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Black Cheats for Xbox
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Black Xbox Cheats

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Unlockable MSAW 96%
Use 5SQQ-STHA-ZFFV-7XEV a profile name (new profile). Note there must be a dash
between each set of alphanumerics. Once you confirm the profile name, the game
will ask for a 2nd (real) profile name. This code lets you have an MSAW in
place of your side arm.

Alternates ... HQ6G-ZP3B-C5LE-WMXA and EG4P-ZGUJ-6SQJ-3X68.
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Unlockable (Clearing Modes) 96%
Silver Weapons ... Clear the game on normal or hard and the weapons will be
silver with unlimited ammo. (Unverified)
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Black Ops Difficulty 96%
... Clear all stages on hard difficulty.

M16A2 ... Clear the game on BlackOps for an M16 w/ URGL attachment. (Unverified)
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RPG &M203 40%
Once you unlock silver weapons,get either an RPG or M203 or any weapon that gives an explosion.You can get past anyone.
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BFG weapon. 36%
BFG (M249 SAW) in City Streets level

Enter 5SQQ-5THA-ZFFV-7XEV as your profile name. Make sure you include the "-" symbol when entering the code (located next to the "!" symbol). After selecting "Done", you will be able to re-enter an actual profile name. This is how you know the code was accepted. When you begin the first level, you will have the BFG weapon.

Alternately, enter one of the following profile names:

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