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Magma Blaster Cheats for NeoP
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Magma Blaster NeoP Cheats

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Magma Blaster

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Cheats 100%
Lets start with the basics. You have to shoot all the rocks by clicking on the
correct ones. To change the type of rock you have to press the numbers 1-6 or
some people prefer to change rocks by pressing z and x. I personally find
pressing the numbers easier as you can get straight to the rock you want. This
helps a lot on the bonus rounds when you have to destroy the rocks very quickly.

There are[ In the next rounds a new rock gets added every time ]
Press 3 to activate this rock.
Press 4 to activate this rock.
Press 5 to activate this rock.
Press 6 to activate this rock.

[ hit the rocks near the center ], then you will get 4 points.

If you hit rocks when you are not aiming near the center of them then you will
only get 2 points.

[ In the 1st level, you will only have to deal with those 2 rocks ]

Press 1 to activate this rock.
Press 2 to activate this rock.

If you[ You need to try and get 4 points off every rock ]if you are aiming for a score
over 700. It doesn't matter if you miss-hit 1 or 2 rocks in a round and only get
2 points because you can always make up for it xD.

There are 10 rocks on the 1st round, 15 on the second, 20 on the third, 25 on
the fourth and 30 on the final round. Near the end of the round, always wait for
the final rock to come out of the volcano (you know it is the last rock because
the total will be 4 less than 40 for the 1st round, 4 less than 60 for the
second round and so on, as long as you have hit every rock for 4 points) then
let it drop until it is about to hit the floor and destroy it. By this time a
few extra rocks may have come out so you can bank a few extra points xP, as
shown below:

On the bonus rounds, keep your cursor just over the top of the volcano. Destroy
the rocks as quickly as you can because you only have 15 seconds. You dont have
to be too accurate. Obviously, you should try and get 4 points off most of the
rocks but it doesn't matter if a few of them are 2-pointers xD.

[ 6 ] types or rock beginning with the 2 you will see on the 1st level.
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