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The Last Smiley Cheats for NeoP
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The Last Smiley NeoP Cheats

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The Last Smiley

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Level 5 100%
Turn around for the 1st smiley. Ride the skinny walkway down and around until you get to the bottom. Collect the smiley along the way and then the one at the bottom. Remember to let go of the buttons to go slowly down the ramps. There will be a final smiley on a little back and forth thing. Once you go up you may see a little valley where if you sit there you will stay there. Use this to turn and situate yourself to go up the ramp to the angel. Continue up and jump to the platform. There is a secret smiley in the center of the platform... look for the smiley shadow. You can either wait for the elevator to come down and take you back to the beginning or just jump back the way you came. Exit.
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Level 7 100%
Turn to the right and get the angel at the top of one of the dunes. Go to the tallest pyramid with the boosts and hit center of those with some speed to get the dung bonus at the apex. If you went over the pyramid, on the other side of the wall on the left is a blue smiley. In the corner of the map is a teleporter. Go in. There is one smiley on the platform. You can go back through the teleporter or find a safe place to just fall down. Go back to where you jumped the pyramid. Jump on top of the half pyramid. From the half pyramid, line yourself up and jump to the top of the obelisk. The exit is to the right. You will probably have to jump to get on it.
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Level 2 100%
Get a rolling start and press the spacebar to jump over the gap. I line up the smiley in the air under the 'ec' in collected.
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Level 4 100%
From the start press up and go full speed over the gap (do not actually press space to jump though). Grab the 2 smileys and go around the gap to the left. Jump to grab the smiley, go around the gap to the right. Get the angel smiley. Get some speed and roll into the speed ramp near the angel to make it over the wall. Find a catfish smiley under the ramp. Exit.
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Level 3 100%
Jump around to find the smileys. Remember: not pressing any of the buttons will slow you down the fastest
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Codes 100%
*catfish* - Extra Life. (once)
:) - First-person view. Type it again to go back. (unlimited use)
0:-) - Skip a level. (once) As of now you do not get a level completion bonus so it is the equivalent of jumping on the exit pad.
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Level 6 100%
Just go up the thing then you will get to a see saw, bright red on it, you can not miss it. Push a block on one side then go across. Navigate the walkways grabbing the smileys. You will see a bonus smiley down above a trampoline. You can drop into this area from the area surrounding the exit. To get the catfish avatar, roll then try to jump over the trampoline. The best place to do this is from the ramp leading into the trampoline area. Your view will not be obstructed by the wall and it gives you plenty of room to get as much speed as you want. If you hit the trampoline then you are sure to be bounced out of bounds. Hopefully if you lose a life then you atleast grabbed the bonus. Exit. (No easy way to get back to the exit if you were lucky enough not to die getting the catfish. This is a great time to use the 0:-) code.)
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Level 8 100%
Get kind of close to the ledge towards the next smiley, about 1.5 faces away from the edge then push forward and then jump. Get the smiley. Aim for the next ledge so you will hit it at an angle to give yourself the longest landing strip. Get a good roll and jump (remember to always let go of the buttons in the air) Get the smiley. Do it again to get to the flat pyramid. Jump up to get the smiley. Fall off the center of the left side so if you were facing the plateau from the last platform you jumped from... it would be the left side. You will find yourself inside the pyramid. Get the catfish and hit the teleporter. Jump off of the platform to find yourself where you started. Make your way back to the plateau then jump on the long platform with the blue smiley. At the end you will find 2 skinny ramps down. Place yourself in the center of both of those like rails and let yourself go down. At the end it should push you over the hole so no need to worry, just ride it. Take a small jump over the retaining wall (about 1.5 faces) Grab the smiley. Jump to the exit. There's no end of game bonus so if you make it to the exit or not, it really doesn't matter.
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Level 1 98%
Collect the smileys.
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