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Fate Cheats for PC
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Fate PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer by: 0x90 Dec 23,2013

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Achievements 100%
This is a list of achievements for Fate on Steam.

Best In ShowPermanently change your pet's form
EnergizedRaise Vitality to 45
Fate EnsuredCreate a Descendent character
Fate SeekerCreate and Customize a New Character
I Guess You Were Hungry ...Catch all 20 types of Fish
Ka-Ching!Open 10 Large Chests
Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!Raise Magic to 25
Shiny!Find all 15 Gem Types
Skillful WarriorRaise Dexterity to 40
These Guns?Raise Strength to 45
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Cheats 95%
How to: During In-Game Play do the following:
Description: Push and hold ctrl+shift+~ and the question mark wil come up on the side of the
screen(be sure to use the keys on the left of the keyboard).
("?" means the question mark on the left of the screen)
"?"ascend#ascend (go up) one level in the dungeon
"?"descend#descend (go down) one level in the dungeon
"?"famegives you 1,000 fame points
"?"goldgives you 500,000 gold
"?"godgives you enough experience to lvl you up 10 lvls
"?"[name of item]gives you what you type(NOTE:you can not get superior or
flawless weapons this way)
"?"healheals you
"?"leveluplvls you up
"?"[name of monster/pet ]summons whatever you type ex:type in "cat" and a
cat companion comes and helps you fight(can still die in battle)
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Fate statue 93%
Type in fate statue and a fate statue will appear
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No cheats 89%
There is no cheats for Fate if you bought it on a website and not on a disk
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Lvl up 82%
Pres ctrl + alt + ~ at same time then type god to lvl up
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Fate cheats 64%
To do cheats on fate you have to press on shift,capslock an squigle you can type in god gold experience fame or you may type in an item or do shrine of learning
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Item # 40%
You type in the item you want the put a number next to it and you,ll get as many of that item as you wanted
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Cheat 37%
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Kta 8%
Go in to en_items and change the numbers around
this allso works for people you can mack your owen
and change the tecters its not in binarey ezey to do for programers
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Questions & Answers
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Fate 336015Wat all items and prices r there Answers: 2
Fate 887768What does that sqiggle line to get that cheat for whatever you want come from? The one for ctrl +shift + that line where is it on your keyboard? Answers: 2
Fate 379452What's the BEST Armor or plate? Whats the BEST Helm? Whats the BEST Boots Answers: 10
Fate 389345Strongest items on fate Answers: 10
Fate 482146I can't find a ruffy fish anywhere. I even tried using the cheat console for flawless, small and fngerling. Any ideas? Answers: 3
Fate 559527On the game "Fate" how do you "spawn" things? Answers: 1
Fate 602652Is it possible to erase your death in your Journal Answers: 1
Fate 611749Does anyone know what the legndary ax is called sorry for the ,misspelling. Answers: 1
Fate 267079Does anyone know if there is any way to acess a retired account? I had so many that my last guy dosn't show up, and I had a ring with 4000% vitality, str, dexterity, attak speed, ect. Answers: 3
Fate 379883Is there a way I can get my retiered account back? its a very good account I killed the last boss with out any pots or help other then me and my dog Answers: 2
Fate 299101A glitch in my game is making everything (including me) attack extremely fast. what do I do? it sucks Answers: 2
Fate 888321How do you cheat things with special powers like a shield with 1000 strength, dexerity Answers: 0
Fate 894308Are these cheat codes for fate the cursed king version? Answers: 1
Fate 898866How do you change the items powers around? Answers: 0
Fate 899886How do I unlock trunks Answers: 1
Fate 913448People help please! On 63 level cant find the items from last quest, it's awful. Where is it? Answers: 1
Fate 915679Most powerful staff? Or most powerful magic set? Answers: 0
Fate 918695Can you reset/reallocate stats or skills? Answers: 0
Fate 934438How do you a higher level then 99? Answers: 1
Fate 937988I'm using windows XP and my game crashes as soon as I start it up. How do I fix this? Answers: 1
Fate 955231Can you recover a deleted account? If so, how? Answers: 0
Fate 962508How do you make so that you can't get a bad enchant on your wep Answers: 1
Fate 964083F:TCK I am level 132 MU-fighter with defense 3980 and dex 622, but I still die in an instant when fighting one or more Legendary Dark Wyverns. What gives? Do these things have a weakness I should know about? Answers: 1
Fate 972063My game does not save after entering any of the cheats? Answers: 1
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