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Jaws Unleashed Cheats for PS2
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Jaws Unleashed PS2 Cheats

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Jaws Unleashed

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Unlock all bonuses 95%
Enter shaaark as a new profile
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1 million points 95%
Enter BLOOOOD as a profile name
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I found out that if you repeatedly bite the back of a boat it will blow up.I did not find this on another site.
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Level Select 91%
How to unlock: To unlock the level select mode, which lets you combat all the bosses over again you must collect all 45 License Plates hidden around the Story Levels.
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How to kill the Orca quicker 82%
When your fighting the Orca Hold down the L1 button,get a full charge,get directly behind him and let go of the L1 button and the Orca will be knocked out and then you can sit there and bite him. But the time he is knocked out is limited.
By: flames144(175)
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Choosing your level 76%
To choose your level you have to put in the word SHAAARK then a list of levels will come up brace yourself its scary! GOODLUCK!
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Jaws unleashed (ps2) 72%
Create anew profile and type in bloood and you get 100,000,000 points
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How to get more swimmers 65%
Ok instead of goin after the far out swimmers you go to the beach first then take the swimmers out its much easier
By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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Be anything out of the animal blos 31%
To be any thing out of the animal blos first enter new game profile called: gallery,
nextget past all the 1st missions ,save your game at a save anchor, then quit your game , go to main menu hit extras , then animal blos, hit the x button to be it , to be jaws again hit o , HAVE FUN! NOTE: WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO MISSIONS.
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Invincible 26%
Type in unstoppable as a name to be invincible
By: wwesmashdown(254)
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Jaws Unleashed 334835Where can you hunt/find blue orsperm whales? Answers: 3
Jaws Unleashed 429238How do you beat the boat of the mayor? Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 305750How do you blow up the large coast guard boat in any of the open oceans after you beat the game. Answers: 4
Jaws Unleashed 380501How do you get past the scientists? Answers: 3
Jaws Unleashed 816291There is a cheat to get unlimited health its unstoppable but on the name entering screen I can only type 7 letters the word unstoppable is 11 letter please tell me the cheat this game is too hard without that cheat Answers: 2
Jaws Unleashed 493241How do you get past the bombs in: a tast for blood Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 323171Were is the tunnel to the fan room in Preditor in the Bay mission?! Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 327207How do I beat the final stage? All the people are shooting at me or the thing attached to me blows up and I die! help! Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 332759How do I get past open ocean-south ? Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 380488How do you open door in level 3 Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 668453How do you not the first gate but the fence in level 3 how do you get through it? Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 687963How do you defeat orca revenge side challenge? Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 688415How do I pass prediter in bay?it is hard the stupid dolphins always get me? Answers: 2
Jaws Unleashed 745194How do you get past the mines in Taste for Blood? I KEEP GETIN BLOWN UP! Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 785735How do you throw some one up and eat him Answers: 2
Jaws Unleashed 790590How do you get passed breaking away? Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 822315how do you beat the deep Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 852864How to trow Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 892405How do you unlock god mode without treausre chests. Answers: 0
Jaws Unleashed 910536Is there any way i can get cheats to unlock god mode in jaws Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 940965How do you bring down a boat fast? Answers: 1
Jaws Unleashed 952834If I type in shaaark can I also get 1,000,000 points ? Answers: 0
Jaws Unleashed 196366How do I complete the mission where the men are throwing barels into the water, cos I dont no wot to do? :s PLZ HELP ME! thanks Answers: 2
Jaws Unleashed 193095How do I finish night of the dead Answers: 1
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