle, Left, Left, Circle, Square (Same buttons for the "Bulletproof cheat but different effect)
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Diving underwater and flying in the air 57%
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Hide from the police get health and alert down 57%
Go to a tree .Get level 2 up to the top of the tree.and drop and you are standing in a tree.
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Mmmm Brains! (Increases DNA) (Must be entered on Mothership) 53%
R1, R1, R2, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, R2, R1
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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High alert meter 51%
If you love blowing up things all the time then.Hold down L2 and enter right,square,R2,R1, right,R2.Enter these at the pause menu.
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Having trouble with cheats? 50%
I founed out that you have to put the cheats in at the front title thats where pox sits and sez stuff also with most cheats you have to hold down l2)
By: jordan12234(198)
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Pause screen hold L2 and press R1,R2,circle,right,R2,circle
By: PearsonSW(212)
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Fried Chicken, Yum Yum! 50%
Go to Furnipseed Farm and find a Chiken.Get the Zap-O-Matic and electrify the Chicken.It should lay there with its wings popped up.Get the Disinergrater Ray,shoot the Chicken and watch it Burn away peacefully.
By: spyroman(404)
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Ammo-A-Plenty (infinite ammo) 50%
Pause game while as Crypto, hold L2 and press left, circle, R2, right, R1, square. A message will appear confirming cheat.
By: MasterChief132(36)
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Robo Ram!! 50%
At a place with lots of Robots run around until at least Two Robos see you.Then use PK on One and send it flying.Use PK on the other One as well and send it into the direction where the other one landed.Hopefully it will hit the othere One and destroy both!
By: spyroman(404)
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Saucer Explode! 50%
When your in the UFO and your being attacked go back to the Landing Area and run around as Crypto for a little bit.If there is Smoke and Different-Coloured-Fires coming out of the Saucer that means its nearly Destroyed so when your Crypto look in the Sky because if you see a Greenish UFO its sheild for the Saucer.Head back to the Saucer and go back to the destination you saw the Shield.
By: spyroman(404)
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Commies in destroy all humans 1 50%
On the very first mission at area 41 the first 2 army men you see will be Russian commies
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BulletProof Crypto (God Mode) 45%
Square, Circle, Left D-Pad, Left D-Pad, Circle, Square
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Deep Thinker (Unlimited Mind Power) 41%
R1, R2, Circle, Right D-pad, R2, Circle
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Passing gaurds 41%
Shoot at gaurds from a few feet away say about 100 feet
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Two palwer mode 33%
Hold l2 left rigrt left right
By: isaiahpoo(34)
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Glitch: human stuck in gate 33%
Go to the Octagon, jump over the gate, stand in front of gate but not to close. PK someone and push them at the gate. If done properly, they will be stuck halfway through the gate. Works on robots sometimes.
By: MasterChief132(36)
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Unlock all levels 29%
Hold l2 when finist prese l2
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