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he Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Cheats for PC
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he Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC Cheats

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he Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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Cheat List 100%
While playing, drop the developer console via the TILDE key (next to numeric
one). You may need to add a -dev or -devuser switch to the command or target
line to the game executable via a Windows shortcut. All codes listed here are

help ... List available console commands
tgm ... Invulnerability
tcl ... Toggle clipping
lock ... Lock highlighted object with integer lock-level
unlock ... Unlock highlighted object
kill ... Kills highlighted entity (kills self if no target is selected)
modpcs , ... Add integer points to skillname skill
modpca , ... Add integer points to attribname attribute

Item Spawn Cheat
Drop the console and input player.additem itemIDname integer where itemIDname is
the internal name for the item and integer is the number of that item you want.

Download Item List (XLS)
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Hint - This Fight's Freaking Easy 100%
Having trouble with strong monsters or opponents? Work a bit on your Alchemy
skill and learn to concoct potions to "Damage Health". Combine such potions with
your most potent weapon and hit your enemy a few times, then run off and cackle
like a maniac while your quarry dies within minutes. (Repeat as necessary).
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Hint - Arena Blindspot 100%
This requires your acrobatics to be fairly high (always jump when travelling to
increase it), since you need to jump to a spot that's normally out of reach. The
blind spot is not immune to ranged weapons or spells, but for the most part, you
can take down enemy combatants with your ranged weapons or spells without a

Naturally, save your game before you attempt this.

As soon as the fight starts, run to the left. There is a gray stone pillar, next
to the gate. Just jump on and up onto it, as high as you can. Often your
opponent is there attacking you so the force of the attack may actually push you
onto the short pillar.

If you do it right, you can stay perched up there, safely out of reach of most
melee fighters. You can proceed to destroy your opponents with arrows or other
ranged attacks at your disposal.
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Hint - Sneak Walk Increase (Requires Armand) 100%
There is a way for you to get your sneak skill to rise very quickly in the game.
When you have the option to join the theives guild by meeting Armand at the
Imperial Water Front garden around 11 pm, accept his task. He will offer you the
option to buy lockpicks. Don't buy any. Go into sneak mode and go behind him.
Not only will you get the lockpicks from him for free, you can also repeatedly
pickpocket him to build up your sneak skill and all he'll say is to go ahead, he
doesn't need it anyway.
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World Warping Cheat 100%
Drop the console via the TILDE key and input player.coc locationIDname where
locationIDname is the map you wish to go to.

View Location ID List
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Stealing From Blind And Mentally Retarded NPCs 100%
I tested this on armor only, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work for any
item if it's large enough for your atavism to collide with it.

First off, go to any armor shop that has a piece of armor on display that you
want. Jump up onto the shop keep's counter and just run into and knock the armor
item off the counter. This is not illegal and noone will even care. Next, keep
kicking it by running into it multiple times until you have the item in a corner
away from the view of the shop keeper.

The shop owner will actually follow you around the shop while you run about. Get
him/her to follow you to the opposite end of the store, then quickly run back to
where you placed the armor item. Use the sneak ability (default RIGHT CTRL) and
pick it up before they see you. Done.
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Hint - Sneak Walk Increase (Requires Rufio) 100%
The Inn of Ill Omen is located Northwest of Bravil along the road. In the
basement of it is a guy named Rufio. As long as you are reasonably quiet he will
sleep forever allowing you to sneak around the room increasing the skill easily.
Just put your guy facing a corner and rig the stick to keep walking and you gain
a new level roughly every minute (early on). Note that if you killed Rufio as
part of the Dark Brotherhood's quest, you won't be able to use this exploit.
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Hint - Free Iorn Arrows 100%
Go to the arena in tge Imperial city and watch the blue team archer shoot
arrows. Half the time you can go in there, the arrows the archers shoots will be
there and you can simply take them without being labelled a thief. Naturally,
you may want to save before attempting this.
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Ok listen all you gotta do is go to anvil, jump on benirus manor, continue on jumping from house 2 house till you get to the dock gate then you have 2 jump on the chimny thing and then on to the outer wall. Then you need 2 jump down the other side of the wall (this may hurt!) and your in the glitchworld be cautious and tread carefully,from there you can go through into Valenwood and then to: Elswer,Black Marsh, Morrowind or even Skyrim.....unless you die. PS necromancer111 for cheatmaster!
By: necromancer111(145)
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Easy 5 step duplicate yourself cheat 100%
This cheat is very good for duplicating rare armor and money
To do this cheat you need the following
:A summon scamp spell(over 50 seconds)
:A paralyze spell(15+%)
:A reflect spell(15%)
:The skull of corruption(from vaemiras shrine)
Step1:cast summon scamp spell
Step2:paralyze scamp
Step3:use reflect spell on scamp
Step4:shoot skull of corruption at scamp
Step5:before ball of corruption hits the scamp drop skull of corruption(this may take a few try's for beginners).
he Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion cheat video Cheat Video
By: ownzies(61)
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Glitchworld And into Valenwood 100%
First of all you go 2 anvil then you get on top of benirus manor and jump across the rooftops till you get to a building
with a high chimney, jump on the chimney and then onto the city walls, after that jump out of the city and the world
will be all glitched up and you can just walk right in to valenwood and go round the whole map into morrowind, skyrim,
and even black marsh. Enjoy!
By: necromancer111(145)
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Free, weightless Bound Armor/Weopans. Quick and easy. 100%
First of all you need 2 get a bound armor/weopan spell and a summon creature spell, use the bound armor/weopan spell and quickly summon something then attack it with the weopan, kill it, repair the weopan and drop it. when the timer runs out pick up the weopan and there you go. For armor its alittle trickier, first you summon the armor, make sure thats all you wear and summon a creature, make it attack you and wait till it has then kill it and repair and drop the armor when the timer goes out the same will happen. enjoy!
By: necromancer111(145)
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Get your sneak skill higher 100%
Once you get the adoring fan, you can sneak behind him and steal everything he has and he will let you. You can still keep trying to pickpocket him and it will increase your sneak skill.
By: Evilhuio(115)
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Kvatch Oblivion Gate Trick 100%
When you get to the sigil stone, save your game, because if you don't get the stone that you want, you can just re-load and try again (this works on all Oblivion gates). Activate the stone and wait until it disappears into your inventory, then quickly hit A (or X if PS3 or E if PC). Another sigil stone should appear in the first one's place, and you can take that one too (only works in Kvatch gate)! If done correctly, you can get two sigil stones for the price of one, and you can re-load if you don't like the enchantments.
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Hatred's Heart and Hatred's Soul 100%
When you enter an Oblivion gate that starts you off facing four towers, immediately turn right. Fight your way through this path until you reach a large boulder riddled with fire mines, near a half-sunken tower. The path ends here, but on the other side of the boulder, at lava level, is a hidden door that doesn't appear on your local area map. Through it is a minor maze ending a door to the tower. Inside, your only enemies are a couple Dremora. You need their keys to procede. As high up as you can go in the tower is a platform with two The Punished containers on at each end, but their names will be changed to The Forbidden. In one is Hatred's Heart, a very powerful mace, and in the other is Hatred's Soul, an equally powerful bow with its own Hatred's Soul Arrows. These weapons level up as you do, meaning that they're stronger at higher player levels. However, they are several levels higher than you in all cases, meaning that they will always be the most powerful weapons for your level group. Plus, there's more than one four-tower Oblivion gate out there, allowing for duplicates.
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Easy Umbra 100%
Use the item duplication glitch on the Goblin Shaman Staff that you pick up during the tutorial dungeon. If you don't have it, then any weapon will do, but this is the most valuable item at the start of the game that you can duplicate. Sell off the duplicates, keeping one so that it can continue to be duped, until you have between 5500-6000 gold. Go to Rindir's Staffs in the Imperial City's market district and purchase the Apotheosis, a staff that inflicts 33 each of Fire, Frost, and Shock. Turn the game difficulty all the way down and go to Vindasel, directly SW of the waterfront district. At the end of the dungeon, zap Umbra with the Apotheosis. One hit will kill her, and her armor and sword will be in perfect condition. Umbra is a "void" longsword (the only weapon in the "void" group) that is more powerful than its Daedric cousin and, so long as you don't do the Clavicus Vile shrine quest, has zero weight.
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Cheats 33%
In anvil main gate there is avrena's house and upstairs there is a small opening you press q and just keep pressing e
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