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The Punisher Cheats for PS2
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The Punisher PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE
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The Punisher

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

To Get Infinite Slaughter Mode: 75%
You have to get a gold medal on the Taikagi Level (2nd last level) and receive infinite slaughter mode.
By: cheatingskater(898)
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Too Take Less Damdge!! 73%
When going up with multi enemys use one as a body shield, also take cover!
By: cheatingskater(898)
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To Unlock Everything! 71%
Enter the profile V Pirate to unlock everything in the game.
Cheats are under extras:
Crazy deaths
No reload
Unlimited ammo
Unlimited slaughter mode
One Shot, One Kill
Gun Splitters
Cray Deaths
By: cheatingskater(898)
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Places To Unlock The Cheats: 67%
To unlock a cheat get a gold medal on the indicated level:.
* Crazy Deaths: Lucky's Bar Level
* Gun Splitters: Crack House Level
* One Shot Kills: Ryker's Island Level
* Unlimited Ammo: Pier 74 Revisited
* Invincibility: Every level
* No Reloads: Stark Towers
By: cheatingskater(898)
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Every thing unlocked 67%
Make a new profile named v pirate
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How To Unlock Weapons: 65%
5.56mm Assault Rifle - Beat Central Zoo level
7.62mm Assault Rifle - Beat Pier 74 level
Auto Shotgun - Beat Takagi Building level
Battle Rifle - Beat Stark Towers level
Hand Cannon - Beat Gnucci level
Machine Gun - Beat Grey's Funeral Home level
Machine Pistol .45 cal - Beat Chop Shop Level
Machine Pistol 5.56mm - Beat Grey's Funeral Home level
Revolver - Beat Lucky's Bar level
.50 cal Semi-automatic Pistol - Beat Igor Baltiysky level
Sniper Rifle - Beat Grand Nixon Island level
.40 cal Submachine Gun - Beat Gnucci Estate level
5.7mm Submachine Gun - Beat Fisk Industries level
Grenade Launcher - Beat Pier 74 level
Flame Thrower - Beat Igor Baltiysky level
Anti-tank Weapon - Beat Pier 74 Revisited level
By: cheatingskater(898)
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Special guns 63%
At pier 74 go behind the building and go inside the green double doors then kill all the enemies then go through the other green double doors and go strait until you get to a orange truck then go behind the dumpster beside the truck and there they are.
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Play ghostly 54%
When at profile menu, make your profile name ''v pirate''. after that go to the apartment room and go to extras, go to the cheat menu and turn on all cheat codes. then enter the game and you will only see yourself as a floating gun
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Invincibility 54%
Type invince as your profile name
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Fighting eddie nuchi hint 50%
When having a shoot out with eddie nuchi in the attic. keep shooting until you are on the upper level if done right he will stop shooting at you then you try to use a move like gun tension or choke use any and you getone of those little flashbacks.
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Play as diffrent chaicters 31%
At the extras screen put in up right left triangle down to play as a kinght right left up x triangle 0 to play as jigsaw
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