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Blake Stone: Planet Strike Cheats for PC
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Blake Stone: Planet Strike PC Cheats

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Blake Stone: Planet Strike Cheats

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Blake Stone: Planet Strike

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Command Line Parameters 100%
Play the game via MS-DOS to enter these cheats. Might not work with Windows XP.
RADARDisplays a rotating overhead view during gameplay
TICDisplay TIC INFO in score area
MUSICEnable music test mode: [backspace] [arrows] changes music.
POWERBALLEnables Debug Keys
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Cheats 100%
Press the keys at the same time to activate the following cheat.
[J] [A] [M] [Enter]All Keys, 100% Health, Score reset
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Debug Mode Codes 100%
After turning on Debug Mode by typing POWERBALL in the command line prompt, you
may use these cheats during gameplay.
[backspace][home]Decrease sky color (if ceiling textures are OFF)
[backspace]AAdd Actors to Automap
[backspace]BBorder color
[backspace]CCount objects
[backspace][end]Decrease ground color (if ground textures are OFF)
[backspace]VExtra VBLs (Vertical Blanking Signal)
[backspace]FFacing spot
[backspace]QFast quit
[backspace]GGod mode
[backspace]HHurt self (will not work in God Mode)
[backspace][pgdn]Increase ground color (if ground textures are OFF)
[backspace][pgup]Increase sky color (if ceiling textures are OFF)
[backspace]IItem cheat
[backspace]MMemory info
[backspace]PPause screen
[backspace]DPlayer invisible (dumb objects)
[backspace]EQuick Win Mission
[backspace]OShow hidden walls on auto mapper
[backspace]SSlow motion
[backspace]UUnlock all floors
[backspace]WWarp to level ([shift ] [W] loads the default map)
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