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NHL 2002 Cheats for PS2
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NHL 2002 PS2 Cheats

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NHL 2002

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The Easter Egg Cards 100%
Just as the name suggests, these NHL Cards will open up Easter Eggs in the game. And just like the Celebration Cards, they are not per use cards and are available once they are earned -- the particular Easter Egg will need to be turned on in the Easter Egg menu if you wish to use it. All of these cards are only available in Diamond.

Diamond - Odds (1/850), Duration (N/A), Boost (N/A), Re-Sell Value (230 points)

#181 Mile Wide Stadium (the rink is wide)
#182 After Hours (lights are out, spotlights on players)
#183 Big Heads (players have big heads)
#184 Sumo Hockey (players in colored sumo suits)
#185 Last Man Standing (players stay down once knocked down until whistle)
#186 Shrink 'n Grow (players get big when you score, shrink when hit)
#187 Deep Voice (deep voices)
#188 Chipmunk (squeaky voices)
#189 Topsy Turvy (reversed controls)
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Create the Barenaked Ladies 100%
Description: Create members of the Canadian band Barenaked Ladies
How to: Enter the following names at the Create Player screen: Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Steven Page, Ed Robertson, and Tyler Stewart. The database will locate their info and create players that look like the band members.
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NHL Cards 100%
The Player Cards
There are a total of 153 Player Cards available here in NHL 2002. These cards each feature a different NHL player on the front, just like real sports trading cards, and information about the odds of getting the card, the duration that it lasts, its particular boost, and the re-sell value on the back. For each player, there are Bronze, Silver, and Gold versions, with the following attributes:

Bronze - Odds (1/350), Duration (1 Period), Boost (Hero), Re-Sell Value (95 points)
Silver - Odds (1/500), Duration (2 Periods), Boost (Hero), Re-Sell Value (140 points)
Gold - Odds (1/1000), Duration (3 Periods), Boost (Hero), Re-Sell Value (275 points)
#1 Maxim Afinogenov
#2 Daniel Alfredsson
#3 Jason Allison
#4 Tony Amonte
#5 Jason Arnott
#6 Donald Audette
#7 Ed Belfour
#8 Sergei Berezin
#9 Todd Bertuzzi
#10 Rob Blake
#11 Peter Bondra
#12 Radek Bonk
#13 Rod Brind'Amour
#14 Martin Brodeur
#15 Pavel Bure
#16 Valeri Bure
#17 Sean Burke
#18 Anson Carter
#19 Roman Cechmanek
#20 Tim Connolly
#21 Mariusz Czerkawski
#22 Byron Dafoe
#23 Vincent Damphousse
#24 Eric Daze
#25 Adam Deadmarsh
#26 Pavol Demitra
#27 Eric Desjardins
#28 Shane Doan
#29 Chris Drury
#30 Patrik Elias
#31 Sergei Fedorov
#32 Manny Fernandez
#33 Ray Ferraro
#34 Theoren Fleury
#35 Peter Forsberg
#36 Ron Francis
#37 Jeff Friesen
#38 Simon Gagne
#39 Scott Gomez
#40 Sergei Gonchar
#41 Chris Gratton
#42 Bill Guerin
#43 Roman Hamrlik
#44 Dominik Hasek
#45 Martin Havlat
#46 Jochen Hecht
#47 Johan Hedberg
#48 Steve Heinze
#49 Milan Hejduk
#50 Jan Hlavac
#51 Marian Hossa
#52 Phil Housley
#53 Brett Hull
#54 Jarome Iginla
#55 Arturs Irbe
#56 Jaromir Jagr
#57 Calle Johansson
#58 Kenny Jonsson
#59 Curtis Joseph
#60 Ed Jovanovski
#61 Tomas Kaberle
#62 Sami Kapanen
#63 Paul Kariya
#64 Patric Kjellberg
#65 Espen Knutsen
#66 Saku Koivu
#67 Olaf Kolzig
#68 Alexei Kovalev
#69 Antti Laaksonen
#70 Robert Lang
#71 Janne Laukkanen
#72 Vincent Lecavalier
#73 John LeClair
#74 Brian Leetch
#75 Jere Lehtinen
#76 Mario Lemieux
#77 Nicklas Lidstrom
#78 Eric Lindros
#79 Al MacInnis
#80 Mark Messier
#81 Boris Mironov
#82 Mike Modano
#83 Fredrik Modin
#84 Alexander Mogilny
#85 Evgeni Nabokov
#86 Markus Naslund
#87 Petr Nedved
#88 Scott Niedermayer
#89 Joe Nieuwendyk
#90 Janne Niinimaa
#91 Owen Nolan
#92 Teppo Numminen
#93 Michael Nylander
#94 Adam Oates
#95 Mattias Ohlund
#96 Jeff O'Neill
#97 Sandis Ozolinsh
#98 Zigmund Palffy
#99 Felix Potvin
#100 Keith Primeau
#101 Chris Pronger
#102 Marcus Ragnarsson
#103 Mark Recchi
#104 Brad Richards
#105 Gary Roberts
#106 Luc Robitaille
#107 Jeremy Roenick
#108 Cliff Ronning
#109 Patrick Roy
#110 Martin Rucinsky
#111 Joe Sakic
#112 Sami Salo
#113 Tommy Salo
#114 Sergie Samsonov
#115 Geoff Sanderson
#116 Miroslav Satan
#117 Brian Savage
#118 Marc Savard
#119 Daniel Sedin
#120 Henrik Sedin
#121 Lubomir Sekeras
#122 Teemu Selanne
#123 Brendan Shanahan
#124 Jiri Slegr
#125 Ryan Smyth
#126 Patrik Stefan
#127 Scott Stevens
#128 Martin Straka
#129 Brad Stuart
#130 Jozef Stumpel
#131 Marco Sturm
#132 Steve Sullivan
#133 Mats Sundin
#134 Robert Svehla
#135 Darryl Sydor
#136 Petr Sykora
#137 Alex Tanguay
#138 Joe Thornton
#139 Kimmo Timonen
#140 Keith Tkachuk
#141 Ron Tugnutt
#142 Roman Turek
#143 Pierre Turgeon
#144 Oleg Tverdovsky
#145 Lubomir Visnovsky
#146 Scott Walker
#147 Doug Weight
#148 Shane Willis
#149 Alexei Yashin
#150 Scott Young
#151 Steve Yzerman
#152 Alexei Zhamnov
#153 Sergei Zubov
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The Cheat Cards 100%
Next up are the good old Cheat Cards. These can be played during a game and the duration of each particular cheat is determined by whether or not it's a bronze, silver, gold and, in some cases, platinum (the last 3 cards on the following list only come in diamond). For some of the cards, the duration will be in minutes rather than periods.

Bronze - Odds (1/600), Duration (1 Period), Boost (N/A), Re-Sell Value (170 points)
Silver - Odds (1/900), Duration (2 Periods), Boost (N/A), Re-Sell Value (250 points)
Gold - Odds (1/1800), Duration (3 Periods), Boost (N/A), Re-Sell Value (505 points)
#154 Power Shot (turns player into big shooter)
#155 Peashooter (turns opposing big shooter to normal shooter)
#156 Bonecrusher (turns player into big hitter)
#157 Crusher to Usher (turns opposing big hitter to normal hitter)
#158 Muscles and Missiles (turns player into big hitter and big shooter)
#159 Fired Up (gives player a hot streak)
#160 Ice Cold (gives player a cold streak)
#161 Flu Bug (random opposing player will have flu)
#162 Emotional Charge (gives team maximum emotion)
#163 Momentum Masher (caps opposing team's emotion to 30%)
#164 Penalty Free (gives team immunity from penalties)
#165 Off Target (causes # of opponent shots to miss the net)
#166 Man Advantage (causes opposing team to be short handed for 2 minutes)
#167 Frozen in Time (slows down time)
#168 Bash Boom Bonanza (every player on both teams are made big hitters and shooters)
Diamond - Odds (1/550), Duration (N/A), Boost (N/A), Re-Sell Value (155 points)
#169 Instant Penalty Shot (gives team a penalty shot)
#170 Next Goal Wins (makes it sudden death overtime)
#171 Clear the Deck (cancels all cheats)
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The Celebration Cards 100%
One of the all-new features in NHL 2002 is the inclusion of user-controlled celebrations after goals. By pressing the specified button, either X, Circle or Triangle, the goal scorer will do the celebration that has been mapped to that button. There are 6 that are available at the beginner of the game and 9 others that are opened up once you get one of the NHL Cards. Unlike the Player Cards and the Cheat Cards, these aren't used up once you use them.

Diamond - Odds (1/550), Duration (N/A), Boost (N/A), Re-Sell Value (155 points)

#172 Superstar
#173 Fireworks
#174 Raise the Roof
#175 The Rodeo
#176 The Maestro
#177 Home Plate Slide
#178 The Archer
#179 Wildman
#180 The Swordsman
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The Tasklist 100%
As mentioned previously, the biggest difference between the Cards in NHL 2002 and the ones in Madden NFL 2002 have to do with the Tasklist and how it's operated. Whereas you could keep earning points for one task in Madden, here you can only earn points for the 1st time each task is completed in each difficulty level until all of them have been completed.

Task Difficulty - Level One
(Point Value - 200 Beginner, 400 Easy, 600 Medium, 800 Difficult)

Connect 10 passes in a period
Get a 1st, 2nd or 3rd Star Selection
Score a goal
Score on a 2-on-1
Score on a rebound
Score with a Big Shooter
Score with a Hero
Win 10+ Faceoffs in a period
Score a goal with 2 different players
Get 10 shots on goal in 1 period
Score 1st goal of the game
Stop 10 opposition shots
Get full Team Emotion
Win 1 Faceoff
Score a One-Timer
Win 5 Faceoffs
Intercept a pass
Score 2 goals with one player
Score 3 goals
Win a Game
Get 1 Big Hit

Task Difficulty - Level Two
(Point Value - 300 Beginner, 600 Easy, 900 Medium, 1200 Difficult)

Get a Shutout
Get 15 Hits in 1 period
Get 5 Big Hits by one player
Score a Hat Trick with one player
Score a Short Handed Goal (SHG)
Score on a Breakaway
Get 2 or fewer penalties in a game
Get the Game Tying Goal (GTG)
Score a Natural Hat Trick
Score a Deflection goal
Get a +/- rating of 4 for one player
Win an Overtime Game in the Playoffs
Finish 1st in Playoff GAA
Score 20 goals with one player in a Season
Win 3 consecutive Road games in a season
Win the EA Sports Trophy in Season Mode
Win the All-Star Game in Season Mode
Finish 1st in your Conference in Season Mode
Finish 1st in your Division in Season Mode
Finish 1st in your 16 Team Tournament Pool
Win the Bronze Medal in Tournament Mode

Task Difficulty - Level Three
(Point Value - 400 Beginner, 800 Easy, 1200 Medium, 1600 Difficult)

Score in the opening 30 seconds of any period
With one player, get a Goal, Assist and a Penalty
Score on 3 penalty shots in an OT Shootout
Complete 50% of your Power Plays in a game
Finish a game with an 80% Penalty Kill Rate
Win a Playoff game in an OT Shootout
Win all your Playoff Road games
Get a Shutout in a Playoff game
Lead the League in Goals For in Playoffs
Score 30 goals with one player in a season
Win 5 consecutive Road gams in a season
Win 75% of your Conference Opponent games
Win the Stanley Cup in Season Mode
Win the Calder Trophy in Season Mode
Win the Hart Memorial Trophy in Season Mode
Win the Lady Byng Trophy in Season Mode
Win the Maurice Richard Trophy in Season Mode
Get 5 Shutouts in a Season
Finish with a GAA of 2.00 or below in a season
Get a +/- rating for 1 player of 40 or higher
Win the Silver Medal in Tournament Mode

Task Difficulty - Level Four
(Point Value - 500 Beginner, 1000 Easy, 1500 Medium, 2000 Difficult)
Score a Hat Trick with 2 different players
Score a SHG and GWG with same player
Score a SHG while being on a 5-on-3
Score on all 5 penalty shots in a Shootout
Score on 1st shot of the game
Finish 1st in Playoff scoring
Go Undefeated in the Playoffs
Lead the League in fewest Goals Against in Playoffs
Win the Conn Smythe Trophy in Playoffs
Get at least 1 point with ALL your players in 1 game
Win the Norris Trophy in Season Mode
Win the Presidents' Trophy in Season Mode
Win the Selke Trophy in Season Mode
Lead the League in Penalty Minutes in Season Mode
Get 1000 Career Assists with a Created Player
Score 500 Career Goals with a Created Player
Score 100 Goals in 50 games w/one player
Win Back-to-Back Stanley Cups
Win the Gold Medal in Tournament
Beat Team Canada using Japan in Tournament
Score 5 PP Goals in 1 game
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