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Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats for NDS
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Metroid Prime: Hunters NDS Cheats

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Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats

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Metroid Prime: Hunters

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Hunters License 100%
Win Wi-Fi matches to earn points, losing matches losses points.
Get the following amount of points to unlock the ranks.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Rank 1-Bounty Hunter 0-39 Multi-Player Points
Rank 2-Super Hunter 40-139 Points Multi-Player Points
Rank 3-Elite Hunter 140-389 Multi-Player Points
Rank 4-Master Hunter 390-749 Multi-Player Points
Rank 5-Legendary Hunter 750-MAX Multi-Player Points
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Unlockables 100%
View Metroid Prime Hunter Trailer in First
To unlock the Trailer for MPH, you need to place 5th or better in Regulator,
Training and Morph Ball areas in the Single Player part of the game. When you do
get 5th or better on each one, it will prompt you to view the trailer. After you
view it, you can view it any other time by going to the Main Menu (where it says
"Touch Screen to Continue"), there will be a flashing dot in the lower left
corner. Touch that dot and you will be treated to the trailer anytime you'd like.
Use the stylus to hit that dot, because using the Thumb Strap is kind of hard.
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Unlockable Arenas 100%
These arenas are unlocked in different ways.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Oubliette Beat the 2nd form of the final boss
Sanctorus play 2 local games
Compression Chamber play 4 local games
Incubation Vault play 6 local games
Subterranean play 8 local games
Outer Reach play 10 local games
Harvester play 12 local games
Weapons Complex play 14 local games
Council Chamber play 16 local games
Elder Passage play 18 local games
Fuel Stack play 20 local games
Fault Line play 22 local games
Stasis Bunker play 40 local games OR a wifi game
Head Shot play a four-player match
Gateway Arenas Land on a new level in single player
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License Unlockables 100%
Unlockable How to Unlock
Border You have to have played over 500 games, Wi-Fi or local.
Alimbic Symbol in Hunter License Beat Adventure Mode while getting under
Octolith Icon 100% scans when you win the game
Golden Border Play over 500 games, WiFi or local, while keeping a 5-star
rank on your liscense.
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Getting a medal emblem on your Hunter Record 100%
Does not matter if you play online or not, as this is total multiplayer matches.
Have to reach these win levels to have a small lightning bolt emblem on the left
side of your hunters license.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Bronze 25 Total Wins
Silver 100 Total Wins
Gold 200 Total Wins
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Unlock the Record Table 100%
Win the game once to unlock the Record Table. The table shows the top times
achieved in Adventure Mode; total game time and the final boss times. It is
accessible from the Main Menu.
Sound Test In Options
Unlockable How to Unlock
Sound Test Beat Gorea's 2nd phase
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How to unlock hunters 98%
Unlockable How to Unlock
Any Hunter Just Face a Friend with the a hunter you dont have and beat
them or face them in story mode
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Metroid Prime: Hunters SecretsHow to Fight Gorea 2 98%
When you walk into the room where you fight Gorea you may notice color things on
the wall. They are there for a reason, if you shoot them in the order below and
then kill Gorea you will then face Gorea 2.
Yellow (Volt Driver), Green (Battlehammer), Orange (Magmaul), Blue (Shock Coil),
Purple (Judicator), and finally Red (Imperialist)
If done correctly you will hear a chime and you will get a message that pops up
on your screen.
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Samus aran:rocket launcher-homeing at your oponent
kanden:volt driver-homeing at your oponent and makes your oponent blind for 3 secends
spire:magmaul-burns your oponent withen range
trace:imperialist-when immobile trace is invisible when you have the imperialist
noxus:judicator-freezes your oponent withen range
sylux:shock coil-homes at your oponent and gives you energy from your oponent
weavel:battlehammer-has a wider range when hit
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Sylux chain reaction 88%
This hint is list in steps and you need sylux.

(1) go to alt form

(2)go around an enemy and put bombs around your enemy

(3)when the bombs follows him press the shoot button still in alt form

(4) keep pressing the shoot button and sylux will do a chain reaction

hope this helps you .

silver this will help you a lot and thank you 4 training me.
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Spire Super Sheild! 83%
Love using Spire in his alt-form?But are frequently getting killed by missiles?Then this is the cheat for you!(Timing is crucial for this cheat to work.)
Go as Spire in his alt-form. And be careful what you do. When you press the L button to attack, the rocks that spin out of you can act as a sheild. The missile can hit off it and not do even a fraction of the damage that it normaly would. Again this is a cheat that uses alt-forms and is also rather difficult, so I hope you can master this as I have! =D

If you meet me in online play then add me as a rival, my username is: ff.gdhe


P.S I get headshots alot >8^D
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Weavel blasts into the wall. 75%
When playing as Weavel (its advised that you practice this in multiplay on a Sambot) go to the combat hall arena and go up the spring so you can get to the small bridge. when you run across the bridge charge your missiles. put your back to the wall where in your alt-form you can crawle under, and walk backward and shoot the missile at a 45 degree angle so you get shot backwards in to the wall. go into your alt-form and move right as you do so, and then quickly go left again so you land on a black space. Go back into your full hunter and then go back to your alt-form and stay inside the wall. You are now indestructable in a way but look out for Sylux as his alt-form's attack can enter the wall and get you if you are to close to the edge of the black area.

If you find me on multiplayer add me as a rival my name is: ff.gdhe
odd name I know but if was just randomly put in...

hope you have fun with this cheat and please remember to have atleast 75hp before you try this cheat as my freinds have complained to me that its stupid and they keep dieing...
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Lava glitch ultimate kill 75%
Okay go to the lava level in multiplayer, make sure you are spire guy so you can go in the lava ( soz for all the namer stuff aint played for a year)
under wer the imperialist is jump next to the platform ther is a cap inbetween a rock walk to the end then turn into that ball thing (again forgot) go into the rock


next another one go up to the water fall climb it then go around the arena dont stop eventually you will fly around the arena and neverr stop though
By: goodspeed(160)
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Easy way to beat a slench 64%
When you are runing low on ammo and have taken lots of dammage stand by the strong hold dorr so that if the slench is o nthe wall the tenicals can't hit you with thier weapon next you see the litle green things the slench shoots at you? shoot them when they get near you and you will get universal ammo and heath, (universal ammo apears most offten) and then reel them in by charging up your arm canno nkeep doing this unti lyour health is full and you will be able to beat it
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Alt-form 1 hit K.O (highly unlikly that it will work and best to try with Noxus) 63%
When you use Noxus in his alt-form you must have noticed that its a spining top with a point used to balanced on. This hit will tell you how to turn this point into a weapon.

Go as Noxus in his alt-form and use a sprin on any level. If you are lucky you can land on top of somebody and kill them in one hit. But this cheat is increadbly difficult to do as ive only done this 4times.

If you meet me on online play please add me as a rival, my username is: ff.gdhe

I hope ypu enjoy this cheat and please remember before you rate this its increadbly hard to do.
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Missing Metroid 50%
The game is called METROID Prime Hunters,and yet there are no Metroids in the whole game,I mean c'mon Nintendo why don't you just exclude Samus Aran.
By: Ecoliar(307)
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Press SELECT to fly 50%
In battle you can fly to any ware you what in the game.
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Press SELECT To Fly 40%
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Press SELECT To Get Hard Difficulty 22%
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