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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Cheats for PSP
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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 PSP Cheats

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Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Rating: 3.5/5 VOTE

Playing as a Jedi 100%
How to: It may be very easy to kill people as a hero, but there are some special moves & techniques other than the standard saber combos you should know about. You can do very deadly & long combinations of lightsaber strikes by Force Running/Sprinting into a group of them and pressing Attack while still sprinting. This releases a group of moves that are much deadlier against groups of opponents. Try it! This is useful when clearing areas like hallways or passages.
You can also do lightsaber combos while Force Jumping by pressing Attack in mid-air. This is useful for killing Jet Troopers as a Jedi or taking a out lightly armored vehicles. You can use the "lightsaber lock" to block enemy fire coming directly at you. Make sure to face your enemies as best as possible to block their fire, and use the crosshair that appears temporarily in this mode to better aim your ranged attacks (Force, lightsaber throw). Instead of running around the map randomly trying to kill anyone you see, find a group of opponents, then activate lightsaber lock to block all their shots as you Force Run at them and then unleash a deadly combo while you are in their midst. Also, some heroes are better than others. Even though you have a limited choice for each map, try to choose a team that has a better hero or villain. Some Jedis are much faster & lethal in terms of close combat and lightsaber skill.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, Luke, Pilot Luke, Ki-Adi Mundi, Ayala, Yoda, and Mace Windu are recommended if you like using a lightsaber and running around. Other heroes and villains are much slower with a lightsaber and are not as good at fast or close combat, but are slightly more powerful than the others and have a better understanding of the Force. These characters include Darth Vader (Force Choke), "The Emperor" Palpatine (Sith Lightning), and Count Dooku. Just use a character that best fits the way you want to play.
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Slow enemies from getting to their ships 100%
Description: Get into a heavy transport like a LAAT Gunship or Droid Gunship. Make sure no one else is in it except you, then fly over to the enemy hangar. Land and get into one of the scout fighters in that hangar. Quickly fly back to your capital ship. To do this even more quickly, use boost, and if the enemy frigates are not destroyed yet, fly out of the hangar, go down a good ways, then level your ship out again. When you have reached your hangar, land and see if your other transport is there. If it is, get in. Make sure no one is in it but you. Repeat the process described again. If it is not there, either just waste time and wait, or get into a X-Wing or ARC-170. There will now be 2 of your transports in the enemy ship, and they will spawn many of your men. By doing this, you have bought yourself lots of time to disable the enemy ship. It is important to make sure no one but you is in the ship because if sum1 else is in there they will not get out when you land; and if you get out, they will take off and crash.
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Funny deaths 100%
Pick mos eisely then assault choose your side then jump till your stamina runs out pause it then press respawn then you will see your jedi fall painfully funny
By: shogun6746(12)
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Choke and lightning 100%
First pick assault on mos eisely then be the bad guys then be count dooku or the emporor then choke your enemy then switch to lightning without stopping your force choke you will see at the same time your using choke and lightning
By: shogun6746(12)
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Tantive IV mission Tip 98%
Description: In the mission on Tantive IV (blockade runner), the 1st and last objective are very difficult. From the start, once the door explodes and opens, use your thermal detonators. Get to the CP and keep dodging bullets and firing while standing near the CP until it is turned to your faction. This may take a few attempts, but it will work. Use Darth Vader after you have captured it. Use a regular Stormtrooper to take care of Leia. She should be around where you started the level. Use your grenades to soften her up, then your rifle to finish her off.
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Slicing Points for Dummies 98%
Description: Sneak aboard the Rebel capital ship and wait by the Y-Wing until sum1 gets in it. Use your torch to slice into it. You can cause it to explode if in the air, getting points in the process. Repeat this as many times as you want.
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Medals and bonuses 98%
Description: Complete the listed task to unlock the listed medal and bonus:

Demolition Guidable Rockets Get 4 critical hits vs. vehicles in one life
Endurance Energy Recuperation Get 8 points
Frenzy Elite Assault Rifle Get twelve kills with a blaster rifle in one life
Guardian Shielding Get 16 points
Gunslinger Precision Pistol Get 6 kills with a pistol in one life
Marksman Particle Beam Rifle Get 6 headshots with the sniper rifle in one life
Regulator Flechette Shotgun Get 8 kills with a shotgun in one life
Technician Vehicle Regen Slice into a vehicle
War Hero Damage Increase Get 24 points
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Ship list 98%
Republic: LAAT Gunship
Empire: Imperial Shuttle
CIS: Droid Gunship
Rebel: Alliance Assault Craft

Republic: V Wing
Empire: TIE Bomber
CIS: Confederacy Strick Bomber
Rebel: Y-Wing

Republic: Jedi Interceptor
Empire: TIE Interceptor
CIS: Droid Tri- Fighter
Rebel: A-Wing

Republic: ARC 170
Empire: TIE Fighter
CIS: Vulture Droid Star FIGHTER
Rebel: X-Wing
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Easier Space battle kills 98%
How to: First, make sure the enemies' shields are down, then select a soldier with a blaster rifle. Take a fast ship and fly directly into the docks (it has a blue film over it), land, and get out. All of the enemies will be lightly armed because they are pilots. Open fire. Most will not return fire. Also, most enemy ship have an objective to destroy inside them. Additionally, lock on to a structure such as the life support system or bridge. Make a preliminary strafing run straight along the ship. After passing the target, pull up with full thrusters. When the targeting arrow goes from the front of the screen to the back of the screen, decrease all engine power. Continue pulling back until you see the target. Line up with the target and do a half roll. This maneuver will allow you to make several runs, unloading on the target and avoiding as much enemy fighters as possible.

Instead of holding back on the Analog-stick to flip your ship around after strafing a structure, press Circle(2) then press the Analog-stick to either side. This is the secondary evasive maneuver, which will flip your ship around automatically. This method is much faster. Also, do not use your missile until you are close to the structures. The missiles on the Y-Wings and Tie Bombers do not have the range to get to your target and they drop off before they get there. If they are fired too early, you will not do any damage to your target.

During Galactic Conquest, buy the bonus Sabotage. When you have a space battle, the enemies ships will be easy to destroy.

Get a troop transport and land it in the enemy hanger. It will then act as a command post so you can start in the enemy ship. *** Sometimes you may have to use 2 ships. If you go into their rooms (for example, the engine rooms) and set your bomb there, it will explode the same with the shield generator and in the other rooms (even the tube that in the center of all the turret command places). After that is done, get a bomber and take out the remaining places on the outside.

While in a space battle, take a transport to the enemy's space cruiser for sabotage. Land & make sure no one is in it or they will destroy it. When no one is in it, it will stay there for the rest of the battle. When you die, the transport acts as a command post for your team so you can go into the enemy ship much faster than taking another fighter from your hanger.

Auto turrets: Enter the ship's interior and you will see a cylinder shaped console with different monitors. Use 2 pilot bombs to destroy it.

Engines: Enter the interior, then turn to the right. Go through the door and destroy the 4 giant glowing tubes with 3 bombs.

Life support system: Enter the ship's interior and to the left should be a door. Enter it and you will see a giant blue screen ahead. Destroy it with 3 bombs.

Shields: Run into the interior and move past the auto turret controls. Enter the door, then run down the passage. There should be a giant lightning-filled tube. Place 6 bombs on the glass. To do this, aim up and touch the glass.
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Regenerate health & ammunition 98%
How to: If there is an ammunition or medical droid on the other side of a thin wall (i.e. in space if you go into another hangar and the main room has thin separator walls between the doors and the droids), it can heal you through the wall. No one on the other side can shoot you unless they use a bomb, grenade, rocket, etc., which rarely happens.
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Rank list 98%
Earn the listed number of medals in combat to advance to the next rank:
Veteran 6 medals
Elite 30 medals
Legendary 60 medals
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Destroy turrets easily 98%
How to: When you start a space battle, go to the turret stations and get in one. Switch to a turret where you can get a good view of an enemy turret. Once you have an enemy turret in your sight, shoot as much of it as you can before it starts shooting at you (if sum1 is in it). Once their turret starts shooting at you, immediately get out of your turret (Triangle) and wait about five seconds. Get back in. By this time the turret may have turned back around. Repeat this process as many times as desired, or until all other turrets are out of your view.
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Infinite hero or villain 96%
Description: Select Instant Action mode, choose your levels, then go to the OPTIONS MENU before you start. Select "Hero", then change the options to Best Player, Time Limit 1 second, and the time for hero to become available to "Always". You can start the game selecting the hero, and when you die you can pick them again immediately. Additionally, select Instant Action mode, choose your levels, but do not launch. Go to the options and choose the "Hero" selection. Change the options to the following: Best Player, 4 Points, and the time for the hero to become available to 4 seconds. Your hero or villain can still die and the meter runs out, but you only need to kill 4 people for 4 points to unlock the hero or villain again. Also, if you get the points when you are playing as the hero or villain, when you die while playing as the hero or villain they still count as the points - you can pick to play as them immediately.
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List of Tips & Tactics 96%
Use vehicles whenever you can, as they help to keep you safe and you get lots of points with them, and some are much faster than walking.

Always keep moving because of snipers.

Use your units' advantages. If you are facing a lot of enemies, use the trooper unit. If you are up against vehicles, use heavy weapons.

Use the right unit for the right level. For example, use an engineer for lots of turrets/vehicles. Use snipes for high places with little cover below.

The center command post is always a good offensive position.

When in vehicles, fill them up. The more weapons you can have going at once, the better.

Kill the most threatening units first. For example, if in a vehicle, take out the heavy weapons units.

Check out an area before you go into battle, so you see the turrets and other dangerous areas.

Use tactics, as charging into battle usually does not work.

Use cover a lot, such as rocks, logs, walls, water, and even grass.

If you are taking a CP, try to stand next to a health droid.

If you are having trouble defeating enemies, try to take out the enemy in ones and twos. This will get you a lot further, and you will come out with a lot more health.

If you are finding something difficult, play on the Hard difficulty setting for a few battles. When change back the difficulty setting, things should seem a bit easier.

Take allies with you wherever you go. Allies = firepower = enemies die = easy CP's = you win.
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To get victory in less than one minute 96%
Destroy the life support,both engines,and the radar on top.
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Jango Fett comment 96%
Select the Kamino map and set the hero counter to whatever desired, then wait until you can play as Jango Fett. A Clone will say "Its Jango Fett! And he's brought his head!", referring to the scene in Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack Of The Clones, when he was decapitated during the assault on Geonosis.
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Legendary rank bonus weapons 96%
Description: Reach the Legendary rank in the listed class to unlock the listed weapon:

Frenzy Elite Assault Rifle
Regulator Flechette Shotgun
Demolition Guidable Rockets
Marksman Particle Beam Rifle
Gunslinger Precision Blaster
Technician Vehicle Regen
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Hero classes 96%
How to: Select Instant Action mode, then choose Mos Eisley as your level and Assault as the game type. When you begin the game you can pick between heroes and villains and fight as any of the "Hero" type character classes with no time limit.
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Break the ground with Mace Windi 96%
How to: Jump and press Fire. You should go down and break the ground, sending anyone around you flying.
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Infinite ammunition 96%
[Pause Game] in Story, Instant Action, or Galactic Conquest mode and press Up, Down, Left, Down(2), Left, Down(2), Left, Down(3), Left, Right. You will hear a sound when you enter the code correctly. Repeat the code to disable its effect. *** Your ammunition will decrease, but will refill instantly after reloading.
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Killing Tanks 96%
Place proximity mines on the tanks (Vanguard, Heavy Trooper, Shock Trooper) and any other kind of vehicle, except for the assault vehicles such as the AT-TE. A more difficult way is to use a sniper technique. Fire from a safe location. Target the vehicle, wait until the reticule turns red, then fire. Another useful bombardment unit is any that carry a recon droid. Their self-destruct mechanism makes them a formidable bombardment unit.
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Frozen capes 96%
*** This trick requires a Hero with a cape or robe (for example, Yoda, Darth Vader, etc.). Jump or do anything that causes your robe or cape to move. [Pause Game] whenever you have the perfect robe position, then turn off the PSP. Immediately turn it on again and resume the game. Your robe or cape should be frozen in the position it was when you paused the game.
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Special units 96%
Description: Get the listed number of points in battle to unlock the listed special unit:
Bothan Spy 8 points
Clone Commander 8 points
Dark Trooper 12 points
Droidika 12 points
Imperial Officer 8 points
Jet Trooper 12 points
Magnagaurd 8 points
Wookie Warrior 12 points

Special units are used for special tasks. Yeah, yeah you knew that. Here is soe points to know:

The Bothan Spy's regeneration ability can be useful for your troops to go in and storm the enemy's defense because they have better stamina. Their stealth ability is useful because it allows you to get into an enemy CP, capture it, and destroy the enemy's vehicles with the time bomb.

The Wookies have strength & endurance with their bowcaster, as it will be a one-hit kill for almost any opponent. Their grenade launcher is useful for groups of enemies. The Recon Droid is useful for scouting, backup, and groups of enemies with their self-destruct mechanism.

The Dark Trooper is useful for transport and assault. Their Jumppack can carry them great distances across the battlefield & their Arc Caster causes serious damage. Their charge shot should be used on multiple enemies.

The Imp Officer is ally support and group assault. Their rage is used for extra damage so that they can storm the enemy's defense. Their mortar launcher is similar to the Wookie's grenade launcher.

The Jet Trooper is used for transport and Droideka disabling as well as scrap metal destroying. The Jet Trooper can carry them across them great distances. Their EMP launcher is used for disabling the Droideka's sheilds.

Clone Commanders are a brick wall; they have heavy firepower and are useful for ally support. Their chain gun is like a machine gun, with faster firing. Their rally ability should be used to bulk up your and your ally's defense.

The Magna-Guard is for heavy fire power and bombardment.

The RLR Bulldog is for vehicles and groups of enemies.

The mortar launcher is same as the grenade launcher and the recon droid for the above.

Droidekas are a brick wall and have heavy firepower. With their personal shield emitter, they are a brick wall. Use the 4 built in repeating blaster rifles for lots of damage.
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Ranks and bonuses 96%
Description: Complete the listed task to unlock the listed bonus for that rank:

Captain Control 3 units Have a total of 100 to 299 medals
General Control 4 units Get over 300 total medals
Private Control 1 unit Have less than 20 total medals
Sergeant Control 2 units Have between 20 and 99 total medals
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Invincibility Cheat Code 96%
[Pause Game] in Story, Instant Action, or Galactic Conquest mode and press:
Up(3), Left, Down(3), Left, Up(3), Left, Right.
You will hear a sound when you enter the code correctly. Repeat the code to disable its effect.
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Slow motion sounds Cheat Code 96%
[Pause Game] in Story, Instant Action, or Galactic Conquest mode and press:
Up(3), Left, Up, Down, Up(2), Left, Down(3), Left, Up, Down(2), Left, Right You will hear a sound when you enter the code correctly. Repeat the code to disable its effect.
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Repairing shields 96%
You can always repair your shields. Just use the torch, but do not get too close to the glass or it will not work. This takes awhile, but is helpful. Also on ground battles you can use the torch to slice (hijack) enemy vehicles.
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Hero character locations 94%
Description: The hero characters can be found at the following locations:

Aayla Secura: Felucia: Fungi Forest, Jabba's Palace
Anakin Skywalker: Mustafar: Refinery
Boba Fett: Kashyyyk: Beachhead, Utapau: Sinkhole, Mygeeto: War-Torn City, Felucia: Fungi Forest, Yavin 4: Temple, Jabba's Palace
Chewbacca: Kashyyyk: Beachhead, Felucia: Fungi Forest, Yavin 4: Temple
Count Dooku: Geonosis: Dust Plains
Darth Maul: Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Mustafar: Refinery, Jabba's Palace
Darth Vader: Tantive IV: Interior, Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Dagobah, Naboo: Theed, Hoth: Echo Base, Endor
Emperor: Polis Massa: Medical Facility, Naboo: Theed, Death Star: Interior
General Grievous: Tantive IV: Interior, Utapau: Sinkhole, Polis Massa: Medical Facility, Dagobah, Mygeeto: War-Torn City
Han Solo: Utapau: Sinkhole, Polis Massa: Medical Facility, Endor
Jango Fett: Kashyyyk: Beachhead, Felucia: Fungi Forest, Yavin 4: Temple
Ki-Adi-Mundi: Mygeeto: War-Torn City
Luke Skywalker: Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Mygeeto: War-Torn City, Jabba's Palace, Death Star: Interior, Hoth: Echo Base
Mace Windu: Geonosis: Dust Plains, Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Yavin 4: Temple, Death Star Interior
Obi-Wan: Utapau: Sinkhole, Mustafar: Refinery, Naboo: Naboo: Naboo: Theed
Princess Leia: Tantive IV: Interior, Naboo: Naboo: Theed
Yoda: Kashyyyk: Beachhead, Tantive IV: Interior, Polis Massa: Medical Facility, Dagobah
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Funny captions when rebels are killed by Wampas 94%
[Pause Game] in Story, Instant Action, or Galactic Conquest mode and press Up, Down, Left, Down, Left, Right. You will hear a sound when you enter the code correctly. Repeat the code to disable its effect.
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Disable HUD Cheat Code 94%
[Pause Game] in Story, Instant Action, or Galactic Conquest mode and press:
Up(4), Left, Up(2), Down, Left, Down, Up(2), Left, Right
You will hear a sound when you enter the code correctly. Repeat the code to disable its effect.
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Low resolution soldiers 94%
[Pause Game] in Story, Instant Action, or Galactic Conquest mode and press:
Down(3), Up(2), Left, Down(5), Left, Up(3), LeftYou will hear a sound when you enter the code correctly. Repeat the code to disable its effect.
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How to take out at- at's very easy (hoth) 89%
Go to instant action find hoth select conqeast be the rebels. be the valgurd and fly out on a snowspeader fly to the AT-AT's set mines on the ground so the AT-AT can step on it. make shur when you set the mine you not to close to the AT-AT or you will blow up. set three mines on the ground and it will take out this much heath
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Oh how i love sniping 75%
Sniping is very powerful and pretty nice to have in your arsanall. It can be from long distances or getting up close and homicidal. For the begining sniper I recamend going to Kysheek and snipe from long distances. For a more advanced sniper try to place to place sniping and moving far away targets. Now this is the class I fall in. The expert sniper can be great at the battle field . You can shoot from long distances high up or be even more valuable and use my tactic. Ulnike most snipers who like to go long range I like to go up close and start blowning people away. this requires a eagle eye and awesome reflexes. Get on the ground and CONSTINTLY run and snipe. you may die a couple times but apart of this being very fun the enimies reinfocements will quickly go down. E V E N better get a friend and join the same team. Ask them to be engineer and have them follow you. When you need some supplies such as health and amunition have them drop a supply thingy and get back to ground sniping.
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More on the Space help. 71%
For the Life support to give you 33 point you must do a few thing first. First, destroy the Frigate and the Engines, or the Bridge. Die from suicide. Second, take out the Communications, and the Bridge or Engines, die again. Now that you(must be you) have lost 2 lives, and destroyed everything but the Life Support and Sensor. Destroy the Life Support and you will get 33 points. It take forever but it works.
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Cheat on how to get over the wall in dagobah 67%
Heres a hint be a dark tropper or a clone trooper in dagobah and theres a tree near base six then you use your flying power and fly on top of the wall I tryed it myself
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Team kill points note. 67%
Tried, the team kill glitch and found out that Snow Speeder give 2 points, it can be done with Mines A.K.A. any Rocket Class. So not limited to Rebels Bothan Spy on the ground. The game says 1-2 points but the actual point given towards the Medals Endurance, Guardian, and War Hero are different, not sure what though. You can also jump on a ship with your Team Mate in it and get in the ship while it's taking off. Note: Takes a lot of practice for some ships.
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Lava glitch for psp 67%
Put on invincibility go to mustafar in instant action go to base1 look at the doors and go left and jump into the lava see what happens.
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Infinite ammo and invinsibility 67%
Up,up,up,left,down,down,down,left,up,up,up,left,right and up,down,left,down,down,left,down,down,left,down,down,down,left,right
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Jedi floating ability 67%
Jedi can float if you go to the planet of Mos eisely then when you done that there will be houses move to the door untell your player is not seen the start to jump up then ypu will see your player floating but when you move to the door move back wards and your player have to be a jedi.
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Force Light and Choke at the same time! 63%
I was reading about this for the PS2 version but this is kinda different. Note: This works very well with the Fore Lighting cheat. Just Choke Them then Lighting them, they will be choked and shocked at the same time. It only takes up the stamina from the Lighting plus. Lighting kills quickly, Choke makes it so they can't attack you. And if you have an Endurance Medal like I said in the Infinant Lighting cheat, then you will never run out of Stamina!
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Enter Yoda Town & Enter the Yoda Town House 60%
Entering Yoda Town:
In Battlefront 2, make a Mos Eisley assault game, and spawn as Yoda. ALso, make sure there are no AL bots in the game. (Computer players) Go to the farthest North East of the map. Open your map. You should see two walls forming a sort of hallway near the North East part of the map, at the very edge of the map. At the end of this "Hallway" is an arch with a door. If you look closely, you will see that there is a considerable amount of space between the top of the door and the top of the arch. Taking Yoda, (This takes a while) try and jump through the space. This only works with Yoda. If you do it right, evantually, you will be standing on top of the door and under the arch. Roll, jump, and run foward to get through the Archway and into Yoda Town.
Please note that there is a very strong possibility that if you dont get into the house (explained below) you will lag out after a while and will have to try again.

Entering the Yoda House:
After getting into Yoda Town, move foward a ways. You will see to your right a building with an orangey-reddish door. Force Run into the door, jump at and around the door. After a while, you will glitch/lag into the building.
Also, please note that I have done this with other buildings and I believe that it is possible to do this with other building similar, inside or out of the level. This can be done with the house right outside the Arena entrance, more or less.
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Infinant Force Lighting 60%
If you get an Endurance Medals while playing as The Emperor, Force Lighting somebody then hold after killing them, because of the Endurance you can't run out of Stamina because of Force Lighting.
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Impervious 59%
While in battle press up up up left down down down left up up up left right on the D-pad.
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Play us the jawas 57%
Remember the jawas those critters... play us the jawas just choose instant action and mos eisley map and hunt mode then choose team jawas against the tusken hunters...the jawas has really cool weapon its called the ionizer
By: bitoy666(1349)
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Space help/War Hero help. 56%
In some battles the Life Support give you 33 points, thus use the time bomb to murder yourself in a ship, kill a Team Mate in a ship, and then destroy the Lie Support or some other Systems.
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How to takem out jedis or troopers 50%
If you are playing battle front 2 and you are in assualt pick villians then pick anakin and use your force choke to deplete the jedis health like lukes then use your saber throw to finish them off
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Mine Fun! 45%
Mines can be great. In Hunt mode on Hoth use them to Wampa's fly very far. O_O Plus if you try you can send them, flying off the bridge and into the long fall. :D Put a Mine on a vehicle and when your enemy gets in it they will get killed. O_O :D You can even put it on your own Speeder and run around like a Kamikaze and take down your enemy plus you, of course, :D and cause 1 reinforcement to drop from both teams, O_O if in Galactic Conquest and have Garrison in use and your opponent doesn't, then work kinda well. :D That means 1,200 Credits well spent on that battle. O_O A bit pricey though.
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Walk througth walls 44%
To walk throught walls you go to Mos Eisley and go to were jabbas sailer is and climb up the stairs and when you are at the top go to the left and jump into the wall and your in the wall.
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How to get unlimited jet pack 44%
To have unlimited jet pack press up up up left left left down down down left right
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Turn the loss of points from Team Kills and Suicides to earning points. 42%
Ever thought Team was useless unless your enemy did, well I can change that, in space play as a pilot then put a Time Bomb on a ship your team mate is in. When they get killed you lose a kill, but earn 1 point for every person in that ship, I think. Unless it's your gunship. Also if you destroy the ship by Time Bomb and you're in then, you will earn 2 points when you spawn back in. You can also do this with a Rocket Launcher and a Marine. Also you can do this on land with a Bothan Spy, Chewbacca, and Boba Fett and earn 1 point when you spawn back in. Cool, but the loss of reinforcements can be hard in Conquest mode. Especially when you need every last one. But in Space Assault, Assault, Hunt on Hoth as Rebels, and CTF either one works, since you unlimited reinforcements you don't need to worry much. Plus on both assault modes your entire team earns point towards the Goal score. I think it also works with going suicide with Mines.
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Pilot luke 32%
1st choose instant action
2nd then add the hoth category in conquest mode
3rd then choose rebels
4th capture 1 more cp from the enemy and that makes 3 cps controlled by your team
5th wait until some thing pop-out saying "want to play as pilot luke?"
6th then choose yes or no and you are now playing as pilot luke
By: bitoy666(1349)
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Super gun 21%
Ok I was playing swbf2 and so go to any type of game type and be a clane and then be a normal truper and I have the no amo limet and ok then hit the left butten on the D- pad then evry time I shot a laser ( I can not spell) a grnade shot out. so try it but it might not work and I have no way how I did it so oh and it dose it every minet or so have fun!
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Underneath hoth 17%
You want to know how to get underground In hoth (conquest) well you get a snow speeder and fly to the place were the wampas would be on hunt and were everything thing was there will be a hole sort of thing fly down it and look round and you should see the opposite side of the walls and you are under ground but if you fly through you will not be able to get back through the same wall by josh.g
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Unlimeted health 14%
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Jetpack glitch 13%
Become a droid with a jetpack on hctf mode then fly over the flag when it is in the portal in the middle then you should become the hero (it cant be a fett) and fall inside the ground and cannot get out
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