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Cars Cheats for PSP
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Cars PSP Cheats

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Shortcut in Turbine Canyon 100%
The 1st shortcut is found where there is about five or 6 obstacles.
Jump or drive over them.
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Alternate paint jobs 98%
Finish in first, second, or 3rd in Time Trial mode on the listed
track to unlock an alternate paint job for the listed car. ***
You will unlock a different paint job for finishing in first, second, and
third, for a total of 3 different paint jobs for each car.
Chick: Speedway track
DJ: Radiator Cap Run track
Doc Hudson: Mesa Ravine track
Lightening McQueen: Figure 8 track
Luigi: Diesel Forest track
Mater: Desert Canyon Dash track
Sally Carrera: Radiator Springs track
Sarge: Frank's Field track
Sheriff: Ironhorse Junction track
Snot Rod: Turbine Canyon
Wingo: Interstate track
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Race as Sheriff 97%
Win the Gran Prix Cup 2 to unlock Sheriff.
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Race as Bosses 95%
Defeat DJ, Snot Rod, Wingo, Boost, or Chick in their Boss race in Story
mode to unlock them.
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Race as Doc Hudson 95%
Win the Gran Prix Cup 1 to unlock Doc Hudson.
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Speedway Reversed bonus track 91%
From MAIN MENU, hold L and press X, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle,
Square to unlock the Speedway Reversed bonus track.
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Fast time on speedway 88%
If you're trying to get a faster time on speedway use you're boost across the grass patches.
it worked for me.
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To enter the cheat codes press L in the main menu
Cheat Codes:
Unlock Everything:triangle,square,x,circle,triangle,x,square,triangle
Unlimited Speed Boost:square,triangle,circle,square,triangle,circle
Gives Unlimited Nitrous:x,square,circle(3x),triangle,square,x
TO ACTIVATE IT:pause your game and press L then activate the two left cheat codes. very helpful

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Everything unlocked 59%
Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X Unlocks Everything! real helpful
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Cars 54%
Win mirro cup and get wings
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Unlock sarge 34%
To unlock sarge at frank's field on story mode hold x
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