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Medal Of Honor: European Assault Cheats for GC
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Medal Of Honor: European Assault GC Cheats

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Medal Of Honor: European Assault

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Easy Getting Addrenaline 100%
Just keep hitting them with the Z button
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Glitch/fram the spaz man 67%
In escape at dawn toward the end when u have to face the tank in that field
k just after u defeat the boss guy by the fallen cross right there is a second room go in it and turn left an there's the field with a couple of houses and at the entrance to the field look left and were the wall has a slant going to it hop on and run+jump+up & hold up or it wont work and if u stop slightly wiggle your guy's left hand right & u will start moving again once u do that u should run in to the wall and there u go! xd
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Unlimited ammo! 46%
Go to pause screen on any level press L and R at the same time then press up Y Y B up A while holding L and R then release L and R the frase enter cheat will pop up on the top left of the screen then press Z R up X B A and it will un pause to say correct entry!
By: Eragonvsharry1(49)
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Last Level Addrenaline 45%
When you lose your addrenaline in the bunker in the last level, just lay all the way down and start killing the enemies until you get full addrenaline.(Repete process if needed.)
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Invincible 33%
Enter cheat mode I mentioned earlyer in unlimmited ammo and press B Y right A Z R
By: Eragonvsharry1(49)
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Gun tips k well long rang ones like m1grand 33%
K for long rangs guns like the m1gran is good for both sniping and just its self with no scope
By: spaz22396(8)
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