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Legend of Dragoon Cheats for PSX
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Legend of Dragoon PSX Cheats

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Legend of Dragoon

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Sandra special soldier 100%
Only use physical attacks against him and do not waste your magic items to try to defeat this guy. When he transforms into three, the one that uses magic is the real one. [If you can not figure out the real one, than keep doing guard]
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Kongols spirt Dragoon 100%
An easier way of getting Kongols spirt dragoon is to buy it from the merchient in Lohan ( the one who sells you the water bottle). Kongol must be on your team.
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Tips on Defeating Bosses 100%
Whenever you are about to fight a boss make sure Rose is in your party. You can tell your about to fight a boss if u find a save point deep into a dungeon. Have your SP to the maximum for each party member and make sure that each member can transform into a Dragoon. Once the battle starts use Rose's special and cast Astrol Drain as many times as you can. I've been able to do up to 400 points of damage with it on the 1st disc. After the special wears off keep using normal attacks and additions so that your spirit gets to its maximum fast enough to use another special. Also, if you have the power wrist equipped, use the special of that person so that a normal Dragoon attack can deal near 200 points of damage. Make sure you have plenty of Heeling Potions and a good amount of Mind Purifiers incase the boss can cast status effecting magic (like the beast in the Hellana Prison dungeon.) Make sure you save often because bosses often come in pairs of two.
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Kongol 98%
This guy is very strong!!! Only use magic against him. [If you use physical attacks than you will be counterattacked with more damaged hp to you!] Keep using magic attacks and using the option 'Guard' which will restore your HP.
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Beating Sandra special soldier and Kongol 98%
Before you go to 'Hocus', buy lots of magic items from the item store and make sure that all your characters are atleast at level 6.
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More damage 96%
When you are in battle with a character that can do Additions and you select Attack and you are charging at the enemy as the outer square closes in on the inner square press the X button just as the 2 squares hit and if your timing is done right you can hit them an extra time giving you more SP and dealing out more damage. With different Additions you can do more and more damage.
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Game Freeze on disc 2 EXP screen 60%
When you are on Disc 2 and are fighting Lenus and Regole, DO NOT transform
into a Dragoon. I was stuck on this "forever" until I tried it without turning into a
Dragoon. It works better if you beat Regole first. Regole has about 3000 hit points and
Lenus has 3200. I love my game again.
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Easy way to beat lenus 43%
Have rose dart and kongol on your team and have special and use it right away be sure to get kongols dragoon first from lohan and use roses astrial drain darts lvl 3 attack and kongols normal attack not magic
By: 0002435(5)
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