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Macross VFX Cheats for PSX
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Macross VFX PSX Cheats

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Macross VFX

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Jumping Down the Stairs 100%
While you are in the house, get to the top of the stairs and make sure your facing down the stairs. Now you should be able to jump the whole stair case and it wont even hurt Tommy. Not much of a code, but its fun and saves a bit of time.
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Inside Hints 100%
Insert the game into a PC/CD rom drive. Enter the data/hints directory to access forty-two text hints for the game
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Mini-golf section 100%
Run to the rear of the big pyramid on the eighth hole of the mini-golf section. Enter to find Reptar Bars.
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Shortcut in "Incident, Isle 7" 100%
On Incident, Isle 7, when you go where the plants are, there will be 3 balloons tied together. Run into them and press Circle. This will bring you to the middle part of the board.
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Easier Putt in Mini-golf 100%
While putting in the minigolf course, hold down the walk button and the aiming line will move a lot slower.Hint:
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