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Naruto: Clash Of Ninja 2 Cheats for GC
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Naruto: Clash Of Ninja 2 GC Cheats


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Naruto: Clash Of Ninja 2

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE

Phoenix Flower Jutsu! 86%
How to do pheonix flower jutsu. First of all when you have full chakra with Sasuke sharingan press X on the controller in the air then you did pheonix flower jutsu!
By: Orochimaru(102)
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How to get a rank hokage 82%
Oboro:kill 250 clones [akamaru] survival:beat 50 characters [nine tail naruto] time attack: finish iin less than 5:00 [nine tail naruto] one player:have 60000 or more[orochimaru]
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Powerful Lightning Blade Attack 77%
When Kakashi, fill up your chakra gauge then hold X and Y until he automaticly charges at your opponent. When he hits the person, the attack will be faster and more powerful.
By: videogamemaster(240)
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Longed hair sakura 67%
To play long haired Sakura you must press X when selecting her. If you want long hair and the different costume, press Z.
By: Orochimaru(102)
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Long hair Sakura 67%
When you are in character select press X when the curser is on Sakura and she will have long hair.
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Unlock curse mark sasuke 64%
You have to get atleast head ninja in all modes with sasuke not sharingan regular sasuke then sasukes usage rate must be atleast 50 then curse mark sasuke will be in the shop for 450000 coins
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Best player 63%
The best player their is is the nine-tails fox naruto. he can nock an opponets hp down to size.If you attack two opponents in a row, you can hurt both opponets.
By: dragonmaster911(10)
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Kakashi's copy's! 60%
He can copy!:

lee (no gates OR hidden loutis)
naruto (no ninetailed)
sasuke AND w/ sharingan
iruka & mizuki

i think I missing some but thats what I can remeber.....
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Unlock every character in the naruto game series 59%
Unlock every character by playing oboro mode until you reach the 500th person then you will fight a giant oboro clone beat him then there will be coins with characters faces on them collect any coin you want I got all but one of the coins that one was the first hokage you may want to buy the action replay so you can have unlimited health
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Lee's Gates 59%
If you wan't 2 use lee's 8 gates you have to push down x during a fight but watch out. When you do this his health will go down,but the chakra will go up so you have to push X as quickly as possible to do his hidden lotus and if you get one hit you will lose the match
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10.000 57%
If you already have a naruto clash of ninga1 profile you get 10.000 free to
spend in the shop
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Burning curse 57%
First you need orochemaru get close and just press tourds a then press x quick by awesomely cool dude
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Keep the fire going 57%
When your fighting with sasuke or sasuke with sharingan press ,A,and,UP and hold down A when you get the fire going and sasuke will keep spitting fire until his chakra meter runs out.
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Unlock itachi 56%
I found this on the site with the cheats no one whants you to know about deafeat sasuke with or without sharingan with every character you first need curse seal sasuke because he counts to and itachi will be in the shop for 3,500 coins
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Play As Mizuki 56%
In the character selection screen, move you selector over Iruka and press X. You are now Mizuki.
By: NintendoWii(25)
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Third hokage 55%
If you get ranked hokage on oboro, one player, survival and time attack you can buy the third hokage 250,000
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Naruto clash of ninja2 55%
To get the third hokage you must get hokage rank on survival oboro one player and time attack
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Iruka-hint 55%
Press X on Iruka to get a form of Mizuke
By: Orochimaru(102)
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Unlock kabuto 53%
My friend unlocked him so I wanted to tell everyone beat orochiamaru curse mark sasuke and anyone else with naruto he costs 50,000
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Money hint 50%
If you had memory from naruto clash of ninja 1 you get 10,000 cash
By: Orochimaru(102)
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-hints how much money chars. are 50%
Akamaru: 2,500
Gai: 3,500
Haku: 3,000
Iruka: 2,000
Kankurou: 2,500
Karasu: 2,500
Nine tailed Naruto: 5,500
Mizuki: 15,000
Neji Hyuuga: 2,000
Orochimaru: 50,000
Sharingan Kakashi: 7,500
Sharingan Sasuke: 100,000
Zabuza Momochi: 4,000
By: Orochimaru(102)
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Fire ball jutsu glitch 47%
All you have to do is use the third hokage jiriya orochimaru itachi or sasuke then use fire ball jutsu dont hold a foward then when hes about to stop press and hold a foward he will start moving and can perform combos it takes a long time to get the hang of it if you dont believe me look on youtube
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Characters and third hokage 46%
Their are approximately twenty characters and you start off with about approximately forty-five percent and including a bonus unlockable the third hokage! To unlock third hokage you must score hokage rankings in following, oboro, one player, survival, and time attack
kakashi sharingan
kyubi naruto
sasuke sharingan
might guy
rock lee
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How to get obro and survival 46%
You just buy charaters and things at the shop the soon you will see survival first then obro.
By: chapo121(1520)
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Ultimate Might Guy combo 44%
This combo should do massive damage if it works. Using Might Guy you go behid the enemy and do a,b,b,b,b,b,b, then the enemy should be down. Wiat until he or she gets up. The do the x attack when the enemy gets nearly all the way up.
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999 kills in kumite 43%
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Characters with long distance specials 41%
Iruka, Mizuki, Might Guy, and Kakashi all have long distance specials. Kakashi's chidori is the longest special in the game.
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Naruto clash of ninja 2 40%
Heres a helpful hint play threw the whole story mode and then do it again then go to ankos shop and buy all of the charcters
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Sharigan kakashi copy special.. 36%
As soon as apponent does special press A.If you don't press it at same time it WILL NOT WORK.
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Naruto clash of ninja 4 33%
If you get all of the people in Naruto clash ninja 2 and you beat it story mode go to the shop and put down,(2)x,y,up,(2) y,b, when you preas b you will get at but you will see the girls that work in the shop when you see her go back in the shop and you will see Iruka umino and he will say you got Naruto clash of ninja 4 to see that go to Extras mode and you will see but it's the real game
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Longest special 33%
If you want the longest special you need to unlock suskay with sannigon
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Infanate hits 33%
Ok first you need super naruto hit b b b a repeteidly ....sorry for spelling by awesomely cool dude
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How to bet story mode esay 32%
First you hurt your enemy and then just keep jumpin. sure its boring but hay it worked for me
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Never ending money:go to the shop and press X(4)and Y(3).
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All unlockable characters 30%
Zabuza Momochi
Neji Hyuga
Might Guy
Naruto Nine-Tailed Fox
Sharigan kakashi
Sharigan Sasuke
Iruka Umino
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Unlock half shukaku gaara 30%
Easy just beat naruto sasuke with sharingan and kankouro with gaara at the same time on difficulty 4
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How to beat a battle youve tried to but cant 28%
It may sound stupid but keep pressing B and the pause button over and over again.Nothing else
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Sharingan sasuke way 27%
If you don't went to buy sharingan sasauke And if you see it in the shop then put up,down,y,x,up,left,y,A and when you do the last one A you will get it for free it will just go away and you can do the same as orochimaru.
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All characters 24%
On the title screen press up (2) down left (2) right (2) and you will here a chime on the menu and it show`s a message and it will say you have all characters
By: giz jr(185)
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Jump for money 17%
Get saskue push A 10 times then pres b as soon as you punch push X do special then kill them you will win every charater in naruto show and 10000000 coin plus every one will get better and stronger special
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Win all 17%
Get nine-tailed naruto at shop then push z(3) x (5) a(4) and you will win all chars. and 10000 coins then do orobo n beat 20 people and win the 2 level for everyone like saskue curse mark level two and rock lees gates will have 12 gates not on show but you can do specail on everyone at once
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Kankouros puppets 9%
Hey I found a way to get all of kankouros puppets it took 3 days first get hokage rank with crow on evry mode then play survival with crow and beat everyone until you battle the 100th person it should be a four way battle you vs all of kankouros puppets ekcept for crow
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Naruto Sasuke cursemark and ninetailed RASENDORI combo 8%
To do a ninetailed cursemark combo be naruto in any fight exsept story mode make sure naruto is in ninetailed fox form swing your nunchuck and wii remote in the air and then pretend to a a RASENGAN. When you do that sasuke will come by and use Cursemark chidori you will do a rasengan you two will put them together and say Rasendori and its a 1hit K.O
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