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Super Mario 64 DS Cheats for NDS
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Super Mario 64 DS NDS Cheats

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Super Mario 64 DS Cheats

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Super Mario 64 DS

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE

Unlock Wario! 93%
To unlock Wario you need Luigi.Now go to the room with the mirrors and take one take a power flower.(***There are 2 power flowers in that room and when Luigi grabs one he becoms invisible)Go through the mirror,go through the painting & you will end up in an iceland.(Be careful with these gigantic moving ice cubes)Go to the end and battle the boss.If you defeat him he will give you the key to wario's room.
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Easy Star in Whomp's Fortress 86%
On Whomp's Fortress, in the Shoot into the wild blue mission, from the starting point, go climb the tree to the left. An owl will fly out. Jump off the tree and grab onto the owl. Now, watch your map. Jump off of the owl when you're over the body of shallow water. Go get in the cannon next to it. Aim twoards the pillar on the bottom ledge in the back left side. But, when you are aiming twoards it, aim up, almost above the top ledge. If you aimed correctly, you will fly to the bottom ledge and smack into the far piller, stopping you from falling off. Turn around, grab the pole, slide down, and you have the star.
By: conor4100(832)
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Another way to get Big Yoshi 84%
With Yoshi, go to Bob-Omb battlefield. Shoot yourself out of the cannon near the starting point. Aim over to the areas on the left. Go to the orange bricks, and jump on top of the one with the mushroom inside of it. You should have a bob-omb chasing you, and he cant hurt you when you're on top of the box. He will blow up, and the box will open. You won't get hurt, and you can brab the Big Mushroom.
By: conor4100(832)
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Huge Mario vs Goomboss 82%
As Mario (Not a dude with a Mario Hat) go to the Goomboss, and when you start battle with his, Jump Kick his face. A red mushroom will pop up and you can: On his first life, punch him. Second and Third lives, Jump Kick him. There, defeat the goomboss with ease (though he's easy enough anyway).
By: conor4100(832)
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Punch Butterflies for 1-Ups 79%
In levels where there are a lot of grass, such as Bomb-Omb Battlefield, Whomp's Fortress, or Tiny-Huge Island, you can punch the butterflies that you come across. They'll disappear after you punch them and turn into 1-Up mushrooms. Beware, sometimes the butterflies can also turn into black balls that follow you around and will deal 2 damage to you on contact.
By: conor4100(832)
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Cannon glitch in Bob-Omb Battlefield 78%
Go to the cannon right underneath the floating island. get in it and aim directly under the island, where the bottom point of the island touches the cursor. shoot and do not press anything. you will glitch by going up a hill while laying down and you will be halfway inside the hilll, then it will shoot you high into the sky. you will land on top of the mountain with damage
By: GigaGabo(13)
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Squre eggs 75%
Be yoshi and eat a small brick like at the begging of hazy-maze cave and lay an egg insted of having circle egg you have a squre egg
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Freeze time in tic toc clock 72%
Go to the tic toc clock level (note:dont go in yet) and wait til' the minute hand is on 1 then quickly go into the clock.If done right time should be frozen
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How to win the race in less than 30 seconds with Koopa the quick 72%
Go to Bob-omb battlefield as Mario and select the mission footrace
with koopa the quick.

Don't talk to koopa the quick, go to the ? block in the corner so you can get a wing cap.

After you got the wing cap, go to Koopa The Quick and talk to him.......start the race.

Instead of going up the bridge, go down the pathway where the huge black balls are
coming down, before you hit the wall, TRIPLE JUMP!

You will fly up the hill.

After that go to the area with the black balls rolling around, you will see a little indentation,
do a backward somersault and then do wall kicks up the indentation.

You will be at the top and do a triple jump again.

Fly up to the ledge on top of the mountain then touch the flag so that you won the race.

If you did it correctly, you should have been there in less than thirty seconds!
By: Administaror(256)
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Activating Red ? Blocks 72%
You know those invisible red ? blocks? Well, when you have 14 or more stars, go stand in the sun and look up (X). You will be taken to the Castles in the Sky area. Fly down and hit the big red ? switch. Red blocks will be activated. To leave the area, you can either collect all eight red coins or dive down into the sky.
By: conor4100(832)
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How to defeat chain chomp without getting hurt 72%
First, get a bomb, then go to chain chomp and throw it. then while hes hurt pund the pole 3 times then you get a star
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How to beat mario's super wall kick mission 72%
1: become luigi
2: go to cool cool mountain and go on the mission mario's super wall kick
3: go to the slide where the penguin is(its in the chimney thing in front of you) do not bother to race him
4: go out of the cabin at the bottom of the slide
5: go to the cannon near the tree with the owl in it(its to your right)
6: aim at the ledge in the bottom right corner(aim at the top of the tree so you do not fall the ledge)
7: follow the path until you reach a love heart which gives you back health
8: go to the wall to your right and do a back flip on to the ledge above you
9: do the same on the ledge you are on(it takes ab it of practice)
10: in front of you there is the star when you are on the ledge above the one you were just on
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Make mother penguin mad 71%
CAUTION:You can not do this cheat with Yoshi!

Go to cool cool mountain and grab the little penguin thats walking around, bring it
to it's mother at the bottom of the mountain.

The mother will give you a star and you will let the little penguin go.

But before you get the can make the mother penguin get angry and chase after you.

So before you get the star, grab on to the baby penguin again, and the mother penguin will
start chasing you because she wants her baby back.

Once you grabbed onto it, you can let it go over the cliff and it will fall off of the mountain and
the star will still be there.
By: Administaror(256)
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The 2 stars glitch 71%
Go to Boo's haunt, and enter the Luigi painting on the top floor.
You will enter a room with a spinning circle platform, ignore the red coin that is there.

Instead, get the other 7 red coins. After you got the 7 red coins, go back to the room
with the spinning circle platform, I told you to ignore the red coin that is there.

Well NOW get the red coin, once you get it, you can't see it, but a star will appear.
Go to the last room where the star has appeared, normally if you got the red coins in order
there would be 1 star, but you got the red coins out of order, so there are 2 stars there.
By: Administaror(256)
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Ghost Rabbit 70%
As Wario, go outside to the Boo-infested courtyard. Position yourself so that a Boo is between you and the rabbit. Run and dive for the rabbit. As you do, the Boo will solidify and knock you away while you catch the rabbit. Then walk back to the rabbit. It will not move, but it is now untouchable, like a Boo when it transparent. This can also get funny screenshots if Wario stands inside the rabbit, which makes it look like Wario has rabbit ears.
By: conor4100(832)
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Red Coin Vision 69%
Hack the game with an action replay to moon jump. Start the game, and enter a level on the red coins star (any level will do). Then speak to the bob-omb who shows the red coin locations on the map. Tap b while speaking to him and you'll moonjump, then just press a till he stops speaking. Then you'll fall to the ground and undoubtedly hurt yourself, but the red coin locations will be permenantly on the map screen. Plus, now, as long as you don't quit, or switch off your DS, you can see the red coin locations in any level, not just the level you did the technique in, as long as you're on the red coin star. Good luck!

By: conor4100(832)
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Walking exploding bob-ombs 69%
Pick up a bob-omb,then press R,and thats about it.

Note:Make sure the the bob-omb hasn't seen you first.
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Flood 69%
On the skeeter bug level if you high jump into it the level will be flooded to the top so you can get the high stars easy
By: whatsthat(179)
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Secret block in Whomp's fortress 67%
Go to Whomp's fortress as any character, and choose a mission from 2 - 7.

Get to the top of the fortress, and go to the side of the tower that is facing that pole.
Punch the tower in the very middle of that side. The block that was there will break,
and there will be a 1up.

Well you see 1up's everywhere, so this is kinda pointless, but still pretty cool.

NOTE: You can do this as Yoshi too, go where I told you to go, then press R to
duck, then Press A to kick.

NOTE: If this is difficult to understand, then just look at every single side of the
tower until you see a white line, then punch right beside the white line on the tower.
By: Administaror(256)
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Portal to the hells in bowser in the dark world entrance??? 67%
Ok I found this glitch out while trying to do a zero "B" button run on super mario 64 DS in bowser in the dark world (which I later succeded in doing). I was about to go in when I was about to wall jump the trap door closed (i didnt wall jump I slid on the wall) but insead of entering the level I just kept on falling. so I was like " y didnt I enter" I tried to do it again and I did. I think this has already been found but I have still seen no video or cheat showing this. have fun. bye.
By: yoshi764(116)
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Secret Life and Level in the Jolly Rodger Bay Room. 67%
Go into the Jolly Rodger Bay door. See the 2 black windows? On the left side there is a secret life. On the right side there is a secret aquarium.
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Easy star in Tall, tall Mountian by the EVILMAN 67%
Having trouble with the star ''Blast to the lonley mushroom''? Well here`s an easy way. First, you need to flood Tall tall mountian, if you don`t know how to do this then let me explain. Go to the log,ground pound It 3 times (The log is next to a sign that said someting about hold onto your cap.)& a mushroom should come out. Next, grab the mushroom and hurry to the tiny mushroom & teleport. while teleporting, repeatdly press B for about 20-30 seconds. After that, stop pressing B and tall tall mountian should be flooded. Now swim over to the ''lonley mushroom'' and POOF! An easy star! Hope this helped. By EVILMAN
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Lethal Lava Land warp 67%
In Lethal Lava Land, at the beginning of the level, turn left and walk across the platform, jump across to the island in the lava. On a certain place on the island, if you just stand there, you will be transported underneath the giant eyeball near the center of the level. (do not try with luigi while invisible because you will keep bouncing on the lava and probably die, since you go through the platform)
By: conor4100(832)
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The easiest way to kill boos 67%
First get to anyplace near boos .then face the boo and turn around and let the boo get directly behind you. then before it hits you do a backward somersalt and you should be directly behind it so hit it and BOOM! it should be dead like that
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Bob-omb Battlefield Warp 1 67%
There is a warp in Bob-omb Battlefield that lets you get from one side of the level to another quickly. After going up the first slanted bridge, go right and stand in the flower bed. The game will warp you to another flower bed, near the mountain. You can also warp from the flower bed next to the mountain to the flower bed next to the slanted bridge.
By: conor4100(832)
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Easy health replenish 67%
If you are low on health, just find a body of water and jump in. Stay at the surface and your health meter will refill.
By: conor4100(832)
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Sign throw 67%
Be WARIO and go find a SIGN.
HAve him stand BEHIND the SIGN.
ANd press B.
he will be HOLDING the sign
if B did NOT do it, press A
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Drive signs into the ground. 67%
Jump and ground-pound on signs to drive them into the ground.
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Cheater, cheater! 67%
On the ice slide you see a trail of coins going in to a wall go in it and its a safe path all the way down, now when you race the penguin you will come and see the time going so you run past the finish line backwards then pass it before the penguin and he will call you a cheater and make you walk up the mountain to race again that round.
By: whatsthat(179)
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The Lives Just Keep On Coming!!! 67%
Click on your slot and head into the castle door (The one that needs a key!) And then head to the right. Go to the door that needs 3 stars and go into it. You'll be in the room that heads to Jolly Rodger Bay. Now go forward near the painting (But don't go into the painting!) And turn around. You'll see 2 black squares, One on the left one on the right. Don't go to the one on the left ( It leads to a secret world!) Go to the right one! Go to the right one and jump into it! You'll get a 1 Up Mushroom! Now go out of the room and then go back into the room and go into the right hole again. You'll get a 1 Up Mushroom! keep doing this and soon you'll get too 99 Lives! (I hope!)
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Unlock Luigi! 65%
Go to The Haunted mansion.Now go to the library upstares and look for a ? box.(Note:You need Mario)Take it and float to the next floor.Jump inside Luigi's painting & you will end up in a room full of ghosts.You will hear Big Boo's voice,follow it to the next room,do that until you reach a room with 2 ghosts,2 floating platforms & a big painting of Big Boo.Go to the top of the painting and jump through a small hol.You will fall inside a big room with an enormous mirror.Touch the mirror,your reflection will turn into Luigi's and Big Boo will apear in the room.Defeat him and he will give you the key to Luigi's room!
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Secret 1up and star 63%
If you go to the room on the very right on the first level the one that looks like an aqarium
by the door there are 2 black holes in one the right one I think is the 1up and on the left one is a course for a secret star
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Cap for Yoshi in the Bowser worlds 63%
Ok, so you want a cap for Yoshi in the Bowser worlds? well, Ok then. Now LISTEN CAREFULLY. This works for YOSHI & YOSHI ONLY. Now , here`s how you do it. Once you reach Bowser with YOSHI, watch bowser`s flames. A cap should appear. Try it!
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Repeated long jumps 63%
As you do a long jump hold down R, when you hit the ground press B, you should do another long jump! You will keep on doing long jumps if you hit B everytime you hit the ground.
By: conor4100(832)
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The REAL way to get WALUIGI for reals!!! (Similar 2 the others) 62%
Rumors say Waluigi is or isn't in the game. But this... might occupy you wit lots of stradigy & skill. the box you see on the title screen on the top screen, is the main goal to achieve. U MuST have 150 starz total. Mario, the red, moustached warrior is the person you wanna use. The box happens 2 be 2 dimmensional. But you need to break it to make it 3-d. Breaking the box from the angle is nearly IMMPOSSIBLE! However, after miserible days of failure trying 2 break it to no avail (yea, no life 4 me! ROFL) you might break it. The only way 2 break it is to have a VERY PRECISE AIM! :D If you happen 2 break it, a vortex inside the princess peach's painting outside in the courtyard. As Mario, take off witha "flight" into the painting. Now, you will be inside a room that is similar to the mirror room on the 2nd floor. Although, paintings r different. As you explorer the secret mirror room, you will see pictures of boredom... until you find... WALUIGI"S PAINTING! However, you need Luigi (La wise guy LOL) 2 do it. OMG How awful! That pesky goomba has the "L" cap. So take him down, and claim the hat. As soon as you put your cap on, a power flower will appear on the tablet. Grab it, and hustle inside the painting. When you enter the painting there r 2 rooms: 1 is a room wit an upside-down L on it for Waluigi. (Wa la wise guy lmao) and the one that leads to the key to the room. First, you MUST, you MUST, you MUST grab the Mario cap, then enter the room. Inside, its pitched-black in there can't see anything. Good thing the legendary Mari9o is here! :) Use his famous wall kick on the dpad, until u've reached the top. On the top is a chest wit an upside down L on it. CONGRATULATIONS! :D :D :D U can now ruescue Waluigi! Be sure to watch the cutscene. Afterwards, you will return to the courtyard except... the courtyard is COMPLETLy smurged wit water, except the tip. Now it's time to use that fella! Swim up to the top, and then you will find a ? block at a completly different location. If you hit it Waluigi will claim is special powers: Lightning power! Its a great way to kill enemies, zapping them wit lightning. But wait for the enimies. Zap the tip off. Then, a little hole will appear. Go inside that hole that has a switch. Hit the switch and the courtyard will now become back to the original place w/ no water. The door next to Wario's is now Waluigi's. The 2-d box on the menu, is gonna forever! MAMA MIA! So this would be a good opportunity to try it. Good Luck! :)
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The infite coins glitch 62%
Go to cool cool mountain and go in the chimney and go down the slide.
Exit the cottage and kill the three goombas that are down there.

Go to the edge of the bridge, warp to the top of the mountain and repeat the steps
above. Every time you kill the three goombas you will get three more coins.

The coin counter only goes up to 255, it will be your high score.
It takes a time but you will eventually get there.
By: Administaror(256)
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Get Wario Key 62%
With Luigi in Mirror Room, hop into Wario's Painting and Defeat the Giant Ice Bully.
By: conor4100(832)
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Heavens portal 61%
Go to bomb-omb battlefield and into the first cannon after the first bridge and point the top arrow in the cannon at the bottom of the floating island
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Easy stars 60%
Collect 100 coins in a level for an easy star (note only works once per level)
By: conor4100(832)
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More Mini Games 60%
MiniGame - Code

Bingo Ball - Catch 2 Rabbits
Bob-omb Squad - Have when you start
Coincentration - Catch 1 Rabbit
Giant Snowball Slalom - Catch 7 Rabbits
Intense Coincentration - Catch 6 Rabbits
Lakitu Launch - Catch 5 Rabbits
Psyche Out! - Catch 3 Rabbits
Slots Shot - Catch 4 Rabbits
Snowball Slalom - Have when you start
By: conor4100(832)
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Draw Luigi! 60%
If you know you can draw Yoshi and Mario, you can also get Luigi drawn.
Tap Mario on the title screen, wait for him to draw, then go back to main menu.
Tap Yoshi on the title screen, wait for him to draw, then go back.
Tap Mario again, wait to draw, go back.
Tap Yoshi (this time, he'll have a heart next to his head), go back.
Tap Mario again (I'm not messing with you're head, it'll happen. Patience.) Go Back.
Tap Yoshi (this time, he'll have a star next to his head), go back.
Finally, the moment you've been waiting for: Tap Mario. Mario's head will appear, but Luigi's head will draw over it.
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Extra Coins with Yoshi Trick 60%
This trick allows you to make new coins appear using Yoshi. You can use the extra coins to get to one hundred coins faster, or to increase your coin record on a particular level. This trick is fairly simple to do. Start off by choosing Yoshi and entering any level. Go up to an enemy, and swallow it. When you swallow the enemy, press R to turn it into an egg. Then, find another enemy, preferably one that is near several other enemies. Aim so that your egg will not directly hit the enemy, but will ricochet off of the enemy. Shoot the egg. The egg will hit the enemy and then bounce of. Since the game thinks that the egg exploded, it will place the enemy coins at the place where the egg hit the enemy. It will also give you the coins for the enemy if you defeated it. Since the egg was not destroyed, however, it will continue to go and hit another enemy. When it hits the other enemy you will receive coins for defeating the enemy, and you will receive the enemy coins from the egg again! If the egg bounces off several enemies before it breaks, you will receive coins multiple times for the enemy that was in the egg. The more times the egg bounces off enemies, the more coins you get. This is especially useful when you swallow enemies that give you blue coins, since you can get many blue coins by using this trick. This trick is difficult to pull off on regular enemies, but it is worth it. This trick is easiest to use if you shoot the egg at a Bob-omb since they are small and usually do not break the egg.
By: conor4100(832)
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Hats off to the wind 60%
This code will let you take your hat off in midair! First, go to bomb-ob battlefield as Yoshi, or any other character but Mario, and put on the Mario hat. Then hit the red block, take the feather, jump into a cannon, and shoot yourself out in any direction you want. Then fly at one of those bouncing balls of water, a chain chomp, or a goomba. If you hit a goomba or somehting else near the ground, then after you hit it fly as high up as you can. The moment you hit it, Mario's hat will come off you and you'll transform back into yourself in midair.
By: conor4100(832)
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Mysterios Mountainside star in Tall, Tall Mountain 60%
When you go to Tall, Tall Mountain, keep going up the mountain until you reach the waterfall with the black brick box in it and head to the piece of land on the bottom. Its better if you use luigi because of his spins after the backwards summersault. After you do that, when you see the angry cloud just sprint accross it so yu dont get blown away. If done correctly you will reach a bunch of curved coins. The place where they intersect with the wall is where you will jump in to. After that you will go to a secret slide that is VERY TRICKY so be careful. After you reach the end, there going to be a hole where you are supposed to jump in so after you jump in you will somehow go to the side of the big terrain of the big blue tough bomb-omb and the star will be there!
By: conor4100(832)
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Black ball breaker 60%
You can destroy black balls! Just go to any place where you will find them(Such as Bob-omb Battlefield). Make sure you are Wario & find the metal balls. when you see one, wait for it.........Now punch! The ball will now be destroyed. I recommend Slide-kicking to destroy the balls. Bye!
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How to turn ? blocks solid 60%
Once you collect 16 stars there is a light as mario press X you will be wing mario there will be a platform with a red button stomp on it to make the ? blocks solid
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Ice slide short cut 60%
Ok on the ice when you will see a line of coins leading in to the wall if you run it there you will get a short cut filled with about 3 lifes if you do this when raceing the pingwen he wont give you the star and say you cheated
By: slyguy(631)
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Want more lives 60%
First U go to the picture with the snowman go on the slide and when the coins go in to the wall of ice and get all the lives.
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Skydiving Glitch 60%
Go to The bomb-omb place, and head towards the cannon, where the koopa is. When you get into the cannon, have the top triangle thingy be at the tip of the land. FIRE! Mario will be diving through the hill, and then will be up into the air skydiving without a parachute. lol. Be sure 2 do this correctly cuz it works. trust me. :D
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Mario's basic techniques 60%
Note: These basic techniques can be performed in standard mode:

Run: Press any direction then Y to accelerate. Hold Y to remain that way.

Run Dive: Start running then press A. Mario will do an instant dive, then slide on his stomach. While sliding it would be best to press B to hop quickly back on his feet.

Run Jump Dive: Start running, then press B. Mario will jump with medium acceleration. Then, press A and Mario will dive in mid- air. Note: This works best for gaps that you can get the triple jump to work. Then as you slide on your stomach, press B.

Running Slide Kick: Start running, then hold R and press A while still moving to do a sliding kick towards an enemy.

Dash: Do not press any direction and hold Y. Mario will charge up and run in place. Then, hold any direction to dash off.

Double Jump: This requires timing. When standing still, press B to jump. Just as you land, jump again. You should go higher. Note: It will not work a third time.

Triple Jump: You must be moving. Do the same thing as the Double Jump, but time it correctly one more time to do a super high jump.

Triple Jump Dive: Perform the Triple Jump, then press A.

3 hit combo: Press A(3) while standing still to do two punches and a jump-kick.

Ducking: Press R to duck, crouch, or get down.

Ledge Grabbing: When you grab a ledge quickly press B to get up or R to descend.

Tree Climbing: When climbing on a tree, hold Y to accelerate up. When at the top of the tree, do not move then press Up. You will do a hand stand on top of the tree. Press B to go flying high into the air. Note: This is useful for places that you cannot reacy by foot.

Power Dunk: When in mid-air at almost any time, press R. Mario will stop in mid-air for a full second, curl up, then descend at a good speed directly downward. This is useful for boxes that need smashing.

Crawling: Hold R and press in any direction to crawl. Crawling works best in small narrow spaces where it is easy to fall.

Super Backflip Somersault: Hold R and make sure you are crouching, then jump. You can maneuver slightly while in the air.

Super Hop: Long jump when needed to get to the other side of a gap. Run or jog, then hold R and jump.

Wall Jumping: Jump on a wall at a certain angle. Mario will slide down the wall. Press B to jump very high off of the wall.

Breakdance Sweep Kick: Remain still, then hold R and press A. Mario will sweep his feet around, then get back in crouching position.
By: conor4100(832)
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Easy Coins 60%
In any level where there is a small wooden post sticking out of the ground, pound it three times to have 5 coins revealed. This can be very helpful when trying to get extra lives or a 100-coin star.
By: conor4100(832)
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Bob-omb Battlefield Warp 2 60%
There is a warp in Bob-omb Battlefield that allows you to go up the mountain quickly. Begin by heading up the mountain until you come to the first indentation in the mountain that metal balls come out of. Go into the indentation, and stand there. The game will warp you to another indentation higher up in the mountain.
By: conor4100(832)
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Defeating Koopa the Quick 60%
After you challenge Koopa the Quick, run up the bridge as usual. However, when you get past the bridge, run over to the flower patch near the red block. If you go to around the middle of it, you should teleport directly in front of the mountain. From there, instead of going to where the rolling bowling balls are found, go up the steep hill. This may not seem it is faster, but it is. Continue running up the mountain until you reach the first hole where the bowling balls are coming from. Jump into the hole. You should be teleported to the second bowling ball hole. Then, run up to the flag. If done correctly, this should be an unbeatable strategy for defeating Koopa the Quick.
By: conor4100(832)
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Warp in bomb-omb battlefeild! 60%
There is a hallow spot a bit after the slant shortcut.jump in it.stand still for a bit and you will warp to the top of the mountain.this is useful for when you face big bomb-omb but don't do it when you race koopa the quick.otherwise he will accuse you of berry895
By: berry895(296)
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Flying Fishies glitch (Action Replay included) HAVE MOON JUMP CODE!! 60%
Enter Jolly Roger Bay room. The two squares on the left & right? go to the right and hold x before entering the level. Once, your in the room, there won't be any water. But the fishies fly! :D
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How to beat bowser tactic 60%
When fighting bowser, stand at the very edge of the arena where there is a bomb. then when bowser charge's at you, do a back flip over his head. he will stumble. when he is at the edge pick him up by his tail, swing him around and throw him into the bomb. the good thing about this is you won't have to charge up the swing (WARNING if you miss time your back flip you WILL be knocked of the arena)
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Unlock Luigi 60%
First you need to unlock mario. then, go into that place inside the castle with all those boos and towards the left, there will be a big fat boo! punch it and a secret world will appear!

follow this and unlock LUIGI!

P.S. you cannot do this with YOSHI
By: knightblade95(7)
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Big boos haunt level glitch! 60%
Go to the big boo's haunt level and pick the first star. (go on a ghost hunt) Go into the house and go to the rightmost door and kill the boo and a text will appear. (Ghost...don't...DIE! Heh, heh, heh! Can you get out of here... ...alive?) Go to the next door and get the boo to come to you (be next to the door) ground pound the boo and leave the the room (QUICKILY!) the message wil not appear! Go fight the last ghosts and the big boo will not appear like he should. You cannot fight him unless you die, go back in and fight the boos again. It's wierd...
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Easy way to get back health 60%
When your life is low, all you have to do is jump in the water. swim in the water ,for about  3 seconds and then come back to the surface. if you do it right your health will be restored!
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Get to top of peaches castle with 0 stars 59%
You start the game out with 0 stars, and you start the game with Yoshi.
When you start the game, go over to the side with the waterfall.

By that corner, turn your camera to the right, you will see a little a ledge sticking out
over the fence, jump on it.

When you are there, charge up and run.
Start running, then do a long jump onto the waterfall AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

When you start to slide down, hold down B so Yoshi will jump and paddle his feet in the air.
Have Yoshi paddle over to the ledge that is right by the castle.

When he is on it, you will see a steep hill going up, jump up backwards and have Yoshi
paddle his feet higher up the hill, each time he lands on the hill jump and paddle his feet up
right way, when you got to the top, you will see three 1ups.

It is pretty hard to do, but you will eventually get it.
By: Administaror(256)
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Castle star 59%
When you unlock luigi go into the mirror room on floor 2. if you are luigi you will find flowers get one and walk through the mirror you will find a door that looks just like the one you came from go in it and the whole room will be white and there will be a star.
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Heavens portal in peaches castle 59%
Go up to the room with the huge clock, and go to the set of stairs to your left and climb up
onto the second step.

Put your character somewhere in the middle of the step, charge up and run. Press R to slide,
then press A to kick.

If you did it correctly, you will slide-kick into the corner and get shot in the sky.
After that, you will die and end up in front of the castle.

--A story about the subject--

Although, once I did this cheat and instead of dying, I fell into this huge pitch black area.
I walked around to try and figure where I was, and after a little while of walking around

I was freaked out.
By: Administaror(256)
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Toads secret star 59%
Go 2 the place where lethal lava land is (course 7) but dont enter the course, go to where the only toad is talk to him and he will give you a star! If it does not work try it with another character cuz im not really sure with wat character to do it with but it will work.
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Mirror room 58%
If anybody is looking for the mirroe room you have to get the key to open the middle door in the castle go up the stairs and go in the door with the red curtain around it and when you go in you will see a mirror hope this helps
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Invisible Wario 58%
Go to Tall Tall Mountain as Wario, then go over to where all the mushrooms are scattered.
If you go a little further ahead, you will see 2 black boxes.

Punch the one on the left, a red mushroom will come out of it. You will become big.

After you have grown big, go over to the mushroom that warps to the hidden place
under the mountain.

After the screen has gone white, press SELECT. After a few seconds, press SELECT
again, walk foward, you will be invisible.

NOTE: If you warp back up or use the cannon, you will become visible again.
By: Administaror(256)
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All charictars Break dancing 58%
You hold down The "R" then push "A" and your charactor will spin break dance style
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3 Secrets in the mirror room 57%
Enter the castle and go up the stairs. open the door and keep going up. now go in the door with a star on it. (Not the one that gets you to Tiny Huge Island.) Now, here are the secrets:

1. Go to the left side of the room and jump in the wall. You'll be in a snow land.

2. Get Luigi and get the power flower on the pedestal. Jump through the mirror and into the wario painting. Get to the giant Ice Bully and defeat him to unlock Wario.

3. Get Luigi and get the power flower on the pedestal. Jump through the mirror and go in the door. The room will be all white and there will be a star!
By: CheattopiaBen(631)
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Castle with mario 57%
Hey did you know there is a glitch to get up on top of the castle without having all the stars heres how

go to the eastern side of the castle you will see some grey bricks try wall jumping and one thime you will get up there but it is very hard

if that doesn't work look it up on
By: dragon181818(22)
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As the title suggests, this allows you to break tick tock clock. Jump so the clock hands arew facing opposite ways ie:long hand at 12, short at 6. Sometimes, the clock will break. When it breaks, it:

Changes speeds

And becomes Awesome! If it works, you'll be in for a treat. The unreliability of tick tock clock in this state therefore gives the bored gamer a challenge... give it a try!
By: conor4100(832)
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151 stars no AR not tested 57%
First get 149 stars excepct the one when you get 8 red coins while fighting king boo. skip the first coin and get the other 7 coins (need Wario) then go back to the beginning. now get the red coin that you skipped. go into the room where the 8th coin was and look to your left there should be 2 stars instead of 1. get the 2 stars and you should have 151 stars (maybe not like I said I didn't test it out) good luck and I hope it works :)
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Make Yoshi Grow Big! 57%
Normally in a level, a moustached player can brake a box and there will be a mushroom inside. Try this with Yoshi however, and he'll not be able to break it, therefore not getting the mushroom and not growing big. Solution!

1. Start level as yoshi
2. Get a cap
3. Make sure an enemy is close to the mushroom box
4. Break the box
5. Get ingured by the enemy
6. You'll lose your hat and return to grab the mushroom before it's gone!
By: conor4100(832)
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Defeating Bowser for the Last Time 57%
When you want to defeat Bowser one last time, you must get 80 stars. If you go through the 50 star door and up the stairs to the 80 star door, you can find out how many more stars you need to get before solving the Endless Stair Mystery.
By: conor4100(832)
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More caps 57%
Ok when your in snow mans land . when you get blown off by the snow man get blown off three more times so you get more hats and you must be luigi only
By: john123(51)
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Wet- Dry world glitch 57%
Triple jump into Wet-Dry world as mario, go to Downtown, make sure you have activated the red ? blocks, lower Downtown`s water level, get the power flower inside the ? block & float to the entrance of Downtown. Go through the passage until you come to part of the passage that turns up. This is the hard part. you will need to triple-jump then wall-kick up to the ledge you can reach. this takes about 30 tries, but you will do it eventullay. now, once on the ledge, you will have no trouble walking, but switch to first person view, and look up. you will see the surface of the water just how you left it! preeeety cool, huh? by Zf6
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Cool Cool Mountain slide shortcut 57%
This is for the Cool Cool Mountain slide inside the house. When you come up to the first tunnel, look for a line of 5 coins going into the wall. Follow the coins into the wall and you will take a secret path with 3 1-Ups in it. Note: You can't use this to get the star in the Penguin Race.
By: conor4100(832)
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Ice Water 57%
Whenever you see the ice water at course 10, Snowman's Land, don't stay in for too long. Your health decreases instead of increasing.
By: conor4100(832)
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More lives 57%
Go to the courtyards and to close to the moat and jump in that tree beside it
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Beat bowser 1st time PS a hint no AR or D4 and gameshark 57%
In standard mode use the bottom screen and your pen and spin bowser by making circles when you are done pick up your pen or finger then quickly press A or B it may tack few times but it work for me
By: BThockey01(122)
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Tthe ? switch 56%
Heres the cheat to get to the ? switch you have to have unlocked Mario in the Gomboos place, then you go with him inside the castle, when you have some stars, I do not know how many but quite a few, there's a voiced that says"Mario..." then you go to the light that there is where the voice came from and take the camera close to mario and look up. Then you appear in this sky place you have wings you land on the middle tower and jump on the ? switch. Well, there you have it Hope you have fun with Mario!

Gerardo Fiege Revilla
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Bobomb Battlefield Heaven Portals 56%
There are two "heaven portals" in BoB. Firstly, go to the cannon closest to the arrow sign and the metal gate and get in it. Move the cannon as far right as you can and then move it down until you can only see a few pixels of the tree. When you fire, you should hit the fence and the top screen will go blue meaning the glitch is complete and your character will fall out of the sky. The second portal needs you to get in the cannon closest to th e goomba wearing a mario hat (if you're not mario) and the chain chomp. Align the crosshairs with the underside tip of the floating island, then move it halfway between the tip and the fence. Hopefully you will slide up the hill, into the fence and drop out of the sky. These glitches are a bit difficult to pull off but once they have been done more than once, they will become much easier!
By: bobsquash94(6)
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2 hats = 1up 56%
On bobomb battlefield, when you race koopa the quick, there is 2 mario hats. get them both for a 1up.
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Squere eggs!! 56%
First you have to be yoshi then go to hazy mazy cave when your there eat the box then the egg should be squere p
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Get Luigi Key 56%
Beat King Boo in Luigi's Painting on the 3rd Floor of Big Boo's Haunt.
By: conor4100(832)
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Cannon 56%
To access the cannon outside the castle, get 150 stars. There are three 1-ups, a cap and Luigi's rabbit.
By: conor4100(832)
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How to get the red ? switch 56%
Well the way you get this hard to find red ? switch is pretty easy.The first step is to get in the castle.Once you get in there has to be sun coming down from the ceiling.This sun will only come out if you have 18 stars or more.Well if the sun is coming down look up towards the sun.Oh I almost forgot to tell you that you could only do this if you're mario.The way you look up is by pressing x two times and moving mario's head with the d-pad.Then you will have a wing cap.There's going to be a little tower in the middle of this secret course.Go there.You found the switch!
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Have Toad wear your cap 56%
While Mario, Luigi, or Wario, lose a cap in any of the stages that you can lose a cap... and leave the level... While you have no cap, go to any other level, get any star and when you return to the castle, go back to the main hall and toad is there wearing your cap! He will say that he found it outside the castle front. This is also good in case you lost your cap somewhere but you don't know where you left it. Check it out, it's pretty neat.
By: conor4100(832)
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Boo hoo garden 56%
If you ground pound the boohooos with the red coins in them you get a secret star.
By: liliziyue(413)
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Glitch: Big Boo's Haunt Elevator 56%
When you enter the area, go into the building by the black blocks. Get on the red elevator, and jump off. Make sure you Ground Pound (B + R) to land safely! Now, before the elevator gets to the bottom, go under it. When it stops, you will be trapped under the elevator. Jump (B) and you will be on the elevator going up. Pretty cool, eh?
By: conor4100(832)
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Transport in bomb-omb battle field 55%
O.K up on the mountain part there should be a little hole on the sid go in and you will be at the top!
By: cheatperson(269)
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Get lots of lives 55%
You can get up to 20 lives if you do this right, got to the lowest floor of peaches castle and
then enter the room with the blank star on the door.

Then enter the HAZY MAZE CAVE.

Once there, go down the right hallway.

Then enter the door at the end of the hallway and then you will enter the room with
all the red coins.

Once there, go through the door on the side to enter the toxic maze.

Once there, take a right and then you will see 2 Monty Moles.

Go past them and then go around the corner and you will find a brick block, destroy it.

Once destroyed a red mushroom will come up, get the red shell, and then you will turn big.

Go around the corner again back to the two Monty Moles, and keep going around and around
to keep destroying the Monty Moles.

You should have many more lives now.
By: Administaror(256)
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The hatless Yoshi glitch 55%
--Make Yoshi turn into another character then lose his cap and still be the same character--

Go to Tall Tall Mountain as Yoshi, and get a Mario cap, Luigi cap, or Wario cap.
Once he got a cap, go over the area with the monkey and Shy guy.

Go onto the platform that is in the corner of the area, then press X, when the monkey
is at the very edge, hold down Y to charge up, then start run.

Quickly dive into the monkey and Yoshi will lose the cap, but he won't turn back
into Yoshi, he will still be the same character that he was with the cap.

NOTE: If you do this with Wario's cap and get the ? block at the top of the mountain, then
the game will freeze.
By: Administaror(256)
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2 stars in one slide? 54%
On the slide in the room where the rec room keys are, theres 2 stars! if you get down the slide within 21 seconds, you get a second star
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20 to 100 lives (not at the top of the catsil) 54%
Hey conor4100 there is a cheatmaster in town!
there is a way to get 100 lives this is how to do it!
step one: go to the princess`s secret slide.
step two: go down the slide and get the live.
step three: do it agen PS get the star PSS its on the right in the room that you change people!
step four: you may get the point now please read more of my hints please!?
By: BThockey01(122)
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Easy way to make red boxes solid 53%
Obtain 14 stars then go to the sun carpet you will see a beam of y and then look up while pressing down.tip:you have to use mario because he is the only hero that can fly
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Secret window in Castle. 50%
Goto the File Select menu. Then, look up at the castle at the far right. You can see a window that's not in the game.
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How to get Waluigi 50%
U must have 150 stars 2 do this. Everybody knows the 2-d Black box, right? Well, if you happen to break using the priese (something like that) arm. (Yeah, I have no life LOL) It makes a strange vortex in the peach painting. (I think you need to be Mario, or Wario. Yoshi can't do it, cause he's so weak and can't punch.) So go into the peach painting. When you enter there will be a room simular to the 2nd floor miror room, but there will be different paintings. Among in the mirror you will see a waluigi painting. But you need Luigi. You'll see a goomba with a luigi cap on. Kill the goomba, and grab the hat. Now grab the power flower, and walk through the mirror, and into the painting. Now there are 2 rooms. 1 that leads to the key, and Waluigi's room. Grab the Mario cap first. Then go through the key door. Now it's pitched black. Use Mario's famous wall kick up there. Once your up there there will be a chest. Open it with r or l, and you've gotton the Waluigi key. Go into Waluigi's room. CONGRATULATIONS! U have unlock Waluigi. You'll return to the cortyard but... the cortyard is compleatly smurged with water. Except the tip. Swim up to the tip and there will be a ! box with a different location. Hit it and Waluigi has thunder powers. This is a great way to kill enemies. Zap the tip off and you will fall into a hole. Hit the switch and now the water drains. Now the door next to Wario, will now be Waluigi's Room. Oh, and that 2-d box isn't there anymore. So wat r you waiting 4? Try it!
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How to get Waluigi the real way. 50%
MUST HAVE 150 STARS TO DO THIS! (Mario will proplably be the best 4 this.) Everyone knows about the 2-d box rumor. Having Mario fly to where the 2-d box is and hitting it is near IMPOSSIBLE! But if you keep on doing this for several days you will sucseed. And... Those people have sucseed! Once you break the 2-d box it makes a strange vortex in the Peach Painting outside. Go inside the painting, and u'll be in a room much simular like the miror room on the second floor. But there is different paintings. Among the miror room the is a Waluigi painting on the other side of the miror. But you need Luigi. There is a goomba wit a Luigi cap on. So defeat him and grab Luigi's hat. Now you see a power flower. Grab it and go inside the miror, and go inside Waluigi's painting. Now you see 2 rooms. One that leads to Waluigi, and one that leads to the key. FIRST, GRAB THE MARIO CAP! Then go inside the key room. Once you r in there the room is pitched black. Use Mario's famous wall jump to jump up there. Then u'll see a chest. Open it wit L or R. When it opens you will get Waluigi's key. Go into Waluigi's room. CONGRATULATIONS! U have unlocked Waluigi! U'll return to the cortyard except... the cortyard is completly smurged wit water. Except the tip. Swim up there, and you will see a red box at a different location. Hit it and Waluigi has thunder powers. This is a great way to kill enemys. Zap the tip off. U'll see a hole. Go down the hole, and hit the big switch. Now the water is draining. Now the room next to Wario's will now be Waluigi's. Oh, and the 2-d box isn't there anymore.
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The cap glitch 50%
Go to Snowman's Land and get blown away by the Snowman.Now go and find the normal sized snowman that has your cap.Defeat him with a box and your cap will fall on the ground.Do this again.Now instead of one,there will be two caps on the ground.(The number of caps increases every time you do it)
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The freeze glitch (Action Replay included) 50%
Before you start the game, set up the moon jump cheat from your action replay!

Go to the mirror room, and go through the mirror.
Jump into Wario's painting and go down the slide at the beginning of the level.

Once you slid off, a gust of wind will blow you up in the air.

While this gust of wind is blowing you up, Press B!

You will moon jump and the game will freeze, pretty cool huh!
By: Administaror(256)
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Yoshi in buu world and wario, luigi, and yoshi in final bowser world. 50%
You need action replay for both things.

yoshi in buu world:
use the code to press L+R+UP to play as yoshi.
take mario or the others exept for yoshi, then go kill big buu in the courtyard.
press L+R+UP when yuo are going to buu's world.
you should be yoshi in the buu world.

Any person in final bowser world:

use one of the caracter modifier code except for mario.
when you jump in the pipe to bowser world, use the modifier code wario, luigi or yoshi.
in bowser world you should be wario, luigi or yoshi with a mario hat.
let an enemy hit you to lose the hat.
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Great view from the map (Action Replay included) 50%
Before you start the game, set up the moon jump cheat from your action replay.

Go up to the third floor and enter Tick Tock Clock.
Once you entered, then go down the huge hole in the middle and die.

When you fly out, press B and you should moon jump, go over the wall and onto the endless

If you keep on moon jumping, you will soon get to the point where you can't go any further
up the endless stairs.

Keep on moon jumping as the camera keeps going further and further away from you.

It's pretty cool!

NOTE: If you have at least 80 stars, then this does not work with Mario!
By: Administaror(256)
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Helicopters for everyone!! 50%
As any character, go to the worlds where you can find the enemies with those flowers on their head(found in Cool,cool mountian & snowman`s land. Jump on their head & you`ll be whirled around, just like luigi`s backflip. Use this to get the star"Whirl from the freezing pond".
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Lose 0 lives on bowser in the sky 50%
If you have lots of trouble with the third bowser after you lose a life by him you just get the 1up and if the same thing happins do the same thing if you keep on dying just do this!
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Super cheat 50%
Become yoshi and hit the ? box then get the power flower and you will breathe fire
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Instant Water Rise in Wet Dry World 50%
To vary the water level in Wet Dry World, jump in the painting for the level at a certain height on the picture to make the water start on a low, medium, or high height equal to how high you jumped in.
By: conor4100(832)
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Multiple hats glitch 50%
This glitch is simple. Go to Snowmans Land. Lose the cap, and return where you arrived to this place. Grab the box, and carry it towards the snowman that has your hat. U will get your hat back, then lose it again. Return and get the box, go to the snowman, throw the box... Now there's 2 CAPS! U can repeat this over & over but eventually the game will freeze. But its kinda cool.
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Easy Star in Jolly Roger Bay 50%
Go to the first mission of Jolly Roger Bay. You must have Mario to do this. From the starting point, there should be some of those orange brick blocks near you. Destroy them, and get the Shell that's inside. Take the shell out onto the water, and look at your map.Surf over to the ship (The dark circle with the star over it), and when you get there, try to jump off of your shell. (I think you jump and press R in the air.) You should land back on the water and then fall under the surface. Swim down and let the eel come out of the door. Then, go inside the boat. You will be underwater and a Treasure chest will be there. DO NOT TOUCH THE TREASURE CHEST YET! First, swim up to the other end of the room and get some air. Then, swim back to the treasure chest, but turn twoards the star. Now, swim at the treasure chest, and swim as fast as you can twoards the star. Hopefully you will land on a high ledge. Now, you can either jump to the top ledge, (hard) or crawl up the hill. (Easy but slow. If you hit a high ledge, it makes this a lot easier and quicker.) Now, open the box, and get the star inside
By: conor4100(832)
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How to refill helth 50%
If your health is low go in deep water dive in and go back for air and you should have full health
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MiniGame of Yoshi 50%
MiniGame - Code

Boom Box - Catch 3 Rabbits
Which Wiggler? - Catch 5 Rabbits
Hide and Boo Seek - Catch 1 Rabbit
Puzzle Panel - Catch 2 Rabbits
Tox Box Shuffle - Catch 4 Rabbits
By: conor4100(832)
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Mini Games 50%
Mario MiniGame - Code

Bounce and Pounce - Have when you start
Bounce and Trounce - Catch 4 Rabbits
Connect the Characters - Catch 5 Rabbits
Mario's Slides - Have when you start
Shell Smash - Catch 6 Rabbits
Shuffle Shell - Catch 3 Rabbits
Sort or 'Splode - Catch 1 Rabbit
Trampoline Terror - Catch 7 Rabbits
Trampoline Time - Catch 2 Rabbits
By: conor4100(832)
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Waluigi the real way by henry noyes 50%
MUST HAVE 150 STARS TO DO THIS! (Mario will proplably be the best 4 this.) Everyone knows about the 2-d box rumor. Having Mario fly to where the 2-d box is and hitting it is near IMPOSSIBLE! But if you keep on doing this for several days you will sucseed. And... Those people have sucseed! Once you break the 2-d box it makes a strange vortex in the Peach Painting outside. Go inside the painting, and u'll be in a room much simular like the miror room on the second floor. But there is different paintings. Among the miror room the is a Waluigi painting on the other side of the miror. But you need Luigi. There is a goomba wit a Luigi cap on. So defeat him and grab Luigi's hat. Now you see a power flower. Grab it and go inside the miror, and go inside Waluigi's painting. Now you see 2 rooms. One that leads to Waluigi, and one that leads to the key. FIRST, GRAB THE MARIO CAP! Then go inside the key room. Once you r in there the room is pitched black. Use Mario's famous wall jump to jump up there. Then u'll see a chest. Open it wit L or R. When it opens you will get Waluigi's key. Go into Waluigi's room. CONGRATULATIONS! U have unlocked Waluigi! U'll return to the cortyard except... the cortyard is completly smurged wit water. Except the tip. Swim up there, and you will see a red box at a different location. Hit it and Waluigi has thunder powers. This is a great way to kill enemys. Zap the tip off. U'll see a hole. Go down the hole, and hit the big switch. Now the water is draining. Now the room next to Wario's will now be Waluigi's. Oh, and the 2-d box isn't there anymore.
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Different speeds in Tick Tock Clock 50%
Jump in the clock on 3 and it will be slow. Jump in the clock on 6 and it will be medium speed. Jump in on 9, and it will be fast
By: conor4100(832)
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Inside the volcanio hint 50%
In the volcanio turn around and run in till you jump on a little ride and go on the back left corrner on the 2nt one when it stops @ hit the pole then press Y it will make you go faster when see the nova (star) go on the first one then press X to see the the 2nt plantform then jump to the nova then vola! you jump out of the fire bowser painting in the bacement
By: BThockey01(122)
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Walk underwater at Jolly Roger Bay glitch (Action Replay included) 50%
Activate the codes Moon Jump and Walk Underwater Press x (walk underwater press x is 927fffa8 fbff0000
823fdff8 fbff0000
da000000 023fdffa
d4000000 00000001
d7000000 023fdffa
d2000000 00000000
d3000000 027fffa8
f23fdff8 00000002
d2000000 00000000
923fdffa fffe0000
02036c10 e2000020
d0000000 00000000
923fdffa fffe0001
02036c10 e2000000
d0000000 00000000)
when you get in press x to activate the walk on water code and walk to the cannon. Don't go in the cannon. use moon jump to jump over the wall that's to the left of the cannon. keep moon jumping while looking at the bottom screen and the mario icon and try to make his icon go in the direction of the other end of the course over the wall and when his icon gets to the other end of the course let go of the b button and drop down and you'll b in the other end of the course. Then go to the part where it leads back into the water (its near the red ? box) and deactivate the walk on water code by pressing x. Then swim through the circle of coins and then swim to the clam. then activate the walk underwater code and swim up. you will see mario's head stick out of the water like when he gets to the surface but he will still be in the water.jump out but as SOON as you jump let go of the b button so you will fall back down but you won't be swimming you will be walking and you will be underwater.
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Get the behind chain chomps gate star 50%
Wario is reccomended for the mission because he just needs to ground pound stakes once for them to go to the ground(giggle giggle) ground pound it once for wario or three times for Mario,Luigi and yoshi. either way the chain chomp will do a little dance of some sort and brake the gate and I don't know where he goes after that. anyways go and claim your star.:)
By: berry895(296)
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Skydiving Glitch (more specific, same person) 50%
If your thinking about the koopa that you face against your wrong! Its the one wit the small koopa, and you get 2 ride its shell when you defeat it, thats the one. Climb up 2 the cannon. Once, your in ther you will see the 4 triangles in the cardinal directions (obviously everytime you enter a cannon) Put the top triangle on the tip of the floating land. The one with the triangle point facing down must be NEARLY equivalent 2 the tip of the floating land. Then, FIRE! Mario will get fired towards the moutain hill, and will glitch the game, & Mario will go up the hill to the path. Then somehow, Mario will TOTALLY be up in the sky, "skydiving" wit no parachute! lol. But this is true! if you did it correctly, then u've learned 2 activate this glitch! For more glitches, please visit youtube, and type in Super Mario 64 Ds Glitches. MUST BE AT BOMB-OMB BATTLEFIELDS!
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Invisible boxes 50%
Swallow a goomba as yoshi. Turn it into an egg by pressing R.Then jump on a Goomba and throw the egg at the same time.You will have an invisible box. If you are in Bomb-Omb Battle Field this will freeze the game after a few seconds. If you go in the Debug menu after freezing the game there will be no numbers and there will be a green and blue screen.Sometimes you might find a code in the Debug menu
By: marko64ds(4)
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Infinite lives top of castle 50%
To get infinite lives be luigi go near the water fall backflip to the patch of grass on the side of the castle do the move were you look at luigi jump back and jump back un till you get on top of castle inter the castle door do this repeatedly to get infinity lives enjoy
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How to git wario plus a star 50%
First you have to find Luigi then you need access to the second floor if you have all that then you have to become Luigi then go up to the room with the big mirror,there should be two flowers in there grab one run in to the mirror then go and jump in the picture of Wario,then you must defeat a boss(NOT BOWSER) you defeat him buy punching him off the side 3 times then after you do that he gives you the key to warios room.
( in the same room with the mirror you have too be luigi. grab a flower,run in to the mirror but don't jump in too any painting,run to the door in the back and there is a star there
By: bob900(132)
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Weird Boo GLITCH on Big Boo's Haunt 50%
OK here's what you do. Go to Big Boo's Haunt and select the first mision (go on a ghost hunt.) Then Enter The House. Go to the door directialy to the right. Defeat that boo and it will say Ghosts... Don't... DIE! Keep going to the next room. Be neer the Door! Wait for the boo to come near, punch the boo and Leave The Room (QUICKELY) The Message won't come up. Then go to another room. Once you defeat the boo's in that room, return To The room after the room directialy to the right. The Boo Shoud still be there BUT YOU ONLY SEE THE BACK OF THAT BOO! IT WON'T TURN AROUND AND YOU CAN'T KILL IT! AND IT WON'T KILL U! It's Wierd But It Will Work. Ive Done it Befor
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Luigi 47%
U get him by going on the haunted house
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Want a lot of lives? 46%
If you want alot of lives then go to different levels and find the mushrooms that make you bigger and keep running into enemies while your big and after a few enemies you will gain lives for every enemy you hit.
By: austin12(228)
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Flip in the air 46%
With mario you can push R then B then youll find yourself doing a high flip in the air
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Bonus Level 45%
To get a bonus level, go to the Castles in the Sky Level and long jump into the flower bed. Then, it will transport you to another place in the game. There you will find a box, hit the box and you will enter a Bonus Level.
By: conor4100(832)
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Invincibility AR code 45%
The code is

62094a90 00000000
b2094a90 00000000
200006a0 0000001c
d2000000 00000000

NOTE: I did not make.
By: MarioCheat2468(16)
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Wall Jumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 44%
While Mario press the "B" button to Wall Jump!
By: Kiya(122)
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Very funny glitch with action relpay 43%
First go to the room where tik tok klok. ( dont go in the klok.) moon jump al the way up and behind the tree. 1nc your behind it, youll start falling. keep doing it. then youll go bak 2 the castles bridge!
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Different faces when drawing 43%
When you get to the main screen,look at the face of either mario or yoshi.there faces b on the ds when you want them to look like that.then press r.when you pressed b,you froze it.and you can trace it like you froze it
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Wario ans star 43%
You get Wario by using Luigi in the mirror room. There are flowers there. Get one with Luigi and go in the mirror. You can go into the door in the back and get a star and go into the picture of Wario in the mirror to unlock Wario.

Gerardo Fiege Revilla
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Action Replay codes Galore! 43%
This Is my first Major AR Code posting on any site O.K. So don't blame me if it sucks. I have 565 Codes (and counting) so this should cure any NDS Nerd`s hunger for SM64DS. Rate 1-10 Please. Oh, And I'm Posting These Codes For EVERYONE!) Also,
the Majority of these codes are for Version 1.1. So everyone`s happy. PLEASE GIVE THIS LIST A TEN! ) ~Devastator200~
P.s To convert Replacement codes to 1.0, Subtract 1AF4 From the Second Four Lines Of the First Adress. (Courtesy of Tiger21820))

Replacement Codes:

Replace Whomp king:
1210446A 00000XXX
Replace coins:
12104432 00000XXX
12104462 00000XXX
Black Balls:
12104402 00000XXX
1210440E 00000XXX
Big Bob-omb:
12104458 00000XXX
1210443A 00000XXX
1210444A 00000XXX
12104406 00000XXX
12104480 00000XXX
12104487 00000XXX
Chain Chomps
121043FC 00000XXX
12104430 00000XXX
12104450 00000XXX
! Switches
1210443E 00000XXX
Chain Chomp Gates
1210443E 00000XXX
Bob-omb Buddies
12104410 00000XXX
Bouncing Snowmen of CCM
1210445A 00000XXX
1210443C 00000XXX
Red Coins
12104434 00000XXX
Blue Coins
12104436 00000XXX
1210446E 00000XXX
Big Boos
12104470 00000XXX
12104412 00000XXX


Replace Silver Stars
12104464 00000XXX
12104468 00000XXX
Piranha Plants
1210445E 00000XXX
? Boxes
12104424 00000XXX
12104454 00000XXX
12104456 00000XXX
12104452 00000XXX

More incoming! :D

Replace Metal Doors
12104439C 00000XXX
Front doors
121043A8 00000XXX
CCM Door (In castle)
3rd Bowser Star Door
12104394 00000XXX
2nd Bowser Star Door
12104390 00000XXX
Basement Door
12104388 00000XXX
BOB Door
12104380 00000XXX
JRB Door
12104484 00000XXX
Red Coin Shadow Star
12104466 00000XXX
Star Switches
12104440 00000XXX
UpDown Platform In LLL
121044FA 00000XXX
! Boxes
Replace Big Bully That Pops Up
12104467 00000XXX
Replace Invisible Object in CCM
12104462 00000XXX
Replace More invisible objects in CCM
12104481 00000XXX
12104422 00000XXX

And NINTENDUCT'S Values for near everything in the game (Thanks NINTENDUCT!)
0 Freeze
1 Freeze
2 Freeze
3 Freeze
4 Freeze
5 Freeze
6 Freeze
7 Freeze
8 Freeze
9 Freeze
A Blue Coin Switch
B ! Switch
C Star Switch
D Treasure Chest
E Bob-omb Hatch
F Block
10 Large Block
11 Black Block
12 Ice Block
13 Freeze
14 ? Block
15 ! Block
16 ! Block
17 M Block
18 W Block
19 (My Favourite) L Block
1A ? Switch
1B Stake
1C Seesaw From BOB
1D Elevator In BOB
1E Elevator In Secret Under The Moat
1F Moving Platform In Castle Grounds Battle Mode
20 Grate Platform
21 Metal Platform in HMC
22 Invisi-Object
23 Water In The Basement
24 Invisi-object in the Castle
25 Same as above
26 Same as above
27 Seesaw in BOB
28 Gate Piece
29 Chain Chomp Gate
2A Yellow Ball in WF
2B Bullet Bill box
2C Upright Plank of Wood
2D Concrete Block in WF
2E Small Stone Wall piece
2F Brick Wall chip
30 Same As Above
31 Tower-Can Be Used in all levels
32 Rotating Grass platform
33 Rotating Plank of Wood
34 Stone Elevator
35 Sliding Boulder
36 Small Sliding Boulder
37 Sliding Snow Platform
38 Freeze
39 Ship in JRB
3A Falling Rock Pillar
3B Pointed Rock in JRB
3C Floating Wood Plank
3D Large Boulder
3E Lowering Water In JRBS
3F SkiLift
40 Casket
41 Mansion Steps
42 Concrete Block in BBH
43 Tall Grate Wall in HMC
44 Control Pad Platform in HMC
45 Floating Lava Grate
46 Gigantic Log
47 Rotating Volcano platform
48 Tilting platform
49 DrawBridge
4A Stone Walkway
4B Quad Sinking Platform
4C Long Sinking Platform
4D Same as above
4E Bowser Square Piece
4F Invisi-object in LLL
50 Large Rotating Platform in LLL
51 Rotating Flamethrower
52 Wooden Lava Floating Platform
53 Invisi-Object in LLL
54 Smashing wall
55 Pyramid Peak
56 Invisi-Object
57 Freeze
58 Caged Platform in Pyramid
59 Sliding Pole in DDD
5A Invisi-object in DDD
5B Same as above
5C Sliding Snow Hill
5D Same as above
5E Fast Rotating Stone platform
5F Floating Square platform
60 Left-Right Cube
61 Water Level Changing Diamond
62 Invisi-Oject
63 Floating Connected Platform
64 Long Floating Platform
65 Invisi-Object
66 Giant Log
67 Caged Star
68 Stone Square in Tiny-Huge island Tiny isle
69 Invisi-object in THI-Tiny isle
6A Large stone square in THI-Huge isle
6B Invisi-object
6C Flipping Cube In TTC
6D Flipping Triangle in TTC
6E Pendulum
6F Treadmill
70 Short treadmill
71 Spring Push Rectangle
72 Rotating Platform in TTC
73 Rotating Triangle
74 Up/down Cube in TTC
75 Same as above
76 Up/Down Rectangle
77 Clock Hand in TTC
78 Slow Spinning Platform
79 Flat Gear
7A Same as above
7B Rack W/ Triangles
7C Pink Left/Right Platform
7D Flying Ship Wing
7E Falling Platform
7F Giant Swing
80 Giant Seesaw
81 Blue Rotating Platform
82 Flying Carpet
83 Yellow Elevator
84 Rotating Platform With platforms on side
85 Giant Blue Seesaw
86 Checkered Slope in Bowser Map 1
87 Pointed Sliding platform in Bowser map 1
88 Blue Platform in Bowser map 1
89 Ferris Wheel in Bowser Map 1
8A Push/Pull Platform in Bowser Map 1
8B Rectangles that fall when stood on in Bowser map 2
8C Stone Elevator in Bowser map 2
8D Tilting platform in bowser map 2
8E Grate platform w/ pole
8F Sideways stone seesaw in Bowser Map 2
90 Freeze
91 Sinking Plaform in Bowser Map 2
92 Sliding Platform in Bowser Map 2
93 Floating Platform in Bowser Map 2
94 Floating Obstacle in Bowser map 2
95 Giant Yellow Seesaw in Bowser map 2
96 Zig Zag SeeSaw in Bowser Map 2
97 Checkered Platform in Bowser Map 3
98 Ferris Wheel In bowser Map 3
99 Checkered Slope In Bowser Map 3
9A Push/Pull Platform in Bowser Map 3
9B Small Push/ Pull Platform in Bowser Map 3
9C Large Rotating Platform in Bowser Map 3
9D Freeze
9E 3 Book Buttons
9F Rotating Platform in BBH
A0 Flip Platform in BBH
A1 Thwomp
A2 Grindel
A3 Spindel
A4 Whomp
A5 Whomp King
A6 Red Object In Bowser Battle 3
A7 Large Triangle Object in Bowser Battle 3
A8 Dorrie
A9 Invisi-Object in HMC
AA Invisi-Object in CCC
AB Same as above
AC Same as Above
AD Seesaw in Chef Chilly Map
AE UpDown Log in GB
AF Moving Platform in GB
B0 EyeRok
B1 Invisi-Object
B2 Star
B3 Silver Star
B4 Red Coin Star
B5 Bob-omb Buddy
B6 Minigame Dresser(Invisi)
B7 Wall sign
B8 Sign
B9 Toad
BA Peach
BB MIP The Bunny
BC Koopa The Quick
BD Big-Bobomb
BE Chuck-Ya
BF Player
C0 Steel Box
C1 Enchanted Box Enemy
C2 Small wood Box
C3 Invisi-Object in KBB
C4 Invisi-Object
C5 WaterFall Mist
C6 Goomboss
C7 Goomboss
C8 Goomba
C9 Tiny Goomba
CA Big Goomba
CB Koopa
CC Tiny Koopa
CD Koopa Flagpole
CE Bob-omb
CF Cannon
D0 WaterBomb
D1 Boo
D2 Big Boo
D3 Star Icons On Screen
D4 BBH Entrance
D5 Thick book
D6 Bouncing Lava Bubbles
D7 Bully
D8 Big Bully
D9 Chill Bully
DA Freeze
DB Chain Chomp
DC Giant Cannon Ball
DD Giant Rolling Boulder
DE Bullet Bill
DF Mr. Blizzard (Snowman)
E0 Snowball
E1 Sushi the shark
E2 Manta
E3 Cheep Cheep
E4 Bubba
E5 Star Key
E6 Skeeter
E7 Fwoosh The Colud
E8 Fly Guy
E9 Snufit Bullet
EA Hoot the owl (Invisi)
EB Lakitu Bro.
EC Snufit
ED Swooper
EE Heave Ho
EF Klepto
F0 Pokey
F1 Freeze
F2 Unagi the Eel
F3 Volcano
F4 Manta Rings
F5 Wind
F6 Freeze
F7 Freeze
F8 Wiggler
F9 Mad piano
FA Piranha Plant
FB Giant Piranha plant (Pops up When you near it)
FC Tiny Piranha Plant(Pops up when you near it)
FD Piranha Plant (Pops up when you near it)
FE FireBall
FF Scuttle Bug
100 Tuxie
101 Penguin
102 Bridge Penguin
103 Slide Penguin
104 Spiny
105 MoneyBags
106 Mr. I
107 Mr. I (Big)
108 Plasma Ball
109 Lakitu
10A Amp
10B Ukiki
10C Same as above
10D Cap
10E Fire Spitting Ball
10F FireBalls
110 Giant Snowman
111 Snowman's Head
112 Snowman's Body
113 Monster Snowman Head
114 1-Up
115 Super Mushroom
116 Invisi-Object
117 Bowser
118 Invisi-Object
119 Invisi-Object
11A Big Key
11B Last Star
11C Spikeball in BITS
11D Koopa shell
11E Tree
11F Invisi-Pole
120 Coin
121 Red Coin
122 Blue Coin
123 Bubble
124 Clock Hand Upstairs
125 Same as above
126 Pendulum Upstairs
127 Ice Square
128 Seaweed
129 Heart
12A Warp pipe
12B Big sign Pointing Left
12C Big sign Pointing Right
12D Invisi-Object in Bowser Map 1
12E Silver Star In TTM Slide
12F Yellow Star In TTM Slide
130 Yellow Smile Face in TTM Slide
131 Blue Smile Face in TTM Slide
132 Power Flower
133 Painting
134 Tweester
135 Tox Box
136 Monty Mole
137 Monty's Rock
138 Spin Drift
139 Freeze
13A Cloud in ? Switch
13B Clam
13C Flame
13D Blue Flame
13E Blue Flamethrower
13F Invisi-Object
140 Same as above
141 Same as above
142 Same as above
143 Same as above
144 Silver star icons
145 Invisi-Object
146 Chair
147 Bookend
148 Shooting Bookend
149 Invisible Secret?
14A Numbers
14B 1-Up Logo
14C Invisi-Camera
14D Invisi-object
14E Same as above
14F Same as above
150 Butterfly
151 Loose Chain Chomp
152 Invisi-object
153 Same as above
154 Small staircase
155 Pole Fence
156 Flag
157 Birds
158 Fish
159 Feather
15A Freeze
15B Warp Point
15C Invisi-Object
15D Portal
15E Invisi-object
15F Same as above
160 Same as above
161 Door
162 Star Door
163 Freeze
164 Snow Slide Piece
165 Invisi-Object
166 Same as above
167 Same as above

Enter This Code: 12104ZZZ 00000XXX Z=what to replace X=Replace with
E.g 12104432 00000019 Replaces Coins With L Block
Have Fun! )
0204 Codes
These Have Cool Effects!
Invisi-Zone Act 1:
02043714 00000000
02043724 00000000
Black , White and yellow Zone Act 1:
020538FA 00000000
020438BC 00000000
020438A4 00000021
Luigi's Castle
02044666 00000000
Waluigi's Castle
0204469B 000099999
Mario's Castle
02044684 00000000
Wario's Castle
020438BF 00000000
Dasie's Castle
020450f7 00000000
Mystery Code
02044020 000000FF
Mystery Code 2
02044029 00000000
Mystery Code 3
02044035 00000000
Mario's A Genie
02044050 00000000
Forest Zone Act 1
02044664 00000000
Forest Zone Act 2
020469B 00000010
Blackout Zone Act 2
02044761 00000000
Blackout Zone Act 3
02043894 00000000
New Age Zone Act 1
0204469B 00000099
New Age Zone Act 2
0205345D 00000000
Smooth Zone Act 1
0204469B 00001234
Smooth Zone Act 2
0205346D 00000000
Smooth Zone Act 3
020438C0 00000000
Sunset Zone Act 1
0204469B 00099999
Sunrise Zone Act 1
02044758 0000000
0204469B 0009999
Standout Zone Act 1
0204514A 00000000
Blackout Zone Act 4
0204437D 00000000
More Smoke
0204C1AF 00000000
Less Smoke
0204C1FA 000000FF---(Experiment with these)
02043448 00000000
Giant Slanted Trees
0204342C 00000000
L+R+LEFT Cap off L+R+Down cap on
0204B407 00000000
Train Smoke
0204B3BC 00000000
0204C1AF 00000000 P.S Move While Paused 02042a13 00000000
--------Action Replay Defaults

Size Default:
62094A90 00000000
B2094A90 00000000
10000080 XXXXXXXX Default:1000
10000084 XXXXXXXX Default:1000
10000088 XXXXXXXX Default:1000

Speed Default:
4216E370 0001DF00
92096B5C F7FF0800
D2000000 00000000
4217F750 0001D000
92096B5C F7FF0800
D2000000 00000000

Button Assign Codes:
All Directions:
A4000130 FF0F00F0

A Button:
94000130 FFFE0000
B Button:
94000130 FFFD0000
X Button:
94000130 FBFF0000
Y Button:
94000130 F7FF0000
L Button:
94000130 FCFF0100
R Button:
94000130 FCFF0200
Select Button:
94000130 FFFB0000
Start Button:
94000130 FFF70000
Debug Button:
927FFFA8 DFFF0000

Make Mario Do stuff By Pressing A:
62094A90 00000000
B2094A90 00000000
94000130 FFFE0000
DA000000 000006E2
D5000000 000000XX
D7000000 000006E2
Replace X With
0A-Look up holding something
0F-Flying Position
13-Hanging By Arm
14-Hanging By Arm 2
15-Monkey Bars
16-Monkey Bars 2
17-Arm Punches Air
1B-Look Behind
1D-Look to Side
1F-Nice Arm Pose
29-Arms in air
3F-Lean Back
42-Stunned for a Little Bit
45-Hurt Pose
47-Sit Fall
48-Fall Forward
49-Lay Fall
4B-Sit Fall
5A-Sit Down
66-Arms in Air
8B-Swim Pose
8C-Super Spin
8D-Nice Spin
8E-Falling Pose
94-Cool Spin
95-Victory Pose
97 Jump Pose
99 Victory Pose
9B-Jump Pose
9C-Victor Pose

Level Defaults: 020988A4 000000XX
00-Test Map 2
01-Castle Grounds
03-Courtyard With Boos
05-Upstairs Area
06-Bob-omb BattleField
07-Whomp's Fortress
08-Jolly Roger Bay
09-Jolly Roger Bay Sunken Ship
10-Shifting Sands Land
11-Shifting Sands Land Pyramid
12-Dire, Dire Docks
13-Snowman's Land
14-The Igloo
15-Wet-Dry World
16-Tall, Tall Mountian
17-Tall Mt. Slide
18-Tiny Island
19-Huge island
20-Secret under the moat
21-Behind The WaterFall]
22-Over The Rainbows
24-BITDM Battle Arena
26-BITFS Battle Arena
28-BITS Battle Arena
29-Test Map 1
30-Chef Chilly Challenge
31-Chef Chilly Challenge
32-Rec Room
33-Castle Grounds VS Mode
0B-CCM Slide
0F-LLL Volcano
1A-Wiggler's Cave
1B-Tick Tock Clock
1C-Rainbow Ride
1D-The Secret Slide
1E-The Secret Aquarium
1F-? Switch
2A-Battle Fort
2B-Sunshine Isles
2C-Goomboss Battle
2D-Goomboss Battle Arena
2E-Big Boo Battle
2F-Big Boo Battle Arena
Sound Mods Made By Fatsoyoshi

Robot Time
13214885 000000C0
C2000000 00000000
6000001F 0228E628
00000000 0228E628
Mute Char
13214886 000000C0
C2000000 00000000
6000001F 0228E628
00000000 0228E628
Better Drumset/Muted Char
13214879 000000C0
C2000000 00000000
6000001F 00000000
Bob-omb BattleField Techno
1321488F 000000C0
C2000000 00000000
6000001F 0228E628
00000000 0228E628
Same Note Played Over
132148FA 000000C0
C2000000 00000000
6000001F 0228E628
00000000 0228E628
Cartoony Sound Effects
132148AA 000000C0
C2000000 00000000
6000001F 0228E628
00000000 0228E628
Colour Mods

020436A4 00000000
020438A5 00000000
020438C0 00000000
220438A4 0000001F
220438A4 0000001C
Pink And Black
220438A4 000000DD
220438A4 000000ED
Midnight Sky
02043601 00000000
Custom Level Codes (All Made By Me)

Bob-omb Buddy BattleField
020988A4 00000006
1210443A 000000B5
12104480 000000B5
12104466 000000B5
1210440E 000000B5
121043FC 00000031
1210444A 000000CA
12104402 000000FB
12104406 00000031
12104432 000000FA
12104424 00000019
12104416 00000031
12104422 000000FB
12104410 000000DB
12104486 000000DB

When Penguins Attack
020988A4 0000000A
1210443A 00000101
12104432 00000101
12104434 00000101
1210445A 00000101
1210443D 000000B5
12104462 00000101
12104481 00000012
12104480 000000FB
12104436 000000DF
12104406 00000101
12104466 000000B5
12104490 00000110
1210444A 000000CA
12104410 00000101
12104426 00000018
12104440 00000019
12104422 00000017

Koopa Krash 1
1210443A 000000CB
12104480 00000031
12104417 00000031
1210444A 000000BC
12104458 000000CD
12104422 00000031
121044D8 000000CB
1210443C 000000CB
121043FC 0000001A
1210444E 00000019
12104466 00000031
12104402 00000031
12104424 00000019
1210440E 00000029
12104432 000000CF
12104450 000000DC
1210443E 000000BE

More Custom Levels And CODES, To come! )
THE END? ~Devastator 200~)
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Finish the game with only 50 stars 43%
Ordinarily, you're supposed to have 80 stars to finish the game, but with this glitch, you can finish it with 50. Go into the room on the third floor which contains the levels "Tick Tock Clock" and "Rainbow Ride". Once you enter this room (which requires 50 stars to enter), run to your right, and climb onto the second step. Angle your character so that they're about halfway between the corner and the edge (and have them facing the corner). When they're in this position, charge up a run, start running, slide kick, and hold right on the D-pad. If all goes well, you'll slide into the corner, and get shot into the sky. From here, you can navigate your way to the top of the endless stairs while they are still endless, and enter "Bowser in the Sky", and hence finish the game, with only 50 stars. This glitch can also be used to access "Bowser in the Sky" as characters other than Mario
By: conor4100(832)
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Sorry i got teleporting wrong here is the real way to do it 43%
You go to the desert level go near the cannon go under the redblock(its by the cannon)go to the left by the red block at the end of the black square by the quicksand butsmash the ground   and you teleport to the tree butsmash the dark sand by the tree and stand their and you‘ll teleport back have fun!
By: super mario(21)
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Play with the characters faces 43%
On the screen that lets you choose either rec room or Adventure touch the stylus on the characters faces and it will become black and white. You can pull on their faces to move it around.
By: conor4100(832)
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Way 2 get atop the castle glitch (action replay included) 43%
Choose moon jump on AR. then when you begin in front of the castle you go inside but as soon as you touch the door moon jump and you will see the 3 1ups and the ? box. Keep moon jumping until you get 2 the top and instead of going inside the castle you will b on top. (It will take a few tries to get it rite).
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Rabbit for Luigi 43%
Go to the area with all the ghosts and where the door is located. Jump, then grab the ledge. Climb it, then jump up again. There should be a green rabbit up there.
By: conor4100(832)
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King boo not be speaking 43%
Another action replay hacking device related thing, but pure evidence of the lazy guys at nintendo. Use the 'change into yoshi while loading with R+L+up' code. Then, switch to yoshi while the big boo's haunt level is loading (you can't beat the big boo that guards the entrance with yoshi) and you'll see the yoshi picture in star selection. Then, as yoshi, go in the luigi painting. As yoshi, face big boo (and this is the best bit.) and what does the ghost say? Ha, a bald guy? No, nothing! Stupidly stupid.

PS. enter this with any character with the code moon jump to go out where you fell in the room from, travel over to the mirror side, then fall back down, to go in the mirror. Hacking mario 64 Ds is funny!
By: conor4100(832)
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Warios earthquake 42%
Sometimes when you triple jump with wario or ground pound.youj can somtimes see the screen shake
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All Characters Enter Wario Challenge 43%
With the action replay equipped, enter the door to the mirror room (you know the one) whilst holding down Y. You will sink into the floor. Go forward and use B (moon jump) to pop up on the other side. However, if you enter the painting, the game freezes. Still pretty cool, though.
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Freeze 41%
When you are doing the 5 silver stars in bobomb battlefield, the one on chomper can be easier to get.hint:you must be yoshi. swallow a goomba, tujrn it into an egg and throw it at chomper. he will freeze for about 5 seconds. thats your chance to get the star.
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Waluigi is not in this game! 41%
Attention! if you see a waluigi cheat, its FAKE!
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First get warrio,then go to the black box on the bottom of the castle.Punch it and get the secret star.
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Beat koopa the quick in 1 second!!! 40%
It's true. With an action replay hacker. On bob-omb battlefield, second star, face the mountain (Making sure pre-game you entered codes for sprint & moon jump) and speak to koopa the quick. Speak until ready steady... and you pick. Before picking, tap L+up and b. Then, it'll show koopa the quick then show you. Time correctly, only one second in you'll manage to reach the top.

PS. Theres no real advantage you get for doing it in one second, but hacking sure prolongs a games entertaining-ness when you've completed in 100%.
By: conor4100(832)
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Teleportation 40%
There is one way you can teleport in Bob-omb Battlefield (course 10. here's how. go to the mountain, then go to the first place where the big black balls are coming from, go inside to the wall, stand still and you will teleport to the other place where the balls are coming from.
By: Megaplayer(566)
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It'll Blow Your Head Off 40%
Lose your cap as Mario, then hit a ? Block containing a feather. Because you have no cap, a short-fused Bob-Omb drops out instead. Run away!
By: conor4100(832)
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Traped forever 40%
As mario/luigi run to the cannon outside the castal and put your back towards the water. In front of you there will be a tree. run and dive for it and grab hold of it (you should have half the body in the ground). Then slide into the ground and then you are in water. swim under the black bricks then you will come out of the water and traped forever!
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Not Fair Koopa The Quick! 40%
Go to the tiny-huge island and meet up with koopa. He will race you. When you race, you must win. Before koopa comes over, get the Wario hat (which is like 2 steps away) and talk to koopa. He will say Mario wimped out. Get the hat off and talk to him again. He'll say you lost when you actually won!
By: conor4100(832)
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Weak character (Press L) 40%
The code is

94000130 fcff0100
12090a00 0000100
121082a4 00000001
d2000000 00000000

NOTE: I did not make.
By: MarioCheat2468(16)
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The MAJOR storyline miss 40%
This is a cheat that Conor411 wil never match. So tell him that there`s a new cheatmaster in town. Go to a NEW file and rescue mario. Now collect 21 stars (or as many as you can get without beating the first bowser) And have mario rescued. Now, perform the ''get to the cannon without 150 stars'' glitch but don`t use the cannon. Now dive down and go under the castle. You should see a metal door underwater( if you look around). Now swim into it, for a suprise! You are now in the basment of the castle, without beating the first bowser! The basment door will still be locked, but the 30 star door will be there. with (approx. 20 stars) you`ll only have 10 more to get, from 3 courses. Now with 30 stars, you`ll beat the 2nd bowser without beating the first bowser! You now have the key to the 2nd floor, AND you can probably COMPLETE the game without beating the 1st bowser!
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Signs helpful in more than just 1 way....... 40%
For a start you have to be wario. Find a sign, and grab it from behind. You should now be holding the sign. If you aim correctly, you can kill goombas and other enemies. Wario can also chuck a Bob-omb FAR, FAR, FAR AWAY.
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Don't Decrease Card Game Record 40%
When the hands are revealed in any of the card games that has a record that increases when you win and decreases when you lose, look at the opponent's hand before it displays who wins or loses and pause. If you lost the hand hit quit and reenter the game. You'll have lost however many coins you bet but your record will remain intact.
By: conor4100(832)
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