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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Cheats for PS2
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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja PS2 Cheats

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Cheats

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Secrets 100%
Play in a different colored costume/outfit for any
Press and hold L2 and R1, then press X. NOTE( only works for FREE BATTLE &
MISSION modes)
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Capsule machines 100%
Reach the "Special Jonin" rank to unlock the Capsule Machine for
Collectors. Reach the "Anbu" rank to unlock the Capsule Machine for
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Hidden Scrolls 100%
An easy way to obtain the hidden Scrolls is to complete the objective in
Practice mode. This will not work for the Kikyo Castle, Zabuza's Hideout,
or Great Naruto Bridge stage. Obtain these Scrolls in Two Player Free mode
and have one of the players not move.
The Ramen Ichiraku stage: Strike all the lanterns on the lowest level of
this stage untill they glow red and are about to break. Do not break
them. If done correctly, you will get the hidden Scroll.
Hokage's Mountainside Images stage: Jump up and down on the treetop to
the left of the center ring. After about 10 jumps you will receive the
hidden Scroll.
Hero's Memorial Stone stage: Strike your enemy's support character five
times to receive the hidden Scroll.
Survival Exercise Ground stage: Destroy 10 of the practice dummies
appearing on the back plane to obtain the hidden Scroll.
Look Out Tower stage: This is one of the hardest Scrolls to obtain. To
get the Scroll, shatter the purple barrier that stops you from plane
shifting. Now, go to the giant frog's head. You must jump from the
frog's head to the snake's head without falling or touching the ground.
The easiest way to do this is to jump forward then double jump at the
last moment. Now, perform an air dash toward the snake's head. Now,
return to the frog's head using the same move. All this must be done
before the snake starts breathing fire. The moment you get back to the
frog's head, you will receive the hidden Scroll.
Chunin Exam Stadium stage: Run to the hole in the ground five times to
obtain the hidden Scroll. Make sure you wall-run out of the tunnel each
Kikyo Castle stage: Stand on the top tail tip of the fish statue in the
upper-right hand corner of the back plane while the timer gauge ticks
down for 10 seconds.
Exercise Ground Forest Of Death stage: Attack the fish swimming in the
stream 3 times to get the Scroll.
Zabuza's Hideout stage: Stand on the building's upper most level and
wait for 3 counts of the time gauge to receive the Scroll.
Great Naruto Bridge stage: Stand still on the boat for 3 counts of
the timer gauge to obtain a hidden Scroll.
Kazekage's Mansion stage: Attack the vending machine between fifteen and
thirty times to get the hidden Scroll.
Sunagimo Estate and Buddha Statue stage: Plane shift up to the top of
the level and destroy the object flying in the tornado. It will take
more than one tornado to complete this.
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Ranks 100%
Get the listed amount of EXP in Mission mode to reach the listed
Genin: 50 EXP
Chunin: 500 EXP
Special Jonin: 1,150 EXP
Jonin: 1,750 EXP
Anbu: 2,170 EXP
Hokage: 2,490 EXP
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Bonus characters 98%
Go to story mode and use any default character to complete his or her
story. Once completed, you will unlock a secret character in story mode.
Complete story mode with the unlocked character to unlock the
next bonus character:
Neji Hyuuga: Complete Story mode with any default
Hinata Hyuuga: Complete Story mode with Neji Hyuuga.
Haku: Complete Story mode with Hinata Hyuuga.
Zabuza Momochi: Complete Story mode with Haku.
Gaara, Complete Story mode with Zabuza Momochi.
Orochimaru: Complete Story mode with Garaa.
Reach the "Chunin" rank (500 EXP) in Mission mode to unlock Cursed Sealed
Sasuke in Mission, Practice, and Free Battle mode.
Reach the "Jonin" rank (1,750 EXP) in Mission mode to unlock Nine-Tailed
Naruto in Mission, Practice, and Free Battle mode.
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Sasuke or Kakashi with sword 98%
Perform the Sharingan super move with either Sasuke or Kakashi while
fighting Orochimaru or Zabuza. If you complete the move, Sasuke or Kakashi
will have a sword (depending on which you are fighting).
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Bonus missions 98%
Complete "S" rank Mission 2, "Icha Icha Paradise", to unlock
Mission 11. Complete all non-"S" rank missions (Hokage rank)
to unlock Mission 12.
Complete Gaara's Story mode to unlock 2 Village Of Sand
missions, Kazekage's Mansion, Sumanigo Estate, and Buddha Statue.
Complete Haku's Story mode to unlock the Great Naruto Bridge
and Zabuza's Hideout missions.
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Restore Chakra 98%
To recover Chakra (energy), hold Down. *** You will be defenseless while
recovering Chakra.
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Capsule Machines 98%
By achieving the appropriate rank, the following machines will be unlocked.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Capsule Machine for Collectors Achieve the rank of "Chunnin"
Capsule Machine for Maniacs Achieve the rank of "Anbu"
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Restore health 96%
Hold Up to assume a taunting pose. The only characters who can do this are
Sakura, Hinata, Shikamaru, and Kakashi.
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Easy wins 96%
While fighting at Zabuza's Hideout, teleport to the top portion of the
battlefield where the bed is located. Run left or right under the ropes.
Jump onto the rope and run to the left if you chose the right rope; or to
the right if you chose the left rope. When your oponent jumps on to the
other side, attack him or her to their side of the rope. This will trap
them between you and the tree.
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Alternate costumes/outfits 96%
At the character selection screen, hold L1 + R1 while choosing a
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Ranks 96%
These are ranks you get from the missons you play
Unlockable How to Unlock
Genin get 50 EXP
Chunin get 500 EXP
Special Jonin get 1,150 EXP
Jonin get 1,750 EXP
Anbu get 2,170 EXP
Hokage get 2,490 EXP
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Unlockable Stages 95%
Beat Gaara's story mode to unlock the village of sand stages.
Unlockable How to Unlock
2 Village of Sand stages Beat Gaara's story mode
Great Naruto Bridge Comeplete Haku's Story
Zabuza's Hideout Comeplete Haku's Story
Kazekage's Mansion Comeplete Gaara's Story
Sumanigo Estate and Buddha Statue Comeplete Gaara's Story
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The weight of the gut 67%
In the mission when you have to get the weight of the gut that is the thing that slows people down which means that you have to keep it till the end of the match
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Cloths 64%
Change cloths when picking a player hold down L1+L2+R1+R2 for deffent cloths
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Unlock 61%
Unlockable How to Unlock
Orochimaru Finish Garaa's story mode.
Gaara Finish Zabuza's story mode.
Zabuza Momochi Finish Haku's story mode.
Haku Finish Hinata's story mode.
Hinata Hyuuga Finish Neji's story mode.
Neji Hyuuga Finish story mode with any of the 6 original characters.
Kyuubi Naruto Complete all B Rank missions
Cursed Marked Sasuke Get Chunnin rank
By: gamestatus(973)
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How to get 6 additional blows In!!!! 60%
Some missions require u to get 6 additional blows in. To that throw your opponent and use directional button in the direction u threw them with to teleport to them and hit them. I think it might be direction + o. Anyways do that 6 times and u got it.
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How to get hinaty 52%
Beat nejie huyga @ senario mode.
By: ralphiemariah(34)
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Getting background scrolls for loading screen 48%
Fight with one person like Naruto VS Sasuke and fight with CPU or player two person until you fight 10 times like Naruto 4 sasuke 6 =10 and when your selecting your charcter press square to see the battle chart and it will say Naruto and Sasuke has reached 10! you have got now something something scroll hope you like it
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U wanna know how to shift lvls during a battle 47%
U simply just push up and X when the yellow box apears on your side of the screen. Also to perform an aditional attack just push the button opposite the way u threw ur opponent.
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Easy Sakura's Training C-Rank Mission 47%
To get the substitutions down, let Sakura throw you many times. Right after she goes behind you and before she throws you away. But remember to get beat up sometimes to get the stage shifts. You have to fight too. Keep your health near Sakura's!
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Best moves to defeat your enemy and healing 44%
The best person is sasuke press circle a lot of times when you reach half ,use the third guage attack.some charactors 3rd guage doesn`t go half way for life.hinata is good because when you press circle down really fast and repeatedly you get speed,attack ,defense need to press down to gain chakara.notice,you are going to have two times damage if they hit you.healing is up but some charactors dont.
By: tony536(32)
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Unlock all charecters and become the hokage instantly 43%
Press L2 R2 O L3 R3 X L3
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Win the mission 39%
Win the mission D,C,A,Practice
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Ultimate ninja 3 33%
Naruto shippuden
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All characters 31%
On the title screen press down circle triangle x (2) down (2)
By: giz jr(185)
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Unlock all charater 28%
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