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Tomb Raider: Legend Cheats for PSP
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Tomb Raider: Legend PSP Cheats

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Tomb Raider: Legend

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Unlockable Cheats 100%
Cheats appear in the Specials menu and the buttons are respective to your
version of Tombraider Legend. Cheats are only unlocked when you clear the game
or meet the following criteria.

Textureless Cheat ... Clear the game (any difficulty).
Show enemy health ... Clear Bolivia under 12:30 in Time Trials.
Infinite MG415 Ammo ... Clear Peru under 21:30 in Time Trials.
Infinite RC650 Ammo ... Clear Japan under 12:15 in Time Trials.
Infinite shotgun Ammo ... Clear Ghana under 20:00 in Time Trials.
Infinite grenade launcher ... Clear Kazakhstan under 27:10 in Time Trials.
Bulletproof Lara ... clear England under 27:00 in Time Trials.
One hit deaths ... Clear Bolivia (stage 8) under 4:15 in Time Trials.
Unlock Excalibur ... Clear Nepal under 13:40 in Time Trials.
Unlock the Soul Reaver ... Clear the game and complete all time trials.
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Hint - Time Trial Shortcut 100%
Having trouble with time trials? Try completing the final time trial in Bolivia
against the final boss 1st (it's a boss fight, and it's easy). This unlocks
the one-hit death cheat. You can input the cheat when the cinematics are playing
at the beginning of a stage and make enemies and certain bosses die quickly,
saving you some much needed time. It also makes the motorbike races faster to
finish. Note that only one cheat may be turned on at a time.
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By 54yze 80%

During Gameplay:
Bulletproof : Hold L, then: X, R, Triangle, R, Square, R

Draw Enemy Health : Hold L, then: Square, Circle, X, R, R, Triangle

Infinite Assualt Rifle Ammo: Hold L, then: X, O, X, R, Square, Triangle

Infinite Grenade Launcher : Hold L, then: R, Triangle, R, O, R, Square

Infinite Shotgun Ammo : Hold L, then: R, O, Square, R, Square, X

Infinite SMG Ammo : Hold L, then: O, Triangle, R, R, X, O

One Shot Kill : Hold L, then: Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, R, O

Wield Excalibur : Hold L, then: Triangle, X, O, R, Triangle, R

Wield Soul Reaver : Hold L, then: X, R, O, R, R, Square

by 54yze
By: 54yze(6)
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How do kill amanda's beast in the past? 50%
You can't so you need 2 run the way you came but not all the way cos you will c a yellow rope then you quickly grab it then watch the scene!
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To get a blaster 50%
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Tomb Raider: Legend 535464How do you do bolivia when theres 3 cages in a room and a see saw Answers: 1
Tomb Raider: Legend 293409In which order should you put the books in the library in please? Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 267622How do yoy win the whole ghana mission Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 292330How do you get the grapple and binoculars in the croft manor pls? Answers: 2
Tomb Raider: Legend 293938How do you get something off a pressure pad pls? I tried to pull it and with the grapple but it's all for nothing. Thank You Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 459040How do you do time trials like I know how to do them but how do you get into them 2 do them are they in extras? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider: Legend 463070How do you get the motorcycle that's on the roof, out of the room to use to jump to other roof? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider: Legend 516196How do you get the rest of laras clothes at the end of the game Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 596807What do we have to in Japan in tomb raider legend? Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 599554I'm in a tomb with a statue of a Buddha and it's hand r see saws but I put the gold box in the space & nothing happened Answers: 1
Tomb Raider: Legend 599556I am in Nepal level where you find the Ghalian key I am in the in the tomb where there is a Buddha statue & it's hand r see saw there r 2 Cr8 & a gold CR8 I put it on a gold hi lighted space but nothing happens? Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 667472In england how do you open the gate after you break through the hidden wall with the crate lifter Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 737418How to escape from articraft Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 836142Why I play tom rider legend in bolivia, I cannot reach thr bridges and my psp screen get blank noting I can see? Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 769566How do I pull the 4 blue buttons down the waterhole in level peru please. Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 769568How do I pull the 4 blue buttons in the waterhole. level 2..........peru please. ive tried and tried but cant seem to get near them or when I do nothing happens. thanks. jems Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 852054How do you run Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 862410How to breack glass in king arthors tomb Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 145231What do the cheats actually do? Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 83192What do I do when I get to the room with the three pressure pads and the two crates on the lower level with the see/saw? Answers: 2
Tomb Raider: Legend 160545How do you complete the level were amanda unleashes the beast on u Answers: 1
Tomb Raider: Legend 226130How do you kill the sea monster on king authors level? Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 60462I am in the room with the third peace of sowrd and I don't know what to do? Answers: 0
Tomb Raider: Legend 60386How do you kill the monster Answers: 1
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