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NCAA Football 07 Cheats for PS2
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NCAA Football 07 PS2 Cheats

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NCAA Football 07

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Passwords 100%
NCAA Football 07 PasswordsAll-Time Team/Mascot Passwords
Go to the Pennant Select screen and press the Select button for Enter Code, and
enter the following:
Password Effect
Orange Crush All-Time Syracuse Team
Hook Em All-Time Texas Team
Geaux Tigers All-Time LSU Team
Gig Em All-Time Texas A&M Team
Golden Domer All-Time Notre Dame Team
Roll Tide All-Time Alabama Team
Go Blue All-Time Michigan Team
Fight On All-Time USC Team
Go Big Red All-Time Nebraska Team
We Are All-Time Penn State Team
Glory All-Time Colorado Team
Raising Cane All-Time Miami Team
Victory All-Time Kansas State Team
Go Pokes All-Time Oklahoma State Team
Quack Attack All-Time Oregon Team
Uprising All-Time Florida State Team
Great To Be All-Time Florida Team
Killer Nuts All-Time Ohio State Team
On Iowa All-Time Iowa Team
Boiler Up All-Time Purdue Team
Boomer All-Time Oklahoma Team
War Eagle All-Time Auburn Team
Woopigsooie All-Time Arkansas Team
Hail State All-Time Mississippi State Team
Wahoos All-Time Virginia Team
Big Orange All-Time Tennessee Team
Orange Crush All-Time Syracuse Team
Football Take Your Time #224
EA Sports Cuffed #206
Fumble 2004 All-Americans #273
Fight Texas Tech #160
NCAA Stiffed #222
Heisman Jumbalaya #211
Bow Down All-Time University of Washington Team
Death Valley All-Time Clemson Team
Hunker Down All-Time Georgia Team
Victory All-Time Kansas State Team
Mizzou Rah All-Time Missouri Team
Rah Rah All-Time North Carolina Team
Lets Go Pitt All-Time Pittsburgh Team
Tech Triumph All-Time Virginia Tech Team
U Rah Rah All-Time Wisconsin Team
Bear Down Arizona Mascot Team
RamblinWreck Georgia Tech Mascot Team
Red And Gold Iowa State Mascot Team
Rock Chalk Kansas Mascot Team
On On UK Kentucky Mascot Team
Go Green Michigan State Mascot Team
Rah Rah Rah Minnesota Mascot Team
Go Pack North Carolina State Mascot Team
Go Cats Northwestern Mascot Team
Hotty Totty Ole Miss Mascot Team
Go Carolina South Carolina Mascot Team
Go Deacs Go Wake Forest Mascot Team
All Hail Washington State Mascot Team
Hail WV West Virginia Mascot Team
Texas Tech Fight
Illinois Oskee Wow
Baylor Sic Em
Mizzou Rah Unlocks Missouri Mascot Team
Bear Down Unlocks Arkansas Mascot Team
Thanks 1st and 15 Pennant
For Blink Pennant
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Cheat - Impact Players Always In Zone 100%
Unverified. In practice mode, enter ZoneOut as a profile name. All of the impact players for both teams will always be "in the zone" throughtout the entire practice mode.
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Pennants 100%
Description: At the Pennant Select screen hit Select and enter the following codes.
1st and 15: Enter Thanks. Requires your opponent to gain 15 yards for a 1st down.
Blink: Enter For. Makes the referee spot the ball short for your opponent.
Boing: Registering. Forces your opponent to drop more passes.
Butter Fingers: Enter With EA. Increases the likelihood of a fumble for your opponent.
Crossed the Line: Enter Tiburon. Allows your QB to pass the ball past the line of scrimmage.
Cuffed: Enter EA Sports. Your team can not throw interceptions or fumble.
Extra Credit: Enter Touchdown. You get 4 points for an interception and 3 points for a sack.
Helium: Enter In the Zone. Improves the likelihood that your players will catch the ball.
Hurricane: Enter Turnover. Improves your team's pass rush for one game.
Instant Freplay: Enter Impact. Gives your team 5 downs instead of 4.
Jumbalaya: Enter Heisman. Gives your team points when one of your players is injured.
Molasses: Enter Game Time. Increases your opponent's fatigue for one game.
Nike Free: Enter Break Free. Improves your ability to break tackles for one game.
Nike Magnigrip: Enter Hand Picked. Increases the likelihood your players will intercept a pass.
Nike Pro: Enter No Sweat. Improves your QB's accuracy for one game.
Nike Speed TD: Enter Light Speed. Improves your receivers' chances of catching a deep pass.
2004 All-Americans: Enter Fumble. Unlocks this team.
Alabama All-time team: Roll Tide
Arizona mascot team: Bear Down
Arkansas All-time team: Woopigsooie
Auburn All-time team: War Eagle
Badgers All-time team: U Rah Rah
Clemson All-time team: Death Valley
Colorado All-time team: Glory
Florida All-time team: Great To Be
Florida State All-time team: Uprising
Georgia All-time team: Hunker Down
Georgia Tech mascot team: Ramblinwreck
Iowa All-time team: On Iowa
Iowa State mascot team: Red and Gold
Kansas mascot team: Rock Chalk
Kansas State All-time team: Victory
Kentucky mascot team:On On UK
LSU All-time team: Geaux Tigers
Miami All-time team: Raising Cane
Michigan All-time team: Go Blue
Michigan State mascot team: Go Green
Minnesota mascot team: Rah Rah Rah
Mississippi State All-time team: Hail State
Mizzouri All-time team: Mizzou Rah
Nebraska All-time team: Go Big Red
North Carolina All-time team: Rah Rah
North Carolina State mascot team: Go Pack
Notre Dame All-time team: Golden Domer
NU mascot team: Go Cats
Ohio State All-time team: Killer Nuts
Oklahoma All-time team: Boomer
Oklahoma State All-time team: Go Pokes
Ole Miss Mascot team: Hotty Totty
Oregon All-time team: Quack Attack
Penn State All-time: team We Are
Pittsburgh All-time team: Lets Go Pitt
Purdue All-time team: Boiler Up
South Carolina mascot team: Go Carolina
Syracuse All-time team: Orange Crush
Tennessee All-time team: Big Orange
Texas A&M All-time team: Gig Em
Texas Longhorns All-time team: Hook Em
UCLA All-time team: Mighty
USC All-time team: Fight On
Virginia All-time team: Wahoos
Virginia Tech All-time team: Tech Triumph
Wake Forest mascot team: Go Deacs Go
Washington All-time team: Bow Down
Washington Sate mascot team: All Hail
West Virginia mascot team: Hail WV
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Unlock All Time Teams 100%
The following passwords will unlock various All Time teams in NCAA Football 07. Just go to the Pennant Selection screen and press SELECT so you can start inputting cheats.
Roll TideAll-time Alabama Team
WoopigsooieAll-time Arkansas Team
War EagleAll-time Auburn Team
GloryAll-time Colorado Team
UprisingAll-time Florida State Team
Great To BeAll-time Florida Team
On IowaAll-time Iowa Team
VictoryAll-time Kansas State Team
Geaux TigersAll-time LSU Team
Raising CaneAll-time Miami Team
Go BlueAll-time Michigan Team
Hail StateAll-time Mississippi State Team
Go Big RedAll-time Nebraska Team
Golden DomerAll-time Notre Dame Team
Killer NutsAll-time Ohio State Team
Go PokesAll-time Oklahoma State Team
BoomerAll-time Oklahoma Team
Quack AttackAll-time Oregon Team
We AreAll-time Penn State Team
Boiler UpAll-time Purdue Team
Orange CrushAll-time Syracuse Team
Big OrangeAll-time Tennessee Team
Gig EmAll-time Texas A&M Team
Hook EmAll-time Texas Team
Fight OnAll-time USC Team
WahoosAll-time Virginia Team
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The Ultimate Campus Cheat!!!! (pennants included) 100%
Okay, If you already have a campus it still works and if you don't it works also. Choose any position. It does not matter what team your with (you can even be Temple!).Then during a game choose the things that you need (if your a QB then I always do this Butterfingers enter with EA 2. Crossed the line enter Tiburon 3. Cuffed enter EA Sports 4. is pitch it I don't know the code 5. protection.) Put them all together and you may get the heisman!
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Penate cheat 29%
Enter "blitz" it gives you a certain penate.
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