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PictoChat Cheats for NDS
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PictoChat NDS Cheats

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PictoChat Cheats

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Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Birthday greeting 96%
On the date that you entered as your birthday in the system settings,enter a chat room. The message "Happy Birthday! Today is [your name] birthday!" will appear.
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Christmas greeting 95%
Enter a chat room on December 25th.
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New Year's greeting 94%
Enter a chat room on January 1st.
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Scroll slower 93%
To make it scroll a little slower,hold L then press R . This can also be used for animations. It works backwards too.
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White writing 91%
To get White color the whole screen black and use the eraser to draw.
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Rainbow Writing 64%
On Nintendo DSi. (the new DS) if you click the writing pen twice you can write in rainbow writing.
By: penguins79(75)
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Happy b day 48%
Go on picto chat on your b day and little colorful letters pop up on your screan that say "happy b day its (than your name here) birthday.
By: spider1357(21)
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Discover Your Ds's Firmware using pictochat! 46%
Put any GBA game in the Slot 2, go to the PictoChat feature and enter the Room A. When you are there, take out your game (this WILL NOT erase the data of your game). Both screens should turn into one color:

* FW1: DS will freeze, when you remove the game.
* FW2: Grayish Blue.
* FW3: Dark Green.
* FW4: Yellow.
* FW5: Magenta.
* FW6: Blue.
* iQue FW: Dark Green.
* DSLite FW: Purple.
* FlashME (all versions): Dark Green.

P.s. Be On your own in the room!
By: bigski(210)
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Colors 27%
Press make colors an press send
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Heres A fun Game for PictoChat 21%
When you are communicating with someone else try this game: one person start out drawing a circle (for the face) then the second person add the eyes then go back and forth adding thing to the picture , and when its complete name it! and you dont just have to make a face you can make all sorts of things!
By: conaair(183)
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Make a shark 21%
Press shift then press shift for (^^^)
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Cartoon faces 14%
Type in cartoon faces then press send
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