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Persona 3 Cheats for PS2
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Persona 3 PS2 Cheats

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Persona 3

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Shifting persona abilities when fusing 47%
When you fuse personas, doe the following:

Straight Fusing:
- pick the cards and go back alternately, you will notice that the personas' abilities are changing.

Triangle Fusing:
-pick 2 cards then after you pick the last, goback 2 times and pick the cards again.

Pentagon, Hexagon Fusing:
-simply repeat going back and fort.

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How to defeat all enemies 38%
If you can fuse Helel try give him spell master and victory cry. then if you have Satan you can do Armageddon every battle by using only 499SP.
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Optional Block "Monad" 36%
You must complete Elizabeth's request #53 and completed the game once, after that you must complete request #55 and then enter the Monad Block, the enemies their are at level 90 and above....

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Persona 3 600111Do anybody know how to get I forgot the name the thing orpheus turned into what personas I need and where do I get them or where Answers: 1
Persona 3 815449When will officer Kurasawa gave a discount? (at the police station in poulownia mall) Answers: 1
Persona 3 829264How you get the misiah Answers: 1
Persona 3 384494Where can I find Clotho in the Answer? Answers: 1
Persona 3 433990How ddo you fuse Attis or Alice? Answers: 1
Persona 3 476933How do you get black frost and king frost Answers: 3
Persona 3 515403I'm at the Boulevard and, after defeating the enemy, I looked at the mirror and than "The true self" is talking and I answer and it keeps on repeating and repeating. What do I do? Answers: 3
Persona 3 532486Look at the you tube how can you explane the code test?"Persona 3 code showcase" Answers: 1
Persona 3 539275How can you make Alice With Megido? huh Answers: 1
Persona 3 581465How do form eon social link Answers: 2
Persona 3 623956What other personas make special nihil items? I have Surt and Thor. Answers: 1
Persona 3 643500Which arcana must I fuse to get king frost? Answers: 1
Persona 3 652755How do you max out ALL arcanas on your first round of playing it? Answers: 3
Persona 3 751703I have the sugar key from Elizabeth's request but I don't no how to use it to fuse king frost can someone help me? Answers: 1
Persona 3 773954How ddo you fuse Attis or Alice? Answers: 0
Persona 3 784478How to get more plumb of dusk? Answers: 0
Persona 3 825372What are the characteristics of the aeon arcana? and how do hearts appear in personas? Answers: 0
Persona 3 825373What level is best recommended to defeat Nyx Avatar? and also note the equipments and personas that is best to be used. Answers: 1
Persona 3 264968How can I make persona with name's THOR? Answers: 1
Persona 3 335971Does the main character have a real name? Answers: 3
Persona 3 419508Does anyone know a good method to defeat [sorry can't remember their names] the 10th & 11th shadows? [one is like a woman the other keeps getting the roulette thing out x__e] Answers: 5
Persona 3 325663How to defeated ultimate persona/ elizabeth? Answers: 2
Persona 3 485886How to make thor Answers: 1
Persona 3 238018Different kinds of persona Answers: 3
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