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Trigger Man Cheats for PS2
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Trigger Man PS2 Cheats

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Trigger Man

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Rapid fire 74%
[Pause Game] and hold L1 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, X, Circle.
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Infinty health and amor 32%
R1 R2 R2 x square square xxx
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All guns, infinite health, and infinite ammo, 24%
R1 R2 R2 X squarex2 XXX
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Trigger Man 469290After I get kill all those in the parking lot, enter the guard room and pick up the elevator key, the door in the guard shack still won't open. What do I do? Answers: 1
Trigger Man 303391Where do you fire the wepon at in levl6 cops and how do you get into the bathroom in time Answers: 1
Trigger Man 423146I fire a weapon in the kitchen and all 3 cops come but win I try run out the bathroom hallway but the cops see me I cant get pass tham I tryed every way I just cant get passed is there some else Answers: 1
Trigger Man 499624How do you kill navarro to get his cell phone? Answers: 1
Trigger Man 840328How to get past level 5 Answers: 0
Trigger Man 875674How to leave the casino Answers: 0
Trigger Man 888505How do you get pass the guy johnny he's killin me man Answers: 0
Trigger Man 978462How do you get past mission 2 Answers: 0
Trigger Man 317836Why dont the cheats work?i tried every cheat and none of them work> Answers: 1
Trigger Man 42020In mission 6 after all of the objectives are complete, you have to get past the cops to get out of the resturant, does anyone have any tips? Answers: 1
Trigger Man 171831How to kill Johnny Navarro Answers: 1
Trigger Man 378429Where do I find cheat codes for trigger man like infinite health unlimited ammo an where do I put then in Answers: 0
Trigger Man 605264How do you enter the cheats Answers: 0
Trigger Man 31088How do you get past the police officers in the casino Answers: 2
Trigger Man 102131How do you get passed first level Answers: 1
Trigger Man 641927How do I get passed the cops in mission 1 Answers: 0
Trigger Man 735924How do get past the police in the lobby Answers: 0
Trigger Man 133247How long do we have to wait in the casino Answers: 1
Trigger Man 141689I have made it out of the restaurant but I am unable to get past the cops outside the restaurant. I can get past the first two but the third and fourth seem impossible. Help? Answers: 2
Trigger Man 141693How do you beat that guy in the red suit right after you sneak out of the casino and kill all those guys on the roof? Answers: 2
Trigger Man 242915How do you kill john navarro and get the cell phone he will not go down I shoot him over and over but he kills me. Answers: 1
Trigger Man 303387How do you get pass levl 6 with out getting cought by the cops Answers: 1
Trigger Man 304120How do you get pass levl6 when the cops are out there Answers: 1
Trigger Man 336360When do you put the code in Answers: 1
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