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Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Cheats for PS2
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Pro Evolution Soccer 5 PS2 Cheats

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Pro Evolution Soccer 5

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Real player names 100%
Game Name Real Name
The Netherlands
Von MistelroumVan Nistelrooy
Von BokkurVan Bommel
Uido YotoramUgur Yildirim
Farzel GaartVan der Vaart
V.BlockoostVan Bronckhorst
De JortzDe Jong
Farzel HaarVan der sar
Bayern Munich (Isar)
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Real stadium names 100%
Game Name Real Name
Red Cauldron (Europe A)Anfield
Estadio Palo (Europe A)Mestala
Catalonia Stadium (Europe A)Nou Camp
Trad Brick Stadium (Europe A)Old Trafford
Lutecia Park (Europe A)Parc des Princes
Finis Terrae (Europe A)Riazor
Magpie park (Europe A)St. James' Park
Monaco Stadium (Europe A)Stade Louis II
Massilia Stadium (Europe A)Stade Velodrome
Isar Stadion (Europe B)Munich Olympia Stadion
Borussia Stadion (Europe B)Westfalenstadion
Hauptstadtstadion (Europe B)Berlin Olympia Stadion
Orange Arena (Europe B)Amsterdam Arena
Rotterdam stadion (Europe B)De Kuip
Stockholm Arena (Europe B)Råsunda
Cuito Cuanavale (Africa)Vodacom Park
Diamond Stadium (Africa)Newlands
Estadio gran chaco (The Americas)La Bombonera
Amerigo Atlantis (The Americas)Estadio Nacional
Nakhon Ratchasima (Asia)Niigata 'Big Swan' Stadium
Kanji Dome (Asia)Sapporo Dome
Dietro Monte Stadium (Asia)Kashima Stadium
Porto Folio (Asia)Yokohama International
Queens land park (Asia)Nagai Stadium
Haze hills (Asia)Olympic Stadium
Occhio del mar (Asia)Oita 'Big Eye' Stadium
Ayase-Nakano Stadium (Asia)Saitama Stadium
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Real League Names 100%
Game name Real name
England LeagueFA Premiership
French LeagueLigue 1
German LeagueBundesliga
Serie ASerie A
Liga EspanolaPrimera Division
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PES points 98%
Start an international league and select only 2 teams to enter the league. You will only have to play 2 games and will earn match winning points and 1,500 PES points each time you win the league.
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Real Club Names 98%
Game Name Real Name
West Midlands VillageAston Villa
West Midlands CityBirmingham City
South East London RedsCharlton
Merseyside BlueEverton
West London WhiteFulham
Merseyside RedLiverpool
Man BlueManchester City
Man RedManchester United
TynesideNewcastle United
North East LondonTottenham Hotspur
West Midlands StripesWest Bromwich Albion
East LondonWest Ham
Lancashire AthleticWigan
German league
DomstadtFC Koln
AlmArminia Bielefeld
RheinBayern Leverkusen
IsarBayern Munich
WestfalenBorussia Dortmund
FohlenBorussia Monchengladbach
HanseatenHamburger SV
NiedersachsenHannover 96
HauptstadtHertha Berlin
KarnevalFSV Mainz 05
FrankenFC Nurnberg
RuhrSchalke 04
WeserWerder Bremen
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Boot Creation 98%
Description: While creating some boots, try adding all the parts together that have the same number (for example, part 1 and part 2, etc.) all with number 5 and you will have the Nike Vapors made). With some color tweaking, you can get them perfect. Also, make the base color the color you want the Nike "tick" to be, then make the panels the boot color. For example, red main color with white parts equals Thierry Henry's white and red Vapors. Boots that can be made using same number parts include Peter Cech's white and blue Lottos, the Retro Addidas World Cups, and Puma Kings.
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Akka 96%
Description: There are many players who can use the Akka. To do the Akka, press:
L1(3) or R2(3)Some of the players who can use the Akka are Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, C. Ronaldo, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
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Metal Gear reference 96%
Edit team and select "PES UTD". Scroll to the bottom of the players list and there should be a player by the name of "Metal Gear".
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Young players 52%
When you have your team.try to get in young players as they get better and better.then sell get a profit.
By: admino(136)
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Easy 1000 PES points 33%
Select cup from main menu, then pick a cup from your own choice, pick a good team for you and rubbish team for the computer, play just home & away, put the computer on 1 star difficulty and the shortest time possible then just keep scoring into them until you have won the match then youre team should celebrate and lift the cup. Now you have won a cup and 1000 PES points
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