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Tomb Raider: Legend Cheats for Xbox
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Tomb Raider: Legend Xbox Cheats

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Tomb Raider: Legend

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Cheats 100%
In Game (Note that these cheats cannot be used until they are unlocked)
Hold Left Trigger, press A, R trigger, Y, R Trigger, X,
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Health 100%
Hold Black and press Y, A, B, R, Y, LExcalibur
Hold Black, Press A, B, A, L, X, YInf. Assault Ammo
Hold Black, Press R, B, X, L, X, AInf. Shotgun Ammo
Hold Black, Press B, Y, L, R, A, BInf. SMG Ammo
Hold Black and press A, R, B, R, L, XSoul Reaver
Left Trigger, Black, A, B, A, Y, Right TriggerTextureless Mode
Hold Black and press L, Y, R, B, L, XUnlimited grenades
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Unlockable Object Models 100%
Collecting silver rewards in a given level unlocks a percentage of items found
in that level that can be viewd with the model viewer from the extras menu
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bolivia13 objects
Bolivia Redux10 objects
Croft Manor10 objects
England13 objects
Japan17 objects
Kazakhstan09 objects
Nepal09 objects
Peru15 objects
West Africa13 objects
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Unlockable Cheat Codes 100%
Unlike many games, cheat codes must be unlocked in Tomb Raider Legend before
they can be used. This lists the availble cheat codes and how to unlock them.
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bulletproof LaraWin the game and finish England's Time Trial
Display enemy healthWin the game and finish Bolivia's Time Trial
Infinite Assault Rifle ammunitionWin the game and finish Japan's Time
Infinite GrenadesWin the game and finish Kazahkstan's Time Trial
Infinite Shotgun ammunitionWin the game and finish Ghana's Time Trial
Infinite SMG ammunitionWin the game and finish Peru's Time Trial
One-shot KillsWin the game and finish Bolivia Redux's Time Trial
Textureless ModeWin the game
Use Excalibur as Lara's secondary weponBeat teh game and finish Nepal's
Time Trial
Use the Soul ReaverWin the game, finish all time trials, and collect 100%
of all gold rewards in the game
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Unlockable Location Concept Art 100%
Collecting every bronze reward on a given level will unlock the concept art for
that level.
UnlockableHow to Unlock
BoliviaCollect all bronze rewards in Bolivia
EnglandCollect all bronze rewards in England
GhanaCollect all bronze rewards in Ghana
JapanCollect all bronze rewards in Japan
KazakhstanCollect all bronze rewards in Kazahkstan
NepalCollect all bronze rewards in Nepal
PeruCollect all bronze rewards in Peru
SpecialCollect all bronze rewards in Croft Manor
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BlackBulletproof 100%
Hold Left trigger, press X, V, A, Black, R trigger, YDraw enemies
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Character Profiles 100%
Collect bronze rewards to unlock the following character profiles
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Alister FletcherCollect 90% of all bronze rewards
Amanda EvertCollect 70% of all bronze rewards
Anaya ImanuCollect 30% of all bronze rewards
James RutlandCollect 50% of all bronze rewards
Lara CroftCollect 10% of all bronze rewards
Shogo TakamotoCollect 40% of all bronze rewards
Toru NishimuraCollect 40% of all bronze rewards
Unknown EntityCollect 100% of all bronze rewards
Winston SmithCollect 80% of all bronze rewards
ZipCollect 20% of all bronze rewards
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Unlockable Cutscenes 100%
Completing a level unlocks that level's cutscenes for future viewing in the
extras menu. There are 60 cutscenes to unlock.
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bolivia10 cutscenes
Bolivia Redux03 cutscenes
England05 cutscenes
Ghana07 cutscenes
Japan07 cutscenes
Kazakhstan09 cutscenes
Nepal05 cutscenes
Peru14 cutscenes
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Pistol Upgrades 100%
Collect a certain percentage of rewards to unlock the following pistol upgrades.
Once unlocked, they will be instantly applied and availble for use in the main
game, individual levels, and time trials
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Increased damageCollect 75% of all bronze and 75% of all silver rewards
Increased magazine capacityCollect 25% of all bronze and 25% of all silver
Increased rangeaccuracyCollect 50% of all bronze and 50% of all silver
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Outfits to unlock 100%
Beat the following tasks to unlock the following costumes/outfits .
UnlockableHow to Unlock
AmandaComplete Ghana's Time Trial
Amanda outfitBeat the Ghana time trial
Amanda, WinterComplete Kazahkstan's Time Trial
BikerComplete the England level
Biker, No JacketCollect 100% silver and 100% gold rewards in England
Biker, Red JacketCollect 100% silver rewards in England
Bikini, Black (can only be worn in Croft Manor)Win the game, beat all
Time Trials, and collect 100% of bronze, silver, and gold rewards (collect
every reward in the game)
Bikini, White (can only be worn in Croft Manor)Win the game and beat
all Time Trials
Cat BurglarCollect 100% gold rewards in Japan
Classic Tomb RaiderCollect 100% gold rewards in Peru
Classic Tomb Raider, GreyCollect 100% gold rewards in Ghana
Evening, RedCollect 100% silver rewards in Japan
Evening, RippedComplete the Japan level
GothComplete England's Time Trial
Goth laced shirt outfitBeat the Japan time trial
Goth outfitBeat the England time trial
Goth, Lace ShirtComplete Japan's Time Trial
Green sport outfitBeat the Bolivia time trial
LegendAvailable from the start
Legend, BlackCollect 100% silver rewards in Croft Manor
Legend, BlueCollect 100% silver rewards in Peru
Legend, PinkCollect 100% silver rewards in Ghana
Legend, Union JackCollect 100% silver rewards in Bolivia
Pink no coat winter outfitBeat the Peru time trial
Pink winter outfitBeat the Nepal time trial
SnowsuitCollect 100% gold rewards in Nepal
Special ForcesCollect 100% gold rewards in Kazahkstan
Special Forces, UrbanCollect 100% gold rewards in England
SportCollect 100% gold rewards in Bolivia
Sport, GreenComplete Bolivia's Time Trial
SuitCollect 100% gold rewards in Croft Manor
Suit, CreamCollect 100% silver and 100% gold rewards in Croft Manor
Swimsuit outfit100% complete
WinterComplete the Kazahkstan level
Winter Amanda outfitBeat the Kazakhstan time trial
Winter, No CoatComplete the Kazahkstan level
Winter, OrangeCollect 100% silver rewards in Nepal
Winter, Orange, No CoatCollect 100% silver rewards in Kazahkstan
Winter, PinkComplete Nepal's Time Trial
Winter, Pink, No CoatComplete Peru's Time Trial
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