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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Cheats for PS2
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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE

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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE

Bogberry white,red,black 100%
To fix the bright vale bridge you have to go to bogshot swamp home of the giant serpant. bog shot will have a flu so you need to colect 3 types of bog berries red, white, and the rare black. the red one is in an area near the serpants home each time you collect a bogberry you will see the serpant but you wont have to fight it (yet) the red one is at the edge of bog shot go to the center of bog shot swamp (not village) and go torwards the sludies and bagguss friut. you dont turn right just keep going forward and you will notice another path go down that path and you will reach a dead end look to your left and you may see some big stones with stone serpants on them. jump across and you will be a few steps away from the serpants lair (which holds the black bogberry) do not turn right just keep going farward and you will se a sparcaly object. that is the red bog berry. you will notice part of the serpants head pop out of the watery sludge when you go to colect the bogberry. go back to the center of bog shot swamp and go torwards the clover patch (you may want to colect the clover while your at it) keep going farward and you will see another sparcaly object that is the white bogberry. part of the serpants body will apear out of the watery sludge. the black bogberry is in the center of the cerpants lair. go near where the red bogberry was but this time turn right and you will see the save point (save at the save point) go farward as you jump accross the planks floating in the sludge (dont fall in!) when you reach the center island the serpant will come up breaing the planks that you came from blocking your exit. one of charecters will say you to get to higher ground. When the serpant tries to bite you dodge it and jump ontop of its head when the serpant tries to eat you while your on its head jump ontop of the ledge and make Roberta shoot it until it is dead. then collect the bogberry and get the heck out of there!
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Getting into the big jaw thing in Werelupe Woods 100%
Go to the Swamp Witch and get her the Wild Wateroot. She will then
tell you where to get the necklace.
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Defeating the Darkest Faerie 100%
Equip a Nova or Supernova Mote to your shield and sword. Go towards
the Darkest Faerie. She will launch a dark cloud that will knock you
back. She will then shoot an elemental ball at you. Block it with
your shield. It will reflect and hit her. Now, do a combo attack to
her (where you swing your sword 2 times, then swing down; do not
do the combo where you jab your sword). Do this 2 or 3 times.
You will automatically switch to Roberta. Some monsters will appear
and the Darkest Faerie will levitate. You can kill them, but it is
not necessary. Fire some magic at the Darkest Faerie. She will come
back down to the ground. Now, walk over to her.
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Defeating the giant Juppie monster 100%
He will start off underground. A few vines will come out of the
ground. Kill them, then a regular giant Juppie will drop off the
vines on top of the stage. The giant Juppie monster will then
appear. He will start to pound you with his head. Get near the giant
Juppie that fell and wait for him to pound. Attack it, and he will
get stuck. Go over to his neck and slash away. Repeat the process
until he is defeated.
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Defeating the Ixi Chief 100%
Buy the Knights Sword, then fight him. The sword should help out a
lot. Take a couple swings at him. Do not get too far away or he will
charge up and attack you with a powerful blow, He will not do much
damage, but it will knock you back. After you get him down to about
half health, he will call out his archers. Ignore them; just go
after the chief. After about 2 more combos he will be defeated.
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Werelupe Woods: Unlimited Neopoints 98%
To get uniimited Neopoints you must be in Werelupe Woods or at
another place with golden grass and a house. The best place to do
this is at Werelupe Woods at the golden grass next to the witches
hut. There are some bubbles coming up from the swamp next to the
hut. Cut the grass down then go to the bubbles. You will fall into a
cave. Find the way out and the grass will be back. Do this
repeatedly to get a lot of Neopoints. Be careful, as there are 2
bubble points in that part of the swamp. This is also a good way to
get unlimited Bagus and Rock Mote.
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The hidden tower 98%
To find the hidden tower you must have a Meowclops and be in
Faerieland. You will find a wand for Roberta, a perfect golden
shield for Tor, etc. You will find this tower near the bedroom area.
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Finding the 4 sword pieces 98%
The 1st 3 pieces are on the west bridge that you take in front
of the Meridell Castle Gate. You must go in between 2 houses and
climb up the wooden ladder, then jump onto the wooden plank. When
your on the plank, walk to your left and get that piece. Now, walk
back across. Next, climb up the ladder in front of you. Collect the
piece up there, then grab the rope. Slide down until you get to the
last platform. Collect that piece. For the fourth piece, you must go
to the recruitment center. When you walk in, go directly ahead and
turn right. You will be in the jail. Chat to one of the prisoners.
He will trade you 100nps for the hilt. Take all of these pieces to
the blacksmith. After you have the completed sword, take it to the
master in the pub and he will sign your sponsor papers.
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Escape from the Endless Staircase 98%
To escape from the Endless Staircase, you must go to the 2nd
Quiggle statue. You must look at the statue and see if it is
pointing up the staircase or down the staircase. Go in the direction
the Quiggle statue points to until you reach the next statue, and go
in that statue's direction. Repeat this until you reach the door at
the bottom of the Endless Staircase.
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Defeating the mutant Hissy monster in the swamp 98%
Get on one of the platforms in the swamp. He will spit poison at you
frequently. Have a lot of Bagus with you. You also need to have a
good mote of your shield and block frequently. When he hits you,
block and he will fall down. Use Down Pound by pressing Down + Jump
+ Attack. After the 1st time you hit him, it will be more
difficult the 2nd time because he will freeze you if you do not
move out of the way fast enough. The 3rd time will be the same as
the 1st time. He will spit poison again, but no freezing this
time. Use Tor because it is easier to defeat him.

To defeat the serpent in the bog, jump on the pillars and wait until
he hisses at you. When that happens, put up the shield, as he will
think your vulnerable and bite. Sometimes he will freeze you, but
that is not a big problem. Make sure that you are stocked up on
health items when he does. Keep using this strategy and the snake
will be dead in about 3 minutes.
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Getting into Meridell 94%
When there is a big wall in the way, get the charm from the Werelupe
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How to really kill the darkest faerie 92%
First, you run up to her, she'll blow you back then equiped the super nova mote to your sheild. then when she shoots you with a ball of magic block the shot and it will reflect and hit her. she will be down for a few seconds. Go up to her and hit her with a one,two,three shot. For a one,two three shot you click circle counting one two three. then she'll throw you back. repeat three times and you will switch to Roberta. equiped the Nova mote to her wand and fight the minions normally. But do it fast because you have a time limit with Roberta and if you switch while one of the minions is still alive it will be really hard for Tor.
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A better explanation for the defeating of the Darkest Faerie 86%
Okay, first off once you've defeated all four shrines in Atador, go back to the Hall of Heroes. All the founders should be there, and they will send you to Faerieland after a big movie and all that jazz. You will come to a big room, walk up to the Darkest Faerie and there will be a movie. Then you have to defeat her under a time limit (The time in which I don't remember) So what you have to do is wait till she throws a ball of dark magic at you, then shield, but don't shield right away or she'll throw a monster and when it hits your shield, a minion will come out and you have to fight off the minion (using a sun mote is best, or light mote/ Nova/ Supernova mote is best to replace it, with a Nova mote on your shield) so if you shield after she throws it, it'll reflect, come back and hit her and she will be hurt for a few seconds, in that time you run over and hit her with a chain attack (One-two-three- wait till the tip of your sword shines till you stroke again. You should know how to do this from Squire training) and then she will recover. Do this repeatedly until you switch to Roberta. Equip the same motes, then shield, not too early, and hit her from afar. Repeat as quickly as you can until you see her health gone, and a movie comes. Hope this helps!
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Supernova Mote in Illusens Glade 71%
There is a zip line in the glade, when you see a tree trunk jump down into it, you will see a supernova mote. Leave the glade and come back and repeat for an endless supply of Supernova Motes!
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1000 NP in about 45 secs. 46%
In Bogshot there is a sludgie in one of the sinkholes, from the save point under the temple go towards the top of the map. It is a bubbly area on the pond and you drop down, the first sludgie you encounter is about 900-1000 NP depending is one of the bags gets lost. Then go past the sludgie to a climbing vine on your left. Climb it then drop back down and do it again and again, 100,000 NP really easy in about 45 mins.
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Get a lot of NP and a free light mote!!! 44%
Earn a lot of cash and a free light mote!

If you are so called “experienced go to the TALENTED guide at the end of the page.

First go to through the door you go in to get into the Brightvale Village. Then keep walking on a grey stone road until you get to a Green Aisha in Yellow clothing. Her name is Lady Margo. There are three baskets behind her. Break them and collect the NP. Then keep walking until you come to a wall. Go over the wall and keep walking to the next wall. It is a little higher so jump onto it and go across. Now you can see some golden grass behind a tree. Go cut it down. If you do not get 140 NP from it, you might get a different result. Now go back to the wall but do not go over it. Turn to your right and walk until there is an opening. Go through the opening and you will see a brown path. Go on the right side. Walk on the path in the right direction and you might see a Pink Lupe named Sir Drew. Now keep walking on the path until you see a yellow Grarrl named Sir Caradoc. If you do not see him after a while turn around. Keep walking on the path past him until you get to a purple Draik who’s name is Guardsmen Lisle. Walk on the bridge past him until you get to the end then go inside the door. Walk on the Purple path until you get to steps, then go to your right on a gold path. Walk up the steps on the gold carpet and you will get to the top, then you will go in the first opening on your left. Once you go in turn left and you will see the end of the gold carpet and a few feet away from it a pot. Break the pot and collect the money. Then go back on the carpet and walk all the away across to the other side and break that pot and collect the money. (From each pot in the castle you should get 25 NP) Next turn around and walk back on the carpet until you get to an opening on the right. Go in and you will find yourself on a purple carpet. Go to the end and break to pot on the right then the pot on the left and collect the money. If you look in between these pots you will find a room with green carpet and a gold and red marking on the middle. Go in the room and walk straight until you get to more pots. Break them and collect the money in any order you like. Then go to the gold and red marking in the middle of the room and look towards the opening. On your left you will see two pots. Break the one closest to you first and collect the money then break the next one and collect the money. Now go back to the opening on hop on the purple carpet. Go to the first opening on your left. Then when you are in go in the left corner and you will see a pot. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. Once you have done that leave the room and go to the opening across from it. Turn all the way to the right then break the pot that is there and collect the money. In that room there will be a girl named princess Dona. If you are doing a mini quest she is the prince’s wife from when you were walking to Meridell/ Shadowglen woods from Meri Acre farm. Now leave the room and go back to the stairs and walk down them. (If you don’t know how use the instructions backward.) Now walk on the purple carpet the Yellow Techo named Merald Johnfrit. Turn to your left and go in an opening. And if you are smart you will know that’s the Library. It may take a while, but look all the way through the library breaking the same kind of pots you broke upstairs. Also, there are only three so it wont take as long as it sounded J. Then leave this castle at ONCE and go to the end of the bridge with your friend Guardsman Lisle. Then walk to your right, you will go behind a pole and then where to walls meet. Climb the little wall and walk in that direction until you come to another teeny tiny wall, climb that and keep walking. Soon you will end up on a path, walk to the right on it, not left. Now keep walking and you should pass a Pink Acara and a little cute Kau baby. Keep walking until you get to the end of that color and width of path and then turn to your right and you will see a tree on a hill. Walk on the hill beside the wall on the left until it ends. WHALA!!! Do you see the light mote? If not go through the opening and go to your right. WOW I am glad this is over. Oh, no! If it doesn’t work you might have done these things wrong:

Not getting 140 or 204 NP from the golden grass.
Not cutting pots in order.
Doing it all in the wrong order.
Cutting down extra green grass in the process.
Goof off in the process.
Not doing it fast enough.

Things that you can do, tips, etc.

You can do this about three times
If you have questions, comments or want to say, “this is a TERRIBLE guide.” Or want to help me do better
then e-mail me at:
Josephiner (at)

Go to Brightvale.
Cut down the golden grass.
Go in the castle and smash all the pots upstairs.
Go in the library and kill the pots. Go back the entrance of Brightvale.
Go to your right and go over the wall.
If you don’t see the mote go back and cut down the pots in the order of the
Newbie guide.
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The book shelf in brightvalley (hint) 33%
In the librey step on the white block to move the book shelf in brightvalley.
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Free ing the catured knights 31%
When you are in Illusons Glade below the trees, one of the knights that was hard to find was hidden along the side. Go walk along the side of the ground and soon youll find the entrance to the last knight.
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Slow Motion 25%
To do slow motion hold down R1 and slowly push it forward. (P.S. All of this isn't helpful)
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Neopets the darkest faerie 13%
Hold the R2 butten and push up down left right to switch to robrta
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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie 292911Like I cant find the black night. i'm in the place where it looks like their is a church or something Answers: 2
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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie 288183Im in act 3 and Im trying to find the snake...Where is it? Answers: 2
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