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Final Fantasy X-2 Cheats for PS2
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Final Fantasy X-2 PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3.4/5 VOTE
Final Fantasy X-2 Cheats

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Final Fantasy X-2

Rating: 3.4/5 VOTE

Powerful happy trigger 100%
With whoevers equipped with the gunner dressphere cast haste on them and equip them with kaiser knuckle (+50 attack poiwer) which is found in toblis house in chapter 4 or 5 I cant remember which one. the person equipped will deal lots of damage
By: jake94(282)
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Berserker dressphere 100%
This dressphere is in chapter 3.To get it go to macalania woods and win six consecutive battle.after that the Al Bhed will give it to you on the agency.
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Fiend Colony 100%
Send a level.5 chokoba to michen road, and he will find a cave.
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All characters special dresspheres 86%
Paines special dressphere is in the macalania woods special little place talk to tromell until he gives it to you.
rikkus special dressphere is in the bikanel desert which you should got to any way its in the oasis.
yunas special dressphere is on the djose highroad which also you should get.
By: jake94(282)
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How to beat bosses EASY!!!!! 82%
You have to have rikku and she has to know spare change. if you lose at a boss, go run around and fight and win about 10-15 battles. you should then have about 100,000 gil. go back to the boss, put in rikku and use all of it! it will ALWAYS do 9,999 damage.
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Dark knight dressphere 80%
This dressphere is one of the most difficult dressphere to get and in my opinion it is the most confusing dressphere to get.To get it,in chapter 2 during the infiltrate bevelle mission.after defeating the two boss fiends,go across towards the area until you get to the room with three lifts.First,go to the left lift,then go down until you reach the room with the three lifts again,you will find that the left lift is missing,then go back up and climb on to the switch.After that go back down and go to the right lift and exit to the room with three lifts through the LEFT lift NOT THE RIGHT.after that,go to the middle lift and climb on to the switch again and exit to the room with three lift and go to the left lift again and climb the two switches (this switches allow you to get to the lift in the north side go ahead to that lift.Now if you follow the steps above correctly there will be save that same area there will be a chest in the north-west side of the save will be on the bottom.hold the circle button and continue on to that chest and open it.And,there you have your dark knight dressphere.
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Dark Aeons Easy Battle 67%
To defeat the Dark Aeons easily, use the Tetra Master Garment Grid (you can acquire it after you attempt the "Tourist Trap in Cavern of Stolen Fayth in Calm lands)
Tetra Master has Tetrastrike and Fire/Ice/Lightining/Water Eater which is actually useful.
Fighting the aeons with four different elements is a good idea.
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Easy white mage ability points 63%
First go to an area where monsters are really weak. then kill all the monsters but one.(so your white mage doesn't get overwhelmed) have the your characters run away except for the white mage(s) then have them kepp casting pray until they learn the ability. it willtake a while for some abilitys so take a break every now and then
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Ideal Dressphere Combination 60%
There are actually 5 Ideal Dressphere: berserker, thief, gunner, alchemist and white mage.
Start the battle with Berserker, Thief and Gunner. Berserker can use Berserk to increase the user's strength but you will lose control of her. The thief can steal Items from the enemy as well as gil. Gunner can use trigger happy and burst shot. If your party is critical Change to either Alchemist or White mage. Alchemist can use free items, while White Mage can cast every White Magic you will need.
It is a good idea to combine these dresspheres in battle, but it will be a good idea too, if you collect all dresspheres in the game and see what they can do.
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Super Special Dressphere's 57%
These special items make the special dresspheres really special! But ive only found these ones, there are others!
All chapter 5.
Yuna-To get floral fallal's break hp limit ability, go to the calm lands gorge (in between calm lands and mt gagazet, if you go to mt gagazet and go down the mountain it is quicker) and go to the 'hole' which leads to the farplane. You wont go in so dont worry. Next to the hole is a chest, in the chest is an item which ends in 'rain'. It goes in the key items pocket.
Yuna-To get floral fallal's break damage limit ability, go to besaid island and when you reach the first bridge and waterfall go left of the bridge and go down, the chest there will contain an item ending in 'rain'. It also goes in the key items pocket.
Paine- To get full throttle's break hp limit, go to the thunder plains. Hopefully you have done the quest in that chapter then have to rescue an Al Bhed and after you rescue him he can take you to a cave...the first time you go in, you are meant to rescue sid from a giant machina, but you can also search the place for a chest in a spiral kind of pathway at the end of a dead end (btw: there are two spirals)...if you dont get it first time in, your in for a hell of a time. The next time you go in and every time after that you have to do the maths puzzle maze. It is confusing and irritating, but is easier if you have the charm bangle equipped which eliminates random encounters. (btw: at the last wall of the maze, there is a chest which when you open it contains a garment grid which enables white mage abilities and has auto life in you go pass 3 checkpoints on the grid.
By: Eeznoiz(394)
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Paragon under 15 seconds (not counting entrance scene & ending scene) 57%
Make all of your characters gunners. Equip all of them with cat nip and use happy trigger with all of your characters. Paragon should almost instantly die. Do this to the guy after paragon and you should win in a couple of seconds.
By: io922(483)
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Mega mage 44%
Ok turn one of your characters into a white mage then have them learn all sorts of cure abilitys like esuna ect. then equip them with rings like the crimson ring which allows them to cast firaga and turns fire attacks into hp. equip them with the thundaga ring or wataga ring or blizzaga (whatever their names are) and they can heal the party and themselves easy and attack with some powerful magic!
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The fast way to master dresspheres 36%
1. go to the calm lands and battle the bird
2. kill all other enemy's but the bird
3. throw a dark grenade and keep throwing potions on you and the bird so you can throw more dark grenades at it
4. after a wile kill it and check yore skills
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Create monster/fiend 33%
To create Fiends type in press xxx circle x square and create your fiend and choose where it must go
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Paines final dess spere 29%
In chapter one go to the woods. in the very back, there is the cheif of the village. talk to him 4 times, and you will score the dress spere.
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Mascot dressphere 25%
This powerful dressphere is get in the get it you must have episode complete on every area in chapter 5 but get it in the zanarkand and macalania woods first.I don't know why but these two areas must be the first.
By: Fallen angel(457)
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