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Yakuza Cheats for PS2
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Yakuza PS2 Cheats

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Rating: 2.5/5 VOTE

Unlock Premium Box 100%
Win the game once on any difficulty.
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End Game Unlockables 100%
Upon completing the game you will unlock various new game modes and extras.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Movie Viewer - Complete the Game
Battle "Review" - Mode Complete the Game
Adventure "Review" - Mode Complete the Game
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The Price of a D-Cup : side mission 100%
In the alley opposite of the bar Bacchus, (North Pink Street I believe it is), a woman will run up to you asking for help because she is being chased by a drunken man. The drunk will yell at you, in which you should say, "watch your mouth". The drunk will walk off and the woman will offer to buy you a drink as a reward, at this point you say, "I can't deny your invitation". You will suddenly be in a bar and the girl will flirt with you. Be smooth and say, "You're so cute I could eat you". The bartender will hand you a drink...that is bubbling. The girl will try and convince you to drink with her. DON'T ACCEPT THE DRINK! No matter what do not drink the drink. After you refuse to drink the third time you will reveal the bartender's scam and he will fight you along with the drunken man and two other guys. Its 4 to 1 but there is a bunch of stuff to hit them with so it isn't too difficult. After you beat them the manager will try and bribe you. Say, "No!", REFUSE the cash and he will tell you a game secret (it's only 300,000 yen you are turning down). Say, "No!" and he will tell you about a Hidden casino in a noodle shop (Kyushu No.1 Star) and that the password to the casino is "Half Order, Extra Soup". (you must refuse the cash to unlock the casino) You gain 1000 exp.

(If you drink the drink then it isn't the end of the world but you loose half your cash, you don't get to go to the hidden casino, and you gain no experience.) (The casino itself can get you a lot of cash if you are good at gambling and you also get to do a few side missions.)
By: GameGhost(192)
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Master Fighter 97%
Get S Rank in all 50 missions in the extra battle review mode (unlocked after beating the game) and you will unlock this mode that gives you infinite heat gauge during gameplay.
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Secret Boss Fight 93%
Complete all the side quests and a secret boss will appear in front of the movie theater. Chat to him to initiate the fight.
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Smile Burger Catastrophe : side mission 86%
On Nakamichi street, on the right side of the street, some guy will be standing in front of a burger joint. Listen in and then talk to the scammer and say, "stop bothering them". He will fight you. Once you beat him you gain 50,000 yen and gain 300 exp.
By: GameGhost(192)
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Basic Fighting Combos 83%
Square, Square, Square - Punch Combo

Square, Triangle - Knock Down Punch

Square, Square, Triangle - Body Plow

Square, Square, Square, Triangle - Uppercut

Circle - Weapon Pick up - Square, Triangle Weapon Attack

Circle, Square, Square, Square, - grab and punch

Circle, Circle - Grab and Throw

Heat Gauge Full - Circle, Triangle
By: GameGhost(192)
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The Purse Snatcher : side mission 80%
On Nakamichi St., you will see a lady shouting "someone snatched my purse!". If you have a sharp eye you will see the guy is a man in a green hate and a green vest. First talk to the lady and she will tell you her purse was snatched. Then go get the guy, he is standing in Park N0. 3 (it is right near where Shinji brought you for that money collection) he still has an arrow over his head. Talk to him and he will pick a fight with you. Once you beat him, you will get the purse back. Now go back to the lady and give her back her purse. She will reward you 10,000 yen and you will gain 500 exp.
By: GameGhost(192)
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