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Final Fantasy 12 PS2 Cheats

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Final Fantasy 12

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Get LP Fast 46%
To get LP fast, go to lvl 16 or more and go to DALMASCA EASTSAND and kill the monsters all the way, then go back and kill more monsters , you can kill that monsters with one or two hits, so doing this for a long time can result in 1000-2000 LP, but all depends of the time that you want to expend in this.
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How yiazmat and omega MK are available 46%
Defeat hellwyrm and all elite marks to unlock yiazmat and omega. the reason why omega comes out is because it is targeting yiazmat.

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How to use Dark Matter on Yiazmat 46%
Wait till Yiazmat have only 2 or 3 life bars left, and then use Dark Matter on him. [ you can get up to 99 Dark Matter by selling 3 Grimoire Togails, 3 Grimoire Aidhed, and 1 Bat wing]. I used about 22 Dark Matters and Yiazmat lose about 1 whole bar, I use about 66 or something and Yiazmat is finish.
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Say thanks to hellwyrm 47%
If hell wyrm is under 2m helwyrm uses invert , invert will help you to recover your MP but lowers your HP, dont worry about your hp cause your party will automatically heal your party, but your party needs to cast curaja that means your gambit is -

ON | Party : any | Curaja
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Beat vossler in a snap 46%
Once you defeted Belias you will go on the airship SHiva to fight vossler as soon as the battle begins, summon belias, and belias will take 900hp from vossler on ever hit!!! meanwhile you can beat the soldiers(just make sure you bought the license for belias.before you do this)
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Every character at high level 45%
This is for people that just started the game when they only have Vaan and nobody else. All you have to do is level up Vaan and whenever you get somebody added to your party they will be at his level or about 2 levels higher. So level up Vaan in the beginning of the game to whatever level you want but for this to really work good you should probably spend about 9 to 10 hours leveling up Vaan.
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Wyrm Hero Blade - Loots 45%
Omega Badge - Defeat Omega MK XII
God's Slayer Badge - Defeat Yiazmat and get your Prize from Montblanc
Lu'Shang Badge - Complete the fishing task
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Don't expect much on Golden Axes!!! 45%
A Golden Axe has 110 atk power right? well don't expect much to it, because it has randomized attack, try it! sometimes if you attack a monster with this sorry excuse for a weapon, your attacks can be about 300, 1000, or even 100! so be alert in buying this weapon!
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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Pylaster Location 45%
When you get to the Bahamut part of the game, a hunt will be availible at the clan hideout named Pylaster. The contractor, Rikken, says that he wants you find Pylaster, a very hard hunt, but has no idea where it might be. Its in the enterence to the tower where the crest is.
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Good use of Berserk on your enemy. 45%
If you dont want your enemy to cast magick, than use berserk on it. Also cast Slow, Expose, and Wither on it repetedly to make it weeker.

[WARNING: Dont use this on powerful bosses, like Yiazmat and Hell Wrym, because it will kick your butt.]

Also, I posted a question down there some where about The Super Treasure. If any one know the answer for it than help me out please?
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Using Niopaloa (or w/e) and Remedy 46%
1. Make sure you get all remedy licenses
2. Equip Niopaloa (reverses effect of items)
3. Use a remedy on a creature (heh, if ya kno how which is pretty simple) and the creature will gain status effects like stop, sleep, confuse (all the bad ones) depending on how many kinds of remedy licenses you have. sometimes, creatures will only have a bit of bad status effects because they are immune to the rest. some creatures like yazmat are immune to every bad status effect.

XTRA: When fyting yiazmat, fight him right away. if you just buff up ur characters near the enterance of the colloseum or waste time near the enterance, yiazmat's life will go up by a long shot.
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How to fight hellwyrm/doom dragon (both the same...) 46%
First, you must have already defeaded that Vyraal mob hunt that bunny eared viera gave you....
Second look near the 10th windmill in the area where you fought the Vyraal.... there will be an !. Press X and some wyrm obsessed dude will trade you something (i 4got) for his Ageworn Key, now go to the Sochen cave palace and you can open the door that leads to that hidden area you see on the map... don't forget to do the door hours thing.......

XTRA: After you have defeated King Behemoth and Hellwyrm, Montblanc will allow you to take on Yazmat who is arguably the strongest creature in the whole entire game...2 hours time in defeating it is considered the quickest defeat........Good Luck w/ that 5 million HP he has...:P
yazmat can be found in the colloseum of ridorana cataract...i 4got but i think you gotta fight him 10 times....hehe.....XD....seriously.....
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Head Hunters At The Mines 44%
Well, a lot of people keep asking how to beat them. Unless you are on a high level, you can't. You aren't actually supposed to fight them. You're supposed to run like hell. Just keep running until you get near the entrance of the mine's, and by that time, you should of lost them. It helps if you just hold R2 down, and go. Don't stop to fight, just run. You'll save yourself from dying numerous times this way. Good Luck!
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Spirit Salamander 44%
You can find him in the Northern section, Central Junction section, or Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, during sunny weather.
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Second darkmatter place 45%
You should finish the stlishrine of Miriam to make this easy. Take the waysone go down the corridor, past the stone gigases, And stop next to the wall before you fight the dark ma5re. Not the railing, the wall. It should dissapear. Go up the stairs beat the oilings and carry on up to a balcony. There should be some oilings and a matriarch bomb. Thes are easy and even easier if you can do a very good mist chain about 8 or more. There should be a treasure behind these monsters. It contains a darkmatter.

P.S. you don't get it off the reapers next to the waystone
By: FFobssesive(349)
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Using Black magic without using MP!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^ 44%
Just equip indigo pendant and be sure that you have the gain mp in the license board.....Cool ha!

REMEMBER: This process will work if you use black magic to your opponent......
By: khalid091(55)
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Yiazmat hint 44%
First of all, make sure your characters has powerful weapons(Ultima blade, ragnarok, Masumune etc) and before you enter the colossuem make sure your characters have these on them selfs.

(Full health)

When you are going to fight it for the first time, give it all you,ve got, don't even give up after you have took 5 bars of health of it. Sure you can go back and rest, but when you come back, Yiazmat will be even stronger than before. This battle will take a long time so don't think it will be easy if your a beginner. Good Luck!

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How to beat yiazmat 44%
Equips vaan windbreaker- renewing morion-bubblebelt-yaygu darkblade
equips penelo same as vaan
equips ashe-holy lance- black mask-maximillian-sage ring
gambits vaan- penelo arise-nearest visible attack
gambits penelo-vaan arise-nearest visible attack
gambits ashe-ally any arise-ally any esuna-ally shell-self bubble-nearest visible flare

Get yiazmat to block the stairway where you come in so you cant get into the area where all the traps are.Then move back a little so yiazmat can only use death strike,creating an infinate loop eg it uses deathstrike on vaan penelo arises him and if he is full health it should take an hour to finish him of I beated him at lvl 58 with this.
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Changing a part of the story 44%
If you are at the part of the story where you must go to Mt. Bur-Omisace, then you're lucky. First borrow a chocobo from Jahara. Then go through Golmore Jungle. If you keep going through the southern path, you'll end up in the Feywood. Now go keep going east and you'll end up at Panarima Rift. Now go north and you'll end up in Mt. Bur-Omisace. Make sure you do all this fast because borrowing a chocobo has a time limit. This way, you can avoid Tiamat, Elder Wyrm, the Erupt Village event, etc.
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A good strategy 44%
If your fighting yazmat, zodiark, ultima, hellwyrm,'s a good strategy:

lure one of your characters (not the best one or main attacker)

berserk the main character

now beat em up with a strong weapon like tournesol or ultima blade....

if they use ranged attacks likes darkga, cyclone, etc.....all your charaters will get hurt, mostly the main attacker....set your gambits in way that makes them ignore healing the main attacker like "Self HP 70% ----------------- Curaja" But leave the Arise gambit on. Now if the main attacker in berserk blinks red, switch his weapon with the masamune and your attacks will continously become 9999 dmg. If the attacker dies when lure runs out, arise him and repeat the whole process..........


XTRA: If you want to get rid of berserk, dont be rtarded enough to dispel them......or else all your buff ups will be gone too......heres an ezier way: equip niopaloa (reverses effect of items) with one of the characters, now make that character use bachus wine on the berserked guy and he'll go un-berserked...
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Get LP fast 43%
Equip Diamond Amulet to your character,it will double your LP gain,you will easily get 500LP only by killing easy monster at Eastersand with one slash in 10minutes,but it depends of how much time do you want to spend to do it
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You need to know arise and esuna for this and it helps a LOT!!! to have curaja. Before you start the battle buff yourself up(protect, shel etc...) At first focus all yuor all the attacks on Enkidu. You also need a atrong armour if you beat him at the level i beat him(highest character lv.47). When you beat Enkidu focus your attacks on him. He is very strong so curaja yourself after every hit. run circles around him with the targeted character. Have the other characters attack him. You may need a megalixer in case your mp runs out. Arise dead characters and buff them up keep running circles round him use esuna when necessary. This could take ages to beat him it took me about an hour or something and make sure u have strong weaopons good luck
By: FFobssesive(349)
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Zodiark 1 minute kill 43%
First cast haste, protect, and float on 3 characters, cast berserk on 2 character and pull them in. Then enter the battle with only 1 character with Black Mask, after Zodiark played Darkja, pull the 2 character with berserk out and watch them fight.
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The ultimate glitch 43%
I've found a cool glitch that can give you a whole bunch of the best armors and weapons in the game. In case if you hadn't noticed, all of those treasures in the phone coast that has a treasure that will lock up the zodiac spear are postioned the same way as treasure chests in the necrohl that surround the zodiac spear. The glitch is that if you open all the chests in that I mentioned in the phon coast and then open the chests I mentioned in the necrohl the same way, once you beat Zodiark that one chest that appears in his place should have a rare weapon like tournsoil, zodiac spear, excalibur, ect. but you MUST have diamond armlet equiped. The cool thing is that chest that appears were Zodairk was respawns. Thats 99 of the strongest sword and armor in the game.
By: io922(483)
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Finding "Pylraster" 43%
WARNING: Must be at level 99 to do this mark hunt.....................

First, you must equip these armors and weapons first:
Head:Golden skullcap, Magepower shihak, or Circlet
Body:Maximillian or Dragon Armor
Accessory:Ring of Renewal, Bubble belt, or Ribbon
Weapons:Golden axe, Excalibur, Ultima weapon, Zodiac Spear, Tournesol, ETC.( ANY WEAPON THAT CAN EXCEED AT ABOUT 110 ATTACK POWER)

Pylraster can be found at the entrance of "The Pharos" in Ridorana Catract.(THE AREA WHERE YOU FOUGHT HYDRO)

Take watch at his moves, if he strikes a character, stay back and heal your character first, let one character use an esper.( RANK 3 ESPER)

Cast faith, hastega, protect and shell to your esper.( IF YOU HAVE BUBBLE, CAST IT TO YOUR ESPER)
If you esper dies, let the other character use a quickening.(DO AS MANY QUICKENING COMBOS AS POSSIBLE)this should damage Pylraster more.
If you have Elixer and Megalixer, your lucky, if all of your character has low HP and MP, use Megalixer, if Pylraster attacks 1 member of your party with no MP, use elixer on him/her, then use a quickening combo.This will kick Pylraster's know......
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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Thexterra its easy. 43%
Go to the urutan yensa sandsea. When you meet Vossler go back to do the thexterra hunt. He does about 90-100 damage. Run up to thexterra and hit him with your strongest people. He should die quickly. It only took me 1 round of hits to beat him.
By: SkyeWinters(203)
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Lv. 99 Red Chocobo 42%
First go to the Ozmone Plain... Go to the area near Jahara where all those black chocobos are. WARNING! SAVE DUDE I SWEAR! Use the Save Crystal in Jahara. After saving, go to the place with the black chocobos and.......KILL EM ALL!!!!(including vipers) Then go out of the area (DO NOT GO BACK TO JAHARA) and then come back. If the red chocobo isnt there, KILL EM ALL AGAIN!!! Repeat all these steps until you see the red chocobo. When you see it, it will be the size of Trickster and will be sleeping....In Libra it will have 99,999 lives when it is actually MORE than that...You can be able to steal (equip theif cuffs) a gemsteel, empyreal soul, serpentarius, or a danjuro... MAKE SURE YOU ARE READY TO FIGHT IT! Equip an Ensanguined Sheild or a Zodiac Shield if you have any. It is weak to earth, aero, and holy so I advise you equip an Excalibur or holy lance....Make sure you have very good armors, helms, etc.....It will mostly use Chocobo Comet so becareful......its a rare the bestiray after you beat it, it will say that the Red Chocobo had something to do with Trickster...
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Quick Levelling and Chaining 42%
In the Lhusu mines at the end area called site 2 you will find skeletons, with a full party they will give you anything between 70-130 exp. and everythird one will give you a bone fragment worth 193 gil. Once you kill the 11 skeletons throughout the level return to the bridge on the level before and go across the bridge to find another few skeletons to kill. After a while the skeletons will stop appearing in site 2 but this is easily fixed instead of just going back to the bridge and returning you back two levels but kill NOTHING as you will lose your chain, I got a 150 chain level by doing this but I then got bored and left. Remember you cant get any more than 99 bone frags which will give you 19k gil
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Filling up your MP 42%
1.Running around
2.Using High/Ethers
4.Using Syphon on Monsters
5. In Battle when you're fighting, for each Hit you gain MP,
only if you're above level 50 or you activated many things in your License Board.
6.Using Charge: But careful, you can use it 2-3 times or else you'll miss and you MP goes back to 0.
Another Tipp about Charge: Gambit:
On - Self MP below 10% - Charge
only on one Characters

While you Character is charging you can Drain his MP by using Syphon on him.
He'll keep on Charging and you can fill up your MP without loosing it.
ONLY the charger doesnt receive MP.
By: Rain17(414)
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Yiazmat and Hellwyrm tips 42%
Where: Sochen Cave Palace

What: Optional Boss

Requirements to reach: Ageworn key, and run around Destiny's March in a clockwise direction starting from the most right portion of the area and returning to it again, go to the Tchita Uplands and enter sochen cave palace from there and go to the most right portion of the falls of time area and enter it, you should end up in the most right portion of the area, Destiny's March...............

Required Level: 75+

Required Equipment: Maximillian, Masamune, weapon exceeding a 100 atk power, circlet, golden skull cap.

Tip on how to beat: use reverse and decoy on one of your character to lure him in attacking the the character that has the lure status, reverse's use is to temporarily switch the effect of healing and damaging.......... you will fool Hellwyrm in healing you with his attacks.

NOTE: you can go outside the area if you want for you to prepare again, or for short, you can take a breather in this battle.

Where: The Ridorana Catract, Colliseium

What: Elite Mark, RANK 20

Requirements to reach: defeat Hellwyrm and Behemoth King.

Required level: 90+

Rquired equipments: Maximillian, Masamune, weapons exceeding a 110 atk power, circlet, golden skull caps, Ring of Renewals, Bubble belts.

Tip on how to beat:(use the "how to beat hellwyrm" tip above)but make sure to use other buffs.

NOTE: you can also take a breather to this battle, but if you don't go outside and just go to the "INSIDE" of the colliseium, YIAZMAT will heal himself and buffs himself with protect, and other buffing spells, so better be quick!
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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Battery mimiks 42%
If you keep dieing , when ever a party member dies go back to the save cryistel and heal up. After ever mimik go save so if you die you won't have to start over.
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Defeting the ice esper the second one in story line. 43%
Have ice sheild eqiped to all your characters.
she will do a specail attack that causes sap and 1000-1500 damage
w/ ice shield it will do half damage.
get lots of quicking chains and do a ARK BLAST if you hav enough chains
then the ice bubbles will die and the esper will be left alone for you to defet.
NOTE: have wepons over 55-70
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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Zodiark Problems........NEED A PHYSCIATRIST? WELL IM HERE!!! 41%
Do you hate that darkja that always kills your whole team in one move? Well there are possible ways to prevent your whole team from dying.

1) Make sure your party level is at a level of 99 with good weapons like the excalibur and armor like the maximillian. YOU NEED THE EXCALIBUR BECAUSE IT IS (HOLY) and it is the third strongest weapon: attk 128 and can only be obtained in the great crystal of giruvegan... Ultima can also be useful.............i think because zodiark hates holy espers like her and ultima hates dark espers like him, so that could be another problem.

2) Summon one character in battle with zodiark. Levels must be 60+ w/ good weapons and armor. If that character dies, put the dead chracter back in da party and summon another good character, then go to the white magick menu and pick 'arise' then press R1 or L1 and you'll notice the names of your party on the menu. Pick the dead character and he will be restored without being put to battle! repeat this if needed.

Having a problem when you are nearly defeated zodiark? Youll see what i mean when your nearly done with him because i cant help you with that........srry........its my problem too...........
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Esper Final Attacks 41%
Here are lists of the final attacks of certain espers:

Belias, The Gigas:Hellfire=Esper summon time 10 seconds/Self:HP
By: finalfantasyman(1222)
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How to make tournesol, COMPLETE GUIDE 40%
if you dont have those, here's how to make them:
to get GEMSTEEL (sold in bazaar as MATCHLESS METAL you need 1 SCARLITE (which you can get it from side guest reward (GONE FISHIN') or 10% chance POACH it from EMERALDITAN in NABREUS DEADLANDS (if you have the HUNTER MONOGRAPH there is 5% chance it will drop as an extra item), steal it from PANDAEMONIUM (rank VI mark) in PHAROS - FIRST ASCENT/DUNES OF PROFANING WIND, PHAROS - SUBTERRA/HELL'S CHALLENGE or steal it from ASPIDOCHELON in CEROBI STEPPE/FEDDIK RIVER), 2 DAMASCUS STEEL (which you can POACH from BUNE (if you have KNIGHT MONOGRAPH it will drop as an extra item), steal it from DAEDALUS (BOSS) in GIRUVEGAN/GATE OF WATER, steal it from VINUSKAR (BOSS) in STILSHRINE OF MIRIAM/WARD OF STEEL, and 2 HELL'S GATE FLAME drop from CERBERUS in FEYWOOD.

to get EMPYREAL SOUL sold in bazaar as JEWELL OF CREATION

to get SERPENTARIUS sold in bazaar as JEWELL OF SERPENT

ps: if you have lots of gil in the beginning of the game dont hesitate to buy the monograph from bazaar goods (sold as FORGOTTEN GRIMOIRE)

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Tournesol Monster+Loot Guide 40%
How to make one of each:

1 Scarletite = Edmiraldian(turtle in the nabreus Deadlands) near the Teleport Crystal
2 Damascus Steel= Steal from Anchag or go to the Pharaos of Ridorana in Umbra
2 Hell Gates Flame= Feywood, the Flaming Wolfs/Silver Lobos

1 High Arcana = Helvinek in the Necrol of Nabudhis(try chaining him many times)
or [1 Feystone = Elementals like in the Paramina Rift
1 Soul of Thasma= from Oversouls in Necrol of Nabudis
10 Arcanas = almost anywhere to get with a script]

2 Serpent Eyes= Feywood, near gate Gigas the Snakes
4 Snake Skin= in Giza Plains(dry), the Snakes you can find there

Empyreal Souls:
1 High Arcana= look at Serpentarius
2 Wargod's Band= Nabreus Deadlands, right near the Teleport Crystal. Leynir(Horse)
2 Soul Powder= Etèm in the Henne Mines 2. Dig. Place near Zodiark's Battlefield.

Tournesol= 3 Gemstell, 3 Serpentarius and 3 Empyreal Soul
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Omega mk XII 40%
Omega can be a real annoyance when he gets to hp critical and will keep on killing you
if you don't have the right gamdit setupand even if he's not hp critical without the right gambits he'll kill you in a flash and the last annoying thing about him is his hits can cause beserk.

must: bring a masamune.
level up to 70-99

here is what mine looked like for the battle.(character X means the character with the masamune)

charachter X.

ally any>arise
ally status beserk>dispel
foe highest strength> expose
foe any>attack

other 2 characters.

ally any> arise
ally status beserk>dispel
self hp>70%>curaga
character X> reverse
character X decoy
ally any>protectga
ally any>bravery
foe any> attack

if you are the reccomended level you should you no problem with omega mk and follow these gambits yo should have no problem defeating omega mk XII.

the fight itself should take around 10-15 mins depending on your level.

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How to take down Zodairk under 45 seconds 40%
Have one party member that you don't want and put him/her as the only party member in your active party. MAKE SURE YOUR WHOLE PARTY IS EQUIPED WITH BLACK MASKS ITS VERY IMPORTANT! Your main party (the three people your going to use to beat Zodairk with) have weapons aleast above the attack power of 50. Two of them should be berserked and one shouldn't. Have your non berserked character use gil toss on Zodairk so make it a gambit. Now enter the speacial charater dig and face Zodairk. Run up to him with your party memeber that you don't want and dispell him. Zodairk should atomaticly use Darkaja (instant death) either the party member that you used to dispell him with died or lived the attack. Swicth out your main party and attack Zodairk. (If your main party has light type weapons thats great because you'll 2.1x's your normal damage) Now look at Zodairk health go down quickly! Then tada! You've obtained Zodairk the Keeper of Percepts.
If you want see some use this stratigy then visit these links:
My straitigy and gambits only: url://
Something like my straitigy: url://

io922 the game guru
By: io922(483)
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Quickening use in the Story 40%
-when you are trying to level up as a low level with the Werewolfs in Giza Plain

-while you're gaining LP in the Dalmasca Esterland you sometimes meet Nekbet(Cockatrice), he has more than 4000HP and as a low level you can make with quickening a damage amount between 4000-6000

-in the game you'll meet many bosses like the flaming horse,Judges,Vossler,Garuda etc.
Until King Bomb you can beat every single with Quickening

-even Marks are included: Especially the first ones like Thexterra,Clucatrice,Wraith.... until Nidhogg

-and if you fought a long fight and your enemy is almost dead, use Quickening as a

Tipp: After all those easy Bosses and Marks you'll have to fight by your own.
It's better not to always depend on Quickeining.
By: Rain17(414)
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Trial Mode Final Fantasy 12 40%
NOTE: This is only for the EXPERTS......because I warn you. There are 100 stages in Trial Mode and most of the creatures you have fought, like Yiazmat, will likely be founght again around stage 96 or so.....but even stronger....

Finish the game WHOLE 3 times (I am not joking bout this). By whoie, I mean WHOLE.
Must Complete:

Hunt Marks
Rare Game Hunting
The Race on Balfonheim
etc etc....

I know. This may be hard, but it is worth it. You may even fight creatures you have never seen in the game in Trial Mode. Stage 100: You must fight ALL jugdes (Including the ones you have never met before, only during the movie/cutscenes) at the same time and each of them have at least 1.5 million HP. And at Stage 99, hmmm, I 4got but, you must either fight omega, zodiark, yaizmat, 3 lvl 99 Chocobos, or gilgamesh.......I forgot.....If Trial Mode does not appear above "New Game" after completing this, reset the game. If this never works then you must buy the Collector's Edition. If you want more on the trials, go to and type in, final fantasy 12 trials........Good Luck..

Last time here, G Bye... - TomTM
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Avoid hell wyrm's judgement. 40%
If you battle hell wyrm next to the door then you can exit quickly when he starts using judgement reenter straight away and keep fighting he will start back in the centre of the room and will not be doing judgement. If you find yourself low in MP you can do 1 of 2 things you can either take someone into your party syphon them and put the original person back in or if you have the time you can go syphon the seekers and the wendigos or the zombie warlocjs. The abysteels are immune to syphon.
By: FFobssesive(349)
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After you get to lv60 its hard so go yo necrohol f nabudis you get ambushed so you level up easier but their is no save.
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Getting easy gil 40%
If you've been to the Phon Coast then leave through the N exit and seek out the Parona( no clue how to spell it) but any who, if you need easy gil cause you are stuck on the Mandora's. Just fight the Parona's and when they flash red, stop attacking and use Poach not steal(recommended) cause if you use steal you won't get the item. So if you use it you should get an item ( not sure what its called) but it sells for about 1000 gil!
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True power of weapons that need ammunition 40%
I know that they arent very strong , have low evade , need some extra time... But you can attack with different elemental attack (aqua shot-water , windslicer shot- wind/air) wich can help you to speed up slaying monsters. And - you can always change element!
made by T.J.
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If you followed the cheat on like a thousands ZODIAC SPEARS he/she is dead wrong. AT the end of the bazaar items[third cheat down]
it will say best weapons and don't open the chests but it will say one of
16 chests in the vaddu strands in the in the phon coast. then go to the necrohol of nabudis find the 16 cheats and open them and you will get
the ZODIAC SPEAR. [best and strongest weapon in the game].
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Mateus Soloing 40%
I tried with Vaan, since he is my favorite person and he is the Tank for me. (level 31)


Ice Shield
Armor (uhh...Auto-Protect)
Dawn Shard

The Ice shield just kills half the Ice Ace's power.
The Dawn Shard raises Mg. Res. Ice Ace's are useless.
Protect just helps a lot, but Mateus still hits about 200 damage.
Throw in a Belias, some Hi-Potions (like 30) , and use an Elixir for an easy Quickening (Unequip D. Shard)

By Pikabuster!
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How to make timat (boss 8)in henne mines life go down works on hard to kill thing s to 40%
Very simple lv up to at least a lv 20 or more it won't work if your lower than 20 because he will slaughter you. get every caracter you have a quicking have your three people do that in a row as many times as possible because it will say somtning like (vann mist charge) or someonepress dthe button it tells you to you will have to press it twice and fast then you have do that then switch people so you have three more do samething it won't kill him but life will go down quick
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Tournesol, Wyrmhero, and Ultima Blade 40%
Tournesol: Attk 140
3 gemsteels
3 empyreal souls
3 serpentarius

Wyrmhero (Makes it very very slow for you to attack BUT ATTACKS LIKE CRAZY W/ SO MANY HITS): Attk 130
1 Omega Badge
1 Godslayer's Badge
1 LuShang's Badge

Ultima Blade: Attk 118
1 gnoma halycon
2 adamtites
2 death powders

Good Luck getting all these loot...
(The loot for the tournesol is made up of many other loots....hehe....)
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2 Useful Tipps: About the Fafnir and Behemoth King 39%
1) They don't follow you if you run away
That means... you can heal yourself afterwards

2) They don't use renew
That means... you can hit him as much as you want until he's dead.
By: Rain17(414)
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Using more than you shouldn't (it works sometimes) 38%
If you have only have items that have only 1 left, this cheat be useful. Example: pretend you have 1 potion. Have 1 ally use that last potion. Right after doing that, press x right away before your ally uses it. Now check your item list again and you might still have 1 potion left. Now have another ally use the last potion. Now watch closely, the allies that are using the same last potion will look as if you had 2 potions left! You can also do this cheat even though you have like 20 potions, because when you do this and have all your allies use the potions, you will have 19 left instead of 17!

- TomTM
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Yazmat Trick 38%
When youre fighting yazmat, try to beat the crap outta him as much as you can during your first Round. Yes it says Round 1 when you fight yazmat. Do this because, every other round, yiazmat will get might not notice it but keep entering and exiting out of the colloseum until you get to round look at how much damage he gives you in one strike......yes ppl itz 9700-9999.

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Respawning barrel 38%
Find any item barrels around the Save Crystal, open the barrel to get the item, save your game now, then quit the game and load it back, go to the same place will see the barrel is still there, you can get another random item.
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Quick level up 38%
Do you have any character(s) that are at a level so low far into the game?
Here's how you can level them up easily...

Things you need to do first:
Your low leveled characters should have a massive number of LP far into the game because they are very ignored....get the ensanguined shield license and the deathbringer find an ensanguined shield and a deathbringer....equip it with a low leveled character...

Now, use that low leveled character alone....and kill all the creatures in sight, especially the sheild wyrms because sometimes they double level you up because of the exp number which should be in the 10000s...


[Q]: This doesn't work...some of the monsters use magick on me and you cant block magicks, only fangs and they kill me instantly!
[A]: Thanks to the massive amount of LP, get the magepower shishak, maxilmillian, bubble belt, and HP+ buy them...that should help....

[Q]: Is there a faster way to do this because my low leveled character's attack is too weak and it takes long...
[A]: Ok here....Add your strongest character in battle with your low leveled character and lure that high leveled character...that way, killing will be faster (if that strong character has a good weapon) BUT....the exp wont be much. For example: One character kills a monster and gains 10000 exp. But if TWO characters kill that same monster in the same level, the exp will be shared upon both characters so it will now say 5000 exp which is half of the original 10000 exp.

If this is all confusing, read it again, you'll get it...

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100,000 gil in 5mins 36%
First go to henne mines take the first left turn right till you get to a dead end and there should be a gold chest there go to it don't open it but hold R2 L2 and open it a whola you got 100,000 gil!
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Belito where is it? 36%
The belito hunt is in an area of the nam yensa sandsea that you can't reach. You gave to go into the zeritinan caverns in the ogir yensa sandsea and go around a curve you should come into the area of the nam yensa sandsea. It is not actually a bird like bagoly it is actually Ba'gamnan and his crew. At first you see Monid you may think he is the hunter stalker he is not. Ba'gamnan is the hunter stalker. Monid helps you fight Ba'gamnan. Go straight for Ba gamnan 'cos when he dies you win the battle and his crew aren't there evemn if you did not defeat them
By: FFobssesive(349)
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Obtaining free double experience points accesories on the way to Archades 36%
On the way to Old Archades you will have to go through an area called The Tchita Uplands and you will encounter many animals called Coeurls lv 36-37.If you equip the Thief's cuff to a character in your party, kill the Coeurls in a chain and keep stealing from them using the character with the thief's cuff ,you will eventually be able to steal from them atleast 3 Embroidered Tippets.
By: venusloveangel1(6)
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Don't use Berserk on Yiazmat's fight 36%
If you're useing Berserk on a Character that means only 2 players can be controlled by you. If both die cuz of Yiazmat's Cyclone,you won't be able to Arise them with your Berserked Character cuz he's uncontrollable. In other words you must switch to another Character so he can do the work for you. :P

Just fight him normally only that one Character has Lure and Reverse on.
By: Rain17(414)
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Zodiac spear EASY!!!SAVING 20000GIL ON DIAMOND ARMLET!!! 33%
To get the zodiac spear without diamond armlet don't open any chest in phon coast,lowtown,part in prison where get yo stuff back,and when vaan sneaks into imperial palace.then go to the necrohol of nabudis and come to a room with 16 treasures in them.sure nuf you'll get the zodiac spear I got on about the 7th chest.have with the best weapon in final fantasy XII!from:BASCH676(trademark)
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9999 damage 33%
I'm tried of seeing people make all these straitigys to kill something fast with normal attacks and magicks or curaja (I'm talking about that guy that posted "Leveling up to 99 in about 30 minutes"). In order to kill things fast (and I mean REALLY fast) you need atleast 99999gil. Then simple use gil toss. Make sure that your active party's HP altogether equal 9999 and presto! Your doing 9999 damage

PS: if you didn't know 9999 is maximum damage.

io922 the game guru

PSS: This is for that guy who posted "Leveling up to 99 in about 30 minutes" That Zalera straitigy is stupid when you can use gil toss and beat him in 5 seconds. Seirously 5 seconds. I'd did myself. It was 5 seconds.
By: io922(483)
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Sephiroth in FFXII with an equipable buster blade (Clouds sword) 33%
I know this sounds fake but its TRUE! After you beat Yiazmant, Omega Mark XII, and have finished the finshing game, do NOT sell the three badges to get the wyrmhero blade! Instead talk to Old Dalan 10 times and then defeat Zodiark. Talk to Old Dalan agian and then go to the Lushu mines and go to the area where you face Gilgamesh the SECOND time. Sephiroth from FFVII will be there and will challenge you to a battle to get his sword back (the reward for the "Man of Mystery" hunt.) After you defeat Sephiroth he'll say he's going to the phon coast to find and face Cloud without his sword. Go to the phon coast and find Cloud. Talk to him to warn him of Sephiroth. As thanks, Cloud will turn the three badges into a Buster blade, just like Clouds!

Buster Blade: two handed, great sword
ATK: 200
Bonuses: Crit: +60, DEF: +60, Evade: -20
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Infenat mana 33%
This is only use full for mages. run around in tight circul this recharges your manna quicker thatn just walking about
By: drakanclaw2(100)
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This trick is very effective!if you have an accessories item name nihopaloa equip it and use phoenix down, remedies,alarm clock,handkerchief,eye drops and etc to the monster, the opposite abilities of the item will be on that creature EX. alarm clock - remove sleep the opposite of that is sleep and if you use that to the monster it will sleep. ANOTHER EX. phoenix down- revive the opposite of that is instant kill and then the monster will ha

REMEMBER: Don't use an item like alarm clock or etc in you because the opposite effect of the item will be in you like phoenix down,you use it to your character , the character of yours will die!
By: khalid091(55)
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DEATHBRINGER ELSEWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 33%
Once you're on the quest for the city of Giruvegan (about halfway or farther into the game, I estimate), you'll be allowed access to the Mist-protected areas of The Feywood. So, head there. Then go South forever, past the Save Crystal area,past the Redolent Glade (where the plant boss was), and keep going still. The Southmost area of the Feywood is the THe Edge of Reason. A little West of the centerof this area, you'll find a treasure. Inside here is a Deathbringer. Careful, though.The trap around the treasure deals 2500+ damage, so try not to trigger it.This chest also might hold an Ensanguined Shield, which is alright too.

You can also buy the Deathbringer later in the game from Armories.
By: khalid091(55)
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How to defeat the reflect user monster????? 33%
If your character is magic user and the monster has a reflect, just equip some accessories or armor that have reflect ability. Cast some magic or anything that can harm magic to your character and it will bounce to the foe.........
By: khalid091(55)
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Arihime the ghost 33%
Attemt this when at levels 35-40. use quickings with your weakest people. then use your strong characters to attack him. and he will go down pretty easliy. hav at least 2000 - 3000 hp and all the quickings. happy fighting!
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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Dungon tips 33%
When you face the fat guys with blathier when you leave the dungon kill the two that dont have protect because that is who blathier attacks. since you dont have weapons turn gambits off. make sure blathiers gambits are on. then before the attacking meter fills up circle the outer part of the ring until yer ready to attack. attack whenever you feal like it except when blathiers health is low. then turn the gambits on and donttouch the controller until the battle is over.
By: destroyer808(3)
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Rescueing princess ashe 33%
I just kept fleeing through all the imperials you will only get hurt from the attack lunge which isnt that strong and you will get one chance to heal your team and you will get there with alot of health
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Easy lp 33%
When you are doing the God or Devil hunt, on the first floor that you visit on the elevator trip to Penumbra, you will encounter a creature called a Magic Pot. Do not attack it immediately. If you have to, turn gambits off. If you attack it when you see it, there is a good chance you will die. If attacked, it will be immune to your attacks and magic. The only way to kill it is to wait until a message appears stating that it craves an item. If you have the item it wants, use it on the Magic Pot. It will then become ecstatic and begin hopping around the room. You can now attack it without it attacking you. Once you kill it you will be rewarded 0 experience points, but 123 LP. Equip the accessory that doubles LP earned to get the most out of each kill.

Make sure you have already accepted the Cluckatrice Mark at Giza Plains. Next, make sure you are at a good level (about level 40) and can easily defeat the Cluckatrice. Go to the south bank and kill all the enemies there. Then, go to the left and enter the nomad village and immediately go back out. There should only be a little yellow Chickatrice rolling around a few steps ahead. Attack the Chickatrice to get the Cluckatrice to run out. Once it comes out kill it. You should gain 6 LP. Hold R2 and flee back into town. Make sure that you do not kill all three Chickatrice or else you will not be able to repeat this. In town, heal up and do whatever else necessary. You can now go back out again and repeat the process as much as desired. You will get 6 LP each time and 12 LP if you have the Golden Amulet equipped. Make sure you have not completed the mission yet. Also, do not save the game. If you do you must kill all the enemies again before it comes back out. Finally, do not go to any other screen than the town or the south bank or you will have to fight the enemies again.

Go to the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea and stay on the platforms. Kill the Urutu-Yensas and get your chain as high as possible. If you see a tomato, or the "fire elemental", just get away from it. After getting a chain of about 106, you can obtain over 800 LP for your characters with Golden Amulets, and over 400 for those without.
By: io922(483)
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Float 33%
In the game it dosent tell what float does. only that it makes you walk on air.
but you can walk on traps to.
only for beginers like people.
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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Yiazmat tip 33%
If you want to beat yiazmat and are finding it hard to get yagyu then use a masamune
and genji gloves in which you wiil get a bunch of hits. This isn't as good as yagyu but it
aint far of.
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How to get out of Barheim Passage! 33%
First Deafeat all the mimics (i forgot where is the tunnel is!)There Lies Mimic Queen It is easy to Defeat.However,She have mimics.If you defeat her You will get out of The passage!
By: ROBLOXThemePark(8)
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Keyblade 32%
Attack: 200
Evade: 45
On Hit: Stop

Well, you see, the keyblade is formally from kingdom hearts right? I SWEAR I found this crappity thing in the bazaar...

All you have to do is obtain 1 of EVERY loot in the game. Aint simple huh? I know that might waste your time (an uber bunch of it) but its worth a try, this took me about 3 hours.....Your probably wondering how I do all this during a school day w/ homework........well guess what? IVE BEEN PLAYIN ALL DAY CUZ IM SICK! Maybe all of you wont believe me, but try it out and see for yourself.........

oh yeah, the blade's 800,000 Gil..........

Another Tip: After the King Behemoth hunt, keep heading north in Mt.Bur-Omisace until a tent pops up. Unequip Vaan's weapon and touch it for 500,000 gil, that should help and all the loot you should sell for the blade should throw in the big bucks...

Good Luck!
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How to make serpentarius, gemsteel, imperyeal soul and high arcana! 32%
Gemstell: serpentarius:
1 Scarletite 1 high arcana
2 hell-gate's flames 2 serpent eyes
2 damascus steel 4 snake skin

high arcana: empyreal soul:
1 soul of thamasa 1 soulpowder
1 feystone 2 wargod's band
10 arcanas 1 high arcana

3 gemstells
3 serpentarius
3 empyreal soul
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ETERNITY BLADE -is not a myth any more!!!!!!!!!! 30%
Is you collect all gems like libra etc than take em to that shop in nabudis and sell them at the same time as you have a tournesol and 99 sunstones and sell dat too! i kno ur thinkin y would i wana do dat?

Well you get an eternity blade which does 200 damage and ignores armour like a GUN!!!!
Sadly it costs 1 000 000 money but oh well........

it was a easter egg put in by a game maker and if u read i in the inventory it says made by Phillip Burns
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Good pole for vaan 30%
Give vaan the oak pole it douse about 135 damage eavery hit and it has a great chance of doing a combo wit aleast 4 ciritical hits if you have any questoin ask
By: beastgreg(160)
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All armor and all weapons 30%
R1 r2 l2 l1 l1 r2 l2 r1
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How to get 100 evade and 999 mp 29%
To have 100 evasion, equip main gauche and ensanguined sheild

to have 999 mp, be at a level 95-99 and equip rod of faith.

n dazzit. hehe.
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Fast lvling for lvl all lvl's 29%
Get a bow (doesn't matter) and assassin's arrows, equip it they have chance of KO. then go to cerobi stepee/North Liavell Hills, kill Shild Wyrm 10000esp ea, then go back to the town and then back to kill more. you may die. Your welcome
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Super mega spell obliterate kills in 1 hit always 29%
1st get at least lv90.2nd buy every magic in game excluding obliterate.3rd fill up everyones license board completely.then have fun with obliterate
note:costs 110mp.note 2:with bosses it does excedes damage limit and does 20000.
By: basch8777(40)
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Fast Damage output equipment 29%
Equip the character that has the highest speed with:

Your Strongest Helmet
Cat Ear Hood

(CEH And Maximillian raise speed which increases masamunes dmg)

And have these buffs on them
Protect,Shell,Haste,Bravery, Berserk

Now They'll deal out around 7k-8k damage and very fast regardless of chain length because Berserk makes a character attack FASTER then one with haste. And Haste makes a berserked character attack even faster then that.
By: Futher(3)
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Easier smack down on Vossler 26%
IF you posses on every one of character quickening.
IF you know how to use it, aim at Vossler.
The more hits you make the more damage Vossler gets AND
if you beaten him you dont need to fight the fight the other judges BECAUSE when Vossler is finished the fight is over.
By: Rain17(414)
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Invincible to physical attacks 25%
Ensanguined shield + regen + haste + any weapon with evade +10
If you want something safer , you can equip gauntlets
made by T.J.
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Press Down+Select for Every 1-Hit Kill All Enemy's as Many Times I Want by Holding R1/Release R1 to Stop, Using "Attack" Command Menu (Music Off Only) 25%
100% SUPER TURBO QUICK ATTACK: All Summons & Character's
Ultimate Attack's & Final Strike's
from All Final Fantasy Series & All Power Rangers Ultimate Attack's & Final Strike's & Combine Weapon's Ultimate Final Strike's & All
from All Power Rangers Series & All Zord's & Megazord's Ultimate Attack's
& Final Strike's All Rookie Digimon's, Champion Digimon's,
Ultimate Digimon's, Mega Digimon's, DNA Digimon's & VR Digimon's Ultimate Attack & Final Strike's & All Robot's, Gundam's, Ultimate Attack's & Final Strike's
from All Transformers Series & Gundam Series. (While ALL ULTIMATE SUPER-POWERFUL MAGIC'S: Flare, Flara, Flarga, Flarja, Meteor, Meteora, Meteorga, Meteorja,
Ultima, Ultimara, Ultimaga, Ultimaja, Apocalypse, Apocalypra, Apocalypga, Apocalypja & Super Nova & ALL ULTIMATE SPIRIT LASER
BLASTER CANNON'S: Flare, Flara, Flarga, Flarja, Meteor, Meteora, Meteorga, Meteorja,
Ultima, Ultimara, Ultimaga, Ultimaja, Apocalypse, Apocalypra, Apocalypga, Apocalypja & Super Nova Attack's the All Enemy's)
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Elder wyrem 25%
When you enter the golmor jungel and star batling elder wyrem make sure you have a remedy&smeling salt because when elderwyrem use spore fall all syatuse will be bad like zap
By: sapireblade(3)
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EASY GIL!!!! 25%
First go to the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea. Go to the Platform 1 - East tanks (only because if you try to go another platform you can attack a different monster that can break the chain). As you can see there will be a monster called alraune, use steal to get the items called succulent fruit and mace(but mace is hard to steal). If you get the succulent fruit when you use steal, kill the alraune and you have a chances to get another succulent fruit.If you kill all of the alraunes in that place go to the platform refinery and you will see the alraune(please don't go down beacause you can kill the Urutans). if kill the alraunes there go back to the Platform 1 - East and you will see three alraunes or more. If you kill them all go to the Dalmasca Westernsand/ the western divide and keep waiting at list 6-8mins and then they will respawn again. Keep this process beacuse the more chain you have the more chances to get the succulent fruits as many.

Remember: don't try to kill another monster or don't go to the crystals to heal or save because the chain will break.

Succulent fruit: 300 gil something
Mace: 900 gil
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Quickest way to get some gil 25%
I ran around in the Golmore Jungle for about two hours and walked out of there with almost enough money to buy one of my characters a complete part of the grid.

I had so much loot I got to get bazaar items and everything.

Another place to get a good amount of gil is to go to the Tomb of Raithwall I believe it is and fight the skeleton warriors. You can very easily make a chain of 100 and I have had them repeatedly drop Icebrands as well as TONS of antidotes and potions and other goodies.

Happy Playing
By: ChangJessica(3)
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The warriors 25%
During gameplay
Cheat Effect
Right, R1, Circle, X, Select, Square Unlock Weapons Dealer
R1, R1, L1, R1, L1, UP Unlock Hobo Alliance
Circle, Circle, Down, R2, L2, Circle Bum Advice Upgrade
Down, Left, Up, Up, Square, Right Unlock Flash Upgrade
L2, Select, Select, Select, Select, Triangle Unlock Sprint Stamina Upgrade
Left, X, X, R2, L1, Down Unlock Cuff Key Drops
UP, X, Up, Select, L3, L1 Unlock Cuff Drops
Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Select, Triangle, R1 Unlock Uncuff self
X, L1, Down, Square, Up, X Unlock Combat Stamina Upgrade
R3, R2, R1, L3, L2, L1 Unlock steel-toe boots
Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, Select, Triangle Unlocks brass knuckles
L3, L3, Circle, Up, Circle, Select Unbreakable Bat
L2, X, R2, L1, L1, CIRCLE Unlock Flash Capacity upgrade
L1, X, R1, R1, Select, R2 Machete
Square, R2, Down, Down, L1, L1 Bat
R2, Circle, Select, Up, L1, Right Pipe
Down, Down, Select, Up, Up, L3 Knife
Up, Select, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square Lose cops
L1, Select, Square, Down, L2, Right 100% Completion
Down, Square, X, Select, R1, Left Complete mission you're on
Square, Circle, Triangle, Select, X, Left Infinite Rage
R1, R2, L1, X, Down, L1 200 dollars, 3 pieces of Flash, and some cans.
Up,Triangle,L3,Select,X,L2 You have infinite health
down,square,left,x,L1,select Infinite sprint
99 Credits in Armies of The Night
Enter this cheat when playing the Armies of The Night mini-game.
By: bling yoyo(2)
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Defeting cid (first one) 25%
Use attack and quickings. dont use up your mp of the other characters. then when he is almost dead use quickings cause he will use a speacil attack. use quicking on the rooks first one is fine just if you kill it and then attack cid.
By: ffxll12rocks428(82)
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Up down left right x 25%
Up down left right x
By: darrile(18)
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About Super Treasure 21%
Why is everyone talking about the super treasure? Whatever, if you find it, dont leave the area or it will be gone forever.....happened to me......... T.T


havent posted in a while....weird....
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Obtain all espers 17%
X right x left
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To Get Maximum Power Up 10%
By: jnd(2)
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Best weapon on your characters 7%
Ashe and peoloe use weapon with 2 hand best the (save the queen)
Fren use bow
Sky pirides dude best use gun and crossbow on him
The guy who losse his honor use axes or hammer
other use sword and sheild.
By: vietboylonely01(131)
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Final Fantasy 12 269900How do I get into stillshrine of miriam plz plz plz help me I cant go anywere in the shrine it would let me go anywere Answers: 6
Final Fantasy 12 578259Can someone please help me figure out how to complete these medallions? I still have the dude down there with dalan asking me to find these medallions and I think I may have accidentally given 1 of them to the wrong person -or thing - or whatever they are - somewhere in the acrchades. is that possible? can I please get someone to walk me through this and backtrack, if needed? please and thankyou. Answers: 1
Final Fantasy 12 246105Why can't you get watera and wateraga when you can get fira and firaga etc? Answers: 5
Final Fantasy 12 258482I just beat all my rare game in the book but one and its called the kaiser Wolf, you can't kill it unless you kill the LImbur wolf another rare game. But I can't get the limbur wolf to appear for nothing getting very aggrivated. what do I do? Answers: 3
Final Fantasy 12 261387Tne 2nd key to the lhusu mines Answers: 2
Final Fantasy 12 239368Im in feywood and I dunno how to go through Ice field of clearsight. If anyone knows please answer. Thank you Answers: 10
Final Fantasy 12 263633How do I get the key from the fallen bhujerban? Answers: 4
Final Fantasy 12 327087Where do I find the gil snapper? Answers: 2
Final Fantasy 12 432810Vaan's mp is staying at 0, I've tried everything to refill it. Why won't it refill? Answers: 4
Final Fantasy 12 525557Where or how do I get or find the fishing mini game Answers: 1
Final Fantasy 12 262427Does anyone know how to make Fafnir in Paramina rift come out? Answers: 5
Final Fantasy 12 272043How do you kill the trickster Answers: 4
Final Fantasy 12 275435How do you get teh zodiac spear I cant get it in the nabudis cause I messed it up and in the henne mines its liek 1% chance so where do I get it.....i heard that if you get 30 rare game trophies then you can buy it is it true..... and any tips of how to kill yazmat al of my ppl are lvlv 80 except panelo... Answers: 5
Final Fantasy 12 293578Should there be enough quickening licences for everyone to have all three? Answers: 4
Final Fantasy 12 315697Does anybody know the locations of all four pieces of the medallion Answers: 1
Final Fantasy 12 322286Defeating the headhunters in the mines Answers: 4
Final Fantasy 12 364077Where is doom dragon/devil dragon/majiinryu?i hope someone can hep me. Answers: 3
Final Fantasy 12 364664I was jus wonderin if anyone knew how to find da treasure with da dusty has to do wit water I think...south souteast etc... PLEASE AND THANK U Answers: 4
Final Fantasy 12 426595Can someone please post all the summon espers and what zodiac symbol they represent. Answers: 2
Final Fantasy 12 430314Were are keys to sochen cave palace Answers: 1
Final Fantasy 12 430320How do you get the key for the sochen cave palace, wrath god? Answers: 1
Final Fantasy 12 433679Whow do I get to the chamber were the wroth god is? neer the old archades b4 you get in? I wana no whow to get in but the puzzle is to darn confusing! please help I want to kill watever is in there! Answers: 2
Final Fantasy 12 469698Where is gate # 3 Answers: 0
Final Fantasy 12 528958I think I sold the stone that gets me into stillshire miriam Answers: 2
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