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The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Cheats for Xbox
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The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Xbox Cheats

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The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

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Full Daedric Armor 100%
People keep on saying on the computer [to get daedric armor from divayth fyr in tel fyr is to kill him] but I figured out a way to get the daedric armor from divayth fyr without killing him. First buy Distengrate Armor ad Distengrate Weapon, people who sell named these 2 spells Armor Eater and Weapon Eater[easiest way would probally be in the Ald-Ruhn Mages Guild] then buy Calm Humanoid, then go to a spellmaker and put Distingate Armor and Distengrate Weapon 100pts on Target or either Touch[I would prefer Target] you can either put these 2 on 1 seperate spell or put it in the same spell that you are creating, then buy the sepll or spells then put Calm Humanoid any magnitude or higher magnitude in whatever divayth level I think hes level 40 so put magnitude 40 or higher if thats his level and duration 100 secs on Target thats what I put. Then get levitate I know alot of you know that you need to levitate to divayth fyr ten cast calm humanoid then cast distingrate spell or spells if Calm Humanoid spell wheres off then castit again, then cast distengrate spell or spells and repeat the process until all his armor is broken, look in his inventory steal the broken armor and dagger because of distengrate armor and weapon. note: if you press A while his inventory and it takes you out of his inventory without pressing B that means you did not take the armor.
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Constant effect and take back 100%
When you get to mournhold , or have a lot of grand soul gems, you have to have a realy good conjuration and a goldes saint spell and soul trap spell then you get some grand soul gems from the enchanter in mournhold godsreach craftsmen hall it is way easier to do this there you buy a lot of grand soul gems from him and hove over a 100000 gold on you you soul trap a golden saint then enchant an item and do constant effect then after you enchant it you soul trap another golden saint and sell the soul gem to him and you get your money back just repeat this and you will have armor or weapons htat are like almalexias bodyguards armor only better this will really help you a lot like increased stats and levitating for a long time and permanet jump and night eye it really helps and use exquisite stuff that stuff works much better
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Daedric Cuirass 100%
Either do a few Telvanni Quests. Then find the Auriel's Bow from Ghostgate, Tower of. [I think it was tower of Dusk.] Then go to Mistress Threna's Chambers in Tel Branora. Levitate up in Threana's Chambers. Once you're up. Look for Threana and ask about Auriel's Bow, then ask about ash yam. Say yes. She'll give you a Enchanted Daedric Cuirass and Daedric Greaves with Constant Effect Feather 50pts. Or if you have Tribunal Expansion go there do a few quests like 2. Just do what I do I cheat though. Go to "Temple Sewers". Find "Old Mournhold: Abanded Crypt." When rocks fall down jump on rock jump left and big rock you should go through the wall, aim inside the wall the other side of the rocks. Kill the Liches keep going, you find this guy with a Daedric Claymore and a Band. The Band is a Ring the rocks disappears after you take the Band. So get out of the "Temple Sewers." Find "Bazaar Sewers" find the door that has Dark Brotherhood. The door with Dark Brotherhood is not "Bazaar Sewers". But it's found in "Bazaar Sewrers" Keep fighting. I don't know how long but keep fighting then get out ask in the "Temple: "Office of Arcannon" or something similar. Ask about the band and ask about Dark Brotherhood. Wait I think you have to fight the Gob,.lins in Royal Palace Sewers. Ask all the questions. Talk to Almalexia. Go to Plaza Brindisi Dorom. Creatures attack High Ordinators and Royal Guards ask you to help. When Creatures dead go to Almalexia. She's in Mournhold: Temple, High Chapel. Wait you can't talk to her unless you talk to the Male Dark Elf in Temple: Courtyard, Reception Area. Then go to the Dwemer Ruin. You find Creatures attacking Dwemer. You'll get a Journal Entry. Then go talk to Dark Elf Male then talk to Almalexia again. Ask everything you can say. Go back into the Dwemer Ruin. Kill them creatures + Dwemer. Look around in doors find a locked chest with satchels then save it. Look for something you can blow up it's barricaded by rocks blow them a rock place I don't know which to bloew I just found the place. I tell you to save because you find 2 then you use it on the rock barricade each rock barride is a place. Find the Daedric Ruin. Go find Gnash of Teeth, look for Citadel of Myn Dhuhr. Levitate up and fin the door to where "The Wailingdelve" is and use a torch in Wailindelve keep loooking and you'll find a Daedric Cuirass and a Daedric Left Pauldron.
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The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition 67%
To get very easy money: (Go to Mournhold) Instructions to get there --> [[Go to Vivec, the take the boat near the rider and go to the first place there (the place should have a statue of a dragon around somewhere) look around for a guard looking person that isn't a guard. Talk to him after you've been attacked by the Dark Brotherhood. Then walk across the bridge near you and go in the door. Talk around a bit and search for a person to bring you to Mournhold]] Search around for shops, after you find the shops go to the one that has the seller with 10,000 Gold. Save, as you might mess up. Keep taunting the guard until he attacks you walk backwards while he's attacking to get closer to the shop owner. Kill him (you won't be in trouble) Steal his stuff, fix them, and then sell each piece one at a time to the shop keeper. (You'll have to sleep for 24 hours to get the sellers money to respawn)
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Unlimented health on morrowind xbox 63%
First go on your person and go to statis menu and high light the health bar and press black,white,black,black,black,white and press A and hold and press B while you r holding A.
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Taking over morrowind. 40%
This is alittle something I did after I got tired of trying to do the missions. have to know the golden saint thing. 2.youll have to to know the health cheat or this is impossible. 3. you also might have to have storm and flame atronatches also. Next,you need to know the weapon mastery glitch and the permanet summoning cheat. Once you have done those [exept the permanet summoning, golden saint and health cheat] go to the city you want to take over use your spells and health cheat [you would be wise not to kill the people you barter with and people can buy spells with and creeper]. Last but not least start killing. Now your wandering how you can barter buy spells because people will not like you enough to barter with. well there are two ways to do so. 1. raise your personallty by usein that glitch or make a spell from and only from the mages guild with charm 100 to100 on target for1000 seconds. this cn cause to be a bunch of money. so go to creeper sell him 5000gp and he will be broke. Sleep for 24 hours,and he will have his money back. Do this 30 times and then make the spell. Cast it on the person you want to now you can barter/buy spells. Save before doing all this in case you do not like the resaults.
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