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Mother 3 Cheats for GBA
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Mother 3 GBA Cheats

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Mother 3

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Mother 3's "Bonus Ending 100%
After the rather unusual manner in which Mother 3's creators opted to end the
game, the bemused player is left with nothing more than a blank screen with text
reading "End?". Wish as one might, this black screen will last until the power
is cut.
Fortunately, there is still a bit more to do: Using the control pad, you can
actually move the "End?" text around (note that the controls are reversed, so up
is down and down is up) and press the "A Button" to initiate conversations.
Continue to move around and "talk" until the game's credits begin (and "yes", it
will take a LOT of talking).
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Developers code 100%
In the English version of Mother 3, the developers put in a special book of all the things they used in the game, and some things that are exclusive to the Japanese version.

How to achieve:

Get every front and back sprite of every enemy in the game.

Note: Bosses do not have back sprites, but some mini-bosses do!

Once you've done this, move over to the status block, hold L+R, and then press A. The book should come right up!
By: miril181(453)
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