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Black Cheats for PS2
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Black PS2 Cheats

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Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Check image 80%
Hint: Cursor Colour
Play the coloured game and pay attention to your reticule. When it shifts colour from white to another colour, you are targeting something interesting:

Red is hostile target.
Blue is a destructable secondary objective.
Black is destructable environment.
Green is a friendly (rare).
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90% headshot 79%
Try use weapon like full automatic , then aim cursor to enemy head and turn left and right (must be repeated until headshot)

note : after you aim the cursor to enemy head , do not move the cursor again . just turn left and right
By: sky light(482)
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Alternates 77%
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Double shot 77%
If you have assault rifle / SMG & shotgun , keep shoot with assault / SMG , then quickly change into shotgun then repeat I said
By: sky light(482)
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Unlockable MSAW 76%
Use 5SQQ-STHA-ZFFV-7XEV a profile name (new profile). Note there must be a dash between each set of alphanumerics. Once you confirm the profile name, the game will ask for a 2nd (real) profile name. This code lets you have an MSAW in place of your side arm.

Alternates ... HQ6G-ZP3B-C5LE-WMXA and EG4P-ZGUJ-6SQJ-3X68.
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Unlockable (Clearing Modes) 75%
Silver Weapons ... Clear the game on normal or hard and the weapons will be silver with unlimited ammo.
Black Ops Difficulty ... Clear all stages on hard difficulty.

M16A2 ... Clear the game on BlackOps for an M16 w/ URGL attachment.
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Silver RPG is useful 74%
Use RPG to explode rooms full of enemy
By: sky light(482)
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Black ps2 code 67%

Finish all level in easy mode then redo the first level on normal mode and that how you
UNLOCK silver weapon......

By Abraham Dang
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Devil may cry 3 67%
When you hold the l1,L2,R1.R2 and roll the 2 analog controllers together till you hear a "DEVIL MAY CRY" sound! U can use dante's bro "Vergil" to play the game or even "shirtless dante" but try selecting the "dante's aura"-(Meaning, the dante that has some kinda purple stuff flowing over his body). Then when you trigger the devil mode nd the 3 gold icons appear at the top left side of your screen! The devil mode becomes unlimited-(Meaning-You can use it throughout your game play without having to worry about it wasting during battles" Cheat from Ikccy!
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Head Shots 65%
Head Shots kill quicker
By: joshkay(557)
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Pistol is useful 65%
If you only have semi-automatic weapon & pistol , then enemy close to you , no need to bash him just use pistol and quickly aim to enemy head
By: sky light(482)
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Hint silver weapon 60%
When you complete the game in hard or black opp ure weapons tuen silver with unlimated ammo!
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1 hit dead 60%
X up xx down and up
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Unlockable MSAW 59%
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Easy wins! 56%
Get a sniper and a hand gun. Then stay low and spine out the enemy and when they get close use the hand gun!
By: cheatingskater(898)
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Quick melee 56%
Try reload then quickly melee enemy .
By: sky light(482)
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Infinite health 55%
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Unlock all weapons 55%
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All ammo and weapons 51%
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Naked woman 45%
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Mimi cheat all the game 45%
You kill the z zero the levels are 23
By: mimi king(248)
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Black 600602How alphabets are possible in ps2 Answers: 1
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Black 649305In naszran foundry where is the hidden weapon @ I cant find it Answers: 3
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Black 726842In black when you do a level you have already done does that effect you time a enemy head shoots and stuff like that in you profile Answers: 1
Black 737168How do I get recon on 2nd level (farmhouse) I got thru that level 3 times but could not find recon? Answers: 1
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