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Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition Cheats for GC
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Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition GC Cheats

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Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition

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Unlockables 100%
Quiver and Wallet upgrades in Majora's Mask.
Use these in-game tricks in order to unlock better upgrades for your Quiver and
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Adult WalletDeposit 200 Rupees at the West Clock Town Bank.
Giant WalletComplete the Oceanside Spider House on Day 1.
Large Quiver (40 arrows)Get a perfect score in the Swamp Shooting Gallery.
Largest Quiver (50 arrows)Get a perfect score in the Town Shooting
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Easter Eggs 100%
Hidden Bowser broach in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask
If you look at the broach that Romani is wearing in Majora's Mask, you will
notice that it is actually Bowser's face. When playing Ocarina of Time, Malon is
wearing the same broach.
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Infinite Gold Skulltulas in OOT 100%
Open the grotto behind the Hyrule castle's inner gate (next to the tree) by
playing the Song of Storms. Enter it and open the bombable wall with the gold
skultulla behind it. Kill the gold skulltula and Z-target it (L-target if on the
Gamecube version).Move infront of the pedestal that sends you out and throw your
boomerang at it. While the boomerang returns to you, backflip onto the pedestal
while it is about half-way to you. When you begin to exit the dialog box should
begin to appear and may have a few words in it. If you exit the cave before the
dialog box fills, and after you have caught the boomerang. you have completed
the trick succesfully. Look on your Quest Status Sub-Screen and see that your
gold skulltula count has gone up by one, but if you go back into the grotto the
gold skulltula will appear there. Allowing you to utilize this trick as much as
you like.
*** Do NOT let your gold skulltula coiunt go above 255 because this will cause
the game to crash.
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Hidden Nintendo characters in Ocarina of Time 100%
When you enter the Hyrule Castle courtyard, look at the right window. If you
look inside the window, you will see paintings of Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Luigi,
and Bowser.
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Save without dying 100%
To save without having to kill yourself pause the game, Then with a controller
on port 2 press up and A at the same time. A screen will appear asking you to
''continue, save, or retry'' Use controller 1 to choose your option. When you
save the game it will not count against you and bring you to the character
select screen. You can choose continue and it will teleport you to the beginning
of the world map if your outside or to the beginning of the dungeon when your
inside, but your health will go to 3 hearts.
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Unlock Dungeon Door Without a Key (Legend of Zelda) 100%
When you enter the 1st dungeon in Legend of Zelda, the northern door will be
locked. Leave the dungeon and re-enter it to find that the northern door is now
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Easy Money (Majora's Mask) 100%
You need an empty bottle for this. Wait until the curiosity shop in west clock
town opens and go to the shop next door. Use the bottle and catch the fish
swimming there. Then go back to the curiosity shop and sell it. You can repeat
this until the curiosity shop closes.
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Invisible Great Fairy Sword (Majora's Mask) 100%
In order for the greatest weapon in the game to become invisible (the Great
Fairy Sword or GFS), you will need the GFS (duh) and the Postman's Hat. Wear the
hat, and have the GFS equipped to an item button (anywhere on the c-stick,
doesnt matter which one) and have it out. walk up to a postbox, and when it asks
for a letter, tilt the stick (or press the X, Y, Z button to correspond to it)
in the direction of the GFS. the mailbox will refuse it, and when you regain
control of Link, the sword will be invisible. Links hands will appear to hold
nothing, but swing the sword and an air swipe will appear. the invisible sword
will only last for that section of clock town you are in until you leave to go
to termina field or another area in clock town.
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Prevent falling damage (Majoras Mask) 100%
If you have a transformation on, keep hitting the C button with the mask on it
and once you fall to the ground, you will take the mask off (If you hit the
button quick enough). It should prevent all falling damage.
Contributed By: Wood ElfSave Anytime on Majora's Mask
On Majora's Mask you can make a save anytime! You need both files open for this
or it won't work.

Simply save the game at an owl statue like normal, then when the game exits, go
to the file select and copy the file you just saved to Save 2, then you can
continue the game without having to worry about the game freezing (making you
lose all your progress) and you can get a good save at any time.
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Unlimited bottles in Ocarina of Time 100%
In order to pull this trick off, simply take an empty bottle and assign it to
one of the C buttons. Swipe at a bug, fish, or a fairy. Just before you actually
catch it, hit start and switch the empty bottle with a useless item (magic beans
or claim check). The useless item will be replaced by a new bottle. Repeat as
WARNING: There is no way to undo this glitch, so make sure you are positive that
you don't need that item anymore before you do it.
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Receive the Sinking Lure in Ocarina of Time 100%
If you want to easily catch really big fish in the fishing pond without having
to spend countless hours, then make sure you have caught the "lunker" fish as an
adult and have obtained the gold scale. Now go to the fishing pond and you will
find a new lure in one of 3 places: 1.) in the feeder creek, 2.) in the
grass around the perimeter of the area, or 3.) on the log jutting out of the
pond. Once you find this lure, try fishing with it. It is irresistible to fish,
so catching a 20 pounder will be no problem. However, if you set any records by
using this lure, the fish you have caught will be noted as illegal on the
aquarium and at the record board in Link's house.
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Skulltula token rewards in Ocarina of Time 100%
To claim these rewards, you 1st need to kill the number of Skulltula's
required per reward. To claim your prize, simply go to Kakariko Village, enter
the Spider House, and chat to one of the family members.
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Adult Wallet10 Skulltula Tokens
Bombchu40 Skulltula Tokens
Giant RupeeAll 100 Skulltula Tokens
Giant Wallet30 Skulltula Tokens
Piece of Heart50 Skulltula Tokens
Stone of Agony20 Skulltula Tokens
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Infinite heart pieces 98%
(*** This only works for Majora's Mask on LOZ collector's Edition)
This is an easy glitch and all you need is the postman's hat. Put on your
postman's hat and then play the song of time. Go to the mail box in front of the
laundry pool and "talk" to it. It will say there is an item that is not mail and
will give you a Heart piece. Now turn back time again and save at the owl and
restart the game. Chat to the mail box again and it should give you another
heart piece! This can be repeated for as long as your heart containers can go.
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Infinite Money at Will (Ocarina of Time) 98%
In the past, there is a beggar in the Hyrule Castle Market that asks you to sell
him things with C. In the future, that same beggar is relocated to Kakariko
Village, which is perfect for arguably the fastest non-Skulltulla money trick in
the game.
Behind the old lady's potion shop in Kakariko lies a grotto, and within it, a
fish. Bring a bunch of empty bottles to the grotto, then enter and re-enter the
grotto until you're able to fill all of your bottles with fish. The beggar will
buy each fish for 100 rupees, and you can repeat this process as many times as
you wish until your money is maxed out. This obviously works best when you have
the Giant's Wallet and are able to carry a maximum of 500 rupees at a time.
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SuperstarSecrets 98%
Easier way to save in TLOZ or Zelda II
Just pause the game and tap X. The Game Over screen (Continue/Save/Retry) will
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Hidden Mario mask in Majora's Mask 98%
When you meet up with the mask salesman, look at the giant backpack he is
carrying. You will notice that one of the masks on it is a Mario mask.
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Keep data saved at owl statues with only one save file 98%
(Majora's Mask)
(*** This trick only works for Majoras Mask on the Legend of Zelda: Collectors
Edition disc.)

If you have a game saved at an owl statue, you can keep it without having to
create a backup copy of the data. When you get to the file selection screen,
remove the memory card from the GameCube. Load the game data and choose to
continue without saving. When you save the game at either an owl statue, or by
using the Song of Time, it will tell you the data cannot be saved. Reinsert the
memory card into the GameCube at that point and it should save.
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Passwords 96%
Legend of Zelda: 2nd Quest
Enter the cheat-password as your name
ZELDA2nd Quest
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Glitches 96%
Adventure of Link: Unlimited magic refills
Now this is a neat trick. When using the gold granny in towns to refill your
magic, she fills it up completely. Due to a glitch in the game, you can have
unlimited refills in one visit. As long as the gauge in filling, you can use as
much magic as possible, but once the gauge has filled completely the unlimited
refill is over.

This is handy for towns without life refills or ones in which you need magic to
gain access to other areas in the town.

*NOTE: This unlimited magic trick does not work with red/blue magic refill
bottles found on the field. The red magic refill bottles refill 8 squares, so
technically you would only be able to use 8 squares worth of magic during the
refill. For example, Shield magic uses 16 units of magic, or 1 box worth. It all
comes down to math, and you thought math would never help you out in something
like video games. Math is power
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Ocarina of time 64%
When your an adult head to the lost woods.Then go left and you should see skull kid.Kill him with your sword only and dont spin attack him or he will vanish.If you kill you will get 200 rupees.Leave the area and go back in and he should be there again.Reapeat as much as deasired.
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