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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Cheats for PC
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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends PC Cheats

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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Cheats

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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Add Units 100%
Description: Add units by pressing Enter then typing "/cheat add." The following units can be added by entering the codes below:

Queen Spidergiant
Scout form Zekezeke
Sun Idolgreat
Queen Salamanderqueen spider
Siege Zeppelinsiege
Pirata Base Shippirata
Land Leviathanland
Glass dragonglass drag
Sun Jaguarsun
Air Destroyerair
Moon Godmoon
Moon Gorillamoon gorilla
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FOR easy WIN 100%
For the Easy Win use The Fallowing cheats
1. Press Enter key And Then write "cheat reveal"
2. Select enemy city and press Enter key And Then Write "cheat die"
3. you can also drop Nuclear Bomb by using "cheat nuke"
By: YAGYA(125)
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Cheats 98%
Press ENTER while playing and input the following codes.

/cheat resource race$ credit$ -For resources. Race$ is campaign race. Credit$ is resource amount
/cheat add unitamount$ unitname$ -Force adds units. Unitamount$ is number of units added. Unitname$ is unit name. Unitname$ may be multiple words (i.e., 'land leviathan')
/cheat reveal -Removes all fog of war
/cheat victory -Clear current mission/stage
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Some Cheats 98%
< Press ENTER while playing and input the following codes.

/cheat resource race$ credit$ : For resources. Race$ is campaign race. Credit$ is resource amount.

/cheat add unitamount$ unitname$ : Force adds units. Unitamount$ is number of units added. Unitname$ is unit name. Unitname$ may be multiple words (i.e., 'land leviathan').

/cheat reveal : Removes all fog of war.

/cheat victory : Clear current mission/stage.
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Cheat List 97%
Description: During gameplay, press Enter, then type one of the following codes for the desired effect:

Add mana to the hero/cheat mana (hero name) +(number)
Remove mana from hero/cheat mana (hero name) -(number)
Remove resources/cheat resource (player number) (resource) -(number)
Add Juggernauts around your capital/cheat safe
Change explore configurations/cheat explore (normal|explored|all)
Complete the selected building/cheat finish
Generate a new map/cheat mapgen
Give desired dominance/cheat dominance (dominance) (player number)
All tech researched/cheat tech (player number) tech (on|off)
Force peace, alliance, or war/cheat (ally|peace|war) (player number)
Enable cheat keys/cheat keys on

Enter these key commands for the desired effect:

+1,000 to each resource[Alt ] + [F5]
Faster unit creation, building creation, and research[Alt ] + [F9]
Select unit has full mana and abilities recharged[Alt ] + [F10]
Selected unit has full health[Alt ] + [F11]
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Add Units and Buildings 96%
Description: Add units by pressing Enter then typing "/cheat add." The following units can be added by entering the codes below:


elder glass dragonElder Glass Dragon
glass dragonGlass Dragon
kingKing Leviathan
landLand Leviathan
moonMoon God
moon gorillaMoon Gorilla
city ofCity of Vengeance
elderElder Salamander
queenQueen Salamander
adultAdult Salamander
megaElder Glass Golem
adult glass golemAdult Glass Golem
deathDeath Snake
death sphereDeath Sphere
holyHoly Ark
greatSun Idol
giantSpider Queen
elder spider queenElder Spider Queen
lavaLava Spider
darkDark Walkers
sunSun Jaguars
sun cannonSun Cannon
stormStorm Disk
quetzalQuetzal Fighter
eagleEagle Bomber
coutlCoutl Caravan
vinciVinci Caravan


circle of SandCircle of Sand
circle of FireCircle of Fire
circle of GlassCircle of Glass
steamSteam Fortress
researchResearch Lab
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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends PC cheats 80%
During in the game play press enter then type the word you see on the objector any thing type "/cheat add" tou will get it and you need it in numbers type "/cheat add 1000" my name is ch. soumith reddy from nayanagar in kodad in nalagonda district in andhra pradesh in india in asia.this game is very good than another games I had seen.
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Kill people really easily. 64%
Build 2 reaserch labs near your main city turn one into a doom cannon (reqires great city) and the other into a telescope. Turn the telescope to an enemy city and then you can launch the doom cannon where your telescope can see. Useful becuse you can wipe out a hole army at once or reduce a city to 0 health then just take it.
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Adding 58%
/cheat add (#) mega
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100,000 resources 57%
Cheat resource all+100000
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