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Warship Gunner 2 Cheats for PS2
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Warship Gunner 2 PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE
Warship Gunner 2 Cheats

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Warship Gunner 2

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

This is the secret treasure list 94%
Far-C-060(EL 1):Land base in the North West corner of map

Far-D-070(EL 1):Cargo plane in South going North

Far-E-080(EL 1):Underwater base in Northwest corner

Far-F-093(EL 2):Transport appears West center of map

Pac-A-100(EL 1):Transport in Northwest corner

Pac-A-110(EL 1):Transport in North end

Pac-C-120(EL 2):Cargo plane appears at beginning of mission flying West to East

Pac-D-130(EL 1):Underwater base East center of map

Pac-E-140(EL 2):Transport moving North along coast from center

Pac-G-150(EL 1):Underwater base in the West channel of the center island

Pac-H-160(EL 2):Cargo plane at east center of map going west

Pac-I-171(EL 1):Cargo plane appears after destroying all enemy ships from north heading South down center of map

Pac-I-180(EL 1):Destroy superweapon to trigger transport ship on southwest of island and east center of map

Eur-C-190(EL 1):Cargo plane appears going southeast toward center of map

Eur-A-200(EL 2):Kill transport in West center harbor to spawn transport in east where allied transport ship stopped then Southwest harbor

Eur-D-210(EL 1):Land base in North center of map

Eur-I-225(EL 1):Cargo plane going Northwest

Eur-E-234(EL 2):Cargo plane appears going Northeast from West side of map

Eur-F-240(EL 2):Cargo plane appears South center of map going North

Eur-L-250(EL 2):Transport sits Northeast of peninsula

Eur-C-263(EL 1):Entering harbor triggers a series a transports, which after all are destroyed triggers a cargo plane

Eur-O-272(EL 1):Surface base in Northwest corner of map

Eur-D-280(EL 1):Land base North center of map

Eur-D-290(EL 1):Surface base West of allied city

Eur-G-300(EL 1):Underwater base near center of map

Eur-A-310(EL 2):Transport moving East to West along North edge of map

Med-A-320(EL 1):Surface base Northwest corner of map behind starting position

Med-B-330(EL 1):Land base South center of map

Med-C-340(EL 2):After defeating all enemies, cargo plane appears in South end of map going East to West

Med-C-350(EL 1):Cargo plane appears from Southern airfield when all transport ship on southern island is destroy

Med-D-360(EL 2):Sink reinforcements triggers a cargo plane flying North from the South of big land mass

Med-E-372(EL 1):Underwater base Northeast side of map

Med-F-380(EL 1):Land base Northeast corner of map

Med-G-396(EL 1):Surface base North of Northern island

Med-H-406(EL 1):Underwater base at Southeast enterance of Bay

Med-I-411(EL 2):Land base along West wall

Med-J-421(EL 2):Destroy Transport in Southwest corner of map, triggers Cargo plane flying south to south west down center of map

Med-K-431(EL 2):At 1st announcement of reinforcments transport appears West-North-West of map, South of airbase

Eur-A-440(EL 1):Cargo Plane appears over Eastern land mass after destroying a series of transports appearing individually

Eur-B-450(EL 2):Cargo plane flying South to North along center after destroying transport ship appearing individually

Eur-K-464(EL 1):Underwater base at inland end of fjord

Eur-I-473(EL 1):After collecting your agents, transport appears at South end of map going East to West

Eur-J-483(EL 2):Transport North of Eastern land mass appears after sinking all enemies

Eur-H-490(EL 1):Surface base near Southwest shore of island

Eur-M-500(EL 1):Surface base North shore of Northwest island

Eur-N-510(EL 1):Land base near center of Eastern land mass

Pac-I-520(EL 2):Transport in Southeast of map

Pac-F-530(EL 1):Surface base in lake

Pac-G-542(EL 1):Transport appears after destroying all enemies North end of map going East to west

Pac-J-552(EL 2):Transport appears West center of map

Pac-E-561(EL 1):Destroying all transports triggers cargo plane traveling West from Southeast of map

Pac-K-570(EL 2):Sink Northwest transport, then East transport, then West transport, then final transport in center

Pac-A-580(EL 1):After killing Superweapon, transport appears in middle of islands heading South quickly

Pac-B-593(EL 2):Destroy transport in Southwest end to trigger UFO appearing over Southeast island traveling quickly West

Far-G-600(EL 1):Underwater base Northeast center of map

Far-H-615(EL 2):Transport appears West side of map fleeing from airbase

Far-H-622(EL 1):Transport sits Northeast of island

Far-D-630(EL 1):Transport appears in Northwest behind subs after sinking all BB's

Far-I-640(EL 1):Surface base in Northwest corner of map

Far-B-650(EL 1):Cargo plane appears after clearing enemies on West side of map going North to South

Far-C-660(EL 1):Land base Southeast of map center

Far-C-670(EL 1):Transport sits in bay where superweapon launches

Far-A-680(EL 2):Unknown

Arc-Z-690(EL 2):After destroying transport ship appearing individually final transport is on northeast corner of map

Spe-A-700(EL 2):UFO appears with right group of enemies

Spe-B-710(EL 2):Transport appears at 2nd announcement of reinforcements at West edge center of map going North

Spe-C-720(EL 2):After 1st superweapon is sunk, a UFO appears from West side of map with reinforcements

Spe-E-730(EL 2):Transport appears South west corner of map

Spe-E-740(EL 2):Transport appears in Southwest corner of map

Spe-F-750(EL 2):After clearing all enemies, transport appears in South. ignore it and head North for cargo plane heading South along West edge

Spe-G-760(EL 2):Kill transports in corners starting with Southwest, then Northwest, then Northeast, travel to center to trigger squid(do not attack him). Final transport appears in Southeast corner
By: TheAhmad019(18)
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Clear Game Unlockables 93%
Clear the game once on any difficulty to unlock:
Very Hard Difficulty
Survival Mode
Special Mission Mode
Adjutant Voice Select (training only)
Enemy Layout Select (training only)
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Fast Freaking Research 91%
Research is based on the amount of times a stage is cleared in the story or
training modes. Although you can do this stage-farming trick with any stage, the
easiest (and fastest) one is the 2nd training stage.

After you escape Japan with (or without) Admiral Tsukagi, you can speedily
research your tech tree by repeatedly finishing that 2nd training stage with
a fast (60 knots or better) ship, since you only need to destroy the 3 radar
stations and escape to the south map.

Alternatively, if you're inclined for even faster finishes, you can repeatedly
destroy the Archeopteryx with a ship completely devoted to anti-air combat on
automatic mode (on Very Easy or Easy). You can even skip picking up the parts
from the boss and withdraw from combat immediately after the boss is destroyed.
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Designing tips 58%
When you want to design a ship, see if you can find it in auto design blue prints first and then modify it. that's what I did to build Yamato class battleship from omi type. or if you want to free build ships, try to make it so your modifications are cool and powerful. try your own designs out! don't depend on the military's designs. happy cruiser crushing!:-D. latter!

Tip by: (could be username) good playing, that
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Need new stuff? 47%
Getting the same stuff over and over again? always being driven mad? well no more! with the new difficulty strategy, you can get new stuff like never before! all you need to do is change the difficulty, and you'll be able to create bigger and better ships! NEW! from wolffepack6283!
By: wolffepack6283(69)
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Q: How do I beat the super weapon on the thunder & lightning board I cant seem to get away from it? 43%
A: you must have plasma gun . . .
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Warship Gunner 2 (PS2) 25%
Invicibility:At main menu enter R1,Up,Down,L1 to get invicibilty.Happy gaming!
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Warship Gunner 2 (PS2) 24%
A MILLION DOLLARS:At the dock enter R1,L2,Up,Left,L2 to get a million dollars every time it's entered. Happy cheating.
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Warship Gunner 2 (PS2) 24%
HAVE all parts and hulls:At dock enter L1,L3,Down,Up to get all parts and hulls. Happy gaming.
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Doing the right thing 21%
If stuck in a tight spot, follow the way of captain Avatar from star blazers. "he's a fine leader, he knows what must be, done and even if he has to pay a price he does, it and he doesn't blame others, he just goes on". do the same
By: wolffepack6283(69)
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