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24: The Game Cheats for PS2
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24: The Game PS2 Cheats

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24: The Game Cheats

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24: The Game

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Unlockables 100%
Mission Bonuses
Bonuses are unlocked by scoring a high performance rating percentage after
completing missions. A score of 90% or above is usually needed to unlock the
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How to Unlock 100%
Character Model: SWAT team member Mission 1: 6am "Storming the Ship"
Video Interview: Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle Dessler) Mission 2: 6am "Wired
to Blow"
Character Model: Carr Mission 3: 7am "Chase Found Out"
Character Model: Tarket Mission 4: 8am "Following Daniels"
Image: Jack Bauer Mission 5: 8am "Daniels Takedown"
Character Model: Robert Daniels Mission 6: 9am "Interrogating Daniels"
Character Model: Chloe O'brien Mission 7: 9am "Sniper Search"
Character Model: Vice President Presscott Mission 8: 9am "Taking out the
Character Model: Sean Walker Mission 9: 10am "PDA Discovered"
Character Model: Ho Shin Mission 10: 10am "Ho Shin's Shop"
Character Model: Dr. Kevin Tyson Mission 11: 10am "To Li Jin Yu's
Character Model: Female Civillian Mission 13: 12pm "Bringing in Li Jin"
Character Model: Eddie Cain Mission 14: 12pm "Stopping the Metro Attack"
Character Model: Michelle Dessler Mission 15: 1pm "M3"
Character Model: Kim Bauer Mission 16: 1pm "Kim Goes Back In"
Character Model: Nina Meyers Mission 17: 2pm "To the Roof"
Character Model: Sid Wilson Mission 18: 2pm "Chase Undercover"
Image: Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler Mission 19: 2pm "Reboot"
Character Model: Male CTU Worker Mission 20: 3pm "To the Agency"
Video Interview: Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) Mission 21: 3pm "Through
the Agency"
Character Model: Secret Service Mission 22: 4pm "Jack is Chased"
Image: Peter Madsen and Sid Wilson Mission 23: 4pm "Madsen Attacked"
Character Model: Donna Madsen Mission 25: 6pm "Questioning Donna"
Character Model: Del Toro Mission 26: 6pm "Going After Del Toro"
Character Model: Del Toro's Guard Mission 27: 7pm "Jack Tracks Kim"
Character Model: Ryan Chapelle Mission 28: 7pm "Jack Heads into Madsen's
Character Model: Jack Bauer Mission 29: 8pm "Escape from Madsen's Base"
Image: Kim Bauer Mission 30: 8pm "Jack and Kim Escape"
Character Model: Female CTU Worker Mission 31: 8pm "Disabling the Data
Character Model: Adam Kaufman Mission 32: 9pm "Locating the Bombs"
Character Model: Tony Almeida Mission 33: 9pm "Tony Leads a Team to the
Character Model: Agent Pierce Mission 34: 9pm "Bomb Defusal"
Character Model: Agent Evans Mission 35: 9pm "Jack Leads a Team to the
Character Model: Agent Landis Mission 36: 9pm "Attack at the Bomb Site"
Character Model: Agent Baker Mission 37: 10pm "After the Earthquake"
Character Model: Kate Warner Mission 38: 10pm "Madsen has Kate"
Character Model: LAPD Mission 40: 11pm "The Search for Radford"
Character Model: Jody Mission 41: 11pm "Hostage Situation"
Image: Chase Edmunds Mission 42: 12am "Accessing the Computer Labs"
Character Model: Stripe Mission 43: 12am "Finding the CTU Data Drive"
Character Model: Manuel Mission 44: 12am "Escaping Sin Chung's Base"
Character Model: Passenger Mission 45: 1am "Looking for Kate"
Character Model: Max Mission 59: 5am "The Final Showdown"
Character Model: Max's Bodyguard Mission 58: 5am "Taking the Ship"
Character Model: Peter Madsen Mission 57: 5am "Jack vs Madsen"
Image: President David Palmer Mission 56: 5am "Raiding the Docks"
Video Interview: Elisha Cuthbert (Kim Bauer) Mission 55: 4am "Escape from
Fort Lesker"
Character Model: Military Base Worker Mission 54: 4am "Cracking the Codes"

Character Model: Chase Edmunds Mission 53: 4am "Fort Lesker's Control
Character Model: Sonny Mission 52: 3am "Armored Truck Pursuit"
Character Model: Mandy Mission 51: 3am "DOD System Hack"
Character Model: Governor James Radford Mission 50: 2am "Searching
Radford's Office"
Character Model: Kathy Weis Mission 49: 2am "The Informant"
Character Model: Joseph Sin Chung Mission 48: 2am "Chase Ambushed"
Character Model: President David Palmer Mission 47: 1am "Protect Chase"
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More ammo 100%
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Unlockable: 3D Models, Interviews, Wallpapers 98%
Achieve 90% of better objective completion in one of the game's 58 missions to
unlock a new bonus item. Each mission unlocks a new item, ranging from 3D
character models to interviews and TV commercials for the game.
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Questions & Answers
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24: The Game 690728I try to hold x for 2 sec and run around the room, Downloading the file from tech room, but I still get caugt? wat to do? Answers: 1
24: The Game 754103Is there any health codes Answers: 0
24: The Game 769137How many times do you have to be over 90% to reach Specail Agent Status? Answers: 0
24: The Game 806341On mission 15, I can get Michelle and Kim to room M3, and we are standing in the yellow circle but the game won't recognize it. The door won't open and under Mission Briefing, "Go to room M3" is not checked off (even though I am there). Any recommendations or cheats to pass this part? Answers: 0
24: The Game 905019In mission 17 "the rooftop"hw wil I kil d chopper. Answers: 0
24: The Game 57126What does Chase Edmunds do after he kills Carr Answers: 1
24: The Game 76079Is there a code to deactivate all times and countdowns on 24:the game for the ps2 Answers: 1
24: The Game 12075How do you download the decryption program from the tech room without the alarms going off? Answers: 2
24: The Game 145296Where do I find the elevator on Mission 2 "Chase Found Out"? Answers: 1
24: The Game 9477Were we type the cheat code Answers: 1
24: The Game 108833Iam stuck by the water tower.when I go and keep madsen safe from attackers ican not move on from the main warehouse there is nowhere to go Answers: 2
24: The Game 46532I need help understanding how to interrogations. i'm at the part where you are shown how to do it for the first time, but, i'm really not getting how you know when to hit what buttons. I can make like 5 green bars appear,but, thats purely luck Answers: 2
24: The Game 83605Whaen you are on mission 10 where jack has to save kim and when you are in the office how do you get out without being caught?? plz help me Answers: 1
24: The Game 189830How do you complete mission 57 Answers: 0
24: The Game 331632I cant catch ho shin do I have to shoot him or something? he keeps getting run over Answers: 2
24: The Game 464382When am chased by police vehicles how do I avoid them? Answers: 1
24: The Game 14433How do you complete mission 22 i cant seem to save madsen even tho he is still alive cant seem to go anywhere in the pda it says keep madsen safe done that and return to the main building which ive done that to.. help im stuck Answers: 0
24: The Game 44408What do I do when I am Chase and i've killed all the bad guys with the sniper rifle and then i've killed all the people trying to kill Peter Madsen? I've killed everyone and all of the doors are locked and I can't go anywhere. Help! Answers: 0
24: The Game 250353Mission 2 michelle dessler 6am wired to blow Answers: 0
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