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Top Spin Cheats for PS2
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Top Spin PS2 Cheats

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Top Spin

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Drop shots 100%
Another simple trick to defeat difficult opponents is to use drop
shots regularly. Do a drop shot when the opponent is a bit far. He
or she either will not get it or reply it; then you can just use
Triangle (Lob) to win.
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Glitch: Replay score 100%
When you or your opponent(s) score a point, watch the replay. Your
current score will be displayed on the scoreboard in the background,
when you are supposed to be watching the play before the point was
actually made. For example, your score could be 30 - 40 before the
play, and 40 - 40 when you make the point. In the replay, the
scoreboard will read 40 - 40.
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Serving 98%
When you are serving, look at your ITZ meter. If the ITZ text is
flashing, this indicates a 100% chance that you will serve the ball
with 100% accuracy using the risk shot. You can easily hit the ball
over the net at speeds of over 108 mph. You only need to tap the
button. It will automatically give you a solid risk shot.
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Recommended tennis racket 98%
It appears that the tennis racket you can purchase for 5,000 coins
has different effects depending on how much power and accuracy you
have on your swing. Although there are no stats regarding the tennis
rackets you can purchase (abilities, strengths/weaknesses) the
tennis racket that you start with is by far the best racket you can
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Secret characters 96%
To play as some hidden characters use the random feature of the
game. The game will choose one of the career default players
instead. Keep pressing Circle then X until you get the desired
player. By doing this you can play as some amazing players such as
Raquel Mello, Candy Spoon, Karen Archer, Rubin Fiercer, and many
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Defeating opponents 96%
The simplest trick to defeating every possible opponent is to 1st
hit the ball to one side. They will run and hit it. Now, hit it
back hard in the other direction. They will probably make it, but
dive or run too far. If they do, smash it to the other direction.
They will never hit the ball. This trick works on every opponent.
The best way to win quickly is to do a very weak serve to the
outside. That will get the CPU player off to the side. You can then
come into the net a little and smash the ball to the other side,
winning the point.
If your opponent attempts to serve with a risk shot, watch his or
her meter. If the bar stops above the blue section of the bar, it
will be out. If it stops below it, it will hit the net. This is an
easy way to determine whether you should just stand your ground or
get ready to hit the ball when he or she serves it. As long as you
tap the button as soon as your opponent hits the ball, you will
always hit it back. Sometimes the risk shot even stuns them for a
moment, keeping them from hitting your ball back in time as long as
you aim the ball away from them, and you can make an easy point.
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Taunt opponent 94%
Press R2 (frustration) or L2 (excitement).
For more taunts, press R2(2) for frustration or L2(2) for
Press L2(3) after missing a point to throw or kick your racquet.
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Drop shot on opponents serve 75%
When your opponent throws the ball in the air to serve, press the L1 button once and see the ball hit the top of the net and fall in your opponents halve. This cheat works about 60% of the time.
By: heato(12)
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