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Sonic Riders Cheats for PS2
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Sonic Riders PS2 Cheats

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Sonic Riders

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Unlock Gear 82%
Darkness Gear ... Clear the Hero Story mode.
Tempatation Gear ... Clear the Hero Story mode.
Smile Gear ... Clear the Hero Story mode.
E-Rider Gear ... Clear the Babylon Story mode.
Magic Carpet Gear ... Clear the Babylon Story mode.
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Go zooming 53%
Hold r button at the same time press x  for 5 seconds and the cheat will activate
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1,000 rings 52%
Do the grand prix finish each race in 1st place with 100 rings in each race at the end of the gravd prix it will show a gold emblem then a note will say gold enblen unlocked reicived 500 rings the 100 rings you got in each race x 5 wich is how many races there are so 500 rings + 500 rings = 1,000 rings oh before I forget 30 pts=bronze emblem=300 rings 40 pts= silver emblem = 400 rings 50 pts = gold emblem = 500 rings
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100 coins 50%
Green cave :
You have to use fly characters. You have to fly in the tree then you can see in the little cave there's a box
Sand ruins :
You have to jump on a cracked rock then you can look a box
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How to get SEGA CARNIVAL race track 50%
Get a gold emblem in world grand prix
Bronze emblem :30 points
Silver emblem :35 points
Gold emblem :40 points
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Naked amy 47%
To unlock ''Naked Amy'',get gold emblems on the Grand prix for both heroes and babalonians as Super Sonic.
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New character 47%
To unlock E-10000g then play for 20 hours but do you don't have to do the 20 hours In one day
By: razert503(49)
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Seceret path for power types in egg factory 45%
When you get to the part where 2 paths and a 100 ring box is,u see a group of eggman signs on the right wall,dash through the slanted eggman sign. then you find your self in a place of.........dunno.
By: dude123(273)
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Characters 44%
Eggman-complete babylon storybook
cream-complete hero storybook
shadow-complete hero storybook
rouge-complete hero storybook
e10000r-50 hours of game time
e10000g-15 hours of game time
ulala-complete storms, waves, and jets missions
aiai-same as ulala
nights-same as aiai and ulala
super sonic-get a gold emblem on storms, waves, and jets missions
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Guardian 44%
To defeat the guardian you have to line yourself up with the little pot he's in. When you do that go straight through it and the track should start to change.If you do that 3 times and defeat him, you'll get Eggman and two new tracks
By: kwasia(1358)
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Easy short cut 44%
When you want to go to shortcuts you hold back when its a faraway short cut you hold up when its a high short cut. hold the X button then let go once you get at the end of the thingy as close as possible!
By: dude123(273)
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200 rings!(or 400)! 44%
Heres 2 ways to get 200 or 400 rings.1.200 ring hint.Use two people and you both need to get 100 rings. 2.400 ring hint.Use 4 people(you'll need an ir link for the ps2 to do this cheat/hint)all 4 people must get 100 rings.Then after your done the'll get 400 rings at a time!Hope I helped you peoples get loads of rings!:) X)
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How to unlock shadow the headgehog 44%
Finish hero missions then you will get shadow
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How to win in 1st place in metal city (free play) 44%
Be tails with cover-f.
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Cool Hints 43%
The way to get 100 rings in splash canyon
when you are on the first rail get off in the middle see a container that has 100 rings on the ground ahead of you. Take it and you'll get a level 3 boost

Points you get for your position in the race
1st: 10 pts
2nd: 8 pts
3rd: 6 pts
4:th 4 pts
5th: 3pts
6th: 2pts
7th: 1pt
8th: 0pts
its simple [race, win and gain your points]
By: kwasia(1358)
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Legend gear 40%
On extra 4,mission 2 on jets missions,on one of the rails there is a box.if you get it,you have the legend gear on obtained junk.
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Charecters Unlockeble 2 39%
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Lots o rings 37%
On 1 player do 5-10 laps and you are sure to get 100 rings

2 player do the same trick and you will finish with 200 rings

3 player = 300 rings

4 player = 400 rings
By: sonichog4(89)
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Never run out of air 36%
Press square,curcle,x,triangle,x,xsquare,x,x
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How to get super sonic 35%
You have to complete all waves missions and jets mission and storms mission and you will get the chaos embrel.
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Unlock all carickters 33%
In main menue hold r1 @ r2 and press x,triangel,squar,triangel,x
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Mega money 33%
Do the grand prix cup and end in the top 5 you can get like 89$
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Wrestler knuckles 31%
At title screen hold down l1 and r1 a note will say iron fist gear and pro wrestler unlocked
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SPEED! 30%
On most tracks you really need to use speed type monsters because it will give you more turbulence expeccialy on the track skyroad and the babalyon one and since E10000G is power type E10000R is speed!
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How to get in first place on free play in metal city 27%
Choose Metal sonic.use the access the first rail,get on get to the next rail at the end,press x two the fly part,go through all links.on the car part,go to the left and theres no cars.then go to the rail.repeat this on every lap to get 1st must be on free play for all of this.
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Sonic riders 13%
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Sonic Riders 497159Is the sega carnival hard? to me it is all the sharp turns. I got 1st once or twice because it's so hard how do you make it easier? Answers: 4
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Sonic Riders 550795Why do I go through a rail when I jump to the next rail?no,I'm not jumping too early or late. Answers: 3
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Sonic Riders 605654How do you put 99 laps Answers: 2
Sonic Riders 605661(to get wrestler knukles)do I hold r1 and l1 when it says 'press start button' or the other one(when you press start button Answers: 0
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Sonic Riders 879150How to be first when its says beat storm Answers: 1
Sonic Riders 897589How do I get wave's missions? Answers: 1
Sonic Riders 897593I tried to do babylon story mode, but when it says "Show sonic what your made of. " it doesn't change screens. What do I do? Answers: 0
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Sonic Riders 944905How do I get super sonic without doing the missions? Answers: 0
Sonic Riders 968123On the skyroad the Babylon story after the 2nd jump ther 's a shortcut in the sky made of air how do I get to it Answers: 0
Sonic Riders 320478I want to know who uses which character with which board? I'm getting a bit tired with my combination. PS My combination is Knuckels with Darkness Answers: 10
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