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Super Mario 64 DS Cheats for NDS Page 2 Newly Added
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Super Mario 64 DS NDS Cheats

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE
Super Mario 64 DS Cheats

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Super Mario 64 DS

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE

Get Mario Key 40%
Beat Goomboss behind 8-Star Door in the Rec-Room.
By: conor4100(832)
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Take a picture 40%
At the main menu when mario are yohi are playing with the star. When there doing something press B and they end up where you draw. And it's funny:)
By: disneyfan(193)
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No more confusion in Mushroom Roulette 40%
If you go to the rec room and tap on muschroom roulette
you can place coins on the red and black diamonds too
(note: the only good about this is that you dont have to deal with figuring out which red/black image its going to land on... you still have to know if it lands on red or black)
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How to git wario plus a star 40%
First you have to find Luigi then you need access to the second floor if you have all that then you have to become Luigi then go up to the room with the big mirror,there should be two flowers in there grab one run in to the mirror then go and jump in the picture of Wario,then you must defeat a boss(NOT BOWSER) you defeat him buy punching him off the side 3 times then after you do that he gives you the key to warios room.
( in the same room with the mirror you have too be luigi. grab a flower,run in to the mirror but don't jump in too any painting,run to the door in the back and there is a star there
By: bob900(132)
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Mario 38%
To unlock mario first go into the room where the character doors are.Then go through the middle door.Next go through the door in that room and you'll see a picture of mario.Jump into it.
By: cheatperson(269)
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Get on top of the roof without 150 Stars 38%
Change your character to Luigi and go outside near the waterfall. If you are in the correct place, which is near the fence, turn your back to the little piece of land across the water. Do a backflip (R + B) and you will start twirling. Try to twirl to the little piece of land (not the steep side). Turn your back to the steep part of the hill and change the camera position so the it is showing your back. Jump and scuttle while holding Down and you will get up the hill a short distance. Then, just as you touch the ground press B(2) and hold it while pressing Down. Keep doing this until you get to flat surface at the top. Jump onto the red roof. It is steep, but it has a lot friction so that you will not slide down. There will be a rabbit, a "?" box, and three 1-Ups here.

Change your character to Mario, go outside, then keep going to the left. You will see that there is a corner formed by the castle. Do a triple jump, then wall jump kick on the wall. Then use another wall jump kick on the other wall and continue until you reach the top.

Change your character to Yoshi. Go near the waterfall, but not in it. Turn your back to the steep hill. Press B, then when you touch the ground press B (2) (Luigi's technique). Keep doing this until you are high up the hill. Try to slide down onto the little piece of land. Do the same thing up the hill and you will be there.
By: conor4100(832)
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Something funny 38%
If you jump into a canon with an egg(yoshi) the egg will fallow and leave a trace of coins behind!
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Mario Talking 38%
When playing the game, pause and then close the DS. When you close it, Mario will say "Bye-Bye!". Then wher you re-open it , you will he him say "It's-a me, Mario!".
By: conor4100(832)
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A strange way to get more health 38%
Go underwater and wait for awhile until you lose one health gauge. Now just press up until your feet get out. And there you go
By: conor4100(832)
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Hint 37%
You know the clock place? well there is a star there it says luigi in the cage. dont let that fool you cause thats not how u unlock luigi
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Shortcuts while racing koopa the quick at bobomb battlefield 37%
When you start,instead of going strait,turn left ,do a triple jump to get on the brige.and then when you get half up the mountain turn left and go in the hole.stand there and you should warp
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The secret pool (action replay included!) 36%
Use the sptint cheat on the ar then use it to climb the waterfall (peacheas castle outside) then turn arornd and move forward. youll swimm in the secret water!
By: cheesy123(9)
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Easier way to get to top of castle without cannon 33%
First get Luigi then go to the far left side of the castle then backflip onto a little ledge that is there and keep back flipping until you get to the top.It might take a while.
By: cheatperson(269)
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Portal to the heavans outside the castle??? 33%
Ok this is preety easy with some practice but yet the aiming is really hard. to do this you go to where the waterfall is and triple jump onto it. when you get on start heading up and left by holding R and pressing a rapidly until you have reached fairly close to the ledge and about 3/4 the way up the waterfall. then start to do the same king of slide down. this part is the hard part. what you do is you have to time your slide against the wall just right so you do a little hop against the ledge. once you do this, while in mid air head straight to where the corner of the ledge is on the wall. if you hit the intersection of the wall and the corner of the ledge just right (there is a small room for error though) so that when you hit the wall you get launched toward the castle. now you cant use this to get on very top of the castle because it only launches you about the height of the first inclined ledge of the castle. if you land on it you will slip right off. even with action replay you cant stand on top of the castle. but you can get on the 2nd highest ledge of the castle for a short time. this was discovered by me by my self. I think im the first one becasue ive seen no cheat or video showing this portal to the heavens. so if your going to show this glitch off. you have to give me the credit of finding it. thanks and I hope you have fun with the new way to get on top the castle. bye.
By: yoshi764(116)
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Mario 33%
Get 8 stars, go into the room with the 8 on it(i think)
defeat gomboss by throwing the tiny gombosses at the big 1
grab the key and go into the room with the 4 doors. do the 1 at the far left
u just succesfully recieved mario!
By: suffer(166)
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Flood the Tall Tall Mountain 33%
Go to Tall Tall Mountain and select missions 2 - 7. Go onto the tree that is to your
left once you enter the level, the owl will come out.

Grab onto the owl and fall onto the top of the mountain, go down and get the 6 coins that
are on the bridge that is sticking out from the mountain.

After that keep going down until you are at the area with the cloud and the portal to the
Tall Tall Mountain slide, get all the coins that are in that area.

After that, go down to where all the mushrooms are scattered.
Go onto the mushroom that warps to the hidden place under the mountain.

You will warp to the hidden place under the mountain and the Tall Tall Mountain will be
flooded, LOL!
By: Administaror(256)
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Enter the cPower Stars to Bowser 33%
After collecting all 150 power stars, beat Bowser in his final stage, he will say something different than normal.
By: conor4100(832)
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Swiming fun! 33%
I done this by accident when playing super mario.

Go to the castles front door,enter the castle,then jump,go forward a little and WALLA! Your swimming every where(outside)!

This only works on action replay
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Swiming in mid air 33%
I found out it is posible to swim in mid air on almost all levels with water in them you will need a AR (action replay) moon jump and slow fall cheats for you AR (action replay) talk to something or press a button near a a singh (i know I have bad spelling) now press Y button now you should be under the map now moon jump to water there is sometimes water in mid air jump in it and you are now swiming in air under map you can go as far out of map as you want and ignore map boundories I have tested this a few times it works also alows you to jump into cannons you can get in yet (like the one at princess peachs castle) hope you like this glitch
By: unyun(225)
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Alternate roof 33%
In versus mode when you get a Luigi, Yoshi, or Mario cap and get onto the roof, the friction is different, and there are no 1-Ups or the "?" box.
By: conor4100(832)
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Flood the cap'ns cave!!! 33%
Okay, okay, you need an action replay hacking device. Enter in sprint with L+up, then start the game. Go in jolly rogers bay, and see the sign next to the ledges- it should say about slow walking with the touch screen. Anyway, 2 a-presses then sprint! Press a again as soon as you've passed the wall. When you land in the water slightly beyond the wall (If you've gone too far, see the second bit), swim outside of the wall, until you see the cave from above. Swim down, go through the ceiling, and hey presto, one flooded cave.

My second bit needs moon jump to rectify the mistake and transform jolly rogers bay into dry rogers bay. Moon jump back towards the stage but don't go too high! Stay below the water line while you getting close as to keep it dry. Then, when you finally get back in the stage, if done correctly, jolly roger bay will be dry as long as you don't cross the water line. And, with this, you can, not surf on, but pick up, that shell in the oyster. Enjoy.
By: conor4100(832)
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Messed up cheat 33%
From what I've heard it's called pixel world. It really screws up the graghics.
0205345e 00000000
d2000000 00000000
By: Ironsquid(11)
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Bowser 1 and 2 33%
The first bowser only blows fire and walks slow you have to grab his tail and swing him with the control pad and try to make him hit a spiked ball.The second bowser jumps and the platform shakes he also can teleport right behind you and last but not least he has the power of running fast [i mean faster than mario luigi or wario thats fast]
By: kirby boy(201)
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Missing Characters in Ending Sequence 33%
It is possible to have certain characters gone in the final ending sequence of the game. In order to eliminate characters from the final ending sequence, you must complete a simple task. You must not unlock them in the game. If you do not unlock a character in the game, he will be missing from the final ending sequence. The entire sequence will go by and you will never see the character. Also, on the cake at the end, the locked character will be missing and the other characters will be in different positions.
By: conor4100(832)
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Fat Penguin Race 33%
After getting all 150 stars, return to Cool, Cool Mountain and you can race a fatter version of the penguin.
By: conor4100(832)
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Devastator200`s New Custom Level! (AR) 33%
Enter this code: 1210443a 0000000b
d2000000 00000000
12104402 000000fb
d2000000 00000000
1210440e 00000029
d2000000 00000000
12104434 00000017
d2000000 00000000
12104432 00000019
d2000000 00000000
020988a4 00000006
d2000000 00000000

Hope you enjoy! ~Devastator200~
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Drawing 33%
When the game starts and Mario's head appears, touch him. The screen will draw Mario. To draw your own picture, touch the pencil on the bottom-right. You have a paint meter at the bottom. This determines how much more you can draw before it automatically makes it into an object. Additionally, if you cannot figure out what to draw, press R or L before you start drawing. A faded image of Mario will appear. The same happens for Yoshi if he was on the screen that was touched at the start.

At the title screen, press B to take a still picture of Mario for you to trace. Also, when you are drawing on "Touch Draw", press Up or X to bold, Down or B to un-bold, Left or Y to delete, and Right or A to undelete.

In order to free draw Yoshi or Mario in any position desired, start the game and hold Start + Select. When you have Mario looking around the screen, press B. This will copy the face, and you can now free draw Mario and Yoshi in your desired position.

At the main screen, press B for tracing. You can also touch Mario or Yoshi at the touch screen then press L or R to also enter tracing mode.
By: conor4100(832)
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Getting to the Floating Island with Yoshi 33%
There is a way to get to the floating island at Bob-omb Battlefield with Yoshi. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to the cannon on the summit. It's by the wooden plank.
Step 2: Get in the cannon.
Step 3: Aim a bit over the tree, then shoot yourself.
Step 4: Hope you land safely!

You will most likely land on the platform. If you don't, try again. It'll work sometime!
By: conor4100(832)
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Freeze Game (press L) AR code 33%
The code is

94000130 fcff0100
c0000000 00000fff
02041198 00000000
d2000000 00000000

NOTE: I did not make.
By: MarioCheat2468(16)
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Character freeze 33%
With Luigi, go to the Tall, Tall Mountian level and get Mario's hat. Next, go get Wario's hat. Mario's hat should be in the water. Next, go get the flower power in ? block and fall down to the monkey, pick him up and fall down to where the Mario hat is. Grab the hat and you will turn into Luigi AND all of the controls are locked! The only thing that works is: L,R,START,SELECT.(game reset) Every thing else moves, but you dont!
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Mirror dopleganger? 33%
NOTE:you need action replayto do this.Go to Boo`s haunt,jump in luigi`s painting.when you are in the room you fight king Boo,moon jump back through the hole you fell out.then,move forward and keep going until you see you`r reflection pass you. you will be on the mirror side when you fall down.ATTENTION!You`r character`s reflection can`t pick up the coins,or the Luigi key.
By: ToniT36(142)
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Fly into the sky 33%
In order to do this move, you need to go to the first level, Bombom Blitz. Go to the canon by the Goomba with the Mario hat. Get into the canon, aim at the green wall with the gate. Fire at the gate and you'll go flying.
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Play as peach 33%
Finish game and get princess peach as bonus
By: ramrocks(1334)
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Hat theif 33%
All kinds of things will steal your hat, but my favorite is the monkey which can be found on the mushroom level, if you go to the monkey he will take your hat and you have to chase him for it, you can also leave the level without your hat and play the game, but don't do the uncompleted levels because if you hit a ? block a bomb-omb will come out and never a power. to get it back just go to the level that you lost it and get it back.
By: whatsthat(179)
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How to backflip 33%
Well you can only do it with mario. This is how you do it. You press R on the back of your ds. And when you press R hold it and press B. And thats how you do a backflip
By: disneyfan(193)
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Stay in place while long jumping 33%
First do a long jump then press down then keep doing the long jump and you will stay in place
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Boo courtyard rabbit 33%
Ok so some people cant find one rabbit, I know were one is. enter were the boos r, go in front of the fountain facing the door, run and triple jump & there is a little mini roomlike area! I forgot who you have 2b. exparament! ps. sorry for some misspelled words. im using my 3ds to go on this.)
By: ss57282(5)
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THE real way to get Waluigi! No lie! 25%
First you must run around the fountian 1000 times, then run around the big boo 200 times, and find the secret 151th star. make your coin record add up to 1501 and you must find castles in the sky and long jump into the flower bed and complete the bonus level.P.S To find the secret shining light, you must sprout the wings of a bat and fly into the dark room. the hole will be invisible, find it , you will end up in the castle grounds but with a diffrence. the 2-d black box will now be visible. fly into it and you will be in a place just like the white room in the mirror room except it will be dark. Find the star, a strange vortex will appear in the peach painting INSIDE. You will now moon jump in the castle lobby. jump in the painting(in the castle lobby) and you will find a mini jolly rogers bay. find the chest and the water will drain. stand on the purple platform, and you be in darkness. except for a purple switch. step on it, and a giant bunny will come. Lights will switch on, and the place becomes a dance must breakdance until the bunny tires out. he will give you Waluigi`s key, and there. but now the castle lobby is flooded with water. talk to toad in the water, and you will drain the water. now the white room is waluigi`s room. It works because I have him! No lie! I mean it!
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Messing with the signs 25%
Ya know those wooden signs that tell you how to do stuff or what stuff is, there are TWO ways
to destroy them!

#1: Get Wario, and go behind a sign and press A...Wario will pick up the sign, and throw it by
pressing A again, the only problem is...the signs can't kill enemies.

#2: Get Yoshi, then hit a ? block to get fire in his mouth, once you get to a sign, release some
fire on the sign, the sign will be on fire and in will be gone.

Well once you destroy the signs they come back if you go outta sight.

Also this sorta wastes your time, LOL!
By: Administaror(256)
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Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to make tick tock clock break!!!!!!!!!!!! 25%
Ok first go to the tick tock clock level and jump in as soon as the hour hand is pointing to the bottom and the minute hand is pointing to the top AND TICK TOCK CLOCK IS BROKEN! (the clock acts crazy this way)
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Super mario 64 ds 25%
Moon jump and control the eye-ball and have 200 stars from secrret or hints?
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Bobomb battlefield race cheat by corby 25%
The first bridge you come too go to the right of it and get the red box and then you should have wings then triple jump and fly to the finish.
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Super mario 64 ds 25%
Get 150 stars and unlock walugi
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Red Switch Place 25%
Enter the castle and stand in the middle. Look up into the light and you will be transfered into a level. Go to the end to find the Red Switch.
By: conor4100(832)
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Super Mario 64 DS 25%
You have to have Yoshi to do this eat a goomba not a bomb because it will blow up in your mouth "press R" and an egg will pop out.
By: Kiya(122)
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Dark Room 22%
After you get 150 stars get to the top of the castle with mario. you will see a door go through it you will be in a dark room were you cannot see anything and someone will say "GOOD LUCK GETTING OUT OF THE DARK". Its HARD to get out of that room.
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Endless stairs glitch with Luigi 22%
Go to the endless stairs with luigi, and get to the part where you can go no further. Do a backflip, and you should see his head sticking into the wall like a ghost! Match that, Conor411!
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Rocket mario glitch with AR 20%
First get your AR and turn on moon jump and infinite health.then go to molten lava land.then jump into the lava.when his butt is on fire,use the moon jump.(hold B).mario will then rocket in the sky.(he will still be on fire).
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Make Mario talk 20%
Close the DS cover and you'll hear mario! Open it again and he'll say something else. Do it over and over again!
By: CheattopiaBen(631)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

First go to where tick-tock clock is moon jump over where the tree thing is and a sacrafise!
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A easier way to get all 150 stars By Owen.P 20%
To get all 150 stars you have to these 3 tasks.
1. Win the game.
2.try evrey stage.
3. get 100 stars.
When you have done the tasks there will be a giant star on the carpet with the picture of the sun on it, get it and your star meter will whizz to 150.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Sonic superstars racing 20%
Go to the race: whale lagoon and drive in time trials for at least five times and then you will unlock opa-opa!

Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How do i moon jump? 19%
I thingk you need to press ABLR[only works when you get 150 stars]
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Get to top without 150 stars 18%
Get mario and go to the right wall kick your way up.[this may take some time but keep trying]!when you get up there you will see 3 1-UPS.get them!then hit the ? box and happly fly around but it will run out so dont fly to long!
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How to get a go-kart 18%
By: puppymat55(12)
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Super mario 64 ds 18%
Unlock batman
unlock superman
thes are my fafrit super heros.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Super mario 64 ds 17%
Unlock batman
unlock superman
thes are my favrit super hero.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

All the stars 14%
The way I got all 150 stars is to is to get all the course stars in a place , then go for the secret stars
By: Ogrewham(13)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to get the cannon with out 150 stars! can'nt be done with yoshi 10%
1. go to the cannon run to the closes tree with y and then press A don't hold or it would be a mess after that your body will be half showing than go down on the D-pad and you will be swiming swim to the cannon and you will use it.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Hold x to walk on water 10%
927fffa8 fbff0000
823fdff8 fbff0000
da000000 023fdffa
d4000000 00000001
d7000000 023fdffa
d2000000 00000000
d3000000 027fffa8
f23fdff8 00000002
d2000000 00000000
923fdffa fffe0000
02036c10 e2000020
d0000000 00000000
923fdffa fffe0001
02036c10 e2000000
d0000000 00000000
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

"They" got it wrong by EVILMAN 10%
Remember how they said that only moustached men could slide kick? well ''they'' got it wrong! yoshi can slide kick!
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Super mario 64 Ds 10%
Unlock batman
Unlock superman
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Unlock wario and luigie 8%
X x y b c up up up left right
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