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Final Fantasy 12 PS2 Cheats

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Final Fantasy 12

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Ultimate weapons guide 73%
I've decided since I am board :-( i'll make an guide on how to make pretty much every single ultimate weapon.

zodiac spear,150 atk
treasure in nabudis,
treasure in henne mines secret section.

sell, gemmsteel 3
empireal soul 3
serpentaurus 3

wyrmhero blabe,130 atk
sell, godslayers badge 3
omega badge 3
lu shangsbadge 3

excalibur,128 atk
treasure in great crystal.

scorpion tail, 119 attack
sell,charged gizzard 3
traurus gem 3
electrum 2

ultima blade, 118 atk
sell, gnoma halcyon 1
admantite 2
death powder 2

ragnorok, 109 atk
reward for, fishy dreams sidequest.

whale whisker, 108 atk
sell, mythril 3
aquaris gem 3
corpse fly 4

masamune, 93 atk
reward for battle on the big bridge sidequest.
sell, gemsteel 2
mallet 2
orichalum 9

siggitaurus, 93atk
sell,moon ring 3
beastlord horn 3
siggitaurus gem 4

artemis bow,
sell, slyphi halcyon 1
moondust 2
great serpents fang 2

muramasa, 84 atk
steal from rare game avenger.
rare from rare game crypt bunny.

danjuro, 80 atk
drop from rare game larva eater.

yagyu onyx, 80 atk
drop from rare game bombshell

gastrophetes, 76 atk
steal from rare game palicant.
award for giving atak 25 trophies in huntclud sidequest.

thankyou for reading my ultimate weapons guide and hope it helps :)
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Breaking the damage limit. 73%
There are multiple ways to break the damage limit.
Here are some I recommend:
Balance: Take a party member with a hp over 5000. Damage him/her until he is in critical condition. Then use bubble on him/her. Use balance on a monster that has more hp than you.
Tada! You just broke the 9999 damage cap.

Dark Matter: This is what I used to kill yiazmat under 20 minutes. The easiest way to get 99 dark matter is to open the Demonsbane chest in the tomb of king raithwail with a diamond armlet equiped. Then go to the mythru baazar in Rabanastre. By 99 knots of rust. Use all of the knots of rust on enemys or yourself. Then when your facing one bad*** of a monster use a dark matter and watch the HUGE amount of damage done.

There are other ways to break the damage limit but I'll post them another time.
By: io922(483)
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Final Fantasy 12 (PS2) 71%
When you enter the Pharos at the Ridorana Catarac, Go up the floors so you get to the part where you sacrifice something and sacrifice your items. When you pass that, find the nearest save crystal and save. Then click so you can use your items again. Touch the way stone, then you need to teleport to different parts of that floor. In this order, Black, Green, Red, then if you sacrificed items touch yellow. Then you are on your last one, touch the White one, then you should get to the dias. Before you get on (if it's your first time there), Use float. Reason? Then you face Hashmal, he uses Roxxor and quakeja. You float, he misses. EVERYTIME! then go up to the next save point and save. But buy the licesence to summon Hashmal and then summon him before you save. Then you face Gabranth and then Dr. Cid. But be careful... he has a summon as well, Famfrit. Destroy Famfrit first as Cid is immune to everything. Use curaja on your party ( I had Vaan, Fran and Ashe) You got Reddas to help as well. Defeat cid and then he dies for good. Then Reddas uses the Sword of kings to destroy the Sun-Cryst and kills himself.
then you return to the port at Balfonheim and go to the magicks shop. You'll get holy shock flare and another one but I forgot. Go to mount Bur-omisace and go to the temple. Speak with the cockatrice person and he'll give you the stone of the condemner. then go back to the pharos... save and then go to the dias and press the first option. If you accepted the Ixion hunt you'll find him there. Later on you'll face the phoenix. Kill it and then TURN BACK! if you go on you'll find the Magick pot from FFVII. Immune to magicks and attacks. Use gil toss or telekenesis or 1000 needles. That's where I died last time. I think I said enought so enjoy! -) By Josh L.
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Stealing rares 71%
If you think guests are helpful think again wehn you find a rare monster they attack but you want to steal him before he dies. takes long time to steal from rares so happy happy!
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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Defeat Judge Ghis (on Leviathan) in ONE MOVE despite level! 71%
This is a miscellaneous thing I found out whilst fighting Judge Ghis... Although he classes as a boss, if you use a warp mote, it works! Doing this ends the battle, and you win!

There're a few hanging around the Leviathan.

(All credit goes to Napster964)
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Leveling up to from lv.60 - lv.99 in 1 hour 71%
If you are already level 60 you maybe ready to finish the game but if you want all your characters lv.99 teleport to the henne mines and go to pithead junction C and equip an Emboidered Tippet and then bubble yourself.after that touch the gate switchboard until it turns red and set your gambit to all of your party like this:

foe any:sleepga
foe status sleep:curaja

after you defeat all the bats you can level up one or three of your party then go two areas away which is close thewn go back and try this again you may level up your characters very fasttttt using this method you will be lv.99 in no time.but after level 85 to go to 99 will take 2 or 3 tries.Thanks
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Defeating judge ghis EASY 71%
If you want to defeat him easily heres how:
1. make sure 3-4 of your men have quickenings
2. make sure you can do at least do a 8-10 chain of quickenings and he should die you need to do at least 2000 damadge if not more. He SHOULD die but if not make sure you have good weapons or magics.(he is not very hard)

(If you do not have quickenings then make sure you take out his men first then start to attack him.)

(NOTE: his men can take you down almost as fast as he can but if you have quickenings then attack him right when you go into battle with him.)
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Full heal with out using potions or any magic 70%
The effect of this varies depending on how strong you or your weapon is. Use a weapon like the excalibur and a white mask. if you get weak you can hit yourself with the excalibur and the white mask will absorb the holy element almost completlely healing yourself. Dont need to use magic or potions and its alot faster.
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How to get Tournesol (The sunflower) 68%
| High Arcana - Arcana x10 | 9999|--------------------------------
| - Feystone x1 | |------------------------
| - Soul of Thamasa x1 | |--------------------------------

#= Arcana
- Many monsters can drop this item especially the rare monster,
as long as you bough the Conapic Jar.

#= Feystone
Drops - Salamand Entite ........ Ogir-Yensa Sandsea
- Leshach Entite ......... Paramina Rift
- Gnome Entite ........... Dalmasca Westersand
- Sylphi Entite .......... Ozmone Plains
- Mardu Entite ........... Giza Plains
- Undin Entite ........... Cerobi Steppe, Pharos at Ridorana (50F)
- Diakon Entite .......... Giruvegan
- Leamonde Entite ........ Nabreus Deadlands
- Storm Elemental ........ Giza Plains
- Ice Elemental .......... Paramina Rift
- Fire Elemental ......... Mosphoran Highwaste
- Earth Elemental ........ Tchita Uplands
- Holy Elemental ......... Feywood
- Water Elemental ........ Garamsythe Waterway
- Bangaa Thief ........... Cerobi Steppe
- Dark Elemental ......... Necrohol of Nabudis
Steal - Salamand Entite ........ Ogir-Yensa Sandsea
- Leshach Entite ......... Paramina Rift
- Gnome Entite ........... Dalmasca Westersand
- Sylphi Entite .......... Ozmone Plains
- Mardu Entite ........... Giza Plains
- Undin Entite ........... Cerobi Steppe, Pharos at Ridorana (50F)
- Diakon Entite .......... Giruvegan
- Leamonde Entite ........ Nabreus Deadlands
- Storm Elemental ........ Giza Plains
- Ice Elemental .......... Paramina Rift
- Fire Elemental ......... Mosphoran Highwaste
- Earth Elemental ........ Tchita Uplands
- Holy Elemental ......... Feywood
- Water Elemental ........ Garamsythe Waterway
- Dark Elemental ......... Necrohol of Nabudis
- Crystalbug ............. Stilshrine of Miriam, Nabreus Deadlands

#= Soul of Thamasa
Drops - Oversoul ............... Necrohol of Nabudis
Steal - Ishteen ................ Barheim Passage (rare monster)
Other - Reward of Deathscythe Mob/Mark Hunt mission

| Empyreal Soul - High Arcana x1 | 29991|--------------------------------
| - Soul Powder x1 | |------------------------
| - Wargod's Band x2 | |--------------------------------

#= High Arcana
Steal - Any Esper, but it's rare. I found Ultima is easier.
Other - Reward from clan after getting 250000 clan points
and defeat 24 mob/marks
- Reward from clan after collecting 4 espers
- Many rare monsters can drop this,
as long as you bough the Conapic Jar
- Trade with Arcana x10, Feystone x1, Soul of Thamasa x1

#= Soul Powder
Drops - Etem ......... Henne Mines
Steal - Vorres ....... Necrohol of Nabudis (rare monster)
Other - Reward of Ixtab Mob/Mark Hunt mission

#= Wargod's Band
Drops - Leynir ....... Nabreus Deadlands
Steal - Victanir ..... Nam-Yensa Sandsea (rare monster)
Poach - Leynir ....... Nabreus Deadlands

| Serpentarius - High Arcana x1| 19998|----------------------------------
| - Snake Skin x4 | |--------------------------
| - Serpent Eye x2 | |----------------------------------

#= High Arcana
Steal - Ultima ....... The Great Crystal (esper)
Other - Reward from clan after getting 250000 clan points
and defeat 24 mob/marks
- Reward from clan after collecting 4 espers
- Many rare monsters can drop this,
as long as you bough the Conapic Jar
- Trade with Arcana x10, Feystone x1, Soul of Thamasa x1

#= Snake Skin
Drops - Wild Snake ........... Giza Plains
- Grey Molter .......... Mosphoran Highwaste (rare monster)
- Midgardsormr ......... Golmore Jungle (rare monster)
Steal - Wild Snake ........... Giza Plains
Poach - Wild Snake ........... Giza Plains

#= Serpent Eye
Drops - Basilisk ............. Feywood
Poach - Grey Molter .......... Mosphoran Highwaste (rare monster)
Other - Reward of Mariltih Mob/Mark hunt mission

| Gemsteel - Scarletite x1 | 29997|---------------------------------
| - Damascus Steel x2 | |-------------------------
| - Hell-Gate's Flame x2 | |---------------------------------

#= Scarletite
Drops - Emeralditan ........ Nabreus Deadlands
Steal - Aspidochelon ....... Cerobi Steppe (rare monster)
Poach - Emeralditan ........ Nabreus Deadlands
- Random reward from Fishing Mini-Game
(Den of the River Lord).

#= Damascus Steel
Drops - Bune ............... Pharos at Ridorana
Steal - Bune ............... Pharos at Ridorana
- Vishno ............. Pharos at Ridorana (rare monster)
- Anchag ............. Paramina Rift (rare monster)
- Bluesang ........... Cerobi Steppe (rare monster)
- Vinuskar ........... Stilshrine of Miriam (boss)
*might get other items.
Poach - Bune ............... Pharos at Ridoranad

#= Hell-Gate's Flame
Drops - Cerberus ........... Feywood
Steal - Cerberus ........... Feywood
Steal - Enkidu ............. Lhusu Mines, during the Gilgamesh fight,
*might get Beastlord Hide.
Poach - Wary Wolf .......... Mosphoran Highwaste (rare monster)
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Quick (low level) LP And den reward 67%
Requirements: guy with Belias licence and 2 mist licences ,Healer, and some armor.

Go to the mines, go to the second bridge(u know the bridge with loads of skeletons), walk 1 or 2 times across and spawn belias, wile belias is spawned keep running over bridge(will spawn more targets & regen MP) when no more spawn go away 2 or 3 areas and come back when out of MP just keep running in circles. when you get 50 a row you will receife "Montblanc"

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Yiazmat last 3 bars 67%
It's really useless trying to attack Yiazmat with physical attacks. Anyway your attacks takes less damage and he can kill you with Death Strike or he'll use Cyclone to deal you massive damage that you're almost dead. The only thing that help is Quickening or Espers dealing Yiazmat massive damage. If you run out of MP run away, heal yourself and go back or look at: "What know? If you used all of your MP"
So you don't need to use Ethers or Elixirs.
By: Rain17(414)
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Gilgamesh#2 67%
It is WAY harder then the first one so be prepared..... bravey,bubble,haste,protect,shell,berserk one character,and hav arise!
hewill be fairly easy in the begining. thenjust fight when he gets his strongest sword and uses his stornest move he will inflict 6000-9999 damage so CARE ful. (dont use quikings unless hav lots of elixers.SAVE MP. level average 55)
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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Free demonsbane 67%
In the Tomb Of The Great King (King Thornwall or whatever name ends with the word wall), there is a secret door in the tomb that gives you the Demonsbane sword, which adds +59 to attack. After you defeat the two Demon walls in the main corridor there will be three teleport pedestals. The middle one takes you back to the beginning of the tomb. The others need to be activated. Take the right path and explore the area until you reach a room with a jewel in the wall. Activate the jewel. An altar will rise and give you a brief description of what it is. Take the teleporter pedestal back to the others. Then, take the left path. Explore the area to find another jewel in a room. Activate it and an altar will lower, leading you to the room with Belias. However, do not go this way yet. Backtrack to the room with the activated jewel and teleporter pedestal. Take it back to the others, then take the first pedestal back to beginning. If you defeated the first Demon wall, behind where the demon wall was located is another jewel. Activate it, then take either of the new stairways to the secret area that does not show up on the map which are to the left and the right. When you go through the doors you can take either way to the bottom. However, be careful as there will be many high level elementals that fall from the ceiling. At the very bottom of the staircases, go towards the middle. There will be a chest which contains the Demonsbane.

During the first trip to Raithwall's tomb make sure to be at least level 17 and have Quickenings. Fight and defeat the first Demon Wall you encounter. The best way is to use a Quickening chain to start off. You can also set the game speed to fast because this optional Boss is not affected by it. Make sure you do at least 6,000 to 8,000 damage during your Quickening chains. If you run out of MP, either use an Ether or just change that character with another who also has Quickening(s). You will probably have to fight it out at the end of your chains. When you defeat this Boss, go back and save. Then, continue over the bridge where you defeated the first Demon Wall and proceed through to defeat another, who is pretty easy. Once this is done, go back to where the first Demon Wall was located and you will see a glowing stone. Touch it to reveal two staircases. Go down either of them and follow the path down. You do not have to fight the enemies encountered -- just run past them. You will reach a chest which has a 30 to 40% chance of being the Demonsbane. If the chest is different, quit the game, return to the title screen, and repeat. You can keep doing this until you get as many Demonsbane as desired. They can also be sold for 3,000 Gil each. Note: This requires some patience and time.
By: io922(483)
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Free ring of renewal 67%
If you talk with the Chief Steward on your first airship flight you get the option to participate in a sidequest.

You get the item "Ann's Letter" and have to deliver it to her six sisters who are chief stewards on other airships throughout Ivalice.

You cannot finish this side quest until you can access the port of Balfonheim's Aerodome. If you complete the quest, you get the ring of renewal which gives you 6 defense, 5 magic resistance, and regeneration.
By: io922(483)
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Easier ribbon 67%
Theres a chest in Cerobe Steep near a save crystal with a ribbon and fomahalt use the diamond armelet
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Dont waste time! 67%
Dont waste time leveling up in the begining! the fun will hav to wait and all you do is kill kill kill kill and stuff. plus it will take FOREVER to level up again after you are delighted w/ your level. just stay in the story line do some hunts and other peices of poop.
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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Final Fantasy XII Hint: Late game leveling 67%
A great place to level-up in this game is at the Nebulous Dead Lands. Head towards where the Stone Golem hunt takes place. The Zombie enemies you encounter there are worth about 1,200 experience points apiece (with the Embroidered Tippet equipped, that will be doubled). Additionally, you’ll get chains of around 90 there. Just be sure to bring plenty of Eye Drops -- you’ll need 'em!
By: io922(483)
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Final Fantasy XII Hint: Fishing Bottles formula 67%
This is how to complete the fishing minigame bottles. Blue Bottle Clue: Truth lies just beyondfalsehood,CDZCKZMCRANZS this means that the next letter in the alphabet is what you put in. Next letter after C = D, next letter of D = E, next letter of Z = A and so on until you get Deadlands Boat. Go the Echos of the Past and look at the south-east corner where you will find a message in the boat. Green Bottle Clue: Skip on stones to far banks shore, by skipping stones return once more. SSADLNIAKLADHAUETDNREA this means start at S and skip between letters like S then A then L and will inventually spell Salika Hut Near Deadlands.Go to the centre of Piebald Path and in one hut.Red Bottle Clue: Foothills rise in mountains’ shadow. NhIiQsTUrEe this on ehas the capitals scrambled in to a word and the lowercase scrambled into a word. It makes QUIET shrine. Go the the north-west part of the babbling vale to find the message. Yellow Bottle Clue: Dragons stir among the eaters of the wind. 1 2 - - 5 - 7 - 9 - means in the windmills in Cerobi Steppe. The windmills have numbers on them reffering to the message. Go turn on numbers 12579
and turn off the other numbers as well as the blanks. Black Bottle Clue: Easy as a, b, c, so count yourself lucky.
19-12-21-9-3-5-7-1-20-5-18-1-20-19 this means write down the letters of the alphabet and reffer them to the numbers. They spell SULICE GATE RATS. Look for the rats scurring around the south of the room and follow them to a shiny object which is the last message. River...unde...o
Forest...rgro...w Fire...undb...h
Ash...ridg...e Darkness...eton..e The first five words can be used to determine order, since they’re complete, and ultimately unrelated to the location clue. Now a River flows through the Forest, which catches Fire, leaving behind only Ash and DarknessNow then, arranging the messages in that order to connect the middle, then end portions of the clues leaves you with the following:unde/rgro/undb/ridg/eton followed by o/w/h/e/e. This last part is missing a letter, which makes it a little cryptic, but if you put it all together, you should end up with the clue underground bridge to no where. Now
where have you seen a bridge underground the doesn’t really go anywhere? But of course, Barheim Passage. Head into Barheim, following the same path you did to reach Zalera. When you reach the end of the Zeviah Span, go ahead into West Annex, then stop immediately. If you look on your map there is a little section of Zeviah Span that can only be reached by going into West Annex. So hang a U-turn, but make sure you’re going into the area slightly to your left, back on the main part of the bridge and not the part you just left. Now simply approach the rubble at the far end and watch the magic happen. Now you know why you had to beat Gilgamesh first.With the Matamune safely in hand, head back to the Estersand and Ruksel. Select the Upstream area and start fishing up a storm. After what sometimes seemed like an eternity and innumerable perfects, you are finally rewarded with the Cactoid Compact. This item allows you to access the Hidden Shoals
area, and you’re now only one step from the big one. Hidden Shoals
The commands here aren’t all that different from those of upstream (in fact, some are the same). What makes it more difficult in my opinion is
the appearance of an additional cactoid each time you input a command correctly. These things will always be in the corner of your vision, and will
distract and annoy the crap out of you. Once you learn to ignore them though, the area is pretty easy, and you simply have to keep getting perfects until you receive the Cactoid Commendation. This bad boy opens up the Den of the River Lord.
Den of the River Lord This is it. The fish depicted in every drunken fishing story since the beginning of time. The King of Nebra has an eight-button long command that is difficult to complete when it appears side to side, and nearly impossible from the top or bottom. In addition to this, you have to catch him nine times before you can land him and reap your well-earned reward. However, the upswing of this is that you don’t have to catch him in one trip, or even get all nine in a row. Also, in my game his command has always been the only one to appear until I get him for the ninth time, so at least I know what’s coming. I’ll go ahead and post his command, since it’s better to just memorize and practice putting it in quickly. When you finally do land him, you get the Lu Shang’s Badge, the ultimate reward for this lengthy side quest.
King of Nebra:
R1, L2, Up, Square, R2, L1, X, Right
By: io922(483)
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Easy boss battles 67%
If you ever have trouble killing a boss, the easy way is to get the quickening icons for your team from your license board which cost 50 lp each and every character has 3. I ussually use the 1st quickening that my charracter gets and when their doing it, there will be a blue bar with a time under it and with character quickening on top, press a button shown beside a character which the writing is in white and when the present quickening is finished, the quickening you pressed will appear. remember that if a mist charge icon appears in the middle of a quickening press it to fully charge the users quickening. the # of quickening's you do is shown in the top left corner of the screen. whenever you run out of time in a quickening, if you've done 5 or over I guarantee that it will do a bonus attack like inferno, cataclysm, ark blast, torrent, luminiscense, windburst or blackhole.(all the bonus bonus attacks i've done) if you can't chain your quickening's at 1 point try pressing the r1, r2, l1 and l2 buttons to scramble the order of mist charges or quickenings that you can do. note that you should have about 4 quickenings at least to do a special attack. to get the lp, go to the estersand and pick off wolves and coctatrice
By: danielbob(3)
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Final Fantasy XII Hint: Brave suit 67%
Brave Suit is the best light armor you can get in the game plus the perma-Bravery.

You can get this armor from:

1. Getting it from a chest on the northwestern area of the third upper layer of the Great Crystal. If you already have a Zodiac Escutcheon, it will not show up.

2. Getting it from a chest in the Phase 2 Dig of the Henne Mines while using a Diamond Armlet.

3. Getting it from a chest in the Special Charter Shaft of the Henne Mines.
By: io922(483)
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Lv.25-35 quick level up spot 67%
Get a really high chain level against alot of undead.
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Counter tricks 67%
I found this out when I was low on life and I had something like sap on me. So I thought about it for a moment and I used regan on my character it took away my sap and replaced it with regan and I didn't use anything from my inventory either just that move.

Same thing for when you have slow on you and it is annoying because it goes SLOW. I use haste and it took it away and gave me haste.

anything that takes your life down over time/ regan


just some of em TRY IT IT REALLY WORKS!
By: jaredkent(77)
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Respawning Barrels 67%
Find any item barrels around the Save Crystal, open the barrel to get the item, save your game now, then quit the game and load it back, go to the same place will see the barrel is still there, you can get another random item.
By: io922(483)
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50000 gamage in one hit 67%
For this you need zodiark summon zodiark and petrify yourself.then,battle an enemy and zodiark will use his final eclipse which deals 50000 damage
By: Fallen angel(457)
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A good gambit 67%
A good gambit would be to have your attacking character on lure and have someone constantly curing him when he gets hurt, and a backu character to cast cura when things get to low. this worked for me I hope it works for you.
By: mark777(27)
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The "Rubber Band Magic Restoring" trick 67%
SO - you got into the Stillshrine of Miriam (or someplace like it) and used all of your magig on quickenings. Now you are stuck, because you can't reach a crystal and are out of ethers to restore your MP's...


The tutorial tells us that as long as the party is moving, the party members slowly begin to regenerate magic points (MP). It doesn't matter if it's in a straight line or in a circle, does it?

METHOD ONE: Run the party in a circle until they have enough MP to do something. There is usually enough room no matter where they are to do this. In the Stillshrine for example - if you run right past a certain bunch of Dragons (3 of them) and right past the door at the end and the two stone heads that guard it, you find yourself in a large room that is safe at that end (there's another stone head at the far end). There's plenty of room to run laps while points regenerate.

This lends whole new meaning to the saying "RUNNING UP SOME POINTS"...

BUT! If you have a rubber band (about newspaper size) you can loop it over the left joystick on your controller, and then over the right side of the control pad. If you adjust the tension of the rubber band just right it pulls the joystick more forward than to the right, RESULT?

The whole party runs in a medium to large circle ALL BY ITSELF!

Now you can go make a few sandwiches, start a pizza, grab a cold beverage or two, make some calls, do some homework if you have any, or whatever. Check the party once in a while to see that they haven't gotten blocked by anything, or if they have all of their points regenerated yet. IT'S AUTOMATIC!

They will also fight by themselves if you have your gambits set up right - assuming they are in an area like the Phon Coast where lots of creatures tend to regenerate within range...

Depending on how big a circle you can get them to run in they can even be set to level themselves up all by themselves. There's lots of possibilities here
By: GreywolfHunting(151)
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Need Healt in Combat 67%
When your figthing and need constante healt refils this is what you gotta do:

Have Larsa as a guest.

Have more than 400Hp
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Beating Bosses 67%
You can beat bosses by stucking up tons of weapons since your inventory is unlimited and have a character that can learn all elemental magic now cast Libra in you and your allies and you will see it's weakness
But if you can't use Libra you will do this step
If There are few enemies or lackeys around they're level is just 2 or 3 higher than those lackeys and if it cast spells that has elemental magics find its weak element and attack(for example if it cast Fire,Fira,Firaga cast Blizzard,Blizzara or Blizzaga)
he will finish easily
remember to cast buffs so you won't be down
By: Littleroot56(6)
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Stuck finding mjern? 67%
Ok now when your at the save point after going to vieras village looking fo mjern go to the imperial that asks for a potion for the injured man next to him. ok give him a potion. save at the save point then talk to him again and he'll let you borrow his chocobo. accept. exit that area entering the ozmone plain. stay to the left leaning on the wall and soon there'll be a grassy area with a chocobo in that area. now do not dismount you're chocobo because it can not be entered on foot. now enter tht area and keep heading south to these dead imperials on the ground. after the video clip dismount your chocobo then enter tht area. cool you'll be in the henne mines. keep heading up the path then youll find a switch opening a door ahead not the door next to you. now walk up there then go through the gate. follow the path till heading south stay south until the second path to the east stay east till the first turn north move foward til in a gate. now walk up the path and kill the dinosour to the track to the left avoidin the one strait ahead. go in the entrence and switch the switch then turn aroun again. go to the right gate then kill the dinosour. keep on going till the train station thing. go through the entrance. turn right then turn lef then turn right the a quick left again. enter the room. a video clip shows that mjern has gone crazy from the mist or the nethicite from king raithwalls tomb. now save then enter the other room. kill the monster with these weapons. VAAN: blood sword. BALTHIER: spear FRAN: javelin
BASCH: hand axe/blood sword ASHE: spear PENELO: spear
only use Vaan as you ashe basche and the lord kid and youll kill it quite easily. LOL have fun
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Easy Braegh kill 67%
If you’re having trouble defeating Braegh in the "Rodeo to the Death" hunt, all you have to do is cast Reflect on the party. Since Braegh casts Invert on your party as soon as you engage him in battle, the spell will be reflected on him, leaving him with roughly 10% of his full health.
By: io922(483)
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Equip a piece of equipment on your main character that gives him/her the auto vanish.Then they will be able to completely survive the entire battle without being hurt!Also,since it's auto-vanish, they will not appear when they attack!Oh, I ma ten year old.Don't send nasty things to me.
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Rare game tip 67%
On the bestiary see a rare game if it's respawn it has a blue seal in the lower left corner.if it's not it has a red seal.
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Have x-potion from the start 67%
You can do this when you can use the aerodrome.when you flight to a certain flight there will be an airship employee that sell x-potion buy it and you get yourself an x-potion (from the start)
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Garuda 's weakness 67%
When you just get to the Nam Yensa Sandsea, Speak to that cute Sandsea moogle. There will be a yensa that runs away. The moogle will tell you the yensa was asking for help, because of a tortoise was killing urtan yensas. You find this turtle in the second area of the Nam Yensa Sandsea. Kill it but dont kill the yensas until its dead, because the turtle attacks the yensas first. Now go all the way to the north-west corner and you will find a merchant named Dyce, and some other woman with him. Talk to him 2-3 times until he says something about asking for advice. Now go back to the moogle and talk to him. He will say the yensa went to the ogir yensa sandsea. Go there. Run up the bridge and it will show the yensa running the the name yensa sandsea. Head back to see the meeting. After there is a flower. Pick thew berries and go to tomb of raithwall which is right past Dyce. Fight the boss garuda and use the berries.
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Make deathgaze appear 67%
This is how to make deathgaze appear:normally it has a 4% chance for deathgaze to appear in the airship.after getting of the airship talk to the traveler again and the chance will be to the traveler again each time you getting off an airship and the will double each time you talk to the traveler and it will stop at 64%.this time,the chance for deathgaze to appear becomes higher.maybe you will encounter deathgaze during your first,second,third,or maybe the fourth chance but the chance is lower than 50% so when you reach 64% you will encounter it for sure
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Clan centurio 67%
This is the location for those who don't knows where clan centurio are. Clan centurio location is north of the Muthru bazzar.It will have a residence symbol in the map.Talk to the clan watch outside the clan and he will let you in.Talk to montblanc(the clan leader he will standing in the edge of the stairs and he will let you in the clan.Enjoy the Clan hunt and the Clan provisioner
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Easy way to defeat the last boss 67%
At the sky fortress Bahamut, there are four bosses: Gabranth, Vayne, Vayne Novus and The Undying.
In this battles you need a Zodiac spear, Tournesol or Wyrmhero blade to defeat them easily. You must complete almost all tiles of the License Board and here is a catch: You need to have a stack of Bacus Wine and a stack of Potions. Phoenix Down is not necessary.
The Magicks you must have is Hastega, Shellga, Bubble, Dispel, Protectga, Float, Berserk, Bravery, and Faith. The other spells can be helpful too.
And by the way, you need to turn off the gambits which has steal or technicks in them. The ideal gambit here is to cast buffs on your party and attack the enemy.
You will fight first Judge Magister Gabranth. He is not as tough simply use a Bachus Wine to one of your member holding the Zodiac spear, Tournesol or Wyrmhero.
Vayne: Cast all the buffs you will need to your party before facing him. Use a Bacus wine to a party member and attack him. And don't forget to cast Dispel
Vayne Novus: You'll need two party members to have the status berserk and whatever he will do you mustn't be afraid if you have Bubble. Watch out when he use his attacks with the Sephira. Ignore the Sephira it is not necessary to defeat them. Note: You will need Dispelga in this battle.
The Undying: This is a little hard, rebuff yourself and you only need a party member to have the Berserk status because all of you can get killed if you didn't do it. Before he will cast a Magic Barrier he will cast faith on himself the key is to Dispel him when he casted the Faith. And before he will cast a Force Barrier he will cast Bravery on himself another key, cast Dispel before the Pailing rises.
At the time he has Magic barrier you will need your physical strength at this phase.
At the time he has Force Barrier you will need Schate, Scourge, Ardor, and Flare
At the time when the Mighty Pailing rise all you need to do is to keep your party alive it is a good idea to cast Reverse on your party so when he attacks your HP jusr raises.
After he cast the Teraflare he is now Vulnerable to your attacks. There is the time that he will cast Piercing Dispelga the thing you need is to rebuff yourself and cast a berserk to one of your party members.
If you wanted to finish this very easily here: When he blinks red light It is your chance to beat him: Use Mist and chain them until you can.
That is a very easy way to defeat him. Oh and one more thing: Avoid summoning esper in this battle. It will be too tough.
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Defeating Omega mark XII very easy 67%
First, you need 3 characters in lv99. Then buy three white mask and three white robes and have excalibur and holy lance. make all of your party use white mask and white robes.After that equip your party leader with a weapon that has non-elemental attack with high attack power and equip the rest two character with excalibur and holy lance and set your gambit to this:

Character 1(your party leader:1. ally any arise
2. self decoy
3. foe any attack

Character 2(the character with the excalibur): 1. ally any arise
2. Ally party leader attack

character 3(the character with the holy lance): 1. ally any arise
2. Ally party leader attack

Now,with decoy Omega will always attack the party leader and with you having white mask and white robe you will absorb holy and 50% bonus on attacking so with excalibur your party leader can be healed up to 9999 without using curaja or renew but by attacking and each time one of your party falls you will be revived again.Enjoy
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Level up easily at the beginning of the game 67%
To level up easily just follow the storyline and when you get to the golmore jungle just kill up the panther and defeat all the undead in the area before the summon the undead,kill every monster in that area and just kill the undead with phoenix can level up from level 20-50.
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Deathbringer in the beginning 67%
To get it,when you are at the barheim passage go to special op sector 5 and find a treasure chest with purple's a rare game called ithuno.steal from it to get the deathbringer with 90 attack
By: Fallen angel(457)
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12 combo with 9999 damage each hit 67%
To get 12 combo with 9999 damage you must have masamune or tournesol with genji gloves and have a critical hp.just use decoy so the enemy will attack your ally not you.Easiest to do to Yiazmat when your main party level is 99
By: Fallen angel(457)
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List Of esper level 67%
Belias : level 1
Mateus : level 1
Adrammelech : Level 1
Zalera : level 1
Shemhazai : level 2
Hashmal : level 2
Zeromus : level 2
Chuchulain : Level 2
Famfrit : level 3
Ultima : level 3
Zodiark : level 3
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Final Fantasy:Dirge Of Cerberus 67%
On level 12 go to the east corner and you will get a bb gun for free it looks like a barell but when you colect it it looks like a sword
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Before meeting up with Balthier and Fran 65%
It's better to train Vaan alone until he's level 30-35.
If you have reached this level then meet up with Balthier and Fran. Both are 1 or 2 levels higher than Vaan.
The thing is you save more time when you train Vaan and then get Fran and Balthier at level 30-35 than train all 3 together.
By: Rain17(414)
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Unlimited use of Level 1 Esper 64%
First you have summon your Level 1 Esper then use SYPHON to drain his MP. You´ll get enough MP back to summon him again. ))
By: Rain17(414)
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600,000 gil and a Rod Of Faith(Behemoth King slayers only) 64%
After you defeat the behemoth King, you get a riddle saying something about a cold place and so-so. Well the place you have to go is to Mt. Buramaci(mind my spelling). When you reach the bit what looks like a massive Wyrm's head go up to it and examine it. It will say strike it or leave it. If you say strike it, it will say something like I don't feel like withdrawing a weapon out here. Just go into your menu and unequip Vaan's weapon and say strike it. Now Vaan will punch you to one of the richest men in Ivalice. £££££
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Get deathbringer ez 64%
U know the place with snow in feywood with with the mantises well theres a chest the (only 25% chance it will apeer) open it it will contain a sheild leave come back then it will contain a deathbringer
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Get strong stuff and a ribbon 63%
First, defeat ixion. then go back to the pharos subterra and search the rooms for fool\'s facades. in these areas, there should be tresure chests. if you open them with the diamond armlets, you\'ll get thousands of gil. but don\'t use the armlet, and you should get a deathbringer, save the queen, circlet, lordly robe, dueling mask, and even a ribbon! but these chests don\'t respawn AFTER getting the items so only once per game. do this combined with the Lv99 Red Chocobo thing and getting a ribbon from vishno and that\'s 3 ribbons right there!
By: BlueRose(106)
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Defender 63%
Talk to a mooogle in after dc cid and gurdy then you get defender. 91 attack
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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Tiamt 63%
Timat is a wolf like gaint. he is not that strong.
NOTE: VAAN AT LEVEL 25-30,BACSH level 25-30,and so on
have quickenings and use as many chains as you can and in the end you can just kill him with combat w/ wepons srry!
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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What now? If you used all MP of every Character. 63%
Choose one Character of your six.
Use the Technic CHARGE. Do it once or twice.
Then choose another Character and use SYPHON to drain the MP of your charging Character.
Do the Process all the time until 5 of your character have full MP.

The bad thing is that the Charger is the one who doesnt receive MP :P
By: Rain17(414)
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Mark XII easy tips 62%
When entering the battlefielduse Expose on Omega until it you missed your Expose.This shall make your battle easier at the end.When his HP is start to blinking red you may use Expose again.Try it with the combination of Bravery.
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Do Dspel to your self when he cast Reflectga because if you Renew your charater it will Renew ALL his HP.Recommended to enter the collosseum lonely till he cast Reflectga.Beware of his Death Strike.If your ally is under threathide at the colloseum border.Prepare a lot of Chronos Tears and Phoenix Down.Me myself defeated him til my 99 Chronos Tears is finished...
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Finding all the 6 lost Cockatrices 60%
You must have the Feather of Flock. It can be found in the Giza Plains in the area where the Gil Snapper was. You must cut the five trees in five different areas in the Giza Plain.
In the South Bank you'll see a new path that leads you to the Turtle Island, there is the Feather of Flock to be found in an Urn.

1st. In the Archades - you must have a sandalwood chop to get inside

2nd. In the Jahara Village-talk to the Cockatrice, then talk to the village elder and then go back and talk to the Cockatrice and it'll go home

3rd. In Eryut Village-You have to find the Pebbles ONLY in Eryut Village, give the Pebbles to the lady standing near the Cockatrice(Chit).

4th. In the North of Rabanastre at the Half-Circle. He will first run away,when he is far away from you he'll walk normal. Don't run to it or else it'll keep on running, just walk normally to the Cockatrice and talk to it. It'll only return if the Cockatrice Chit from Eryut Village has returned yet.

5th. In Dalmasca Esterland at the North River Bank. You need to transport the Cockatrice to the North with a Ship. Because the Cockatrice is scared at the dog, you must transport them one by one. First the Dog, then the Boy and the last one the Cockatrice. After you've done that the Cockatrice will return.

6th. Teleport to: "The Port of Balfonheim" with the Teleport Crystal. The Cockatrice is to be found at the Chocobo-Rent area. Talk to the Kupo and someone will rent the Cockatrice and it'll return back to the Giza Plains.

That's all and don't forget to pick up your Reward at the dry Giza Plains.
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Easy way beay antlion 60%
Just cast decoy and reverse on main tank make surethat 1 person has decoy in gambit and another has reverse just keep casting and he'll die ez took me 1min to kill him
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How to get to Hellwyrm 60%
Enter the sochen cave from the tschicha uplands. And go to the place with the Doors.
Start opening the Door from the South-East(Ancient Door). And then open the Ancient Doors clockwise but do NOT open the Hours Doors. After doing this Process you will be at the same place where you started. Now go West of the map and you'll be able to open the Door with your Key. BATTLE ON
By: Rain17(414)
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Gilgamesh a 3rd time? 60%
After you fight gilgamesh the 2nd time in the luhusu mines, there is a way to see him again. First, complete the cactaur side quest in the north/south bank villages in the estersand. Then on the south bank village sitting on a dock to the left of the boat should be a man named ruksel.

Talk to him, then go to balfenhiom( however you spell it) and go to the street leading to the aerodome. You should see a pirate with a fishing pole talk to him twice, then go somewhere else. Then go back to where the guy was and there should be a fishing pole there.

That'll begin the fishing pole mini-game. After you get a good ranking in each of the spots you should get a bottle. After you solve the puzzle to all the bottles. Go to barheim passage, and go to the bridge past the west annex, and before the area where you fight zalera.

Gilgamesh should be there, and he'll give vaan the matumune the cursed fishing pole, which he thought was masumane, the legendary katana. Which you get from montblanc after you beat gilgamesh the second time.
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Demonspane without demon wall 60%
If you didnt beat the first demon wall its ok
later on the game after the elder wyrm and timat. you can go to a snowy place.
there are yeties . have thiefs cuff eqiped. then there is a chance that the sword will come
but it will be on sell soon. but it is 6000 gil so there is a chance of 30 percent chance.
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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Final Fantasy XII Hint: Leveling and gil farming the easy way (late game) 60%
I train at the cerobi steppe with vaan equipping the diamond armlet and then whoever else im training with embroided tippets

when you have diamond armlet on almost every chest gives about 3000 gil , ammo or you may even be lucky enought o get a dragon whisker , ribbon or a fomalhaut

the enemies are also very easy after about level 50 and still give a lot of xp and lp

another good thing about cerobi steppe is that you cna get adamantite from adamantitans for ultima blade , do the fishing sidequest while training and start the hell wyrm sidequest

i also gain about 20000-80000gil per load
By: io922(483)
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For better loot 60%
For better loot hav theifs cuff on vaan , bach, or ashe
they will steal wepons and items
like demonspane and musk stick worth a good amount of gil
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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Leveling up 60%
For a long time now, I like many others have played this game and tried to find ways to lvl up quickly and effectively. These arnt tricks, these are some of the most effective ways to lvl up.

The list is for most players, so it covers from a minimum of lvl 30 to the very top, lvl 99. You wil get the gist of it surely. I hope I was able to help you!

30 - 33= Stilshrine of Miriam: walk of reason
33 - 40= Chain Mirror Knights in the Walk of Dancing Shadow of Feywood (3-4
hours - about 600 mirror knights), quite long
30-35= Kill the 3 Dragon Aevis in Ward of Velitation and kill all the Blood
Gigas in Ward of the Sword King. Keep going back and forth between the two
areas to respawn the monsters.
35-45= Chain Dark Skeletons in Rustling Chapel in Golmore Jungle(You must
first clear the area of other monsters for the Skeletons to appear).
34-38= Sochen cave palace/falls of time and temptaion eluded
35-45 Chain Malboro Overkings in Tichia Uplands for Malboro Fruits.
39 - 54= Stilshrine of Miriam/ Throne of Veiled gods
40 - 60= Negalmuur Auto-Leveling (24 hours while you do something else)
40 - 60= Chain Necrophobes in the top layer of the Great Crystal (use
phoenix downs for OHKOs about 4-5 hours (not counting travel time to
and from, or about 690 Necrophobes using embroidered tippets)
45-50= Chain Mirror Knights in Walk of Dancing Shadow in Feywood(The main
reason I added this one was because it will get you a LOT of great loot
if you chain 90-100 Mirror Knights but if you do not need gil stick with
the Dark Skeletons).
50+=Cerrobe Steppe
50-55= Repeatedly kill everything in Giruvegan(Go as far as the Waystone
that leads to the Great Crystal then return to the first area and repeat).
50-60= Nabreus Deadlands, kill everything with embroided tippets on for
lots of XP.
- Nadreus Deadlands/ Overlooking eternity
60-75= You can chain abysteels MUCH earlier than 75. I did it at 60 and
I did fine, you just gotta set up a >50% Curaja with faith on and
that'll do its job. Or you can use Main Gauche + the Demon Shields
they drop when you get them, that makes a good combo too.
60 - 75 - Chain Dead Bones in Overlooking Eternity in Nabreus Deadlands
(about 7 hours with embroidered tippets - around 1640 Dead Bones)
55-75= Chain Dark Skeletons in Overlooking Eternity in Nabreus Deadlands
(To reach this secret area you must go to the northern west part of The
Slumbermead and you will find a path that leads to it).
75-99= Chain Abysteels in Pithead Junction C in Henne Mines(To access Henne
Mines secret area you must have 10 Espers and be finished in Giruvegan.
Press the switch for the 15 bats to appear
Hope this helps!
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Defeating doctor Cid easily 60%
Cid is a little hard t defeat because of his rooks and every time you attack him the damage will be, all you need is the technicks 1000 needles and set your gambit to 1. ally hp
By: Fallen angel(457)
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How to find the Mandragora Family 58%
Go to the Ice Field of Clearsight in Feywood and kill every single creature there... Then go out of the area (north or south exit) and come back. When you come back, you'll see the Mandragora Family on the Glyph nearest you... ATTACK THEM RIGHT AWAY! If you stall, they'll run to another Glyph and level up for some reason and yep its possible for them to become level 99 if they run away all the time and trust me, their attacks will do 9999 damage :) so its best you equip an Ensaguined Shield. If you don't have one, then equip a Main Gauche weapon and a Zodiac Estucheon...If you dont have that either, well good bye! Just keep them at level 30-60. Over that and they'll become a threat.

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About the Diamond Armlet 58%
You guys really want to get rare items from chests etc.,huh?
And mostly you're mostly disappointed because of receiving Knot of Rusts?

This is how the Diamond Armlet works. You must keep it equiped for a very long time,
the chance of getting a rare item like elixir etc. is really high.
But do NOT equip your diamond armlet infront of a treasure cuz you'll only get Knot of Rusts...

If you really want to get a Zodiac Speer in the Henne Mines 2 Dig. ,you must have the diamond armlet equiped. With that you'll get a chance of getting the zodiac speer by 1:1000. Without the Diamond Armlet it's 0:1000
By: Rain17(414)
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Beginners Quick Level up. Read it all! 58%
Before even going to talk to Dalan for the first time...

Go to the Estersands OR the Westersands and kill everything you see that is low level LOTS OF TIMES. Get to about Level 10 or 12. Then when you have obtained the SunStone and have Penelo in your party she will start at Level 10 or 12 or whatever level you are. THEN, because she starts with ALOT of LP, get her TWO quickenings, and get your main character one quickening.

THEN, go to the WesterSands and get to where there is a little part with a merchant and a teleport save point. SAVE, then leave the only way you can and you will see a big flying bird, Chain as many quickenings you can on the bird and heres the best bit... if it doesnt die, just run back to the other area which sohuld be just behind u, touch the teleport crystal to heal yourself and go back out... the bird will still be damaged from when you last attacked it.

REPEAT this until its dead and you will get about 1000exp. Just do this several times. BARE IN MIND though after youve killed it each time, save the game and PAUSE then go back to the title screen and reload... thats so the big bird reappears when you go into that area.
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I Found Hastega 57%
For all you guys who thought hastega didn't exist! I found it in the dalmasca estersand, there is a ferry dock at the end of the Dalmasca Estersand, talk to the shop owner and it is for sale, about 18,000 Gil
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Useful combo 56%
Have one player with berserk bravery protectga and shellga. P.S. you should have all the mp gaining augments when you attack the opponenet with this character his mp will go up quite a lot. Have another character fighting as well have the remaining character curing when they run out of mp have them syphon the berserked character while the remaining attacker cures while syphon is working. Keep dioing this you should do well in your battles I used this straegy against hell wyrm and I won at level 54
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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Easy way to get at least 20000 gil in 30minutes to an hour 56%
Teleport to jahara then go out to the ozmone plain. go to the next section of the ozmone plain where there are a lot of mespienars or wat ever they are. use your main character to steal from each oponent then kill them.if you do it right each time you steal from a mespienar you should either get a piece of magicite or an iron carapace.every once in a while a viper will show up do the same with all of this over and over until you have like 50 iron carapaces then sell them.if you try this and no more mespienars show up go to another section and kill some opponets for a while then go back.
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500,000 Gil and a Rod of Faith in 10 seconds (YOU HEARD ME) 55%
If you have completed the Behemoth King hunt then you will be able do this. After completing the hunt, talk to the guy who posted the bill. He will give you the reward and tell you the legend of the one who beats the Behemoth King. If you just skipped everything, you can talk to him again and he will repeat the legend. Notice how he says something about a wyrm statue and when the one who has defeated the Behemoth King does whatever to it, he will find happiness. That legend is true. Wyrm statue eh? Now where can we find that? How about Mt. Bur Omisace where all those refugees are?! Don't you remember passing by that place and seeing a skull of some creature with people in it? That is the wyrm statue. If you are still confused then here: Go to the place where all the tents are. You should see the skull's head there with a few people under there. First unequip Vaan's weapon. Now go to the nose of the skull. It will show an exclamation mark, then press X. Vaan will do karate on the nose. Then a sparkling thing will fall out. Press X again and you will obtain 500,000 gil and a Rod of Faith. 500,000 gil can be very useful when buying a Tournesol for 600,000 gil...

- TomTM
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Fast Leveling Up 56%
Go to The Rustling Chapel in Golmore jungle, and defeat all the enemies there, and after that, dark skeletons will start to appear, and they are worth 2,700-3000 exp each, with one person in party. I got a 93 chain in no time, and with the Embroidered Tippet, I got 5,400-6000 exp with each skeleton. I also defeated a Grave Lord, and then after that I went back to the Needle Brake, and then straight back, and started to fight again. I had the claymore, and platinum armor equipped, and was at level 50, and with the claymore you will defeat them with 3 hits. You'll level up faster than the dead bones in nabreus deadlands, and they pop up just as fast, or maybe a little faster. I had one ally's gambits, Ally: %70 Cura, another Ally: Any Haste, and the other Ally: Any Regen, Ally: Any Esuna, as your 1st gambits, and Foe: nearest visable as last gamebits. The Grave Lord will not break your chain, because it is also a skeleton. I have not found any different enemys when fighting the skeletons, so it makes chaining easy. I used 3 allys in my party, because you'll defeat them faster, than with 1 ally.
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Where to get HIGH ARCANAS 55%
From Helvinek in the Necrol of Nabudhis, by killing first the 6 Oversouls and then he'll appear. You must Chain it many times,then you'll get some high Arcanas.

Or: Try killing Oversouls and get their Soul of thasma.
Fey Stone from Elementals
Arcanas with the Script
High Arcana: 10 Arcanas
1 Feystone
1 Soul of Thasma
By: Rain17(414)
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Effect code 56%
Master Den-Fish up Saboten Crest in the Secret Reaches.
Middle Reaches - Get 5 perfect fishinnng in the Lower Reaches.
Secret Reaches - Fish up Sabaton Bond in the Upper Reaches with Matamune
Taikou treasure - Get 9 perfect fishing in the Master Den
upper Reaches - Get 5 perfect fishing in hte Middle Reaches.
Go play like this, you see it right.V o t e for me -)
By: vietboylonely01(131)
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NOTE: Party lvl must be at least over 50 and equipped with good weapons about over 90 attk or you will get creamed easily in this place.

This merchant can only be found in the Necrohol of Nabudis. This merchant is actually a Baknamy but dont worry, it wont hurt ya. So, first enter the Necrohol of Nabudis from the Salikawood, then keep going everywhere as much as you can but not "everywhere." Most of it.

Look at the map and you should see a little chamber somewhere on the right side of the map. Go to that chamber and stop. Notice how you see an extra room but when you look at the map, that place is not there so it's a hidden area. Go inside and you should see a red treasure. Open it and youll encounter a Pandora Mimic. Try stealing or killing it, you might get a chance of getting a loot called, Wrath of the gods, which sells for pretty much alot. After beating it or just leaving it alone, go to the topleft corner of the area, you should see a ???. Press X and a Baknamy will appear. This merchant sells a demon shield, a maximilian, and a 'something' shishak. These are some of the best armor you can buy, but expensive so have as much gil as you can. He also sells ethers and the strongest black magick in the game which is Scathe and deals over 5000 dmg to all enemies at range so yay. Also depending on your magick power, the damage will increase greatly, so, yay again.
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500.000 Gil + Rod of Faith 54%
Go to the Mt. Bur-Omisace at the Dinosaur head. You can strike it, but first you have to remove your weapon. Hit it once and you'll get 500.000GIL and Rod of Faith!
By: Rain17(414)
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The fastest why to beat gilgamesh (Only PART 2) 54%
If you was strong enough for part one, there is a 69.9% percent
of you surviving if you are on level 80,but if you are below that,
you got a hell of a work trying to defeat him.He is located in
Site 7.when you first start off,hurry and kill his dog please you
guys because Gilgamesh and his dog are to powerful together
(listen I said together folks).their attack power is split for
example Gilgamesh 50%/Dog 50%. If you don't kill his dog,
this is going to be hard for you (the dog has CRUSHING FANGS
which can sometimes well most of the time kill instanly).
If you do want to kill him oil him up and Ardor him.don't have
that then firaga him to will also do some damage to
Gilgamesh (the only reason magic because he parry alot of your physical attacks.When you kill him.use all your might on Gilgamesh
(by the why every time a cut seen come up or when his health
is 40%-21% and 20%-1% you might what to steal the Genji
materials).when he have that physical barrier up use a powerful
ass magic (not bad status, like scathe).
when it's down continue your physical
attack.when his health get lower and lower, he will learn new
attacks.speaking of attacks watch out for lvl2 sleep/lvl3 disable/
lvl4 petify. when his almost die his defense raise for some reason.
when he begin blinking red don't use mist yet because it won't
kill him because he has too much defense. wait till he has a little
health like between 10%-2% only.If you get a long quickening
chain you should end battle. (the only reason i said battle because he not die because he left his sword,if you don't understand me
just leave the area.)
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Hellorms last 5 bars. 54%
He starts using stone breath and his -aga spells but if you use scathe or holy he can't do his attack until holy or scathe ics completely finished so have your other characters attacking at this time because he is helpless
By: FFobssesive(349)
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Chaining rocks 54%

here is a niftey hint got to the western lands and got through a village and start chaining wolves soon when you get at least 50 chain you can get 3 wolf pelts and 3 or 4 wind stones sell that at a store and you should get a bazzar good
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Gilgamesh swords 53%
There are swords from various final fantasy game that are there when you fight Gilgamesh in the clan hunt "ancient man of mystery", but it states in the bestiary that they are not the real thing. Some of the swords are these:

Buster Sword: from Final Fantasy 7, Cloud Strife's main weapon in the game.(Big sword with a japanese symbol)

Gunblade: from Final Fantasy 8, Squall Leonheart's main weapon in the game. (Small sword like gun that has a yellow symbol near the handle)

Brotherhood: from Final Fantasy 10, Tidus' main weapon in the game. (Long blue sword with 2 hooks at the end)

Moonlight: from Final Fantasy 9, Zidane's main weapon in the game. (A gold zigzag shaped sword with a sun and a moon crest near the handle)

Masamune: from Final Fantasy 7, Sephiroth's weapon in the game. (The only katana sword that he does'nt exchange)
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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Fomalhaut 53%
Da fomolhaut can be found in a treasure in the area where you fight the Antilion hunt. You don't really need the diamond armlet, or use it if you have to. If the treasure aint there, wait till it respawns. If you get stuff like knot of rust, keep tryin. This weapon is the best gun in da whole game and with about 50 attack. Sure it may seem weak, but when equipped it does a friggin damge of 6000. You can get as much fomolhauts as you want and the damage never changes even though the enemy has very high d-fense
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Monsters healing characters? 54%
Go to Giza Plains during the dry. When you enter that place from Rabanastre, there should be Giza Rabbits around there. Now if you're at a low level, battle hyenas. If you start blinking red, go near a Giza Rabbit and it will heal you! If it doesn't, keep going near it. It will eventually cast cure. But if you're at a high level with a strong weapon, attack yourself. Those hyenas can't even damage you anyway. I dunno if an Ozmone Hare can do the same, but why don't ya try?

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How to beat Hellwyrm/Doom dragon 53%
When you are about to engage in battle with Hellwyrm/Doom dragon, cast reverse first then decoy, then equip a masamune for your character that has a reverse and decoy, next fight hellwyrm, you will notice that he has a lot of HP that you think it is impossible to beat him,his HP is like this, [====================================]
Your party must be at level 75+, then your armors must be, Maximillians, circlets or goldenskull caps, Masamune(you can only get 1 masamune), Ring of renewal and Bubble belt, last A strong weapon that can exceed a 110+ attack power, next go to the back portion of Hellwyrm so that your other characters cannot be atacked by Stone Breath, Rake, Etc., NOTE: reverse can only last 1 minute, if your reverse runs out, cast again, when your decoy, has run out, cast again, NOTE: he's attack, "Judgement" cannot be evaded, and it can Paralyze, Sap, Immobilize, Stop, Etc., when all party was affected, switch out one character and heal the others, NOTE: character must be at least level 65+, when your done curing them, cast decoy on your level 65+ character and make the others heal themselves, when the bait character dies, switch out the other affected character, then cast reverse and decoy on the character who wields a masamune, then let the other cure the other character's status aliments. Reapeat this several times and Hellwyrm will be defeated.
NOTE: don't worry, you can get out of the area, if you want and when you return, Hellwyrm's HP will be the same where you left it

Hope It Helps!!!:-)
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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Hell Wyrm 53%
How to get there: Complete the hunt for Vyraal, and you will receice the Vyraal Dragon Scale. Later on, return to where you fought him, and talk to the moogle ontop of windmill #10. A man who claims to be a researcher of the Vyraal wants the scale - give it to him, and in return, he will give you an Ageworn Key. Enter the Sochen Cave Palace from Tchita Uplands, and go east from 'Falls Of Time'. From there, go north to the area where all the 'doors of hours' are, and you should end up in the eastern-most part of the door area. Bring up your map and take note of how all the doors of hours are assembled in a circle. Its like a clock. You have to open each door in a clockwise direction. After doing so, it will tell you that you hear a door unlock in the distance. Head west to the Ascetic Door, open it, and head down the tunnel. You will reach another locked door - use the Age worn key.
As for defeating the Hell Wyrm, have some good gambits. It helps to have a healer with [Ally: < 40%HP - Curaja] (you can easily change this to 30% if you want to). Hell Wyrm will cast Stop, Invert and Petrify alot - be prepared for this. Dont have a gambit that cures Petrify straight away. Wait until the petrify countdown is down to number 4, and then cast Esuna - because with all the magicks flying around, there will be a slight delay, and by the time Esuna will be casted, your countdown will be up to 3 or 2. You can leave the area and save, if you feel tired of hacking away at Hellwyrm. But be sure that he does not have a Regen status before you leave. That way, he will not regenerate his health if you do decide to leave and take a break. It helps alot to have Bubble Belt equiped. Make sure you have a few Chronos Tears and Remedies just incase your characters lose their MP (Note: You cannot cure Stop, you can only use Chronos Tears to get rid of the ailment.). When Hell Wyrm casts Invert - its actually a good thing. When he inverts your character's HP and MP, you gain all your MP and can easily recover your HP by casting curaga/curaja (Curaja will store alot more HP than Curaga, even though its ranged).
I was level 54 with weapons Golden Axe, Defender, and that Ragnarok sword. I also had Maximillian armour. For your sanity's sake, I suggest being level 60 or higher.
By: SkyeWinters(203)
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Beating Zodiark 53%
EQUIPMENT: Any weapon exept excalibur.
And Demon shields for all your chars.
CHARACTERS: Between 65-75
ITEMS: 99x phoenix downs

HINT: Just attack him. Don't worry if he's useing Quickening(Dark)
because your DEMON SHIELDS absorb dark.
But until he has 1/4 of his HP or lower he'll
make him immune against magic and physical damage.
And his quickening "Dark" kills your 3 Characters and
your Demon shields can't absorb it.
Bring out one of your living characters so he can revive the
others. It's best to play fight with 2 characters. If the one is
dead you revive him and run away from the one you revived.
Zodiark will use his Quickening on the person who revived
the other character. His Quickening will kill that person but
not the one who has been revived, because the distant of the
other character was too far away to hit the other one.
So revive eachother until his immunity fades away. Then you
can use your powerful magic to damage him. When he casts
reflect then try to DISPEL him. Do this Process until he's
By: Rain17(414)
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123 LP from one monster 52%
If you finished the story of Pharaos of Ridorana then take the lift to
Umbra or Abyssal. In one Room you can see a monster called MAGIC POT. Hit him once and run back to the main entrace of the room. As you re-enter it the doors are shut near the main entrance but the magic pot is still at the door. Turn your Gambits OFF and the magic pot asks you to give it an ELEXIR. Give him one and he'll run crazy in the whole room and he won't attack you. Because the doors are shut he can only run at the main entrance. Kill him and you'll receive 123 LP but no EXP.
By: Rain17(414)
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How to open the Pilgrim's Door (and Astetic) 52%
If you need help, here:

this site shows the picture of the map i created.
The map shows how to open both the Astetic Door AND Pilgrim's Door. The astetic is pretty simple (the blue line). enter the sochen cave palace from the teleport crystal. keep going until you end up with three doors. choose the middle. then go to the middle of the place ur in and turn left. open the door in front of you. now begin the walking as shown in the map

the pilgrims door (red line) starts from the beginning of the blue line. as you can see, you just go in a whirly way.
- Hope this helps :P
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EZ curing when ya have no MP and no potions 52%
Equip a White Mask and/or Sage's Ring. Then equip your character with a holy lance or an excalibur. If your life is low and you have nothing to heal yourself, just attack yourself and you'll absorb the holy damage. Make sure you're at a high level or the attack won't be much.

Same goes for for the dark weapons. Equip a Black Mask. The only dark weapons around are only ninja swords and they are 2 handed weapons so you can't equip a Demon Shield. Best equipping the yagyu darkblade.

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Chaos hint. 52%
Take out the elements straight away by using by using scourge this will also sap him. If you can get a good armour with air immune and a good shield you should do quite well. Don't use your darkmatter against him 'cos when I used it it only did 360 damage. He uses wind magic mainly and some normal attacks. He also uses an annoying move called fearga which lowreres all your characters mp to 0. Use charge becuse unless you are using a mist chain then he will use fearga again very soon so only use ethers if you plan on using a mist chain,which I did and I won at level 52.
By: FFobssesive(349)
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Easy win against Ixion 52%
People say this guy is hard but he is quite easy. Descend to Penumbra using the lift at the Pharos at Ridorana. move about. If you see a whole load of abbadons coming at you go back up the lift. For this battle cast hastega and protectga and bubble on all your characters. Equip rubber suits and weapons with at least 90 attack power. Equip e rose corsage as well. If there are no abbadons run around and start to cast a spell. He should appear. His thundaga will be cancelled by rubber suits and silence by rose corsage. If he starts to cast curse run away from him with the targeted character and have one of the others use esuna on him. You should have a good shield for this battle. Keep attacking, him cure yourself when he attacks. Arise someone if they die. put hatse bubble and protect on them and carry on attacking. After a long time he will die.
By: FFobssesive(349)
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Where to get the hidden magicks 51%
Ardor - deal massive fire damge to all foes in range
You can get this from the merchant in the Barheim Passage when far into the game.

Scathe - deal massive damage to all foes in range
You can get this from a hidden merchant in the Necrohol of Nabudis.
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Good uses for syphon and stamp 51%
NOTE: Make sure you obtain the licenses, martyr, inquisitor, and especially syphon.


During a long battle with creatures like Yiazmat, this can be very helpful. If you waste a lot of MP and you have no ethers, hi-ethers, elixirs, etc, lure a character (not the main attacker). Then use berserk on the main attacker. As he attacks and attacks, his MP will grow very fast (thx 2 inquisitor license). Now have two of the other members use syphon the berserked character and they will gain a lot of MP. Im aware that the main attacker will lose MP, but as long as the attacker is berserked, he will contuniously attack and grow more MP. You can keep doing this. Dont forget to lure a character or the berserked character will probably ie and the plan gets ruined.

NOTE: Make sure you obtain the license stamp and dazzit.


Before a dangerous battle, always buff up your characters. The best way to buff them up is to use (my way): protectga, bravery, faith, bubble (or if you have bubble belt), libra (if needed), hastega, and shellga (if needed). During your battle, there are chances when one of your characters die and when they die and you arise them, you have to buff him/her up again, right? Well no need for that cuz the character that still has all the buff ups can simply use stamp on the character that has died without wasting so much MP (stamp is a technique). Make sure the character using stamp does not have any negative status effects. Before buffing up, its best if you use faith first.

NOTE: If you don't have Syphon and/or Stamp, haha too bad....

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How to get the best armor in the game (Grand Helm and Grand Armor) 50%
NOTE: You should have passed the Pharos at Ridorana event by now...

To get one of the pieces (i forgot which one...), go to the necrohol of nabudis in the cloister of high born. Kill as much oversouls as possible. Only 1 oversoul can appear at a time. Kill monsters and more monsters until it appears. After killing some oversouls, a rare game called Helveniek will appear. Now flee and lure him to the corner between the stairs and those blue dots. Kill him, then quickly go through the blue dots before the exp and lp show. Once you appear in the other area, go to the corner again, keep waiting and ANOTHER helveniek will appear. Again, kill him and go through the blue dots again quickly before the exp and lp show. (As you can see, you are chaining helveniek). Then you will appear in the cloister of highborn again and again a 3rd helveniek will appear. Here's why: if you dont let the exp and lp show and exit the area and then go back, they'll come back over and over again, as long as you time this right. Kill him, etc etc... Keep doing this and get the loot quickly too which is also why you lure him in the corner. After chaining him and getting the loot a few times, you should be able to get a Grand Armor/Helm from the loot...

To get the second piece, chain the clay golems which are somewhere in one of the east areas (-> that way) in the Mosphoran Highwaste. There are only 2 clay golems so this may take awhile. After killing the 2 clay golems, ignore the loot (this way, the chain level will go up faster and easily) and go 2 screens away and come back for them to respawn. BUT DO NOT GO TO THE PLACE WHERE IT ONLY SHOWS VAAN BECAUSE THAT WILL BREAK YOUR CHAIN! After reaching the most top chain level (the loot should be very big and red) which should take at least a chain of 20-30 clay golems IF you didnt get the loot, grab and give a gyshal green to the wayward chocobo somewhere in one of those area(s). Now use the chocobo and run to the nearest place that has the strahl anchor which should be near one of the barheim passage entrances in the Dalmasca westersand. I know that there's a strahl anchor in babbling vale in the mosphoran highwaste but remember, YOU WILL BREAK THE CHAIN BECAUSE IT IS THE PLACE WHERE VAAN WALKS ALONE (lol "i walk alone, I walk alone..." the song....hehe). Now there should be a crystal near the anchor, or not (again I forgot). DO NOT TOUCH THE CRYSTAL OR YOU'LL STILL BREAK THE CHAIN... Now dismount the chocobo and touch the anchor and fly to the ridorana cataract. (Oh yea, if the chocobo time runs out along the way, flee your way there or turn off your gambits. Killing a different creature will also break your chain). In the ridorana cataract flee all the way to that pharos tower and if you get hurt, cure yourself. Now retrace your steps from the event and flee all the way in until you end up in the place where you see the rare game TOWER! Kill it and a loot should fall thanks to the chaining...and there you have your second piece. If you didnt see the tower during the pharos event, its at the small area before you face the Hashmaul esper. If you have killed it during the event, well there's a smaller chance for it to appear. If its not there, then go back two areas by touching those colored pedestals and keep going back until it appears.

- TomTM

If you're too lazy to do all this and you think its long, find something that will inspire you to do this like me: Something inspired me to do every step to get that dam tournesol which took me forever and that inspiration was killing zodiark after 23 tries during my 122333 event... Don't know about the 122333 event? Go to youtube and type "final fantasy 12 122333" I'll give you details about this at the review section at the bottom...
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A 2nd zodiac spear, a 2nd zodiac estucheon, and a 2nd ensanguined shield 50%
The zodiac spear comes from the necrohol of nabudis, the zodiac estucheon comes from the great crystal, and the ensanguined shield comes from a treasure in the edge of reason, right? Well, there are seconds of each one.

The second zodiac spear comes from a chest in the henne mines where all the strong creatures are at (Phase 2 dig). That chest is also in an area that aint on the map. There is a 10% chance for the chest to spawn and even a lower chance to get the zodiac spear when equipping the diamond armlet. If you don't equip it then there is no chance of getting the spear. If you don't get the spear, the chest can still respawn.

The second zodiac estucheon comes from a chest in the west annex area of the barheim passage. Equip the diamond armlet. As soon as you see the chest, open it quickly. If you don't get it, wait till it respawns. It took me about 20 tries and took my friend about 90, but hell it was worth it to him.

Finally. The second ensanguined shield comes from a chest in balfonheim. It is a chest in the port villa place on the right. Equip a diamond armlet and save before you open it because it will NEVER respawn again.

And there goes your seconds.

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Leveling up 50%
When you just started the game and just have vaan and penelo in your party go to giza plan and defeat that 2 werewolves (if your characters are strong enough to take those blow)
and go back to the save crystal, do it again and again, I did this to leveling up to level 22
dont worry about the others characters that about to join because when they join their level will about the same as your current level or even 1 level higher
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Very easy way to lv up 50%
Buy some emborderied tippets and go to ridorana cataract.equip emborderied you know wat and put 1 person in yo party.WARNING!must be at lv 55 or up!fite your way from cataract to pharos 3rd ascent.then switch characaters and do it again.i got to lv55 to 70 in about 50mins by doind this.
note:it helps to cast protect,shell,haste,float,regen, and any other helpful status effect.
By: basch8777(40)
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Very fast and i mean FAST lv up for people lv48+ 50%
All you got to do is save up 15000gil and buy 3 embordered tippets for your main characters.mine were vaan basch and balthier anyway with your embordered things go to nabudis deadlands and fite every monster there I gain about 5lvs everytime and i'm at lv66 with zodiac spear
(p.s I wrote the easy zodiac spear don't use diamond armlet cheat I just registered!)
By: basch8777(40)
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How to get diamond armlet early in the game!!!!!!!!!!! 50%

First save to the save crystal in the nameless spring. After you save go to the garden of life's circle. Go to the edge of the garden of life's circle or the cliff there. As you can see there is no treasure because the respawn percentage of the treasure is only 10%. To become easy press start and go back to the tittle screen, then load the game where you save and repeat the method.

REMEMBER: the percentage of the diamond armlet to the treasure is 10% also. BE PATIENT!^_^
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How to Battle Hellwyrm 51%
First, get the Ageworn key to a wyrm philosoper by finishing the hunt for the vyraal, then get the reward, there is a "Dragon Scale" item that is included in the reward, use that to get the Ageworn key, go to Cerobbi Steppe and go to Windmill no.10, then a moogle will show up, then a conversation starts, then after that an old guy will show up, he is the wyrm philosopher, give the dragon scale and you will get the key.

Go to the sochen cave palace, enter through the Tchita Uplands for easier navigation, go to the Falls of time and enter to the most eastern section of it and go to Destiny's March and go to the most eastern area of it, then enter the the ancient door, next run at a clockwise direction and open the doors of hours, when your finished, a text will appear
"A Door Has Opened In A Distance".
go to the asetic's door and open the door, there is another door there that needs the Key Item, Ageworn Key, if you have it, you must be ready to fight, Hellwyrm's HP is about a Billion or more. I heard that when you defeat Hellwyrm and Yaizmat, you can fight OMEGA MKII. NOTE: You must be at level 75+ before atempting this side quest.
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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Cheat 50%
To get grand armor:you must go to Necorol of Nabudis then kill all the enemies in a zone to spawn a Oversoul repeat until you kill 6 oversouls then Helvinek will appear lure him to the zone line then kill it grab the loot and then zone away another Helvinek will appear kill then zone away quickly before the lp/xp drops reapeat until dun dun dunnn you obtained "A suit of grand armor"
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Escaping frm darkga (zodiarks attack) most of the time :D 50%
When fighting zodiark, wear black masks and demon shileds with maxilmillians and deathbringers...since the attack of zodiark is by range, have all your characters seperate as far as they can or else when they are near each other, all of them will get caught in the darkga attack. so its best if one of them only gets caught, but thanks to the black mask and the shield, theres a 75% chance you'll absorb the darkga.

(before all this, learn telekenesis)

Now, here's how to attack zodiark while far from each other.....switch your atacking gambit to telekenesis. so that you can attack from far range like gunz....but they'll also act like axes cuz its a range damaged thing....chances are that the attack will be stronger. Good luck....

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How to trigger chain level glitch 50%
Note: this only works rarely.

i can't believe I actually figgerd(well my mate did) out how to trigger a glitch. firstly you will need to teleport to mt buromisace and talk to everyone in temple approach. next go to rabenastreand then talk to that fellow who talks about feywood near one of the gates now he will mentoin some reaction at stilshrine. now teleport there and it should say chain reaction in the coner. We figured out it's about a 10% chance since we tried it 3
times and I got it on my 10th go every time. WHAT ARE THE ODDS! LOL!
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Hell wyrm the easy way. 50%
Firstly you need to have completed the vyraal hunt and colected the age-worn key from
cerrobi.Secondley level up to about 70. Prefferably in nabreus with dead bones or in cerrobi with sheild wyms .Thirdly collect these weapons, excalibur from treasure in
great crystal ( map of great crystal at game FAQS sepirousy) masamune from gilgamesh
hunt and ragnorok or ultima.

Ragnorok: prize for fishy dreams elite mark.

Ultima blade: sell gnoma halcyon
2 death powder
2 admantite.

your gambit setup is really up to you. I advise ally hp -50% curaja or use the reverse decoy trick on one of your party members. Now you should be able to deafeat hell wyrm in
around 30mins-1hour.

I hope this tip helps you out and good luck with hell wyrm!
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Anti-Garuda Item 50%
You can find the Item near the blue save Crystal next to the Chocobo in the Nam-Yensa Sandsea. First if you enter the Area you can see a Enemy running away from the Kupo.
Talk to the Kupo and he'll tell you something about a Turtoise.
Keep heading left and you'll see a fight between a Turtoise and some of the Nam-Yensa Sandsea fighters. Kill the Turtoise and return to the Area where the Kupo was.
Now you'll see a whole army of those Sandsea fighters, the General of them kills one of his soldiers and then they disappear.
The corpse of the fallen soldier also disappears but there will be a plant growing on the place he died.

These are called "berries". You can pick them up only once. Use this against the Garuda,it'll deal massive damage on it.
By: Rain17(414)
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How to beat Vossler 50%
At the start of the battle cast shell on your leader then use magik from a distance.When Vosslers HP is low he'll use something called inrage, this allows him to attack faster multiple time and it increases his power.When this happens simply some your ester.By now you shoud have a ester simply heal it when ever it gets seariesly hurt.It sould then defeat vossler in a couple of seconds.

This is io922 over and out
By: io922(483)
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Recharging Mist Bars Fast 50%
Man, you must be tired of running out of MP and having to either run to the next save crystal which is sometimes MILES away, or using charge which dosen't even work half the time. I know it's a BORING pain. But lucky for you, I've got a strategy for recharging MP really quickly that works really well. Mind you, I'm only 11, but my strategy is worth doing and you'll feel that way after reading and doing this.

So here's my strategy: summon an esper and syphon it(if you have syphon). This is a good strategy and you will think so as well. The espers in this game have infinate MP, so syphoning them will fully recharge a mist bar. Charge will kind of work, but like I told you earlier it dosen't even work half the time and if it misses....... YOU CAN SAY GOODBYE TO ALL MP YOU HAVE! This strategy works with your other party members, but I prefer doing It with an esper. Besides with an esper you can do it as many times as you want.

I hope you liked this information. I do this all the time and trust me IT WORKS! I enjoyed sharing this strategy with you. Give this strategy a DECENT rating because I spent 10 minutes doing this the first time but accidently erased it all and had to start over AGAIN. So for all you people who are not doing this yet start doing it NOW! Oh one more thing: Please don't be too upset if you've been owned by AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD! LoL

By: T.F.
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First demon wall 50%
First skip it till you beat a judge in mt omirisos. then go to the twom and beat him fairly easy.
but if you r willing to get the demospane. it will be up for sale for 6000 gil I think.
i was at level 32 w/ my characters.
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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Healing in a second without doing anything 50%
BEWARE! This may fail, but if it works, you are gonna enjoy it. Set a gambit: Ally: party leader> decoy and Ally: party leader> R E V E R S E
Yes, reverse,so your foes will heal you with their attacks! And because of decoy, foes will attack only your party leader! Remember: reverse can fail!
made by T.J.
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Regain mp faster 50%
Run in a tight circle and soon it will regain at a faster rate then usual
By: MADDEVIL1(2160)
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Really easy way to beat Slyt in pharos at Ridorana 50%
Cast oil on him. Set your characters gambits to firaga nearest enemy. They will all firaga him and this literally does 9999 in one hit dispel him when he puts on benificial statuss dispel him. This battle can take less than 5 minutes.

p.s. If one of your characters die just take anothe one in and keep fighting
By: FFobssesive(349)
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High arcana easily obtained 50%
To trigger the ETHERIAN go to CEROBI STEPPE/ NORTHSWARD then KILL ALL THE MONSTERS IN THIS AREA. The ETHERIAN will then SPAWN go to the WINDMILL X then exit over the bridge into the FEDDIK RIVER area. TURN IMMEDIATELY BACK into the NORTHSWARD and head for the gap BETWEEN WINDMILLS iX and X ,this is where the ETHERIAN RE-APPEARS.
You could do with a "float technique" gambit on, as there is a nasty mine where the etherian reappears ,kill him again then REPEAT THE PROCESS
I was on a high level 70 when I did this so I found him easy , but I'm sure it would be managable at lower levels. I was after SILVER LIQUID but after chaining about 80 I managed to obtain 4 HIGH ARACANAS in around 1 HOUR! Before I had spent many hours looking for souls of thamasas in the necroplis of nabius.
Ok so its not easy in that it is BORING but im sure it would be difficult to find this rare item more quickly.
I like to call this THE DAVE THE GEEK TECHNIQUE. I hope it works for you ..good luck..
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Easy lv up 50%
When you kill belias in the king's tomb you will get a esper, pick what ever caracter you want to have i,t go to the giza plains during the wet season or go to a desert where you can't kill a monster in one hit and somone belias and kill every thing you can in site.
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Guns are better 50%
You know how guns in ff12 hav a low atk power. wel I hav a gun with 31 atk power ( cant remember name) : ( my gun does a bout a thousand damage and you should use swords and wutever else if you r fighting some of those flans or things that look like flans like he white moouse. and also ghost
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Diamond armlet and golden axe 50%
If your levels is up to 55,go to dalmasca will find a camp.go enter,you will find teleport crystals and selling golden axe,diamond armlet,and hastega.
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Easy chains 50%
Go to the lhusu mines and go to the seacond opening ware thare is only 1 set of stars go streat forward and you will find loads of scellys kill them then wen you got to the other end turn around and go back and you find som mor scellys I got a 66 chain doing this so its very good
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E A S Y G I L!!!!!!!! 50%
Right first you kill lots of wolves in the dalmasca desert. then you get lots of wolf pelts and sell them , collect a phew like 100 and you get 5000- 1500 gil per half hour. if you do this strategy on and on =-)

if this don't work sue me =-) dont
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Golden axe!!!! 50%
Golden axes hav varies of attack powers some 1 damasge some 4000 so careful
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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Final Fantasy XII Hint: Forgotten Grimoire / Monograph's 50%
Monographs can be very useful in increasing the rarity of the drops. Here is a list of all the monographs that you can get along with what you need to do to unlock them. When you unlock them they will appear as Forgotten Grimoire until you buy it.

Dragoon Monograph (Increase drop rate of Dragons & Plants) - Read Mob hunt bulletin board 40 times (22000 gil)
Hunter's Monograph (Increase drop rate of Monsters & Birds) - Clear Thextera Mob Hunt and talk to the client at the Muthru Bazaar (18000 gil)
Knight Monograph (Increase drop rate of Giants & Insects) - Talk to any weapon shop owner 30 times (19000 gil)
Mage Monograph (Increase drop rate of Magical Enemies) - Talk to any magic shop owner 25 times (25000 gil)
Pot Monograph (Increase drop rate of Arcana Enemies) - Sell of certain Loots to unlock (250000 gil)
Sage Monograph (Increase drop rate of Spirit Enemies) - Talk to any shop owner 100 times (25000 gil)
Scholar Monograph (Increase drop rate of Specialist Enemies) - Talk to any armour shop owner15 times (22000 gil)
Warmage's Monograph (Increase drop rate of Undead Enemies) - Read Mob hunt bulletin board 20 times (20000 gil)
By: io922(483)
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Easy bomb king fight for zodiac spear 50%
Firts level up to about 20-30 and get all of your mist to level 3 on your whole party. if you have reserves like some people do then they must be 15+ and I advise level up all your people because bk will be much easier for you (my party were all level 28) your equepment doesent really matter much for this fight if you use quikenings.

NOTE:when I actually whaent to get the zodiac spear my whole party was level 32 apart from penelo she was level 35 cos she is the best :) :P

so that was my easy bk guide hope this helps and good luck gettin the zodiac spear :) :P
By: ff12 handyman(9)
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Wanna make money fast?! 50%
If you want to have lots of money go sign in for the hunt "IXION"and after that go to Site 3 and kill the Killer Mantus first because ixion will use Cannibalize and double his lvl ofcourse his/her strength to after that kill ixion and after yah vanquish Ixion go back to the gate crystal and save then go back on site 3 where yah fight ixion and in look around in the area and if yah see a chest open it and you'll have the Fomoulhaut and its the strongest gun and go save again then reload and go back again in again

happy making moneY!
By: finaldestinyman(4)
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Fiching mini game 50%
Get the Barheim Key, then go to the Dalmasca Eastersand Gate Crystal section and talk to Ruxera, who is looking at the river wanting to fish. Next, go to the south-east section of Port of Balfonheim, which is the road to Airship Terminal. Find the old fishing man around the crates area and talk to him twice, then choose the first option. Move away from the old man, but do not leave this area yet. After a bit, go back to the same place and the old man will be gone. Examine the fishing rod there to get Muramata. Go back to Dalmasca Eastersand and give the Muramata to Ruxera to start the fishing mini-game.
By: io922(483)
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OPENING GAME Fastlane - How to Jump-Start "Vaan" 50%
The bottom line here is that LICENCES are the key to a powerful Character. The beginning of the game is when to go after them - BECAUSE we generally get only one or two license point per creature no matter what. As soon as Vaan is at about level four, and after the Imperials are no longer blocking the gates and the desert trails - take Vaan (by himself. In fact DO THIS BEFORE the Sunstone quest) through the Estersand to Nalbina Town. Do as much "WOLF HUNTING" as you can along the way...

SPECIFICALLY: WOLVES ONLY! Avoid everything else, so that you chain levels and get lots of loot out of it real fast.

In Nalbina Town get all the magics you can, the Iron Sword, the Leather Shield, the Topkapi Hat, and the Kilimweave Shirt. Go out and wolf hunt as many times as necessary to get up the gil for these items, if you already did the Killer Tomato hunt, you should have plenty to start with.

Go north from that last area of the Estersand where the exit to Nalbina Town is found. The exit to the north is just above the ravine with the Nalbina exit. Go all the way up to 'Dalmasca Estersand/Banks of the Nebra'.

Again - hunt wolves only! Go back and forth across the area next to the village until wolves no longer respawn - then GO TO THE NEXT AREA SOUTH...

Do the same, wolves only, until they no longer respawn.

When that area no longer respawns wolves, go back to 'Banks of the Nebra' and do it again!

You can go back and forth until you have a chain of over 200+, and that means tons of license points, and that means you can use them for critical licenses like more HP, Shield Block, Battle Lore, Magic Augments, and reduced magic cost in spell points. All of these are pretty close together on the LP Matrix, if you know where they are. Plot a track to get all of these licenses right at the beginning, and don't forget to save at the crystal in the village (which resets the chain, but oh well...)

This will maximise your gains from fast chain-kills and POUR LP into Vaan's attributes right from jump!
By: GreywolfHunting(151)
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Early zodiac spear 50%
I got the zodiac spear before I even got to Arcadia and this is how........ I was only level 39 or so with everyone in my party cause I level everyone individually because then they get more exp so they lvl faster and had a death bringer with all chars and Maximilien armor because I stole from elder wrym and tiamet very rare steal take that to note and a demon shield but to get to the point I got to the nechrohal of nabudise hears how take note of how I did this...... I used penello alone and walked to the zodiac room I died many time but I had arise so if I died I would simply use another char to arise the dead char and float is very helpfull here due to all the traps in the halls ingnore the monsters now for it to appear you have to of had to not open the following chests 1.old dallens chest 2.none in palace cellars the dungeons.4. the wrong one in the halls the correct one is the is the the first one when you walk in the room on the 2nd row to the left now you should have it if you didn't open the wrong chest
By: tucker17(8)
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Mimic pots 50%
When your in the cave with the robotic mimics that hide them selves as pots
the way to tell if they are a mimic is to look and see if it has places that are
glowing blue is there are be ready to get attacked and some one plz put up
an unlimited health cheat plz and hope this hint helps anyone
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How to kill death wall 50%
After you defeat that bird go to the menu and look at your licenses see if you have berserk if you dont, go and kill people for license points then when you berserk go
inside the tomb put berserk on everyone (but not you) and start the boss fight
everybody will attack the wall alot one person gets out of berserk put them back in
berserk do this until the wall dies.
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Kick jughe ghisses but. 50%
How to defeat jughe ghis.penelo and ashe must have quickenings.penelo 2 quickenings.ashe 1 quickening.vaan/balthier/basch/fran must attack first until they are defeated.jughe ghis wil lose alot of health once ther defeated then use ashe and penelo quickenings but ther must be atleast 9 hits with quickenings or more then you wil notice a nother attack caused automaticly like inferno or ark blast,cataclusm.
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Esper Cuchulainn 50%
Previous incarnation: As the Scorpio Lucavi demon Queklain in Final Fantasy
Tactics. How the hell did Cuchulainn become Queklain? No idea. Pronounced
"Koo-kuh-linn", according to Wikipedia, though I'm not sure how they got that
in the first place.

This poison-based Esper is just the cutest among all. See how he laughs all the
time? What a cute big fat blobby thing. Cuchulainn was created by the gods to
swallow all the filth in the world, but they underestimated the amount of crap
that could exist. So Cuchulainn ended up swallowing too much rubbish and
transformed into this "hideous thing". Hey, who're you calling hideous?!

Cost: 50 LP. Mist Charge level: 2
Defense: 47
Magick Defense: 31

Halves damage received from all eight elements.

Permanent buffs: Reflect, Protect, Shell, Bravery, Libra

Passive abilities: Penetrate Reflect, HP Full Attack Up, Counter (sometimes
strikes back after being attacked), Counter Rate Up, Ignore weather and terrain

Lvl Max HP Str. Mag. Vit.
01 2320-2321 51 46 26
10 2455-2478 56 51 28
20 2700-2766 62 57 30
30 3015-3138 68 63 33
40 3313-3490 74 69 35
50 3789-4055 80 75 37
60 4209-4553 86 81 40
70 4447-4833 92 87 42
80 4722-5157 97 92 44
90 5097-5601 99 98 47
99 5520-6103 99 99 49

Range Effect ChargeTime Type Element Power
Attack 2 Single 30 Phys. -- 83
Curaja 10 10 30 Magic -- 145
Malaise 12 Single 16 Magic -- 90
Blight 12 8 35 Magic -- 150

*Malaise absorbs HP and heals Cuchulainn.

Cuchulainn's Gambits:
01) Summon time remaining < 10s and Self: HP = 100% Blight
02) Undead Attack
03) Self: HP < 100% (and engaging foe) Malaise
04) Foe: any Attack
05) Self: HP < 100% (no foe engaged) Curaja

*Blight will be used on the enemy with the highest current HP.
*Blight and Malaise the Brady guide entries are wrong/incomplete I have
tested them.

Location: Where to find: Garamsythe Waterway, No. 1 Cloaca. After completing the White Mousse mark hunt and receiving your prize (Sluice Gate Key), return to Central Waterway Control. Three things to do:

(1) Close the No. 3 and No. 10 sluice gates. Go down to No. 3 Cloaca Spur and touch the No. 1 South Waterway Control (it's a stone pedestal.)
(2) Return to Central Waterway Control. Open up the No. 3 and No. 10 gates, and close the other two (No. 4 and No. 11). Go down to No. 4 Cloaca Spur and touch the No. 1 North Waterway Control.
(3) Back to the Central Waterway Control. SAVE YOUR GAME. With the North & South Waterway Controls open, the way to the esper is opened when the No. 3 and No. 4 controls are on (in other words, their sluice gates are closed). So make sure it's just those two on, with No. 10 and No. 11 off. Go down the No. 1 Cloaca and.. there he is.

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Sky Pirate Den Figures 50%
Ashe Awarded for having the average party level over 50.
Ba'Gamnan Awarded for completing the hunt catalog.
Balthier Awarded for attacking 300 times.
Basch Awarded for killing 500 foes.
Belias Awarded for obtaining every esper.
Carrot Awarded for defeating the monster, Carrot.
Chocobo Awarded for walking 50,000 steps.
Crystal Awarded for obtaining every character's magics.
Dalan Awarded for completing every map.
DeathGaze Awarded for defeating the monster, Death Gaze.
Fafnir Awarded for defeating the monster, Fafnir.
Fran Awarded for using magic 200 times.
Gabranth Awarded for initiating every fusion technique.
Gilgamesh Awarded for defeating the monster, Gilgamesh.
Gurdy Awarded for using/spending 1,000,000 gil.
Hell Wyrm Awarded for defeating the monster, Devil Dragon.
King Behemoth Awarded for defeating the monster, King Behemoth.
Migelo Awarded for selling 1000 loot.
Mimic? Unlock and buy all Monographs and Canopic Jar, also create and buy several Bazaar items to unlock.
Montblanc Awarded for attaining (monster) chain level 50.
Penelo Awarded for getting 100,000 gil.
Rasler Awarded for mastering all character's license board.
Reks Awarded for earning 500,000 clan points.
Trickster Awarded for defeating the monster, Trickster.
Ultima Awarded for defeating the esper, Ultima.
Vaan Awarded for stealing 50 times from enemies.
Vayne Awarded for using techniques 100 times.
Vossler Awarded for obtaining every character's techniques.
Yazmat Awarded for defeating the monster, Yazmat.
Zodiac Awarded for defeating the esper, Zodiac.
By: Littleroot56(6)
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Belias Easy Kill 50%
I don't know about most people but I had way too much troubles in King Raithwall's tomb, at first atleast. At this time all of my team had (atleast) their first quickening. What I did was made a huge quickening chain (look at the quickening hint/cheat) if you've opened the chests before battle you should have a few ethers use them on just one of your characters in your final team and start the quickening again (if he's not dead from one of the previous chains) *I'd use the ether on whoever has the most health at the time*

Make sure you get the Belias License before attempting to summon him!
By: Solenna(3)
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Some best gambits 50%
By: pyrodude(97)
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Increases non shown defence and quickening attack. 50%
When all of your party members (guest excluded) have all their quickenings while in a quickening if the buttons TRIANGLE SQUARE and X aren't showing quickly tap them in this order just before the end.
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Finding the hunt "Pylraster" 50%
The Pylraster can be a little hard to find because you don't told where it is.The Pylraster can be find in the pharos at ridorana in the entrance where you fought Hydro
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Tips on Yiazmat 50%
When you battle Yiazmat don't get to often get out of the area and come back because when you get out of the area and come back Yiazmat will get stronger
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Black orbs 50%
While you completing the storyline at the pharos at ridorana don't sell the black orbs cause they will be useful later in the game to find the seer
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Pokpok 50%
By: espino1995(16)
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Defeating demon wall 1 50%
To defeat demon wall 1 so you can get the demonsbane sword just attack him until his hp is halved.after that attack him with quickning until his defeated
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Beating Zalera 50%
To beat Zalera do it after you defeat Cid and buy curaja then do the barheim key sidequest.then fight Zalera and just use curaja on him until his dead and become yours
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Xp quick 50%
Heres how you do it have only one person for this if an enemy is say about 300 it will be about 1000
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Don't sell Black Orbs!!! 49%
If you are on the quest where you go to pharos at ridorana to destroy the crist, collecting black orbs, after that quest don't srll them, they can be important to you for the hunt for the seer even if you sell them, they will give you a less ammount of monry of 10Gil only......

hope I helped!!!:-)
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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The Tolos Sword 120 attk 2h 49%
The tolos sword is made up of three special things you fish up in upper reaches, master den, w/e. i kno, it aint in the license and has not ever been heard. but it is real and only costs a bit more than the ultima blade. i got it n it sucks becuz ders too many parries and when it hits, it deals 6000 damage only, no higher no less. but when a boss's dfense goes high, damge goes up to 4000. i got one, Ashe10 from youtube got one, n so did sephirothsuy/asephiroth w/e, from gamefaq/youtube, got one. Dont believe me if ya dont want to......
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Masamune is not a weak weapon........ 49%
You think masamune is weak?, just because it has 93 attack power, you think ragnarok and excalibur is stronger?........
Your wrong!!! Masamune can deal only about 6000-7000 damage right?....But it can unleash many combos, 2-10 hits, imagine how many damage it is, so don't sell it or waste it OK.......
I used Masamune to end Hellwyrm's life, just make sure not to sell it......
How to get it you ask? You can get it after defeating Gilgamesh in the hunt "Ancient man of mystery" in Montblanc's guild, you can get it after that....

Hope I helped!!!:-)
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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Chaos 49%
Chaos is quite annoying, you should have strong magics if you want to beat him. Use scourge and make sure the elementals around him die. You should have some equpment with wind-immune. I think you can get a crappy one in the armour shop at Rabanastre. Buff yourself up especially with faith. Equip the crystal shield to block magic and normakl attacks. Use curaja when needed. When he starts using fearga then don't use a megalixir because he will keep usingg it when you have high mp. Use mist chains when he stryts using fearga. Godd lucj and dont use darkmatter it does hardly any damage against him
By: FFobssesive(349)
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Leveling up easy plus LOTS OF GIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 48%
First if you r a low lvl like 15 and under go to the lhusu mines and if you have already completed it then you should know that after you go in 3 or 4 places there is a place where lots of skeletons come. They keep on respwaning so you can chain alot. I got up to chain 55 and I got loads of bone fragmants and other things, I sold then and I got 5,000 gil so if you get up to 200 chain, then you would be rich and levelved up to 20 which is GREAT. before you know it you could be a millionare.(thats if you do it loads of times) ENJOY AND GET RICH.
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After level 50 ur character becomes reallly strong, I once had all party memebers on level 32 except Vaan and Penelo and all other character died fighting DOCTOR CID whilst the other 2 finished him of, without difficulty.

Bringing me to another point CASTING :SHELL,PROTECT,HASTE,etc

Near a save point then saving again is WAY worth while. Especially before an up coming boss battle. I hope this helps as I only really found this out after TIAMAT

And trust me tiamat is the 1st boss I eva had trouble with. For between, the beginning of the game and 'HIM' the game was a breeze compared to him

In my oppinion the game sorta jumped a bit too far in difficulty at that point. That is until you level ur charcters a bit more and catch up. Because the boss after him is just as nasty. TIAMAT 50000 hp and next boss around 70000, considering the boss before that wasnt even half as much.
By: EdeaKramer(281)
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Uses for ragnarok. 48%
If u r3+@rd$ think that ragnarok is just a normal weapon your wrong. although it has an attk power of 109, it is a blade of legend as said with that woman you got it from. use ragnarok during times such as behemoth king or yiazmat. that is why there are rumors from the reviews and the game that the weapon is a legend killer. try it out for urself. lure another character. give a non lured character a weapon like da ultima bld. use it. now use ragnarok, see the difference?

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How the make chain leveling faster 49%
If you are doing something that has to do with chaining, here it is.

All you have to do is chain the same monsters without getting the LOOT. By the end of a 25 chain, your chain level should be red and the loot should be the yellow big shining ones. After that, you can get your loot and at this chain level, you should be able to get at least triple or double the loot or even a best loot outta the creature thanks 2 the monographs.

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A very easy way to defeat the Omega MK XII (it may be long, but jus read it, ok cuz?) 48%
Make sure you're at a high level. Do not equip holy weapons because it absorbs holy. Buff up before the battle. Now, set your gambits like this:

The main attacker:
Ally status: KO ==================== Arise
Self =========================== Faith (if needed)
Self =========================== Reverse
Self =========================== Decoy
Self =========================== Bravery
Foe nearest visible ================== Attack

2nd character:
Ally status: KO ==================== Arise
Self HP 50% ===================== Curaga
Self =========================== Faith (if needed)
Ally: (The main attacker) ============= Reverse
Ally: (The main attacker) ============= Decoy
Ally: Any ======================= Protectga (if needed)
Self =========================== Bravery (if needed)
Foe nearest visible ================= Attack

3rd character:
Ally status: KO ==================== Arise
Self: HP 50% ===================== Curaga
Self ========================== Faith (if needed)
Ally: (The main attacker) ============= Reverse
Ally: (The main attacker) ============= Decoy
Ally: any ======================== Hastega (if needed)
Self =========================== Bravery (if needed)
Foe nearest visible ================== Attack

Now here's the strategy, have the main attacker go near Omega as possible, that way, omega will only attack him, but still, use decoy because sometimes Omega will attack someone else. All characters cast Decoy and Reverse on the main attacker just in case the 2nd/3rd character dies, or the main attacker becomes berserked (someitmes, omega's laser can your character berserked so its like On Hit: Berserk and when berserked, you cant do anything but attack). If you think your MP will waste so much easily, guess again. As the main attacker is lured, reversed, and being attacked, the main attacker will gather MP, also thanks to your main attacker continuously attacking (you nedd the license, martyr and inquisitor). If both 2nd and 3rd characters are runnin outta MP, you can always use Syphon on the main attacker since it dont really work on enemies. Even if the main attacker loses a bunch of MP cuz of Syphon, he/she is still attacking and being attacked.

1. If the your buff-up statuses run out and you are wasting time, do not run out of the area omega is in because he will just get his life back. Just turn off the gambits that are not needed.

2. If you have turned off your bravery gambits, turn them on again when Omega starts blinking red because his defense will go UUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!
A 9999 damage will become a 1999 damage or maybe lower.

3. Equip bubble belts will ya?

Here are my people for who battled Omega:

Vaan lvl. 88
Ultima Blade
(no shield)
Magepower Shishak
Bubble Belt

Basch lvl. 80
(no shield)
Magepower Shishak (When Omega blinks red, equip Golden Skullcap)
Bubble Belt

Ashe lvl. 80
Save the Queen
(no shield)
Bubble Belt

Follow these steps and you'll take down Omega in about 8 minutes or less or more (lol).
You can use this for other bosses too I think. Haven't tried it yet.

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Fast way to get lp when you need them 48%
When you get up to the sword of the king the city before the swords shrine buy a golden amulet (this dobles your licences points) go to rabanastre and go to the eastersand and kill all the monsters you see and if you got 1 lp before you will get 2 instead or go to the ice just out of the swords place and earn 3 lp from killing 1 yeti and you will get 6
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Gettin rid of yazmat's reflectga (eazier way) 48%
First send one character to the ridorana colloseum to face yazmat. By now, yazmat should be blinking red. After goin in to the center, he will use growing threat. Now equip mirror mail or somthing that has reflect equipped with. When yazmat uses reflectga on that one chracter, it wont do anything because you are already reflected thx to the equipped item. Now remove that mirror mail, etc, and reflect will be gone. Dispeling will dispel all your buff ups and you will waste time casting them again and wasting mp.

- TomTM
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EZ Serpentarius 47%
Steal from an esper n dazzit. Steal 3 tyms. Part of makin a tournesol.

3 serpentarius
3 gemsteels
3 empreyeal soul
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Final Fantasy Reference 47%
1.When you take the clan hunt "Ancient man of mystery", you will face an enemy named Gilgamesh and his pet wolf Enkidu, you will notice that he is like Yojimbo and his pet tiger in Final Fantasy 10, only a little bit different, because Yojimbo has 2 arms and wears a samurai straw-hat all the time and wields only 1 sword, while Gilgamesh has 6 arms and does'nt wear a straw-hat, and his clothes are a bit simillar to Yojimbo's, and he wields 6 swords at a time.

2.There are airship names that are names of the summons from previous Final Fantasy games like, Ifrit, Shiva, Leviathan, Alexander, Odin, and Bahamut. There is a mark that Montblanc's clan has that resembles a summons' name, the clan hunt "Fishy dreams" states there that a monster named "Ixion" must be defeated to complete the hunt, that is the name of the 3rd aeon that you will get from Final Fantasy 10.

3.There is an elite mark in Montblanc's clan that has a resemblance from Final Fantasy X-2 named "King Behemoth", it is the optional boss that you will defeat in a side quest in the area "Thunder Plains".

4.There is a materia in Final Fantasy 7 that has the same name of an esper in Final Fantasy 12, the "Ultima" materia, that is the same name of the esper, "Ultima, the High-seraph".

5.While doing the clan hunts, one of the ranks you get is called "Knight Of The Round". This is a reference to the red Materia summon in Final Fantasy 7 called "Knights Of The Round".

6.After you beat Gilgamesh for the 2nd time, you will receive a weapon called, "Masamune", it is the name of Sephiroth's weapon in final fantasy 7.
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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