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Super Smash Bros. Melee Cheats for GC
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Super Smash Bros. Melee GC Cheats

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Super Smash Bros. Melee

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Soul breaker 100%
Go to training mode. Pick Mewtwo to play as and play against anybody els (I sugest Bowser). And go to battlefield. Position Bowser under the left or right bar. Now select the red shell and throw it. It will come back and use left or right B (depending on the position your in). Repeat this 4 more time (If your stupid a total of 5 times) and use R or L to get right behind your opponet and hold him with Z. The shell will hit you and you'll end up in a broken shield position but your opponet will be attached to you. You can get even unliited combos with this. For even more fun you can add 2 more computers and press Z on them and throw them into any direction and they are frozen in mid air.
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Hold a longer sheild 100%
To keep blocking opponents attacks you need a shield, but it only stays for short period of time. To hold your shield longer press and hold L or R buttons, but not all the way. As you can see the shield is bigger and lasts longer.
By: TimeMaster000(24)
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Unlock gold rodger 100%
Beat 1000 coin matches
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Unlock: Morco Fast Attack Jet 100%
Details: Play as Fox and Ganondorth on classic mode and allstar 10 times on very hard. And then do 600 VS mode matchs. After that you unlocked the Morco Jet.

There is a crate that has the Morco Jet icon on it. Once you pick the crate up it will spawn a Morco Jet for you to fly for a short time to bombbard enemys.

This is the message you'll get once it is unlocked.

"Congrats you've unlocked the Morco Fast Attack Jet for fights! Now go kick some but like allways!"
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Unlock Target Time Trophy: 100%
If you beat a target test in under 20 seconds for 5 characters you will unlock the Target Time Trophy.
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Spencer raban 100%
Shayne and spencer the best people in the game beat cassic four times very hard
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Dodge and attack 100%
With any character you can press the shield and toggle the stick to dodge the while still in the shied press A to grab the opponent and then use the controll stick and whip him sideways down or up! or you can smash him with the A button while holding him! hope I helped!
By: blazeboy111222(45)
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There no safe place on foxes ship! 100%
First go to foxes ship to start , then hide at the bottom of the ship where the two blaster are that kills anybody instantly if they got hit by them, after that attack the two blasters until there r destoryed , you may die if you do this but this will prevent your enemy from hiding from the battle!
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Final destination stage 100%
Beat event 51 warning:mewto,gannandorf and giga bowser are a team and they are at level 9
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Beat target test 100%
Beat target test with all characters to win a new stage call kirby dream land past stage
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How did i do that? 100%
Ok.this is wierd but I did it.ok I was going into battle and I pressed b-down.AND I POPED UP AS SHNIKE[SORRY].ok I POPED up as[shnie] when I APPERED ok.i don't even know but try it[hint:you have to POP UP as shinkes for it to work cause..ya]y'know how to turn into her right?
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Unlock Wire Frame 94%
After you collect 100% of the trophies, go to vs. mode and play any battle if you win it will say that a new character has apeared then you will fight a Male Wire Frame if you defeat him you will be able to play as him. *** The Wire Frame will be much stronger than all the others.
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6 held on 100%
If you hold b and then r you dont have to wait for an enemy to come down.jest press b when you wanna release it.note:this works for any hold down b charicters.
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How to get extra free lives on stock melee 83%
When you die keep pressing start to keep your same life.(only works on stock lives)
By: carolina(182)
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How to get gandorf the REAL way! 80%
Instead of going all the way to 51 event you can actually get him in the 29 event
but he is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly strong!i just beat him by a long shot with link
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Easiest way to get Mewtwo!! 80%
Go to Special melee, go to lightning,and set the stock to one life and select random stage. select C. Falcon and any other opponent. Keep killing yourself and after about an hour youll have 700 matches. but make sure you win the 700th match so you can fight mewtwo.
By: ROCKER360(200)
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Unlock sandbag 75%
To unlock him you have to beat homerun contest getting 1,000 with all 25 characters. then
he challenges beat him
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My favorite 3 cheats parst 1 2 and 3 75%
Part 1:if you want to unlock baloon fighter it will be easy play a match at icicle mountin
with the music track balloon fight (see below)for 10 minutes,hold L&R at same time well
stage is loading to change music track,play as the ice climbers agianst ice climbers with
item drop hi using only freezies after the match baloon fighter will chalenge you

PART 2: to unlock the stage luigie's mansion simply get 10 vacuem luigi trophies then do
luigi vs. mario and you will hav it

part 3: to unlock the item nuclear rain showere from tanks just play a match with samus
and link with high item drop rate with bob-ombs and motien senser bombs using only ther
b-down moves then you will unlock it it is a little comuter animated tank that you throw in
the air and it points up fires somthing and vanishes at the last 20 seconds of the matck
it rains little silver things that hit the ground an blow any enemy up in the air with
the range of one of thosre explosiv things at peaches castle
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How to unlock Fox's compainon Falco 75%
Its simple to unlock him, just beat 100 man melee.
By: TimeMaster000(24)
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Infinite super scope ammo 71%
Take a super scope and shoot 3 bullets 5 times. Then shoot 2 large shots.Then while charge up a third, have someone hit you.
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Unlock Luigi (this is a real character) 71%
Go to adventure as anyone on any difficulty and on the first levle (mario world) end with a 2 in the seconds colum (example 3:42:39) the it will show a vidio of luigi knoking mario out of the way to fight with peach beat them beat adventure then he will chalenge you beat him and you get him
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Brinstar,tony hawk 71%
Get the mic from mario party6 and sa blow up 2 times if you say it right the screan will
blow up and you will be link with young link aginst to tony hawks. beat them and your
game will say mamory card rebote turn the game of and then on and you should have tony hawk in classic (only classic)
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The Secret to Beating Event #50!!!! 67%
It's all in the shield! The L & R shield to be exact. Use it whenever they try to launch one of their big attacks. Kill Crazy Hand (left hand) first!
By: CheatMasta(437)
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To unlock Wario 67%
Go to adventure and beat it at very hard with mario(yellow color) then at the end Wario will face you and defeat him then hes playable
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How to unlock all characters 67%
How to unlock all characters
Super Smash Bros. Melee cheat video Cheat Video
By: ROCKER360(200)
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Play as Master Hand WITHOUT CHEAT DEVICES 67%
Make sure that your controller is in slot 3
Pick what you want to do (anything besides tournament and target test)
Go to the name selection bar
Press A and B at the same time but once the bar comes up let go of a but continue holding B
Now before the bar gos down press A again but only if your over the name ENTRY slot
If you press it at the right time it should take you to the map selection/to the battle and from then on its simple
If you press A to early it will take you to create a name if its to late you will go back to the main menu you must press it at the time between them

WARNING: With this glitch the game may occasionally freeze/ you also will most likely not get this on your first try it is very difficult
NOTIFICATION: Master Hands attacks involve the arrows you must hold an arrow and then press a button (A,B,Z,L,R) for him to attack/ each arrow, button combo does a different attack
If this is confusing make an account and search for me PM me and I will make it more simple for you
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Jiggilipuff's secret move [must read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 67%
Ok first start a match with jiggilipuff (u must b jiggily 4 this 2 work) then get as close as u can 2 the other player then press the \/b

note:this works better if u use /\b first cause they'll b asleep
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Unlock charecters 67%
Character Unlock: Dr. Mario To unlock Dr. Mario, you must complete 1-P Classic Mode using Mario at any difficulty/stock and without continuing.

Character Unlock: Falco To unlock Falco, you must complete the 100-Man Melee mode. Defeat Falco after you complete that, and you can play as him.

Character Unlock: Ganondorf To unlock the evil Ganondorf, complete Event 29. You will then be challenged by Ganondorf defeat him and you can play as him from then on.

Character Unlock: Jigglypuff To unlock Jigglypuff, simply complete the game in 1-P Mode at any difficulty/stock (Adventure or Classic).

Character Unlock: Luigi To unlock Luigi, in Adventure Mode, complete the stage with a 2 in the seconds meter (03:12:43 for example). You'll then view a scene where Luigi comes and kicks Mario away so he can fight you with Peach. Defeat them both, finish the game. Defeat luigi

Character Unlock: Marth To unlock Marth from the Fire Emblem series, play Classic mode with all 14 regular characters (not ones you've unlocked). Marth will then challenge you beat him to gain him as a selectable character.

Character Unlock: Mewtwo To unlock Mewtwo, play in VS. Mode for either 20 hours (Combined VS. Play Time total), or play 700 matches in that mode. After either requirement is met, Mewtwo will challenge you beat him.

Character Unlock: Mr. Game & Watch To unlock Mr. Game & Watch, you must complete both Classic or Adventure 1-P mode or the Target Test with ALL characters at any difficulty/stock, regular and hidden (that includes Mewtwo). After you do that, you'll be challenged win this battle.

Character Unlock: Pichu To unlock Pichu, complete Event 37 (Legendary Pokémon). Pichu will challenge you win and you'll be able to play as Pichu!

Character Unlock: Roy To unlock Roy, also from the Fire Emblem series, complete Classic Mode using Marth at any difficulty/stock. Roy will challenge you defeat him and you can play as him.

Character Unlock: Young Link To unlock Young Link, complete Classic mode with 10 different characters at any difficulty/stock. You'll then be challenged by Young Link defeat him.
By: Boba Fett(760)
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How To Be Really Good with Marth! 67%
Well, if anyone is wondering what his Down+B attack does, it deflects physical attacks. Marth is really good with airial attacks. His C stick attack wreaks, so stick with ____+A in the air. Then, finish off your foe with Over+A attacks near the edge of the stage on the ground.

Hope this helps all you Marth lovers!
By: CheatMasta(437)
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Links cool move 67%
I found out this move with link. first use links grab move. then throw them down. they should hit the ground and bounce back up into the air. if so use links up+b while staying on the ground. if it works correctly it should deal around 25-35% damage.
By: patty701(216)
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See blood: 67%
Beat the game with bowser on all 3 modes then go to the sound test and there will be an
option to hear the sound of "slicing" and that sound confims blood.
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Young links secret jump 67%
This cheat works when falling between 2 walls go to the side of the wall thump point analog stick in oppesite diretion. note:you can do this infinitie times no other charecter can do this
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How to beat young links target test. 60%
If you are wondering how to get the target in the wooden box thingy. here is how. get on the top of box and face left. then use the bommerang and then jump onto the place right next to the box on your right and the boomerang will go right through the box thingy.
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To get metal castle from n64 60%
First you have to get every charecter and finish all star,Classic mode and Adventure mode
and unlock every stage but you dont need every trophy.After that be a player in versus
and vs every charecter and then you have to do cruel melee and kill more than twenty and
it will say "you brave one you have unlocked metal castle from n64"."you are the
strongest of all".
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Super mario cheat 60%
This cheat lets you unlock:luigi,dr.mario,and all mario stages.beat adventure,classic,and
allstar with every colur mario on normal 3 lives and no continues.then kill 5 or more
guys on cruel melee with every colur mario.make sure you be every colur mario in battle a lv.9 bowser at every starting mario stages.luigi will fight you, and
then dr.mario.beat them and they are yours(also all the mario unlockable stages)!
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Play as sonic and tails 60%
Beat 20 guys in cruel mellee
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Unlock prple and orange colored m&m 60%
Beet clasic mode on very hard with 1 life with red and yellow M&M
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Unlock the Sonic Trophy 60%
HIt over 1000 yards in the homerun contest with every character and get under 10 minutes in the target test to unlock the Sonic Trophy which represents speed and strength.
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Level Skip in Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, and All Star Mode. 60%
To use this Code press and hold A while begining the fight.
By: minipicc95(14)
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What you have to do to Unlock Characters! 57%
Complete classic or adventure mode once or pl Vs. mode 50 times!

Complete clasic or adventure mode with Mario with out using any continues. If you want play Vrs. mode 100 times!

After you survive Event Match 37 he will join your roster!

Complete the 100-man Melee in Stadium Mode!

After you use the original 14 characters once in 1-p Mode!

Clear Adneture Mode with 10 different characters or 500 Vrs. Mode!

If you Log 20 hours in Vrs Mode or play Vrs Mode 700 times!

Complete Clasic Mode with Marth without using any continues. A Vrs marathon of 900 matches!
By: cheatingskater(898)
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Unlock Robinhood 57%
Beat adventure with fox on very easy.then kill 5 ideots on cruel melee with fox.then go to
vs. mode and be falco and kill a falco lv.7 with 5 lives.then he will challange you.lose
to him and he is yours!
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Some info on toad some ppl think 56%
Toad, sonic, super sonic, hyper sonic and shadow are not in the game....sonic and toad are in brawl not melee.....

small hint for u....

DK is a good charecter for the 100 man melee to unlock falco
his B down attack works well just get in the middle on the bottom one and keep doing it intil all 100 is dead. I did it 4 times wit DK.
By: offspring92(61)
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Unlokable ultamit 56%
To unlock gannon from ocarina of time beat very hard all star mode with gannondorf using 5
continues only and then you will face him if you beat him then it will say "big strong and
here to serve you with his giant blades it's gannon" the best part is he can only be hurt
in the tail or the head
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It's Actually Not That Hard! 55%
Beating Lv. 9 CPUs isn't that hard! I beat DK and Bowser on Lv.9 and I usually can't beat a Lv. 6! If you just chill and don't get all, "Oh my God! I can't do this! I can't beat a Lv. 9!" you'll be fine.

Hope this helps!
=) That's Smiley Guy. Post him with all your cheats so he can take over.
By: CheatMasta(437)
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How to unlock Sonic and Tails 50%
You have to go adventure mode and beat it 3 times with the ice climbers on the very hard mode. I have read this code in a Japanese code book and I tried it and it really works. Then once you get them you have to verse them and you only have to beat one of them.
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Unlock giga bowser 50%
To unlock him you have to beat adventure classic and allstar modes on very hard one lif no continues with all 25 characters if you beat him he is yours his smash attack is the same as bowsers
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Play as baby mario, yu-gi-oh! and tom and jerry 50%
To play as them you must beat bowser with falco on very hard. but dont hit bowser. lead
him over to the cliff and try to make him fall of. when you do you will notice that it did
not say game. instead four plat formes will flot down it will be baby mario,yu-gi-oh! and
tom and jerry. tom and jerry will turn invisibol. yu-gi-oh! will say come here and blue
eyes white dragon will appere. beat blue eyes and you will have yu-gi-oh! for tom and
jerry hit the ground and then it will say you got tom and jerry. to get baby mario. you
will have to beat him in a game of mario golf and tennis. but he cheats.mario golf and
tennis will be on the game auto maticaly
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How to get the Superstar Luigi 50%
When you start an adventure you'll start at Mushroom Kingdom. Make sure you have a 2 in your secones mark. When you completed the level you'll face off peach and mari... wait luigi stepts in, yes he does. Instead you'll face off luigi along with peach. When you complete adventure mode you'll again have to beat luigi, if you do you have him.
By: TimeMaster000(24)
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Giant toad 50%
GLITCH okay first go to giant melee then adianal rules turn everthing of expt super musroom be peach get a super musroom then press b if someone runs into toad he will be HUGE
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How to get Luke Skywalker 50%
To get Luke, you must go to adventure mode,
select any character you want, do very hard mode,then set lives to two.(you can't lose a
life!)Finally, after you fight Bowser, you dont have to shoot any credits,(also, if you
shoot 70 or higher credits, you'll fight the blue & orange M&Ms right after you win/lose
against Luke)then you'll finally get to fight Luke Skywalker. But BE CAREFUL! HIS
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Unlock Event 52-64 50%
Beat event 51 five times in a row with Mario. Finish exactly on 20:20 then you get new
events! Also event 64 is super mario 64. You'll have to fight tiny mario with 64 lives.
You start with 64 damage and have 64:64 seconds to defeat him.
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Unlock charecters meted 2 50%
Dr. Mario 100 vs. matches
Falco 300 vs. matches
Ganondorf 600 vs. matches
Jigglypuff 50 vs. matches
Luigi 800 vs. matches
Marth 400 vs. matches
Mewtwo 700 vs. matches
Mr. Game & Watch 1,000 vs. matches
Pichu 200 vs. matches
Roy 900 vs. matches
Young Link 500 vs. matches
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Unlcok Fierce Link: 50%
Go to event match: Majora's mask. Destroy the mask you stand on by attacking each spike 10
times. The do a ground stab in the middle of the mask to destory it. You must have a low
damage percent or the explosion from the mask will instanly send you flying of the stage.

Hint: Defeat all other characters first, or they will help with your faliure.

Fierce Link:
Once he challnges you, you must get behind the other side of the remaining mask. His light
blades will do 40% damage with one hit! So avoid them at all costs. He will mimic your
moves, so choose Marth or Roy and use their counter attacks. It will fault the game and
make Fierce Link attack. You must destory him by throwing him down into the bottom of the
screen. If you throw him any where else, he will just reapear with half of the percentage
of when you threw hims off.

Beat him and it will replace Young Link's Down+B Move to Fierce Link. Do it again to
change back. Link's Arrows change to light blades from his sword. And he is much more
heavy. But very slow.
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Kirby,s easy ko 50%
1.suck up a enemy on the side of the stage 3. jump off if he stayes in kirby youll get ko. note:if you have a on a one on one battle you will not lose a life
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How to get mr game and watch 50%
To get mr. game and watch you need to clear classic or adventure mode with 24 characters or clear target smash with 24 characters.
By: ichigokiller(10)
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Unlock crazy hand 50%
Well what you have to do is unlock all 25 characters
then beat all event matches then get all trophies then beat all the targets then after
you do that it will teleport you to final destination and crazy hand will come face you
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Have pikachu kill himself at temple 50%
Pick any fighter, and have pikachu as your opponent. Next, choose Hyrule temple as a stage.
When at the temple goto the platform at the bottom of stage and stand on the edge of it facing the entrance and when pikachu comes he will use down b in air fall. He will try to save himself, but he will comment sucide
By: 2k10heros(2)
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Dragon stadium stage 50%
So all you gotta do is beat all star mode on very hard with marth.
then you have to do adventure mode with roy on any difficulty. when it comes to the
credits, you MUST SHOOT AT LEAST 55 CREDITS then at the end it will say congradulations
and it will say you unlocked it. have fun!
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How One Arcanine can use Powerful Fire 50%
You must add new name, named Tom, then go any mode, allow to use now. made powerful, will any was sent fly.
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Play as two characters at once: 50%
Kill 100 wire frame son cruel mellee and you get two characters to plays as at once.
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Unlock the ultra stage: 50%
As Sonic get 11000000000000000000 ko,s in the cruel melee.Then you get the ultra stage.
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Digital dog 50%
Go to all star mod in very hard us no hearts with pikachu bet classic on hard with mr game
and watch and at the credits press aaabbbxyzrlxba then the DIGITAL DOG WILL APPEAR AND
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How to get jason [mmpr ] in ranger form 50%
Do advanture mode 10 times once you done that jason will challange you beat him and he a playble charter.
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Violent ssbm 50%
Delete all the games on ya gamecube that are not rated M of A excepy ssbm. Beat all the
games in one day and play ssbm. Make sure you fill both slots first. When you turn it on,
it will ask if you're older than 17 or not. If you say no it will delete all ya files. Say
yes and play stamina. As Link you can grab people and chop there heads off and blood
spurts everywhere.
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Unlock the mushroom kingdom stage from the original ssb 50%
To get Past Stage:Mushroom Kingdom,get all stages and Toad.Simply play A vs match with
Mario,Peach,and toad vs bowser.Choose the mushroom kingdom I stage.(not the mario 2
stage!)Let Mario and Peach die.(this works better when you make Mario and peach human
players and turn friendly fire on.)When Mario and Peach are dead and you beat bowser as
Toad,You will play as Tiny bowser vs team toad at the stage.Win to unlock it.
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Jhon cena 50%
Guess what you can unlock jhon cena wwe champ just by pressing RLAB
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Unlock Koops 50%
To unlock Koops, Paper Mario's partner in thousand year door, beat the game, get the mic
from Mario Party 6, and unlock Paper Mario. Beat adventure on brutal with paper mario and
shoot 10 credits only. When "CONGRADULATIONS" pops up, say "koops" 4 times and fight him.
NOTE! You'll have to fight him a bunch of times before you get him for some reason.
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Get male & female wire frame 50%
First go to advencher mode beat the part with wire frames in less then 10seconds no
percentage then do the home run contest and get 700000000 yards with luig without using the bat. ps.adventher most be on hard or very hard with ganondorf ps. if you
do it on very hard you get spyro
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Unlock Chayo 50%
Beat classic mode with fernando. you must have use no items. you can only use fabiola's
boogers. also, you can beat the 100-man-melee with fabian. they both work. she will
challenge you after. beat her and she is all yours.
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Unlock a new form 50%
Kill a total of 10 enemys with any character to unlock a new form hold Z when choosing character to pick it.
shadow link beat links file (on classic very hard) 5 times than once in very hard adventure when you fight the first link he will be shadow link beat him than once you fight him at the end instead of bowswer you beat him than you unlock him. He is faster and stronger than norm link but slower with a sword
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How to play as hyper Bowser from Super Mario sixty-four: 50%
As Boo, beat adventure mode and Classic mode.Then beat All-star mode with Boo.Then you will fight Hyper Bowser.Beat him and You can play as Him.
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Unlock Things 50%
Do with all character 100 vs fights (inclusive mister game & watch) then, you must start
again whith young link then you must survive a new course name aqau dungeon fight the
boss fish

(after the results) you see : a water trap!

you got only peach until you do this again only this is in a underground dungeon of

win from all lava bots then there stands:you survived ALL characters!

after that you get the following things:

robot laser lava turetts

the gaint fish

w3alking sword



bowsers kingdom

zero 1-9-3 (destroy car minigame lvl)

underwater dungeon

dirtbike danger (muddy level whit many explosions of moters)

the inside of the castle of peach

route national (car jumping on high mountains!

ober! (the inside of the ober)


hit the cars with gaint axes
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Trick items 50%
Go and get under 10 seconds for all of the 10 man melee. Every time you pick up an item it does a different thing than it appears to be.
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Unlock: Syck Flame Tank 50%
Details: Play as Bowser and Roy 4 times on Classic and Advenvture on Hard, Then do 1 Thousand VS mode matchs with any character it does not have to be done all at once.

Once you got 1 Thousand matchs done you'll unlock the flame tank of doom.

Unlock message: :"You've unlocked the Syck Flame Tank! Now fry your foes and have Bar B Q!"
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Allow to called for help ( Only Arcanine, allow to called five Growlthe!) 50%
Ave unlock Arcanine, called look like Star Fox. Pass and Hold R or L. for 3,2,1, called a Phone!
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Kirby Dominating 50%
To have Kirby totally dominate, be him in any melee and suck up your opponent. then jump of the edge and keep falling until you almost die. Then let your opponent out of your mouth and try to fly back up. (or just use your sword thingy.)
By: DJBannana3(205)
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Use Celebi in a pokeball 43%
In order to get Celebi as one of the pokemon in a pokeball, you must have--
1. Unlocked all characters
2. Beat all 1 player modes with all characters
3. Finished all challenges
4. Unlocked all stages
5. Beaten Crazy Hand at least once
and maybe more... but after finishing that, you get the Celebi trophy for seeing it. Celebi's effect is that it gives points like Mew.
By: Elemental782(167)
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Unlock spider man 43%
To unlock spidey do 1,000 red v.s. blue matches in v.s. mode spidey wll challenge you he
slings web for his third jump and b attack
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Have pac-man as a character 43%
First beat the hundred man melee with kirby.then

beat classic mode on normal with jigglypuff.last

do lightning melee kirby VS jigglypuff and you be kirby.
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Unlock Brock Lesnar 43%
First you have to beat classic and adventure mode with captain falcon and ganondorf with
two lives

in hard mode, then not shoot to the credits and later he will aparence with his entrance
music and the WWE belt around his waist, beat him and he will be yours. Be carefull with
his F-5
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To unlock peppy you must beat all star mode with slippy on normal with 3 lives. beat him
then hes yours
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Get a cool king of Mario and Luigi 43%
If you wait until there are 30 seconds left in the first level in adventure mode, you can
get a cool kind of Mario and Luigi.
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Younge link target practice 40%
To beat younge links target practice click x when you on the wall { facing your back}/keep doing that to get to the top
By: zem(42)
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Play as mew 40%
Find mew in your pokeball 2 battles in a row
then go and complete all star mode on very hard without using a healing heart.
after beating the mr g & w's you will get into a battle with mew,beat him without getting
any more than 40%damage and you will be able to play as mew.
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How to unlock supersonic,hyperknux, superamy, and silver shadow: 40%
After beating all star with knuckles you get his secret stage, then you must play 1000 vs.
mode matches in that particular place. Then you need to see Mario's secret poop taunt by
taunting five times. Then you will be challenged by all 4 of them at once. Defeat them all
and you unlock them all.
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Unlock Patrick 40%
To unlock Patrick, beat Classic Mode with Spongebob Squarepants.

To unlock Squidward, beat Classic Mode with Patrick.
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How to unlock dragonite 40%
Win classic mode in very hard fist with pikachu then with jyglipuff then with pichu when
you win wih pichu you will et raichu then pass it with raichu and finally with mewtwo when
u have won wih mewtwo a dragonite will appear.
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Unlock baby mario 40%
Beat event 51 whit mario 12 times baby mario will fight you
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Invincability 40%
Play small melee 4x. but you have to play as peach 2x and zelda 2x. then after the 4th 1,
play a regular match as any 1 and you will be invincable.
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Play as the koolaid guy: 40%
To play as the koolaid guy beat all star mode on hard with zelda with out changing into
shiek.With out using any hearts.And as soon as you get to peach kill your self.And then do
the same thing but dont kill yourself when you get to peach.This time Go all the way to
Mr.g&w and beat all star mode.The koolaid man will challang you and hes hard he will use
his blue fountain kool aid attack it takes 500% and if you beat him you will get him and
you will get a new item kool aid pakets you throw them at one another and you get posin on
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Unlock NES Mario 40%
To unlock him do mario vs mr
game and watch and do hyrule temple and get the mic from super mario party 6 and say FLAT
16 times into it if you did it corectly Nes Mario will challange you beat him and hes urs
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Unlock Batman and Wonder Woman 40%
To unlock Batman, beat the game 50,000 times. Also, to unlock Wonder Woman, beat Batman's Target Test.
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How to get halo characters on ssbm 40%
Deafet cruel melee and deafet adventure mode on very easy with 2 lives after you deafet
bowser halo peoplewillstrat shooting you deafet them andd you get them
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Play as Rocky (You know the one from the movie called Rocky): 40%
KO 77 guys in cruel melee then complete Event 51 using a heavy weight character. Rocky will challenge you at the boxing arena. Defeat him to use him.
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Play as Bart Simpson 40%
Play as Luigi and in home run contest get 700 FT

Then you play as mario and fight agaist your brother luigi wile not getting over than 20%

A new foe has apeared!

Beat bart and you can play as him
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How to unlock brian from family guy 40%
To unlock brian beat allstar mode on very easy be anyone. then beat
mr. game and wach with falco on vs. put him on 9. then once you beat him the srceen will
turn black you will here barkbark. kill him then hes yours. WARNING. he is very very
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How to unlock timmy turner 40%
Ok be pikachu on melee
adventure mode very hard 4 lives no continues and heres the fun part fart in your moms
face anyways watch the fairy godparents and play smash bros melee and he will appear beat
him and hes yours
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Unlock Brutal 40%
To unlock brutal, beat all star very hard without using a
continue, heart container, and taking damage. Then you unlock brutal. Beat classic on
brutal with anyone to get endurance, where the battles never end! You can unlock a lot of
stuff from endurance that I will reveal later.
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Unlock carnage(hard but he kill fast) 40%
To get he do all mode on very hard with 1 life no conus

do all 51 evers 5 times

fight vemon 5times in vs mode

(how to get vemon) fight mario 100times in vs mode with mr.g and w

ok back to carnage

aften the fight unpull your gamecude

pull in,and go in allstar with mewtwo on very hard

and will fight u
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Unlock Super Giga Terra Bowser 40%
I Do not know were this odd figure came from but you can unlock him here is how first fight
giga bowser in adventure mode as bowser then do a vs match bowser vs zelda you must be the
green bowser (oringinal suit) and when the match starts press abxy at the same time then
jump 7 times then bowser will go all weird he will get all green execpt for his hair turn
flat and he has a weird raor.
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Unlock 9-Volt 40%
To unlock 9-Volt you will have to first have unlocked Pajama Sam, Otto Rocket, SMBSS Toad,
and Arnold Shortman. Play as Pajama Sam while battling Lv9 Otto, SMBSS Toad, and Arnold.
Then watch all 52 episodes of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show while going through 100
levels of Pajama Sam's Sock Works with an 100 win streak. That means you can't lose!
After that, go to Tangipahoa Parish and eat at Middendorf's. Play SSBM again and beat
Pajama Sam's target test in under 0 mins, 5 secs, and 37 millisecs. Then 9-Volt will
challenge you. Beat him without taking any damage to unlock him.
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Unlock King Kandy 40%
To get this kirby boss,Beat 100 man melee as kirby.(Remember to do these in order!)Then
beat Toad's target test.After that do event 51 as kirby.Bam Ka Ching!You have unlocked
King Kandy!
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Play as Kurtachu(a yellow hedgehog who looooooves Pikachu!)_: 40%
As Sonic kill 10000000000000000 guys in endless melee.Then as Hiya Jr. beat all-star mode 33333333 times.Then beat up Roy(jk) I mean Samus in the BATTLE FIELD stage. Then you unlock Kurtachu with out fighting him!
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How to get Jorgen Von Strangle 40%
To get Jorgen Von strangle you have to beat all-star mode with Timmy on very hard with
only 3 countinues.After that Jorgen will face you, watch out for his wand he can control
you,or turn you into any weak pokemon!beat him and he's yours!
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How to unlock a face 40%
Beat it on incredibly hard rememeber you have to do this in 10 min so dont waist time and
get ready to see the end game hands face
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Unlock gai sensi 40%
First unlock rock lee by getting 100 k.o. and get mario in cruel melee and get 200 k.o.s .
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Unlock george bush and the white house 40%
First,u get 12222feet with peach.then beat mario's target 2times.then battle george bush
beat him.then george bush and the white house will be your's.white house is a stage.
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Get the Sonic Cast Trophy of all of the characters. 40%
All you have to do in put in a memory car that has SA2 Sonic Mega Battle, and SA on it to get the tropy.
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Unlock geno 40%
To unlock geno you have to beat classick with all 25 characters including raichu on hard
with 3 lives then geno with challenge you beat him and hes your. he is right next to roy
in the character selection screen.
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Unlock cj from gta sa and peter from family guy 40%
To do this you have to beat story mode classic and adventure with everone then beat
targets with young link then play as young link fight link then when you win he will
shoot link and then you fight him if you beat him peter will come then beat him then
there yours! if done it it works fight have link lvl be 5
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Unlocking Jalhalla ( from wind waker) 40%
All you do is play wind waker and
beat jalhalla then smack your self for what you did to my fav boss. then beat wind waker.
put smash bros in connect 2 gamecube to it after that JAHALLA IS YOURS!
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Haku 40%
Beat 18 wireframes with Naruto, Sakura, Saskue, Neji, Hinata, and Gai. After that Haku
vill verse you
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Unlock Frodo 40%
First you have to go to all star in hard, and then beat this mode without use the hearts
and later in the end of credits Frodo will challenge you, then beat him and he will be
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Play as The AtariesJJ 40%
As Crazy hand, do the ultra attack.Then the screen will go black and you will hear a dark laugh.Then you must defeat Theataries JJ!
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Beat adventure as Bush on Very Hard with 5 lives, but you can't lose one. When the credits
pop out, shoot exactly 111 and then save and turn your Gamecube off. After you restart it,
you'll get a challenge from Lincoln
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Unlock one peice mode 40%
Beat everything with every one peice character
its a pirate war and only one crew will live
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Unlock Bloody Balls 40%
Hey guys another awesome cheat for ya right here! U have to be Zelda for this cheat:

ok sooo if you have ever noticed, on the Hyrule Temple stage there is a door, here are the
steps to get to the door, ok if you go to the left of the stage, there is that little
platform(u have to fase through the floor). ok so when you see that door here is what u
have to do. Charge your side b attack, hit this door 3 times. now beat the melee. once u
have done this the regular winners screen will come up except Zeldas little box of info
will be highlited in a goopy red substance, press start.

now it will come to a Choose your character screen, chose samus... ok now you have to beat
this guy named BLOODY BALLS... when you r half way through the fight pause it and press
z... now captin falcon will join u... beat the BLOODY BALLS guy and there will be a
congratulations screen, it will say


now bloody balls is yours!

to get the urinal stage, beat classic mode with bloody balls and you have it!

good luck!
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Unlock Shadow Queen 40%
To unlock shadow queen from paper mario the thousand year door beat the game as crystal
king hooktail gloomtail mario lugi and paper mario
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Ryu 40%
You can get Ryu off of streefighter 2 to get him you got to have everybody unlocked
besides the 25 characters, Sonic and Ash Shadow, all that then pick ONE of them I picked
Ash, went to adventure on normal mode, beat then went to classic mode on NORMAL mode, and
beat master hand then after that Ryu appeared, you MUST fight him, and he has THREE lives
and you can pick as much of lives as you want on classic, you and you can use continues,
when you win he'll be next to C.Falcon, and Gannandorf, if you take control of him on
classic mode on normal mode you can only fight after you fight the hand again you ONLY
fight one the other streetfighters.
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How to be a Oboid: 40%
On Animal Crossing get all three tipes of Oboid then as Mario beat all star mode in three min(on hard or very hard.)
then as CF. use folcon punch 10000 times on any of Mario's levels.
When you do that you'll get Oboid,you can change the tipe by pressing "L"or"R".
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Unlock everyone from doom 3 40%
Kill 100 ideots on cruel melee with fox or falcos gun(item guns work also).
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Unlock KUPA AND PURIN (the red and green turtle dudes) 40%
Once you unlock all-star mode, beat it with every1 on very hard with a maximum of 3 lives.
if you do, the last person you beat it with will face either kupa or perin, beat all-star
mode again on very hard and you will face the other colored turtle... :D
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Unlock Conner Landolio 40%
All right! this cheat realy works! first, get 50 knockouts on cruel melee. the beat classic, adventure, and allstar mode with 2 lives while playing as the butthole brothers. then, lick your gamcube, go to sonic and eat a chilidawg for exactly 1/2 hour. then go home and bang your fist on your gamecube. if all is done right, you should have conner landolio (by the way, hes a famous soccer player in the north pole). his best moves are sissy slap, eye poke, and the one KO: nacho throw.
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Unlock earthworm jim 40%
To unlock earthworm jim you need to fight a lvl.9 mewtwo hadicap 1,a lvl.8 kirby hadicap 2
(the hadicaps feture the ewj games 1&2) after that use yoshi and do home run contest then
hit the sandbag over 5,000 ft. then you will have to fight ness in a coin match then beat
him then do adventure,classic and all-star very hard (no continus) you then get a queen
slug-for-a-butt,prof. monkey for a head earth worm jim ect. then fight him and hes
yours.NOTE:for a 3-D earth worm jim fight a lvl.3 handicap 3 bowser and ONLY have items
that start with a d and earthworm jim in 3-D will fight you kill him and hes yours to
keep(3-D earthworm jim is from EarthWorm Jim 3-D)
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Unlock Mike Jones 40%
Complete Adventure Mode five times in a row with getting the Link Triangle on the first
try each time, and on the fifth time it asks what your names is. If you respond with Mike
Jones, it will reply back with Who? If you say Mike Jones again, you will unlock him for
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How 2 get lora croft 40%
Dude this is no joke! Its pretty hard though. All you do is beat adventure, classic, and
all star on very hard with falco or fox with only 1 life. remember this is no joke ive
done it before.
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How to unlock mewtwo and mr game and watch 39%
Theres two ways you mewtwo get about 4000 kos and the other way is to play 24 hours but thats inposible so leave your gamecube or wii on for 24 hours wake up and battle 1 time then youl find mewtwo fight him then beat him. how to unlock and watch is 2 ways 1 is to do target practice with all the the charaters next is to have 5000 kos.
By: zem(42)
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Captain Olimar Trophy 39%
Have a pikmin save file on your memory card wen you turn the game on
By: bonbon(31)
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Secet taunt 33%
First select fox or faclo then go to venom or cornelea and use there taunts. if done correcty the'll shake for a minite or so then the crew will say funny jokes ps:(you cant get hit when useing the taunt and also someone told me about it so I dont know if it will work I havent tryed it.)
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Evolve Jigglypuff into Wigglytuff: 33%
Beat Adventure Mode on Very Hard with Jigglypuff, with no continues, any stock. Once you
do, Jigglypuff should turn into Wigglytuff.
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Get sonic a easy way 33%
To unlock sonic you must do crule melee with kirby ko 2 guys only 2.then beat advencer with
fox any difficolty. then beat him heeeeeeeeeeeeeees yooouurs
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To get peter 33%
Beat homeran 10 times
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How To Unlock Sonic, Knuckels, And Tails 33%
All You Have To Do Is Be Mario Put Three Luigi's On Level 9 Beat
Them And Then BAM! Beat Sosic Tails or Knuckels And You Get Them.BUT REMEMBER YOU ONLY
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Cheats/unlockables 33%
Sonic the hedgehog-beat classic,adventure and all-star on very hard with 1 life and no
continues with c.falcon, then have a vs match as c.falcon and against a kirby on level 9
and have a jigglypuff too. have kirby suck blue krby and he will look like sonic and have
c.falcon defeat him and the screen will turn black and the challenger approach will come
up and beat sonic and hes yours.
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Unlock shadow the hedgehog 33%
First you have to unlock sonic or tails.then beat event 51 with sonic or
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Very long cheat for very cool characters 33%
THIS IS THE ULTIMATE CHEAT! first kill 3 lv. 1 roy on vs. mode.then kill 3 lv.9
roy on vs. beat adventure,classic,and allstar on very hard and 1 life(don`t
worry,continues are allowed).then beat the 100 man spar(if you haven`t already).then
select any character and a lv.1 cpu and let them die thereself(whitch means do not hurt
them!).then beat classic once more on very hard 1 live(no continues this time).NOTE:you
must do all of this in order.EVERY CHARACTER WILL BE YOURS AFTER THIS!
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Unlock TABUU/TABOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(NO JOKE!!!!) 33%
Beat adventure with koopa/perin/sonic on impossible of higher(to get impossible beat event
50 under 52.99 seconds then it will say boss's aprocing then do all-star FFIIX bosses beta
then it will after you beat the last one taboo will say prepare to die! o yeah taboos
NARUTO) hes tough if you fail you have to do ALL THAT STUFF ALL OVER AGAIN when you beat
him you will unlock event 52:enter tabuu and a message you unlock god himself! Taboo ill
give you a cookie
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Get shadow lugia 33%
Play as lugia on classic and adventure mode on very hard with two lives 5times for each
mode.after you do that shadow lugia will be urs.
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Unlock Raichu(evolved pikachu) 33%
Complete all star,classic and adventure on very hard with one life with pichu and pikachu
twice in a row.Beat raichu when he appears to play as him
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Play as scizor,meta-knight (kirby) and poo (earth bound) 33%
To play as poo. you must beat all three ness'es on adventure mode and only use five
mr.saturens. after killing them you will notice that when it says game you will still be
in ness'es arena poo will be standing there beat him and you have poo. for scizor get
scizor out of his ball three times and scizor wont disapere he will be stand ing there but
he will go inside his ball it will be there so you can destroy it and theres scizor. for
meta-knight and the viruses. to get meta-knight tou must beat giant kirby on adventure
mode giant kirby will explod. and then go back to the charactor and there you go.
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Unlocking Mew 33%
Finding mew is very easy,fist you go to melee. you have to be mewtwo and red fighting
bowser (normal colar)go to peache`s casle,after a minute mew will fight you! She`s my
favorite because,mew can transform into random pokemon!
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Cheat 33%
To unlock saria play a ten minute match with link and young link vs gannondorf and zelda
then go to sound test and play sarias song, leave it for 5 minutes and then go to the
main screen (tat says super smash bros. melee) and put in yyxxyyyxxxyxstart. when you
press start it will take you to the main screen and then go to the trophie lottery and
put in 10 coins saria will come time you beat adventure mode it will say you've
unlocked saria.
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How to play as Spongebob Squarepants 33%
You must beat 16 enemies in the cruel melee, then go and beat classic,adventure, and
all-star with peach. You will be challenged by a meteor which is really spongebob. Break
it by getting rid of all its hit points and then you can play as spongebob.
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How to play as Sonic: 33%
Never go to 1-P mode or any other mode except Vs. mode. Unlock all the normal and older
hidden characters(1000 vs. mode matches) and then go and get these trophies: Master Hand,
Crazy Hand, and Giga Bowser. Sonic will then challenge you.
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Get Wario 33%
Same as the Waluigi cheat, but you do it with Mario first, then Luigi, then Mario to Get Wario.
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Unlock Krystal 33%
This is how to unlock Krystal. She's like Fox's girlfreind. To unlock her complete
adventure, classic and all-star mode on very hard with one life with Fox and Falco. In
classic you have to beat Giga Bowser in under 1 minute, and in all-star you cannot use
any health items, including the heart containers at the start. Then you'll fight her and
after you beat her the game will say, "She's yours to control, here's Krystal!" It's sort
of a pun, because Krystal is kind of a mage that can control all forms of crystals and
gems. You probably don't know this because she doesn't use this power (Or magic, or
psionic, or....) in any of the games or comics. Her powers are B) Krystal Assualt Rifle:
a rapid fire machine gun that fires crystals, B+Left/Right) Krystal Blade: creates a
crystal blade as big as her while she charges forward at an insane speed, B+Up) Krystal
Komet: Krystal encases herself in a crystal orb and shoots herself in the direction that
you point the control stick, B+Down) Krystal Sheild: Krystal encases herself in a
crystal orb that deflects things. Every time something is deflected, the sheild cracks a
little until it breaks and Krystal is stunned. So basicly she's Fox, except when she uses
Krystal Blade or Krystal Komet, she leavs a trail that can be used for a makeshift
platform that disapates in a few seconds.
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How to get tails 33%
To get tails you have to play as roy in classic and when you see the shooting part press RXRY
and you will challenge sonic and he will say sonic team come out! you will be battling sonic
but you will get tails NOTE: sonic can turn in to hyper sonic so becarefule
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Unlock boo 33%
To unlock boo from the mario games,go to classic mode and be roy with one life and do it
on VERY HARD MODE!(i know,it's hard!) when you beat master hand, boo will appear. he's
not that hard either, but beat him and he'll challenge you after classic mode is
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Charecter Unlock (kinf of):Starman 33%
To unlock starman use starman item 50 times in a single vs. match then you will get a mesege
it will say congratulations you've unlocked all playable charecters get to fi-wait a
second aaaaaa then another mesage will come up again it will say starman here
congratulattions youve lost all your playable charecters hahahahahahaha! now you will not
be able to play but wait go to event 51 it will be called all star mach of doom it will
show the charechter you play as it's starman it's an easy event though you vs. all 25
charechters as starman he is realy good and when you beat the event and then from there
on in you get all charecters back and event 52:event match of doom where you can always
play as starman.

oh yeah also starmans moves:b-use,b-down-charge invincability,b smash-charge heal,b
up-float up in the air and move werever you want for 10 seconds.and use means use what
you have charged heal charge he glows with pinkish-red and use will revive 50% health
invincability charge you will glow gold and when used 10 starmen will jump out of you one
by one giving you star man invincability each time it nears the end another starman jumps
up and lands as soon as it ends basicly starman invinciblility x10 is a
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Unlock celebi 33%
To unlock celebi go to all_star mode in very hard 1 life (no damage) with all pokemons
then go to v.s. mode and then go to item switch and put pokeballs and then select pikachu
and mewtwo dificulty level 9 and put pokemon stadium stage and then find celebi pokeball
10 times and then celebi fight you and you win celebi its yours
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Super Smash Bros. Melee 347520How do I activate the debug mode on ssbm I have all the trophies yet it still wont work Answers: 1
Super Smash Bros. Melee 444924How do you unlock mewtwo? Answers: 5
Super Smash Bros. Melee 523391In super smash bros melee I cant pass event 39 why wont it let me? Answers: 1
Super Smash Bros. Melee 528851How do you unlock all of the stages? Answers: 1
Super Smash Bros. Melee 551632How do you find the combined time you have played altogether? Answers: 1
Super Smash Bros. Melee 556620Can I get wire frame more easier Answers: 3
Super Smash Bros. Melee 559843How do you unlock toad as a playable character? Answers: 3
Super Smash Bros. Melee 572405How do you get 100 man melee? Answers: 2
Super Smash Bros. Melee 582108What is all star Answers: 3
Super Smash Bros. Melee 600476How do you unlock Mr.Game and watch Answers: 5
Super Smash Bros. Melee 688467Whats the easiest way to beat young Link in adventure mode? Answers: 1
Super Smash Bros. Melee 689289How do I get crazy hand? Answers: 4
Super Smash Bros. Melee 691170Is mew in melee is she playable Answers: 3
Super Smash Bros. Melee 711124How do you git naruto Answers: 1
Super Smash Bros. Melee 737129What do you press to make jiggly puff put people to sleep? Answers: 1
Super Smash Bros. Melee 765034OK I need help with mr game and watch I did classic as all characters and adventure but he did show and I dont wanna do the whole thingy with 1000 vs matches with ness at lvl 9 in jungle japes the thing is that I put the number of lives for all characters in classic and adventure at 5 should I keep them at normal?please reply thanks Answers: 1
Super Smash Bros. Melee 780553What happens when you shoot everything in the credit on super smash brothes on gamecube Answers: 1
Super Smash Bros. Melee 824087How to beat 100 man Answers: 1
Super Smash Bros. Melee 888188I did the Adventure Mode thing and Luigi challenged me, but he kicked my freakin' ass. Do I have to do Adventure Mode again? Answers: 2
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