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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Cheats for GC
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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat GC Cheats

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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

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New Menu Music 100%
Collect all 72 crests and a new song will play when browsing the main menu.
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Easter Eggs 100%
Beaten Kings in Ending Ceremony
Unlock and beat VS GHASTLY KING to have Dread Kong, Karate Kong, Ninja Kong and
Sumo Kong following you in the background during the Ending Ceremony.
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Secrets 100%
Alternate boss endings
When fighting a Hog boss, make the final blow with a melon as opposed to
punching him.
When fighting a Roc boss, make the final blow the stunning attack, as opposed to
attacking the bomb-thingy the Roc is carrying.
If you do this, you will gain a different boss death sequence than the normal one.
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Ninjapes in Ending Ceremony 98%
Collect all 72 crests and beat either VS CACTUS KING or VS GHASTLY KING. During
the Ending Ceremony most of the white chimps have now been replaced with
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How to defeat ninja kong 36%
You and ninja kong are fighting on a log. When he gets ready to kick, keep clapping till he gets to the last kick(in slo-mo), then start punching him till he recovers. When he is in Rage Mode, he will throw combination kicks. for instance, slow-slow-slow, slow-fast-slow, fast-fast-fast, fast-slow-fast, or fast-fast-slow, and slow-slow-fast. Ther are others. After the final kick, just keep punching him till he dies. HOPE I HELPED.
By: Megaplayer(566)
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