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Jak 2 Cheats for PS2
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Jak 2 PS2 Cheats

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Jak 2

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Weird combo 100%
Press jump button and then square button.When you in the air pres circle button.I think that help you!
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Super glitch sandover village 88%
Description: Hey guys here is a super glitch for jak 2.

How to:
Step 1= Go to main menu then go to scen player act 1 then press x at the verry 1st movie
Step 2= Watch it till you see the Jak 2 logo pop and when you see it eject your disc then put it back in
Step 3= A message will pop up and it will say continue press x then you will be in sandover village in the first game.
Step 4= You will not be able to move so save your game then go to load game and you will see jaks face in one of the slots press it then it will bring you 2 sandover village.
this is a amzing glitch

***You have no guns and no jetboard and no dark JAK but you will find crates of eco but its pointless because it does nothing Happy hunting
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Spining killer 70%
Get in a big vehicle and hit a gaurd and spin your vihicle and if a guard tryto get you they will get hit by your spinnig vihicle
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Infinite flying up 69%
Up up up up square circle
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No driver glitch on zoomers on jak 2 & 3 64%
Now this isn't really a helpful glitch but it happens occasionally please helpful vote this if you find it in your game but anyway when you look at the zoomers (the hover bike looking things) sometimes there won't be a driver but when you hijack it a person appears in the same pose as if you hijacked when someones on it. This occurs mainly at the port
By: Linkcecil(9)
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4 way attack 61%
First you press square then x quickly then square again then press O. that makes you punch then do an uppercut then dive down then spin kick.
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Giant block in port 60%
This cheat is not useful,but it is cool.ok so go to the port and pause.then select secrets.and press mirror world.then go to the left side of the port. you will see a giant block with a door.(note)the door will not open,but you can jump on it
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Map 59%
There is a great map if you look on the other side of the plastic on the paper inside there it has a map it is use-full
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Protecting Samos 56%
Use the purple gun I can't remember whAT IT IS CALLED BUT IN THE FOREST when the crimson guards are trying to get to Samos use it. I know it has hardly any ammo but when it touches an enemy any enemy near him get hit as well and generally at this area the crimson guards hit from the follow through should drop some ammo for the gun.
By: FFobssesive(349)
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Have hero mode as soon as you start the game 56%
Up down left right left down right up x
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How to attack on jetboard 55%
To attack with the jetboard, all you need to do is hit an enemy while doing a trick. I would suggest a spin. I figured this out by accident and killed a Krimson Gaurd.
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Dark powers 53%
Dark blast the move where you spin around is actually more poweful than dark bomb and also has a larger range of damage.
By: FFobssesive(349)
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Chase 50%
To do a chase in a hovercraft:

steal a hellcat,I prefer a small one,If you escape,you can keep it.
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Get out of a blowing up car and in to a new car with geting hurt or touching the ground 50%
First get your car on fire then wile in the air jump off of the car next to a different car and press the triangle button really fast notice that you r in no damage and r in a new car
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Get crazy on a person 50%
When in the docks place punch someone to get them in the water. do it twice if you need to they wont die if they get in the water. then do the ground-pound on their head and you should end up jumping all on them
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Funny Moving 50%
In jak 2 or 3, if you go over to any object and click L1 really fast and make the camera see behind Jak it will look really funny!
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Kill lots of baddies 47%
If you surrounded by baddies click x,o and keep clicking r1 in air
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Beat metalhead game 47%
The direction-keys and the shape-keys are the way to beat the game e.g shape keys=right side of the metal head game-direction keys =left side of metal head game.
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Hero mode 45%
Play hero mode and u can start the story with all your weapons
By: MADDEVIL1(2160)
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Levitate Jak 44%
Get on the zoomer and come to any house near the water pumping station jump off the zoomer land on the house jump onto the middle of the top of the house and levitate this might take a few trys
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Unlimited orbs 44%
Press triangle,square,circle,x,r2
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Wired glitch 41%
In the mission where you get the 3 things from the mountain, swim under the platform and daxter pop up,if you jump he will show full.
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Stronget gun 34%
Peace maker it shuts a bounmb(must be at lv. 3) and the screen turn white all enemys are killed
By: chapo121(1520)
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Orbs 34%
Once you get alot of orbs get infinite ammo then you can use the peacemaker (purple gun) and its sooooo fun you should try it out
By: thief2(185)
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Every baddies head 33%
Go to the pup with the fat floating guy turn around and you will see all of baddies head
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Big jumps 32%
Press X2,circle,jump twice, then spin kick
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Jak 2 31%
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Unlimited Orbs 28%
From the start screen Hold R1 and press Up, Down, Square and Circle. Afterwards press start and you will notice Hero Mode below the Options menu
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Hover board highest jump 28%
Go to the red lighted place go to a corner were you cant jump keep jumping until you go high
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more orbs! 26%
When you are going to a new game scroll over your own older game and press.. Square,circle,up,up,left,up,down,X,Circle,down down,up

And you will have 50 orbs! Keeps doing this if you want more orbs!
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Infinite health 25%
Infinite health
pause game and enter-sqaure circle up left right down triangle
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0 damage 25%
Spin right before you hit the ground
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Higher than bulding 24%
At the red basement go to a corner where you cant jump keep on jumping until you jump high
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Highest possible jump 24%
1.jump slam
2.hold x
3.keep pressing squre and top of jump to get highest
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Jak2 15%
When you have a jetbord do atrick and pause it real fast and it will be cool
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