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Madden NFL 07 Cheats for PC
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Madden NFL 07 PC Cheats

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Madden NFL 07

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QB On Target card 100%
Enter "WROA0R" to get the QB On Target card. This card makes your Quarterback have 100% accuracy for one half.
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Mistake Free card 100%
Enter "XL7SP1" to get the Mistake Free card. This card makes it impossible for you to throw an interception or fumble the ball for one half.
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Easy Madden Tokens 100%
Use the following trick to get easy Madden Tokens in Two Minute Drill mode. Go to the roster of the team you are going to use and raise their stats so that their entire offensive line, fullback, and halfback are very good. Now, decrease the speed and awareness for the defensive players on the team you are going to play against. Next, go to Two Minute Drill mode and set the difficulty to All-Madden. If you plan to run against the defense, try a HB Toss to run on the outside. If you pass, throw Hail Marys the entire time. Your receivers that are good should win the defensive backs, especially if you make them very tall and skinny.

Set the game difficulty to "All-Madden". Now, go into the AI settings and set all of the human stats (QB Accuracy, O-line, Pass Blocking, etc.) to the maximum. Next, set all the CPU stats to the lowest. Set the quarters to five minutes and choose a team with a good running back, such as Denver, Seattle, or Washington. It will still be difficult to pass even with the CPU stats are as low as they are. You should be able to get well over 500 rushing yards and 700 Madden Tokens per game.
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Lame Duck card 100%
Enter "5LAWO0" to get the Lame Duck card. This card forces your opponent to throw nothing but lob passes for one half, which allows the defense more time to react to the ball, and leads to more deflections and interceptions.
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Better lead blocking 100%
The trick to effective blocking is learning when to use the different blocks. Impact Blocks are more effective if you have a size advantage against the player you are blocking, while Cut Blocks are more effective if the defender is bigger than you. Turn Blocking works best for offensive linemen when they are trying to create an interior hole for the running back. If you get beat and you must resort to dirty tactics, try Holding.
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Better running 100%
When running the ball, the Highlight Stick is the best way to beat a defender in the open field. Press Up on the Highlight Stick to cause the ball carrier to play to their strengths and attempt to either power through or quickly shake past the defender. Press Left, Right, or Down on the Highlight Stick to make the ball carrier do a quick juke move in the specified direction. These moves are great for keeping your opponent guessing.

Cut Moves are a quick way to change the direction of the ball carrier without having to lose too much speed. If you are running in a certain direction and the defense is closing in, cutting in a different direction can be a good way to get past the defenders. These moves are best done by quicker running backs with high agility ratings.

When the running back has the ball in the backfield, you can use the Cut Moves to get through the holes in the offensive line. These moves are called Behind the Line Jukes, and they can only be performed when the ball carrier is approaching the offensive line. These moves allow the ball carrier to turn his hips and squeeze through small holes in the offensive line that normally he would not be able to get through.
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Better agent in Superstar mode 100%
Answer the interview questions as a team player. Then when you hire an agent, more of them will want to sign with you.
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All player on ur favorite team 99 overall 56%
IN gameplay score 3 TDs with one player whos overall is 70-75.then in the same game score 1 td with a player overall 95-99. Go to your favorite team and all the player will have the overall 99.
By: Jakester(103)
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