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Terminator: Dawn Of Fate Cheats for PS2
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Terminator: Dawn Of Fate PS2 Cheats

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Terminator: Dawn Of Fate

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

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Terminator: Dawn Of Fate 958780We do have lots of questions about why we cannot access the cheats for Terminator: Dawn of Fate because there is nowhere to type the codes in. Who ever has been responding "No Answers Yet", has to realize how long we have been waiting for an answer. No pressure though, it is not that serious. If you do not know, just say "I don't know." Answers: 0
Terminator: Dawn Of Fate 379681Ciao Sir, Madam How do I get 4 Medals on Terminator: Dawn Of Fate, so that I can type on insert etc the cheat codes Thanks Micheal V Answers: 0
Terminator: Dawn Of Fate 20530Is there a cheat code that does not recuare a usb keybored because they do not work Answers: 1
Terminator: Dawn Of Fate 655365Why Can't I Enter "Scanning"{Cheat to play as T-800) In The Cheat Menu? Answers: 2
Terminator: Dawn Of Fate 795912How to get on cheat menu Answers: 0
Terminator: Dawn Of Fate 874905Wtf! how do I enter cheats into the cheat menu and why dont you ever! answer the questions why do we even bother asking when you dont answer Answers: 0
Terminator: Dawn Of Fate 124629How do you get to the cheat menu to type codes in? Answers: 1
Terminator: Dawn Of Fate 271603How do you insert the cheats for the game. Answers: 1
Terminator: Dawn Of Fate 202489How do you pass mind control Answers: 1
Terminator: Dawn Of Fate 612016How the hell do I get to the cheat menu!? Answers: 0
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